Aliens, reptilian humanoids, the devil, a hollow Earth, the spirits of those who are dead, and many other conspiracy theories.


There has never been, there is not, and there will never be ANY life form of greater intelligence or physical construct than a human being.

There are no gods, no devils, nor other sources of inspiration, revelation, guidance, or non-verbal communication that do not originate in one’s own brain.  This is the Real Truth.  Any other information, of any kind, from any source, from any person, is a deception, or perhaps, a self-induced believable lie.

There is one good thing about the American justice system: it’s credibility in allowing evidence that the court can legally accept.  One of the main criteria of any evidence is if it meets the Hearsay Rule of evidence.

Basically, if you didn’t see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears, smell, taste, or touch it with your nose, mouth, or body, it’s not a testimony that you can present in court.  A witness can testify that he or she heard someone else testify of some “thing” outside of court, but all that is accepted is that the witness heard some “thing.”  It doesn’t mean that the “thing” the witness is testifying of is true.  Thus, cross examination of witnesses is a very important part of the legal procedure.

There has never been any evidence about the existence of aliens that would hold up in a court of law … not a single piece!  Furthermore, if there were actual evidence, then scientific observation could substantiate it.  There has never been, nor will there ever be, any evidence of any alien life form or any other life form more intelligent than a human, outside of our mortal life upon Earth.

There are so many lies about so many things being presented every day during our interactions with others.  Our connections via the Internet have increased and enhanced our ability to lie to each other.

Why do people lie so much?

Many times, what is a lie to one might be a truth to another.  Lies have created many of the problems in our current society.  Believe it or not, lying is part of our mortal nature.  We learn to lie as children when confronted by the guardian from whom the child receives protection and our self-worth and value.

If the child does something that is unacceptable to the guardian (the source of the child’s protection, self-worth and value), and the guardian responds in any way that threatens the child’s protection, self-worth and value, the child will naturally respond to regain the protection, self-worth and value that was lost.  Responding with disappointment is a threat to the child’s self-worth and value.  Physically punishing the child is a threat to the child’s protection.

A little child does not lie unless one of these three things is threatened.  If a guardian would never respond negatively in a threatening manner to the child’s protection, self-worth and value, the child would have no reason to lie.  As the child grows, the child learns how to lie more proficiently to maintain the child’s emotional foundation.  This emotional foundation was established when the guardian[s] in the child’s early life protected them, fed them, praised them, smiled at them, and in every other way kept the infant happy.

A frown is very threatening to our emotional balance.  It is a physical demonstration of an emotional imbalance.  Who taught the infant how to smile?  An infant smiles long before the response can be taught or mimicked.  Smiling is a natural, uniquely human response to one’s emotional balance.  No other life form smiles the way and for the same reasons that humans do.  When all of our physical needs are provided for (i.e., protection) and our individual ego is supported (i.e., self-worth and value), we smile.

Unfortunately, during our mortal experience, our birth was not planned.  We were not created to serve our individual needs.  We were created to serve our creators’ (parents’) needs.

In unfolding the symbolic character of “the dragon” found in the book of Revelation, we explained:

(Beginning of except from 666, The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast: The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded, pages 7 and 8.)

“Children are not consciously desired to guarantee the perpetuation of the species, but to give more credibility and support to the individuals who create them.  A father and mother validate themselves by their children.

“Most family rules and expectations are set, not to allow the children to become individuals, but to further the selfish desires of the parents to maintain their own individuality.  When a child eventually becomes aware that his or her existence is no longer dependent upon the parent, and that his or her self is more important than the whole of the family, a rebellion ensues.  This ultimately brings heartache and instability to the family unit, which was instituted, not for the sake of the child, but for the parent.

“To further maintain the essence for which they exist, humans place values on other abstractions that can more easily establish a state of individuality among them.  Material possessions become a distinction of class and prestige.  Distinctions of accumulation of knowledge (not intelligence) set one individual apart from another by allowing the opportunity for self-worth to foundationalize individuality.  A college degree or employment experience that none other has achieved helps maintain this human “essence.”  The color and style of hair, the jewelry adorning the body, and other personalized choices, support the individual against the whole.

“Self-awareness creates the individual human experience, and the ability to reason maintains it.  These unique human characteristics determine the balance by which we acquire a personal awareness of the self.  If maintained properly, this balance serves us well, and gives meaning and purpose to our existence.

