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Human Reality—Who We Are and Why We Exist!

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Let's forget about everything else, except for what we know for sure.

* We know that we exist, because I'm writing this and you're reading this; therefore, there is a part of both of us that is conscious and aware of our environment.

* We know that we live on a planet that depends upon the energy of the Sun for its light and warmth. Without the Sun's energy source, we probably wouldn't survive too long. However, we cannot say that we couldn't survive without the Sun, because we now have the technology to create energy and heat independently of the Sun's energy to warm us and give us light. Nevertheless, we have to concede that we don't know for sure just how long our current technology would last without the Sun, because we developed this technology while the Sun has been around. On the other hand, without the Sun, we're not sure our world would stay in its orbit in the Solar System... because there wouldn't be a Solar System without a Sun! (We'll come back to the Sun later.)

We don't know much more than these two facts; or rather, we cannot agree with each other 100% on much more than these two things: 1)that we exist and 2)that the Sun plays a big role in our existence.

Everything else we know about our existence and ourselves is purely personal speculation and opinion. This means that human beings don't know too much about themselves.

Because we know that we exist, we know that we can punch each other in the face and take the resources that the earth provides naturally (with the help of the Sun) to support our own personal existence. For a long time, so we believed, those who could punch the hardest survived the longest. Survival of the fittest seemed to be the way our existence worked.

But then,

...while the strongest among us were busy punching each other in the face and fighting to take control of the earth's resources, some physically weak, nerdy types, invented technology! And now, the physically weakest among us can control the physically strongest; thus changing our belief of survival of the fittest to survival of the smartest.

So, after all of the physically strong ones have punched each other in the face and destroyed each other, let's suppose that only the smartest have survived. They have survived because their technology has protected them and kept them secure, away from the punches of the strong ones.

But in spite of their great technology, the smart ones conceded that they still only knew two facts about themselves: they exist, and the planet on which they exist needs the Sun to survive. Accepting these two facts, the smart ones (I like to call them the "learned" ones) began to develop theories and hypothesis based on their experimentation and observation to find out more about their selves. They called their system of determining and understanding more about who they are and why they exist: science.

Again, because the physically stronger ones punched each other in the face enough times until they were all dead, only the smart ones exist now (at least in our hypothetical presentation here). Therefore, only science remains as the final authority on answering the questions about our existence.

These smart ones figured out, through their science, that the whole Universe started at some point in the distant past with an intense release of energy that sent these strong energy impulses in all directions. This eventually led (although they differ in their opinions of how) to the formation of solar systems and galaxies. Life formed (they assume from their scientific observations) as a random result of natural occurrences related to the Sun, the abundance of water, and other chance events that resulted from the first big bang that started the Universe. (We'll get back to the "big bang" later.)

Life forms on earth eventually evolved to the point of modern human existence. And eventually, modern humans became the smart ones, who are the only ones who exist upon earth (according to this hypothetical lesson on HUMAN REALITY—Who We Are and Why We Exist).

These smart ones do not believe in anything that they cannot experience through the sensory receptors of their bodies. If they cannot see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, or taste it, then it doesn't exist. They have a good point! Human existence is all about what is experienced. And if a human body did not have eyes, ears, nerves, a nose, or a tongue, there would be no human experience.

Because they are so smart, they begin to develop technologies that serve them and make their human experience easier and more conducive to their physical body and its senses, thus enhancing their experience. They increase the body's ability to use its sensory receptors through their technology.

They use their science to develop bioengineering techniques that help them control and manipulate the human body to be even better at experiencing things. They learn how to cure all diseases and how to stop the aging process. Finally, they learn how to preserve the energy of the human mind—the very essence of each individual—and transfer it to whatever body they can create with their technology.

They have eliminated human death and suffering. Human beings now live indefinitely. If a body part wears out, they replace it with a better one. If the individual wants to completely change their personal experience, science provides them with whatever they desire according to their wants.

