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This is the official website of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW) where the Board of Directors of the MWAW and The Humanity Party® (THumP®) provide the public with information and Real Truth.

If you are one who believes that you already know the truth, this site is not for you.  Here, we present information that has been hidden since the foundation of the world; or rather, which few have yet to consider.

Our mantra is simple:

Everyone is right.  Which makes everyone wrong.®

In order to not waste your time, we want you to know that this site supports the following Real Truths:

NO Religion is correct.  No scripture is true.  Religion is the primary reason why our world experiences human misery and conflict.  Religion is nothing more or less than the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.  ALL scripture is false and contains no Real Truth about history.  Prayers are self-hypnotic and are answered by a person’s human nature.  No one does or has the right to receive inspiration, revelation, or instruction for you.  Each of us has the power and ability to inspire our Self.  We do not need anyone or anything else taking control of our free will.

If you embrace any religious belief, this site is not for you and you will waste your time reviewing it.

Yes, we have created scripture that counters scripture because those who believe in scripture cannot be convinced of their error by any other means.

There are two main purposes of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®:

To counter religion and open the minds of those who have been deceived by it.

To present a plan that ends worldwide poverty.

Religion created poverty and stands in the way of ending it.  As long as people believe that there is a God that allows poverty, these believers will not take any action to solve it.  First, they must be convinced with ample and convincing evidence that all religion and its gods are false.  Once convinced that God is not going to help us end poverty, we must be convinced that a plan exists that will help us end it.

The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® convinces people that all religion is false.  The Humanity Party® convinces them that we can end poverty.

Unless you can become like a little child, it will be hard for you to learn from this site.

Your personal knowledge is a compilation of things that you’ve learned since you were a little child.  You accept some things as true and others as false.  We each have different opinions about what is true and what is false.  We value our self and our individuality by what we believe to be true.  We value others by whether or not they agree with us and devalue others by what we believe is false.

In order to maintain self-worth in a world of so many opinions, we often believe that we are right and that others are wrong.  None of us wants to admit that we are wrong.  It is a very hard thing for us to accept that anything that we believe is wrong.  If we admit this, we lose self-worth and value, not only towards our Self but from what we receive from others.

If you are one who believes that you know the truth about things … about anything … then this work, the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW), is not for you.  You will waste your time researching it.  Live your life with the value and self-worth that you have received from what you believe to be true.

If curiosity causes you to investigate, do not be surprised by the feelings of anger, disbelief, and mocking that cognitive dissonance causes.  Cognitive dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes while you are reading new information, especially that with which you do not agree.  We respect your opinion to disagree.  But we will not tolerate or engage in discussions about the information that we present through the MWAW.  We know that our information is the Real Truth.

But if you are one who is confused by your beliefs, and you realize that you do not know any Real Truth*, we have a lot of information for you.  IF you want to find out for yourself if the information we present is Real Truth, then this site is free to use and contains a lot of information to help you find this out for yourself.

We have legally registered a statement of Real Truth* about human knowledge:

Everyone is right.  Which makes everyone wrong.®

This work, the (MWAW) will provide information that will give unprecedented evidence that everyone is wrong and that most of what we have learned since we were little children is wrong when compared to Real Truth.

*Real Truth is not things that we believe are true from all of our learning since we were little children.  The Real Truth is things as they really are in our present world, things as they really were in our past, and things as they will really be in our future.  But in fact, Real Truth can be best described as things as they really are, as they are commonly observed and experienced through our senses … as a little child would perceive things without any learning.

Everyone has learned a lot of things since they were a little child.  If it were possible to remove everything that we’ve learned during our lifetime, what would remain?  What would we know?  How would we act?  How would we perceive the world?  What if we threw out everything that we have learned and started over?  What would the world be like?

Some might say that without learning and knowledge, our world would not progress.  But what is the world like today?  Is it really something we are proud of?  Is it something that we want to take credit for?  Is it something that we want to actually admit is a product of all our learning and knowledge?

Our world is spiraling out of control towards more chaos and human misery.  Obviously, all of our knowledge and learning is not good for the human race.

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were two men whom the world praised and acknowledged for their learning.  What did they find out after all their learning?

Hawking quote.jpg

Often, we refer to “God” as having the ultimate intelligence and understanding of things.  In describing “the mind of God,” Hawking wrote in the conclusion of one of his finest publications that, “the ultimate triumph of human reason [is to] know the mind of God.”

