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[The introduction quote is from the MWAW TV Weekly Talk Show]

"Welcome to the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® Worldwide Radio Talk Show. At no time during the history of our world, has a place existed where a person can go and ask any question about their human existence, and have that question answered with authority, clarity, and completeness.

During this radio talk show, many of the great and marvelous things that have been hidden from our understanding since the foundation of this world will be revealed. We’ve always known these real truths. They exist—hidden in the back of our mind within the confines of our imagination. Within the human mind, seeds of imagination sprout into belief systems of philosophy and religion. But these do not answer the basic questions of our existence: Who are we? And why do we exist? Religion and philosophy have produced fruits of discord, prejudice, and hate. These things are destroying our humanity.

The purpose of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is to introduce the real truth about our existence as human beings. Within its answers, the solutions to our human problems are found. Most of our problems are a cause of our ignorance; and, our current experience upon this earth, manifests the influence of this ignorance. This show is where current reality meets real truth."


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Read the Books. Read the Journal of the Messenger. Listen to him. See if he makes sense. If you don't understand something here on the website [books, videos, text or previous archived shows] or think you have a better understanding and explanation of a topic, here is your chance to ask him directly on any aspect of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (the work) as he will speak to anyone who wishes to ask him a question or discuss any part of this work.


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Plan to attend the next Marvelous Work and a Wonder® Annual Symposium, June 16th 2015 and every June 16th through 2144 with Wednesday June 16th 2145 being the ultimate culmination of all previous symposiums.
[Time and place to be announced each year