Free Will: the essence, the purpose, and the basis of human existence.

The feeling of joy (happiness) is experienced when each person is doing exactly what each person wants to do.  Free Will is doing exactly what each person wants to do.  The difference between joy and Free Will is that Free Will is what a person does, and joy is the feeling produced in the brain as a result of when a person does what he or she wants to do.

Nothing is more important to our existence than Free Will.

We are eternal life forms of the highest order of existence possible.  There is no other life form with the same abilities and capabilities that we have.  These abilities and capabilities receive their power from our brain.  These abilities and capabilities are what we call intelligence.

The glory of a human being is our intelligence, in other words, our ability to grasp the Real Truth about our own existence and nature.  We are the only life form that observes and studies other life forms to see how and why other life forms exist, not for a non-human life form’s sake, but for our own.  We are the only life form that manipulates and uses other life forms, not only so that we can survive, but for our selfish pleasure (joy/happiness).

There are a few mortals who might argue that some animals, some plants, and even some microscopic life forms have more intelligence than humans do.  No need to argue with these few.  Simply point out the fact that no other life form manipulates and trains a human to serve its needs.  No one has seen a killer whale, one of the most intelligent and strongest sea creatures, training a human.  Yes, a killer whale might eat a human during the natural course of complying with its hunger instincts, but a killer whale cannot and would never think up ways to train and control a human for its pleasure.

This simple response to these few is the only response needed that is consistently relevant to all other non-human life forms.  Humans are, without question, the most intelligent life forms that can possibly exist.

There are some humans who support and protect wildlife over human life.  They do this, not necessarily to serve the best interests of humanity or of the wildlife that they protect, but to serve themselves and their own egos.  Wildlife conservationists usually have their basic needs met, which allows these humans the ability and capability (intelligence) to protect wildlife.  The people who hunt wildlife, whether it is to kill an animal to eat or take a part of an animal to sell for money, do not have their basic needs met, or they wouldn’t need to kill the animal.  Instead of fighting, incarcerating, and even killing other humans to protect wildlife, the question should be posed: why don’t conservationists spend the same amount of time, money, and effort on ending poverty—the reason why most people kill wildlife?

The answer: Free Will.

What would these same conservationists do, how would they perceive wildlife, if it were proven to them, sensibly, even scientifically, that every non-human life form upon Earth was actually created by humans, for human need, whether the need was basic (for food or clothing) or for pleasure (pets or sport)?  Instead, nature conservationists support their egos and self-worth protecting what they believe are natural life forms that lived on Earth long before humans did.  In this way they are deceived.  They are deceived because their mortal intelligence, that which gives them temporary glory and self-worth, does not include Real Truth.

In the upcoming book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality, it will be proven scientifically, philosophically, and religiously that without humans, the Earth would not exist; that without humans, there would be no plants and animals; that each plant and each animal, even each microscopic life, was the product of human Free Will, whether for need or for pleasure.

Here is a sample of what will be presented:

(An excerpt from the book’s Introduction:)


Evolutionists would argue that chickens evolved over millions of years into their current form.  These arguments would be conclusively wrong when reasonable facts are applied and considered.  The domesticated chicken did not evolve.  It is the creation of human intellect and the manipulation of the natural environment … by humans.  Humans figured out how to crossbreed and create hybrids of naturally occurring species to serve their wants and needs.  This is the case with many current varieties of plants and animals.  No one can argue that humans have the ability to create new hybrid species of their own choosing, and that they have done it time and time again.  Most plants and animals used by humans are not natural and did not evolve.  Their natural forms were manipulated and changed into unnatural forms to serve human wants and needs.

We will reasonably prove that no life form, flora or fauna, naturally evolved.  As we have done and do today, humans living in the past manipulated and changed other life forms to support their existence.  From the largest dinosaur to the smallest fungi, all animals and plants were formed and placed on Earth to serve human existence.  If humans have the intellectual aptitude and technology to create various hybrids of plants and animals today, why isn’t it possible that all plants and animals that were found upon Earth in the past were a human creation of prehistoric hybrid breeding accomplished by ancient human civilizations? It is possible and is highly probable.