Individuality is the value placed upon this existence. When this value is compromised, there is no longer balance.  Humans recognize balance and imbalance as happiness and unhappiness respectively.

“‘Love,’ ‘happiness’ and ‘unhappiness’ are abstract emotions felt when the individual receives or doesn’t receive recognition for its uniqueness.  When one is not acknowledged separately from the whole, the purpose of existence is breached, and the wise one becomes unbalanced, contrary to its nature.  The human either exists in a continual state of unhappiness, or seeks to alleviate the discomfort by setting itself apart from the whole, thus fulfilling the measure of its creation.

“Since humans seek to fulfill the purpose for which they exist (i.e., to be recognized and valued as individuals), they use their superior intelligence to accomplish this goal. Since the goal is individual and has nothing to do with the whole of humanity, whatever or whoever interferes with reaching this goal becomes a detriment to the happiness (balance) of the human being.

“A serpent has long been viewed as a symbol of wisdom and cunningness whose power consumes anything or anyone who stands in the way of its desires.  The dragon is an abstract serpentine fantasy contrived to exude power and destruction upon any who dare confront it.  Though we fear no fantasy, we must be aware of our innate desires, which have become The Dragon that threatens our very existence.”

(End of book excerpt.)

We learned to lie to protect ourselves physically and emotionally.  We lie.  Everyone lies in some way.  A nice person often lies in order to protect the feelings (self-worth and value) of someone else.  The very nature of our mortal existence is based on lie.  Our only reference of self-worth and value IS our mortal existence, that which we perceive as our only reality, but this is a lie that will be discovered when we die.  After our mortal death, we will realize that we are no longer this person.  That person’s existence ends.

This Real Truth is very hard for people to accept because it makes life upon Earth insignificant to our eternal existence.  (This is why we are not supposed to know, while mortal, the Real Truth about our existence.)  But this is not the case.  The mortal experience is very significant to our eternal Self.  It is the way that our highly advanced brain maintains its stability and balance.  These things will be explained well and in detail in The Dream of Mortal Life book.

Here is an excerpt from the book’s Introduction that is relevant to this treatise:

(Beginning of excerpt from The Dream of Mortal Life: Introduction, rough draft.)

The God Concept

“There are many who claim to have the truth.  There are many voices, many ideas, many explanations and so much confusion.

“Who is right?  Who is wrong?  Or are both wrong?

“There are many who claim that God has called them to do something special: to be God’s messenger and deliver God’s message to the world.  There have always been these types.  There will always be these types.  In some ways, these claimants say the truth.  Each person is the only true god of that person’s reality.  Our brains produce the voices that each of us hears.  Whatever one’s brain believes to be true is that person’s only truth.  This truth is the only reality that a person knows.  It is the only reality in which a person lives and finds meaning and purpose for one’s own existence.  It can be said that this personal truth comes from our own god.

“The concept of God can give meaning and purpose to one’s existence.  God provides a person with a feeling of specialness and self-worth.  This god concept—where one believes that something greater than the Self exists and that this something is aware of the person and cares about the person’s reality—is universal.  However, this concept does not exist in the reality of little children.

“During the developmental stages of life, other aged children care for us, protect us, and provide the means of a personal feeling of specialness and self-worth.  For a few years, the only god that the child knows is the other aged children (adults) who provide care and protection.  Being the center of everyone’s attention, we form a perception about our reality that everything that exists is about us—about our Self.

“The god concept—the child’s perception that he or she is the center of attention—is replaced as soon as the child begins to realize that the universe in which he or she exists does not actually revolve around him or her.  There are many other children who were taught that they are the center of the universe.  Nevertheless, the seeds of human nature have been planted.  The perception of the child’s specialness, self-worth and purpose formed emotional roots in the child’s brain that cannot be easily uprooted.  These are the roots of our shared humanity.  These emotional structures are anchors that are a part of us and remain with us throughout our life upon earth.

“The roots of our individual importance can be fertilized and nourished by the Real Truth that our mortal brain is actually an extension of a highly advanced, individual brain.  In other words, unlike any other life form, humans are wired to believe that each of them, as an individual, is the most important thing that exists, that the universe revolves around the Self … because it actually does!