In his book, A Brief History of Time, Hawking summarizes:

We find ourselves in a bewildering world.  We want to make sense of what we see around us and to ask:  What is the nature of the universe?  What is our place in it and where did it and we come from?  Why is it the way it is? To try to answer these questions we adopt some ‘world picture.’  Just as an infinite tower of tortoises supporting the flat earth is such a picture, so is the theory of superstrings.  Both are theories of the universe, though the latter is much more mathematical and precise than the former.  Both theories lack observational evidence: no one has ever seen a giant tortoise with the earth on its back, but then, no one has seen a superstring either.

… In effect, we have redefined the task of science to be the discovery of laws that will enable us to predict events up to the limits set by the uncertainty principle.  The question remains, however: how or why were the laws and the initial state of the universe chosen? … Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations.  What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?  The usual approach of science of constructing a mathematical model cannot answer the questions of why there should be a universe for the model to describe.  Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?  Is the unified theory so compelling that it brings about its own existence?  Or does it need a creator, and, if so, does he have any other effect on the universe?  And who created him?  Up to now, most scientists have been too occupied with the development of new theories that describe what the universe is to ask the question why.  On the other hand, the people whose business it is to ask why, the philosophers, have not been able to keep up with the advance of scientific theories.  In the eighteenth century, philosophers considered the whole of human knowledge, including science, to be their field and discussed questions such as: did the universe have a beginning?

… However, if we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists.  Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist.  If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God.  (Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time.)

Albert Einstein was a bit harsher and more straightforward in his personal evaluation.  Albert Einstein mocked most of what humans have learned.  He often remarked that our accepted knowledge was responsible for the problems that threaten the human race.




Einstein concluded that it will take a “new manner of thinking” if we are going to solve our problems.  He made the following observation about reality and what it was going to take in order to save humanity:

He wrote:

A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.  We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest.  A kind of optical delusion of consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.  The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self.  We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. (Albert Einstein, 1954)

This manner of thinking must be relearned.  It can only be relearned if we unlearn the manner in which we have been taught to think since we were little children.  This new manner of thinking is to start thinking again like we did as little children.

This manner of thinking is simply observing what we can see, hear, touch, feel, and taste in our environment.  Everything that we conclude must be based on this empirical evidence.  If it can’t be seen, heard, touched, felt, or tasted, it cannot be Real Truth.

The Real Truth can be understood by a child IF it is presented so that a child can understand it.

Take, for example, the Real Truth about the Theory of Evolution.

The Real Truth is, we do not witness anything evolving now.  Therefore, how can we be sure that things evolved in the past, where “evolve” means to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form?

Focusing only on what we can observe, everything that exists is in our world is the product of some sort of human manipulation and creation through hybrid engineering and other processes.  Why is this the Real Truth?  Because we can prove it; because we can do it!

We can create new species of plants and animals.  We have created new species of plants and animals and will continue to create new species of plants and animals to serve human need.  According to this empirical evidence, nature doesn’t create anything that has not already been created.

God doesn’t create any new species of plants and animals.  We do.

And just as easily as we can create different species of plants and animals, we can destroy them.  Every plant and animal that has become extinct during a child’s lifetime became extinct because of human action or inaction.  If we can prove this to a child today through easily applied empirical evidence, then we can explain that other humans that used to live on Earth created all the other plants and animals too.

The problem with this particular Real Truth about other time periods when the human race existed upon Earth outside of the present, is the current knowledge that we accept as true: that humans have only been alive for a few hundred thousand years, while the Earth has been around for billions.

To a child who is observing that the human race is on the verge of destroying itself after such a short time compared to the entire time that the Earth has existed, it would make sense that humans probably lived during Earth’s billions of years of history and destroyed themselves many times.  It would make sense that humans came back to repopulate the human species on Earth in the same way and through the same processes as our ancestors did to get us where we are today.  Another Real Truth, then, is what are these processes?  How did humans come to be upon Earth if they did not evolve?  Again, the Real Truth lies completely in what we can observe with our empirical senses.  (These and many other questions are answered by the MWAW.)

There is simply no other way that we can prove to a child’s mind where all the different plants and animals came from.

Evolution is a theory, where a theory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.

God is a theory.  Just like most of our knowledge, someone invented God and wrote books that included the theory.  No one has seen God (some have lied to gain value for themselves compared to the majority that has not seen God).  No one has heard God (some have lied to gain value for themselves compared to the majority that has not heard God).  No one has smelled or tasted God (and no one has claimed to).  And no one has touched God (except those who have lied to gain value for themselves compared to the majority that has not touched God).  In every case where someone has claimed that he or she has seen, heard, or touched God, money and power over the minds of others are somehow included.  No child has ever claimed to have seen God (again, there are those who have taught their children to make the claim in order to bring value to themselves).  No little child has ever made the claim.