Through technology, the smart ones have learned how to produce the foods that taste the best; flowers and other odors in their environment that smell the best; virtual visual stimuli that offers them the best their eyes can see; music and other sounds that provide the best their ears can hear; and stimuli that allow the body to feel things that send it into physical orgasms of sensory explosions.

Now they have the body and the ability to experience the ultimate human existence.

Of course, they have eliminated the need for money or labor, owing to the advanced techniques of robotic engineering—androids that can be programmed to do any labor a human being can do.

To govern themselves, they've acquired all the knowledge of the past and analyzed it. They've found that it is necessary to have a strong government that allows all individuals the ability to exercise his or her free will according to his or her desires, as long as what he or she desires does not infringe upon the free will of another to exercise free will. Every law, every rule, every code they have come up with is based on this one Royal Law: Do what you want as long as what you do allows all others to do what they want. And since the enforcement of this law is very important and the foundation of their peaceful and happy existence, they have assigned someone with the right power and authority to administer this law and ensure that all human beings abide by it forever.

But of course, no smart one wants to spend all of his or her time watching over others and making sure the law is kept. The smart ones want to enjoy their free will and their existence. So, they have created a computer program that cannot fail. They have placed the programmed software in a robot type of individual that looks like a human, acts like a human, but is still a fallible, programmable machine that could be compromised by the smart ones that created it. Because it is possible that it can be compromised, this robot overseer won't serve their needs.

They need one that can never be compromised, one that will never allow one of them (a smart one) to change or manipulate its programming to enforce the Royal Law. They need some thing that thinks like they do, but has more power than them all...something infallible, un-programmable, and unchangeable forever. Furthermore, they need this overseer to understand them, their needs, their weaknesses, even everything about them, so that it can serve them properly.

So the smart ones create a living human body that is better than any other human body ever created to house a highly advanced brain that can handle the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of what they call their Human Overseer. Then instead of installing a program into his brain, the smart ones isolate the human overseer and teach him themselves. They teach him everything they want him to know about them. They teach him how to serve them and everything there is to know about administering the Royal Law. They teach him how to properly use his unique superhuman body, which includes a superhuman brain that can outthink, outsmart, and outwit any of the smart ones. This overseer's body has extraordinary capabilities, invented by the smart ones for their own protection.

Now the smart ones are living on earth, enjoying the warmth of the Sun and really enjoying their own existence. They are completely secure because they have the ultimate security system: a highly advanced overseer watching everyone's actions and thoughts, who also has the authorization and power to intervene if any thought or action violates the Royal Law.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What a life!

Experiencing such a life, the smart ones begin to think that they would like to share their wonderful existence with others.

"Why not have some children and give them what we got?" they ponder.

So they start having children. The children grow up to the point that their bodies have been preprogrammed (through advanced bioengineering) to reach—a predetermined age, and then to stop aging. Now their children, too, exist as perfect human specimens living in a perfect human world. But these children don't need to worry about who they are and why they exist, because their parents have already figured it out (so they think).

The parents explain to the children about the "Big Bang" and how it created the Universe and then randomly created the Sun and the planets of their solar system.

"Okay. Whatever!" accept the children.

While eating dinner one day, the mother smart one says, "Mmmmmmmmmm! Isn't this piece of watermelon good?"

The child responds, "It just tastes like watermelon to me!"

"Oh, I forgot, you've never tasted a bad watermelon have you, because they don't exist anymore."

The father smart one thinks about it for a while then consults with other smart parents about their children.

"These kids don't have a clue how good life is. They don't even know what 'good' is!"

"Yea," chimes in another smart parent, "even though they have a perfect body like ours, they do not experience the same sensations of joy that we do because they have nothing in contrast to which to compare their experiences."

"That sucks for them!" says another.