“The problem is, during mortal life upon Earth, we share the earth’s limited space and resources with others who have the same deep-seated idea about the Self that we do.  Our emotional anchor is that each of us is the greatest thing that exists.  Although it might be easy for us to accept this concept about our own Self, often it is very hard to accept this about others.

“Mortal life is all about protecting and sustaining this concept—that I am the greatest thing that exists in the universe.  When we exist in a shared environment of limited space and resources, and we’re each wired to believe that our particular Self is more important than any other, the conflicts begin.

“When our self-worth and value is threatened or not respected by others, our brain cannot accept the inequality.  Our emotional anchor loses its weight and we became buoyant, causing us to float aimlessly in the sea of humanity.  There is not a mortal upon Earth who has not experienced an emotional low and felt as if they have lost their emotional anchor and are floating aimlessly upon the sea of humanity.  In order to counterbalance the weight lost in our emotional anchor, we naturally seek for ways and means to regain the weight—to protect and support the power and greatness of our Self.

“In doing this, many of us have accepted gods that give us back this power and greatness. Once ‘God’ is aware of us as an individual and takes an interest in our Self’s wellbeing, these feelings begin to fertilize and provide nutrients to our human roots.  Once our own Self grows and is sustained by our chosen god, it is natural for us to want to share our personal god with others, especially with those like us, who have lost a sense of their own greatness and self-worth.  If we can get others to accept our god, then our self-worth, value, and personal importance receives even more fertilizer.  Others would be forever lost without us.

“Every mortal man or woman who claims to be a messenger from God once felt like he or she was worthless and that his or her life lacked purpose and meaning.  At the lowest state of this emotional turmoil, God spoke to the person and called them as God’s only messenger.  In each and every case, the person’s own brain spoke and extended the call in an effort to secure the anchor that provides emotional stability.

“If one were to analyze and honestly research the past history of anyone who has ever claimed to be God’s true messenger, one would find a point in the claimant’s past where he or she found him or herself at an emotional low.  The claimant, if honest, would admit to this low and acknowledge that it was at this crucial ebb in the tide of their emotional security when God came to their rescue and extended the call.  It happens the same way to everyone, but exhibits itself in different ways depending on the type of anchor that secured them in the past.

“As mentioned, often when one is at this emotional low point, one will search for help.  If, during the search one encounters another who appears confident and secure in their own Self and who claims to have found a meaning and purpose for their life, the emotionally distraught person will consider the other’s message.  It was successful for them, then why not for me?  In this way, missionaries, preachers, and evangelists find their followers.  In the same way, non-spiritual people are drawn to social causes. In the same way, others are drawn to sport teams.  Although the results might be very different, the emotional draw is the same in each case. The aged child is trying to regain the value and self-worth that supports the foundationalized and innate feeling that the universe revolves around them … because it’s supposed to!

“Mortality is nothing more or less than the natural dream response of our advanced brain to our daily eternal existence, similar to how our mortal dreams are an involuntary emotional response to our mortal daily life.  This response is responsible for the God Concept.”

(End of book excerpt.)

People lie, deceive and invent things in search of value that they don’t feel they have with others.  What a gratifying and self-promoting experience to have an alien abduct YOU!  You were chosen by aliens out of billions of people!  What a valuable experience it is that spirits speak to YOU from the beyond, out of billions of people!  Nothing is more ingratiating and empowering to our self-esteem than to believe that we know something that few others know!  We are special!  We’ve seen UFOs!  We’ve seen the evidence of a hollow earth!  God has chosen us to be His messengers,  His prophets,  His seers and revelators!  We have the Holy Priesthood of God that none other is authorized to have!  We received this special authority directly from God through an angel!  We are very special!

(There is a very good reason why LDS/Mormon young boys receive this priesthood authority at the age of twelve.  When a boy enters adolescence, his self-worth and value is being threatened more than at any other time during his life.  Having the privilege of receiving a special commission from God to have God’s power through the priesthood provides an emotional foundation that lasts throughout the boy’s crucial adolescent years and continues throughout his adult years.)