Empirical observation of how things are is the only way to understand how things were in the past and how they are going to be in the future … at least to a child’s manner of thinking.

For example,

If a child sees a domesticated chicken on a farm that cannot fly away to protect itself from wild predators, and the child wonders why the chicken was able to survive all these years without being able to fly, the simple answer is: “We protect chickens so we can eat their eggs and eat them too.  If chickens were in the wild, they would have easily been eaten by predators and become extinct long ago.”

Then the child asks, “Where did the chicken come from?”

The only answer that we can give the child based on the Real Truth is: “From an egg.”

But then the child asks, “Where did the first chicken come from that laid the first egg?”

If we answer that it evolved over time from a simpler life form, such as a single-celled creature, we would be making something up of which we are not certain.  Because this is not something that we have ever witnessed and not something that the child observes in the child’s daily life; therefore, we cannot prove it.  We cannot say that God created the chicken because the child observes that the chicken comes from an egg, and unless God is a chicken, there’s no way that God can lay an egg from which comes a chicken.

Understanding the Real Truth always follows the manner by which a little child learns: through real-time observation—things as they are now.

But as adults, we do not learn this way.  We learn from books.  Who wrote these books?  Why did they write these books?  Where did they get the information for their books?

Einstein again, harshly but truthfully, explains what he learned of education:


The “new manner of thinking” that Einstein could not describe can be best defined as becoming again, like a little child, not in how we deal with the physical world, per se, but in how we perceive the world and learn things.  We must forget (repent of) everything that we have learned and immerse (baptize) our minds in the reality of current, empirical observation alone.

So, if you are humble enough to admit that what you know, or think you know, might not be Real Truth, then …

Welcome to the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

At no time during the history of our world, has a place existed where a person can go and ask any question about their human existence and have that question answered with authority, clarity, and completeness.

Many of the great and marvelous things that have been hidden from our understanding since the foundation of this world will be revealed.  We’ve always known these Real Truths.  They exist—hidden in the back of our mind within the confines of our imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.  ― Albert Einstein

Within the human mind, seeds of imagination sprout into belief systems of philosophy and religion.  But these do not answer the basic questions of our existence: Who are we?  And why do we exist?

Religion and philosophy have produced fruits of discord, prejudice, and hate.  These things are destroying our humanity.

The purpose of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is to introduce the Real Truth about our existence as human beings.  Within its answers, the solutions to our human problems are found.  Most of our problems are a cause of our ignorance, and our current experience upon this Earth manifests the influence of this ignorance.

The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is where current reality meets Real Truth.

This website is meant to be free, basic, and simple, symbolizing our message to the world.

One of our most popular books, Human Reality, Who We Are and Why We Exist, has some good information in it about what the MWAW is and why it is necessary:

(Excerpt from Introduction:)

As stated above, we are given many answers to these questions, each individual (king or queen) trying to convince us that his or her idea is correct.  When the answers are not straightforward and logical, some of us invent theories, beliefs, and opinions based on our own best speculation.  Still, most of the answers remain mysteries and have remained so since the foundation of this world.  Therefore, in order to be soundly convinced of true reality, we must be presented with explanations that make sense and do not lead to other questions.

Humans have attempted to answer many of these questions by using their imagination. But just what exactly constitutes our “imagination”?  We must first solve this mystery correctly in order to understand true reality.  With our unique ability to imagine, we have invented an enormous genre of science and conceptual fiction.  Nevertheless, today’s science fiction could very well become tomorrow’s human reality.

But what if we could understand future human reality TODAY?  How would acquiring this knowledge affect our world?  Would the correct answers to all of our questions improve humanity’s plight?  Or are we afraid that this true reality would destroy the established perceptions we have of ourselves—our kingdom within, which currently gives us our personal value and security?  Being afraid to face the fact that we might all be wrong—and the conditions found in our world seem to prove this—how long are we going to remain scared and consequently loyal to our bad judgment and ignorance?  What will it take before we accept the error of our ways and decide to change our current path?  True reality will take away our fears and show us the way.

In ancient times, human imagination influenced the concept of “learning and study.”  Finding the answers to life’s mysteries became a source of value to both teacher and student alike.  The teacher, who thought he or she knew the correct answers, was valued by the student who did not.  If the teacher convinced the student that his or her answers were the truth, the student then valued the learning experience.

There were natural phenomena that couldn’t be explained; but it is human nature to want to understand ourselves and the world in which we live.  Ancient teachers, therefore, gave their personal understanding of events and phenomena through the written word.  Their writings eventually became respected bodies of literature.  However, as humans progressed through experience, these ancient works became modern mythologies.  These myths extend beyond the borders of the known earth into the Universe, and somehow gave the people who believed in them a safe concept of themselves and a hope that kept them satisfied with their existence.  As we have advanced in thought and discovery, though, we are less and less satisfied with the answers that our teachers have provided us.  We are getting tired of myths, hypotheses, and theories.  We want the real truth!