Extinction of Species

There are all kinds of theories as to why species of plants and animals became extinct. None of these theories reflect what we observe happening upon Earth.  In our current experience, plants and animals become extinct because their natural environment is changed by another species.  Humans are responsible for the extinction of many species of plants and animals.  This is the only Real Truth that we know about extinction. Therefore, if humans are the only discernible and observable cause of extinction today, why isn’t possible that ancient humans were the cause of all extinction in the past?

Different Periods of Human Civilization

Earth’s written history only accounts for a very, very small time frame of human existence.  This is because writing has only been around for about 6000 years.  If we base human existence on the empirical evidence of writing, then it is easy to understand why some religions teach that the Earth is only 6000 years old.  But this supposition does not make sense when we study the natural environment and observe its different stages of development.

We have evidence of many different species of plants and animals that we consider millions of years old.  If we can accept the idea that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, then why is not possible, even probable, that humans also existed millions of years ago?  And just because we have no written record of humans living millions of years ago does not mean that they did not exist along with the dinosaurs.  Furthermore, why is not probable that humans created the dinosaurs to serve their needs or for pleasure?  During our history, we have evidence that there are some humans who love to watch animals in the arena killing each other.  The owners of the largest and the strongest are paid well to provide creatures for sport.  These owners could have used human intelligence and ingenuity to breed enormous animals for sport and entertainment.  But more than likely, humans created the plants that beautified human environment and supported the natural laws that supported human life (the process of creating oxygen); after these plants became unmanageable, large plant-eating animals were produced.  To control the large plant eaters, large meat-eating animals were produced.

Let’s suppose that we killed each other and no human survived upon Earth.  There would be metal records, vinyl records, paper records, and many other kinds of evidence that proved that we once existed on this planet.  So where’s the evidence of past human civilizations?  What happened to the evidence?  What would happen to human historical records, no matter in what form, if we were not around to maintain them or make new ones?  Wouldn’t these records and all the other evidence of human civilization conform to the natural laws of entropy and decomposition and eventually disintegrate? How then, would there remain any proof of our existence for other humans who might come along millions of years from now?

It shouldn’t be very hard to accept that it is possible that humans existed millions, and even billions of years ago.  If, from our known observations, we have concluded that the modern human species has only been around a couple of hundred thousand years, and that it only took that many years to evolve to the point that we have, and even fewer years to develop the technology that we have, why is it not probable that there have been many, many societies of human species upon earth that evolved similarly to the way we have, destroyed themselves, and then the laws of entropy wiped out any evidence of their existence?  It is possible and is highly probable.

Various ice ages and other natural environmental effects could have easily wiped out any evidence of prehistoric human existence.  Consider a hill in which various layers are visible to the naked eye. Each layer is covered with a different layer.  We have not been able to conclusively explain how each layer covered the one beneath it, nor have we been able to determine what exactly is in each layer.

Each layer is covered with a different layer.

Earth Layers.jpg

All we know is that a lot of carbon-based entities once existed and eventually decomposed through the pressure and influence of natural law, back into the carbon from which they were made.  We currently describe these decomposed carbon-based materials as “crude oil.”  The pressures and natural erosion of millions of years could have easily pressed into indiscernible matter any evidence of human existence from millions of years ago.

Did ancient civilizations of human beings exist that were far more developed and advanced than our own?  It is probable that the natural forces that exist upon Earth are responsible for covering up the evidence of these other human civilizations.  Again, if crude oil is the result of plant and animal matter that died millions of years ago, and this oil consists of molecules of hydrogen and carbon atoms, isn’t it highly possible and probable that human remains are also part of these fossil fuels?  What happens to the human body as it breaks down and decomposes?  The same thing that happens to all carbon-based life forms upon Earth: it becomes a hydrocarbon … crude oil.

(End of excerpt from book’s Introduction.)

Some mortals have dedicated their life to discovering how humans came to exist upon Earth.  We call these: scientists.  Other mortals have dedicated their life to discovering why humans came to exist upon Earth.  We call these: philosophers or religious founders.

None of the members of either of these two groups could have spent their time thinking about these things, dedicating their time and effort to these things, UNLESS their own basic needs were provided for to allow them the time to sit and think.  However, there are some of these who purposefully, and with selfish intent, invent discoveries and then convince everyone else that their discoveries are the truth, so that they can be compensated for their discoveries without having to work to support their own needs.  These are the educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets who are supported by tuition, donations, and tithes.  But none of these know the Real Truth.