Unfortunately, there is NOTHING special about any one of us that is not also special about ALL of us.  This is the Real Truth.  Although it might negate and disembowel our established self-worth and value, it is the Real Truth.  It has always been the only Real Truth.  It will always be the only Real Truth.  Most of our mortal existence is spent trying to convince others of how special we are.  Why?  Because that’s how our brain is wired.  In our true state, there is no human more important or special than any other.  Each is the center of the universe.  Each has the same powers to do the same things as every other advanced human.

Then what about Christopher’s special abilities?

Christopher is no different than any other person upon Earth, except for one thing: he knows the Real Truth.  He was not taught the Real Truth.  He did not learn the Real Truth.  His mortal brain became abnormally responsive and connected to his advanced Self’s brain, where his mortal experience is actually taking place, in a moment, for a good purpose.

However, Christopher’s intelligence has only to do with the reality of who we are and why we exist as mortals, outside of the reality of our existence upon Earth.  He does not know all the nuances and specifics of mortal life upon this earth, UNLESS he learns these things like everyone else can.  What he knows, however, is that everything that mortals learn while going through mortality is limited ONLY to their experience during mortality.  Once one is dead, what value does anything that the person has learned during mortality have to that person?  It is well said and true that whatever we brought into this world is the only thing that we will take out of it.

Christopher’s brain was allowed this ‘transfiguration’ in order to become a messenger of Real Truth to others.  Coupled with his involvement with the rest of us, who do have the mortal experience to teach him many things about mortal life, along with his ability to see videos of past events that occurred during Earth’s past, he is able to teach the Real Truth.  Upon doing so, his message threatens almost everything that anyone on Earth values as important to their self-worth and individuality.  This is why he is hated so vehemently by so many others.

There is a way that Christopher’s critics and enemies can diminish his importance to this world in giving his message of Real Truth.  It is the ONLY way that anyone will prove him to not be what he claims to be:

If one can come up with better answers to human existentialism than Christopher’s answers, that make more sense than his, that person will be able to prove that Christopher is not who he claims to be.

The few who sincerely study Christopher’s message would gladly listen to and accept anyone else’s idea about truth.  Instead, when our message has taken away the self-worth and value from a person, if that person does not have a broken heart (humility) and a contrite spirit (the ability to admit one’s ignorance) that person usually ends up fighting Christopher.  They fight Christopher with hate, with rumors, with lies, with disparagements and slander.  Not one critic has ever presented a challenge to any of the Real Truths that Christopher teaches.  Afraid that they might not meet the challenge, it’s easier for these to proclaim: “The guy’s a Whacko!”  All any honest person would have to say in response to such a statement is,

“If he is a Whacko, and you can prove that he is, let’s set up a meeting with you, he, and I in attendance. Let me see you both together. Let me hear what each of you has to say about truth while in the presence of another. Let me determine the difference.”

Only one person in almost 15 years has accepted the challenge.  Unfortunately, this man failed miserably in his public challenge of Christopher’s explanations given in the 666 book about Revelation.  The man lost his main source of income and all of his friends from whom he once received a large part of his self-worth and value during that time that he accepted and supported our work.  Having failed the challenge of confounding any of the Real Truths Christopher teaches, he began to slander Christopher.  (We initiated a defamation lawsuit that is currently pending in this matter.)

This man was in the same room with many others a few years ago in San Diego when Christopher announced that everyone in the room would remain faithful to the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, except one. That one was this man.

Ironically, the first thing that the man tried to challenge Christopher with was:

How can aliens not be real when there are so many witnesses to alien dead bodies and to being abducted by aliens?

The man was adamant about his claims of knowing people who could prove that aliens existed.  From his many stories and the countless hours he spent telling his stories, the man augmented and protected his self-worth and value.  In 2005, the man publicly derided Christopher and challenged the Real Truth about aliens.  It wasn’t too hard for Christopher to convince him otherwise.

For over four years, the man changed his mind about aliens and accepted the Real Truth that aliens do not exist and are an invention of people seeking value for themselves, as Christopher had taught.  The man’s wife and some of his children believe that they have special healing powers and abilities.  This claim is a source of their income.  It wasn’t too long into his relationship with the man and his family that Christopher taught otherwise, as we have presented above.

The Real Truth has threatened the value of the man’s family, especially that of their patriarch.  In 2009, the man become Christopher’s most vociferous enemy and is to this day.

If aliens are real, then the man was right all along.  But if they are not … one wouldn’t want to be this man.