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READ - The Light of the MoonOld Testament prophets wrote specifically to the inhabitants among whom each of them lived during their respective lifetimes. In each time period, the people accepted these prophets’ writings as “sacred texts” and “inspired words from God.” Over the course of history, there have been false prophets (those who put themselves up as leaders and teachers of the people) and true prophets (those who only teach the simple gospel of loving your neighbor as yourself).

In order to protect the truths they wanted to teach from the self-righteous false prophets, true prophets wrote in parables. In this way, only those with a sincere desire for understanding could comprehend their words. Using parables, metaphors, and symbols, the true prophets were able to protect the truth from the self-righteous false prophets, who could have used their words to mislead the people. Since the false prophets and leaders could not understand the writings, they were unable to interpret the true prophets’ words according to their own errant and misleading precepts.

Unfortunately though, as the words of these true ancient prophets were passed down from one generation to another, their original writings were changed. They were not only altered from the prophets’ original tongue because of incomplete and mistranslated words, but were also made to conform with whatever the literate leaders wanted the people to believe at the time (as most people could not read, but depended upon a leader to read for them).

If these ancient prophets were truly prophets of God, and God is an everlasting, unchangeable Being, then each of their individual messages should remain intact and support all of the others’—in other words, their individual messages should match throughout all of human history. Thus it is; but with what has been passed down and is now presented as “holy writ,” one is hard-pressed to find any consistency or conformity at all in their writings. A student of their words is soon lost in the incomplete and sometimes nonsensical presentation of their various messages.

There is only one way to validate the words of a true prophet, and that is through the words of another true prophet, who knows and understands the real truththere is no other way.

Because God is a God of order, then it stands to reason that one true prophet would know what another one was saying, and would be able to unravel the mystery of the prophetic prose and present the information so that it would make sense. There has never been a human being alive, since these ancient prophets wrote, who has been able to interpret their words and make them come alive in the original way in which they were intended—that is, until now!

Throughout the pages of this book, The Light of the Moon—The Plain and Precious Words of the Ancient Prophets, the Old Testament Prophets’ words are restored, and their correct meaning explained. Also included are the plain and precious words of the Greatest Prophet of all, Jesus, the Christ. There has never been a more logical and simpler explanation of the words of these true prophets of God. Throughout the scriptures, true prophets have always been figuratively presented as, “The Light of the Moon”—orbs that reflect the light of the sun and give understanding to a darkened world.

When you read this book, you will understand why.




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