In the 20th Century, science fiction began to replace mythology as a source of reality for many people.  Human imagination began to provide a new hope for the human race.  Advanced technology and understanding opened our minds to possibilities that extended beyond the limited and now seemingly ridiculous beliefs of our ancestors.

Now in the 21st Century, we find ourselves inundated with cinematic theories that create a sense of our incredible capabilities and human potential.  We are advancing (at least in our minds) into realms of reality that we often find hard to accept, until they happen right before our eyes.  Who would have thought, for example, that Dick Tracy’s telephone- picture watch of the 1940’s would be a reality in the 21st Century?  Those living in the 1940’s surely didn’t!

The genre of science fiction-laced movies developed by our creativity and imagination pit imperfect humans against more advanced (but often more evil) beings, which in most cases are not human.  Even the aliens we create through our imagination that are sympathetic to the human race, are not presented as creatures similar to us.  Equally, it’s hard for even the most creative and imaginative mind to envision an advanced human being (in contrast to an alien creature) helping to save the human race.  This is because reality (based on the way human beings treat each other on earth) seems to be leaning towards humans causing their own eventual destruction.  Therefore, it appears that a non-human, alien being would be a more logical choice to be the savior of the human race.

Science fiction aside, what if there really are more advanced human beings living on other planets throughout the Universe?  And what if they are solely interested in our well-being and happiness, rather than seeking to dominate or destroy us?  What if the idea of a “Supreme Creator” is in fact the simpler concept of caring, advanced human beings—parents who created us in their perfect world—sending us here to this earth to let us find out what we would do on our own, without them?  Don’t teenagers learn to appreciate what their parents provide for them by leaving a secure home life?  Free-willed individuals cannot accurately learn reality unless they live it for themselves.

What if human reality is not about myth and fiction at all, but rather about “science,” based on the work and intelligence of benevolent, highly advanced, perfected human “scientists”?  If this is so, then why are they not interceding to help us and prevent us from destroying each other and the planet where we live?  Most people would agree that part of true humanity should be the tendency to step in and offer assistance to others in need.  So, if more advanced humans than us do exist, and they are aware of us, why aren’t they interceding into our affairs for our benefit?  They are humane, aren’t they?  They understand humanity, don’t they?

But if someone who does not live on our planet has to step in and offer this assistance to us, then what does that say about our humanity?  How can we prove that we deserve to be free-willed humans, if we lack the humanity that should separate us from all other animals in our world?  Isn’t it true that there are other animals who act more humanely than we do?  Wouldn’t we want to be given the chance to prove our humanity before having a civilization more advanced than our own step in and save us from ourselves?

As our world becomes more connected, we become more aware of the problems facing other cultures of people existing throughout the earth.  It seems that the more technology advances, the more interconnected and interdependent we become.  We are no longer separate parts of individual nations, but are becoming citizens of planet Earth.

Considering our progress in technological advancements, our future will undoubtedly include the ability to visit other planetary systems in the Universe.  What will we do if we encounter other civilizations of human beings that need our help?  Wouldn’t our compassion and natural human propensity to help, compel us to step in and do whatever we can to assist these people?  WE are humans!  And if we have the power and the ability, we should help those in need!

But what happens when the whole of the human race upon this planet becomes needful of assistance?  Who is out there in the Universe to offer us the help that we need?  Are there any other civilizations of people with the same human nature (humanity) as our own?  If these advanced societies have existed thousands, millions, even billions of years longer than we have, wouldn’t their technology and advancements allow them the ability to be aware of us and our needs?  Again, if they could help, wouldn’t they?

 For us to believe that we are the only human race that exists in the Universe is thoughtless, irresponsible, and illogical.  Even if we began our existence as evolving bacteria (as some speculate), doesn’t our ability to reason suggest the probability that there exist other bacteria somewhere in the Universe that have evolved to where we have, and beyond?

Some people have been searching all of their lives for some viable proof that other human civilizations do exist somewhere “out there.” None has come up with any conclusive and hard evidence that would support the fact.  Some have wondered why other, more advanced civilizations haven’t made contact with us yet.  What are they waiting for?

Well, maybe they don’t think we need their intervention…just yet!

Without them actually making physical contact with us—what other way could we know that they exist? What proof would satisfy our skepticism?  What about knowing what they know?  Would that understanding and knowledge satisfy our disbelief?