Understanding how human life began upon planet Earth … how and why we exist … is as easy as understanding how and why our dream self exists in a dream world.  Keep in mind that our dream experiences seem just as real, as we are experiencing them, as our mortal life does.

How was the dream environment created?

How did we end up in this dream environment?

How do dreams begin and end?

It’s not that easy to understand, though.  It’s not that easy to understand because it doesn’t agree with the things that we have learned from educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets who we support by paying them money in the form of tuition, donations, and tithes.

Always keep in mind, the Real Truth is FREE; there is no money involved.  Why?  Because each of us is an equal human to the educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets.  We have the same intelligence to invent answers, IF we had the same time to sit around and think about these things all day.

We included in the Authors’ Note of our upcoming book the conclusion of Stephen Hawking, who has had many years to do nothing but think.  His conclusions about reality were summed up perfectly to give value and relevance to the intellect of “ordinary people”:

“If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God.”Stephen Hawking

The fact is, our individual brains are completely responsible for our individual existence.  Without a brain, we would not exist, we could not exist, and our existence would be nothing more than something that supported and enhanced the existence of something or someone else.

Everything that happens in our individual life, originates in our brain.  Our individual reality comes from the impulses and energy generated within our singular brain … not in someone else’s brain, but in our own individual brain.  If we are doing what our brain wants us to do, we will feel happy.  We will be complying with our individual brain’s Free Will.  But if we are doing what someone else wants us to do, then we are complying with their Free Will, for the sake of their reality, and we cannot be SELF-fulfilled and happy.

Most mortals, if not all, have given their Free Will up in support of another’s, usually to support educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets whose Free Will is supported by our paying them money in the form of tuition, donations, and tithes.  Think about it.  Let’s suppose that it was against the law for anyone to receive payment for something that comes out of their own head, for teaching or preaching.  How would this change the self-worth of those who are paying their hard-earned money to learn what these have to teach?  Because the educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets would be forced to physically work to survive, their ability to use time to think would be the same as the laborer’s.  On an equal level, who then would come up with an idea that was more important and valuable than another’s idea?

Some would argue that what engineers and architects know, for an example, must be taught to others in order for others to design and build what an educated engineer and architect could.  A building?  Who said that the buildings that engineers and architects designed for New York city bring as much happiness to the human mind and soul as a simple teepee did to an ancient Native American?  The engineers and architects had to first subdue the Free Will of Native Americans and take their land, where these natives once housed their teepees, before these engineers and architects could exercise their own Free Will.

Which society has produced the most happiness?

Which society promoted individual Free Will, without impeding the Free Will of another?

Consider what one of our dear friends, the late Howard Zinn, exposed in his profound book, A People’s History of the United States:


Arawak men and women, naked, tawny, and full of wonder, emerged from their villages onto the island’s beaches and swam out to get a closer look at the strange big boat.  When Columbus and his sailors came ashore, carrying swords, speaking oddly, the Arawaks ran to greet them, brought them food, water, gifts. [Columbus] later wrote of this in his log:

They … brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned… . They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features…. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane… . They would make fine servants…. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

(End of excerpt.)

The engineers and architects need “fine servants” to build their buildings.  Educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets need “fine servants” to pay tuition, donations, and tithes.  If we were to compare the “well-built … good bodies and handsome features” of Native Americans to the bodies and features of the average modern American … of most engineers and architects … which one would we reasonably conclude is experiencing more personal happiness?

In our upcoming book, we deal with the excuse used by educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets that education is a necessary part of human development.  We agree that education is an important part of human development, but only if we are developing into a happier, more liberated people.  We are not!

(Excerpt from the INTRODUCTION of The Dream of Mortal Life:)

Religion, Education, and Economic Classes

Where did religion start?

Is the Bible true?

Are any religious writings true?

Where did all the stories of the world’s religions and philosophies come from?

Where did history and traditions come from?

Who determined what was recorded in history?

Religion and education became the way that the priests and educated ones could control people.  The people who made up religion and education were supported by the people who were uneducated.  The masses had to pay the priests and professors to be saved from their ignorance.  The priests and professors taught their own version of the history of the world that would benefit them, rather than the masses.  History was written by the educated who could write.  Those who could write wanted to protect the value of their writing skills. Only those who would pay them could learn to write too.