"One of my children asked me the other day what 'happiness' was, when I told the child that I was happy with my life. OUR CHILDREN DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPINESS IS!!!" exclaimed the now-concerned mother.

The smart ones, having experienced their advanced world for a long, long time, kept having children, but soon realized that by doing so there wouldn't be enough space upon their planet for any more children one day.

And after a long, long time of studying their Sun and its environment with their scientific methods, the smart ones learn how to make a Sun. They also learn how to make other planets. They begin to create other solar systems and planets throughout the Universe.

"Hey Dad!" one of the children exclaims, "Why not let us learn what happiness is the same way you and Mom learned what happiness is?"

"Do you really want to go through the struggles and misery that we experienced to gain our perspective of happiness?" responds the concerned father.

"Well, if that's the only way to experience joy like you and Mom do, then yes! My siblings and I don't have a clue what you two are talking and smiling about all the time. Furthermore, we want our own home planet where we can do what we want and not be restricted by what you and Mom and the other smart ones on this earth have already done. We want our own world! There's not enough room on this one anymore, and our free will is being greatly restricted by yours!"

"The kid makes sense!" realizes the father.

"Let's make our children their own solar system according to their individual desires for happiness. Let's pattern it after our own. And before we finalize their worlds, let's let them exist for a time as we once did. Let's let them experience what death is like, what bad tasting watermelon is like, and all the other things that we went through that makes us appreciate and enjoy our current state of existence."

"They don't have to evolve from bacteria like we did, however. They are already advanced human beings living in an advanced human world. If by random events we came into existence and evolved to the state in which we find ourselves, our children will not. Our grandchildren will not."

"Hmmmmmm...." thinks another smart one, "Maybe we didn't evolve from bacteria and a big bang as we thought. Maybe we are living on a planet in a solar system that our advanced parents placed us in for our own sake just like we want to place our children in their own solar system for their sake? Maybe nothing about this Universe is random?"

"Yea," introduces another, "We know that in order to allow our children the opportunity to experience a contrast to our life experience, we will be forced to alter their physical brains so that they do not remember anything about us and the good life they now enjoy. What if our parents did the same thing to us and we still don't have the brain capacity to remember anything beyond what we experience in our solar system?"

"Of course!" shouts another "We know there are other solar systems out there...other galaxies...even though we haven't made contact with any other humans. What if our own parents are waiting for us to realize who we are and why we exist! And the only way that we can know these things is to have experienced all the opposition that we now want our own children to experience, to have overcome the opposition, and to have transformed our world, by our own free will, into a perfect human society and finally have children that would help us learn the real truth about who we are and why we exist!"

"Now I get it!" exclaims another smart one, "IF we had not figured things out on our own and had continued to kill each other in wars caused by our vain and foolish beliefs and imaginations (religions); if we had continued to deprive each other of the basic necessities of life (Capitalism) and continued to demean and denounce each other as different races, religions, countries, and philosophical beliefs; if we couldn't use our own brains to figure these things out on our own, then our own creators...our own parents...would have had to intervene before we wiped each other out. But even if we would have wiped each other out, that would have forced them to intercede earlier. But because we figured out how to live as human beings upon our earth, they didn't need to intervene."

"But who, then" questioned another, "is our overseer and is making sure we are doing what we are supposed to be doing?"

...at that moment...the very moment these advanced smart ones finally figured things out...

...he appeared.

Well was it said,

When the students are ready, the master will appear...

...to acknowledge that what the students have already learned is all they needed to learn in the first place.

And so the story goes that the advanced human beings start creating their own solar systems and galaxies to house their own children...and the Universe continues to expand as these new solar systems and galaxies are created.

Pretty soon, the smart ones couldn't care less about whether they evolved from bacteria or if their solar system was created by a big bang.

They know that they exist.

They know that they are human beings.

And they are doing everything in their power to take advantage of this existence...worlds without end!

And that's HUMAN REALITY—Who We Are and Why We Exist for Dummies!


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