What if they have made contact with us, but do not physically reveal themselves to us so as not to interfere with our own development and learning?  If they did reveal themselves, wouldn’t the whole world listen to what they have to say about the Universe and what is happening beyond our tiny planet?  Wouldn’t we depend on them to solve all of our problems and teach us how to live in peace and harmony with each other?  Wouldn’t they stop us and keep us from destroying each other?

If those who would help are indeed advanced humans, then they would step in and assist us.  But they would not do so before giving us a chance to prove our right to free will and the right to have the power associated with being human.  With the power of human reason and free will, we have the capability to control our environment, to have dominion over the plant and animal kingdoms of the world, and to do whatever it is that we want to do.  As we advance our abilities through technology and understanding, can we be trusted with ultimate human power and capabilities?  Can we individually be trusted to continue to advance into future realms of human-based knowledge that will eventually allow us to do things that we can only imagine today?  Will we use our extraordinary free will and reason to perpetuate and support the human race or to destroy it?

These are questions waiting to be answered in the future.

The premise of this book is that advanced beings, who know true HUMAN REALITY, are subtly intervening in our lives and giving us the answers to the questions that we all yearn to know.  They are doing this to aid us in our continual journey to prove our own humanity and make claim to all the rights and powers associated with existing as a human being.  Some of these powers and rights have the ability to make us extremely happy or extremely miserable, depending on how we use them.

The most constant influences and motivational parts of our human nature are our sexual disposition and our will to survive.  The majority of the problems of humanity come about as a result of actions that can be traced to some connection with one of these two physical influences.  Although hard to accept and admit for some, this fact cannot be ignored as we consider true human reality.  The downfall of societies can be traced to, first, how humans dealt with their sexual natures and, secondly, how they dealt with each other as they were forced to provide themselves with the basic necessities of life.  These two motivating factors have been a course of study and observation by many of the world’s greatest minds.  Their conclusions generally agree that the vast majority of our inhumane history upon this earth has been the result of sexuality and our individual desire to survive.

This being the case, the logical solution to most of our problems would appear to be for us to gain a proper understanding of why these motivational forces cause so many problems for humans; and then to explain how we can eventually eliminate both sexuality and the struggle for survival from our existence.  Although suggesting the elimination of human sexuality proposes intellectual suicide, eliminating the struggle for survival is humankind’s greatest hope!  To show why and how to accomplish both of these endeavors would be profound! It would literally be the salvation of the human race!  The proof given throughout this book will overwhelmingly demonstrate that one day, the elimination of sexuality for most of us, along with the elimination of the constant struggle for survival for all of us, will both have to become human reality, or we will be faced with our own extinction.

In addition to the physical forces that have motivated and influenced our existence, the desire for equality and mutual respect has been the greatest emotional challenge that we have faced throughout our history upon the earth.  It seems to be an emotional condition that we will always encounter during our imperfect state as human beings.

In order to create value for themselves and gain a sense of equality with everyone else, human beings have developed their own individual belief systems.  Sometimes, they have even pretended to possess personal powers associated with the supernatural and paranormal.  To address all of the ways that humans create personal value for themselves would create a voluminous work.  Such a work would only lead to a further deluge of information that individual readers (according to their own perception) might find insignificant and unrelated to their own personal quest to understand true reality.

The real truth is that there is no true human reality in any belief system invented by humankind—not even one!  There is no such thing as the “supernatural” or the “paranormal,” or any other mysterious occurrence that cannot immediately be understood by the human mind, if the correct explanation is given.  “Mystery” and “phenomena” are simply acknowledgements that we can’t understand something about our reality.

As disquieting as this proclamation might be for most, its substance and veracity will unequivocally be proven by the end of this book.  If the reader will have patience concerning those things which are currently accepted as “mysterious” and “phenomenal,” and also maintain a sincere desire to understand more about his or her existence than he or she can honestly admit that he or she presently knows, then the reader will be astonished at how much emotional peace and security he or she will find by having all the mysteries of life explained in plainness. The true reality will surely set one free!

This book will give the direct, sensible answers to all of life’s most difficult questions.  Those responsible for this book will never pollute the sanctity of the reader’s own kingdom.  They will always respect the king or queen who sits upon the throne.  They are knocking at your gate.  They will go away if you do not want to be bothered.  But they will leave this book outside the gates and walls of your kingdom, hoping, for your own sake, that you might one day open the gate just enough to grab the book and pull it back into your kingdom—the kingdom that is built within you.

In the solitude and security of your own world, engaging the power of your own mind, you are now presented with the opportunity to read a book that will finally help you understand,

HUMAN REALITY—Who We Are and Why We Exist.