Consider the Bible and its influence on the human mind.  Consider how the priests became the ruling class and were able to convince their followers to provide them with religious offerings so that the priests wouldn’t have to work.  Gold became a value that was based on the view that God sat on a throne in heaven, where the streets were made of gold.  The priests wanted the masses to give them gold to please the gods that the priests made up.

Consider leaders like Hitler and Napoleon, who were weak in terms of their physical strength.  How did they get control over the masses that were often stronger than they were?  Their workers, who were left in ignorance, were uneducated and easily misled by those who they supported as their leaders.  Because the workers did not know who they really were or why they really existed, they listened to the leaders.  The working class does all the work.

A boss tells the workers what must be done and then depends on the laborers to get it done.  The working class of laborers is responsible for figuring out how to do things better by actually doing it.  When the laborers come up with a better idea, the ruling class that pays the laborers usually takes the credit.  The bosses take credit for the ideas that their laborers come up with, without giving credit to their laborers.

Those who became our educators sat around and thought about things.  They avoided physical labor.  Once they came up with an idea, they were able to convince others that it was worth our time and money to learn things only they understood.  They said, in effect,

“Listen to what your teachers tell you. Listen to them give answers to questions that the masses don’t have time to figure out on their own, because we have the time to sit around all day and make these things up for you.”

Knowing something and doing it are very different human activities.  Humans are not equal, however, when those who claim to know the truth rule over us.  Those who didn’t want to work hard got others to do their work for them.  For example, building the Great Pyramids in Egypt required rulers to use their brains to come up with reasons to get others to do the hard work for them, by providing the physical labor.  There were many more slaves than the armed guards that controlled them.  But how did the rulers convince the slaves to work for them without force?  The slave class could have easily rushed the guards and overcame them.  What kept them from doing this?  Our rulers turned the masses into slaves, just as today when leaders and corporations make us work for them.  The rulers want to protect the control that they have over us.  They convince us to do things that will keep them in power over us.

At first, this was done using religion to control us.  For example, when the Great Nile River in Egypt flooded and destroyed our crops, they convinced us that “God” was angry with us.  We were commanded to build temples and churches that they dedicated to the gods.  This made life easier for the ruling class, by accepting offerings to the gods that they used for their selfish needs and wants.

We conclude the Introduction to our book with this:

Saving Humankind by Educating the Masses

There are many things about mortal life that we do not understand.  Our lack of understanding of science, philosophy and religion has control over our lives on Earth. Change will never come and we will never be equal, as mortal humans, until we understand as much, or more, as the few who pretend to know.  This challenge seems impossible to overcome, as mortals.  There has never existed a book of complete knowledge that can teach us the Real Truth and overcome the ignorance that now controls us.

The Dream of Mortal Life will meet these challenges.  This book will provide the answers to questions that have never been answered, and that seem like they can’t be answered. Once the answer is given, few will be able to dispute its possibility.  Understanding that something is possible can become probable when we use our common sense to think of the possibility that it is Real Truth.

We live at a time when our knowledge and our skill through technology (our scientific know-how) can improve our ability to live and to exist in our mortal world.  But as life becomes physically easier, it seems to be getting harder for us emotionally; we have more time on our hands to think about who we are and why we exist.  When all of our physical needs are met, but our emotional needs are not, we search for answers.  We are often confused and misled by the answers that are given by others.  And the answers provided by science, that tell us how things exist, do little to explain why they exist.  The answers provided by the greatest minds in science, philosophy and religion are not making our world a better, safer place to live.  We are close to destroying all humans, as has been done before.  We fight over the answers that our mortal brains come up with.  Maybe we fight because we do not have the right answers that make sense to us, our common sense.

The Dream of Mortal Life provides these answers to help create peace on Earth and goodwill towards humans.  Just as our mortal dreams are a direct emotional response of our mortal brain (that becomes a physical response during the dream), as a result of whatever is happening during our daily mortal existence, mortal life itself is a direct emotional response (that becomes a VERY REAL physical response), to whatever is happening during our daily existence as eternal, highly advanced humans.

The reason why we experience Free Will as mortals is because we are ALWAYS experiencing Free Will as advanced humans.  Our advanced brain’s dreams (i.e., mortal reality) reflect the degree of Free Will that we are experiencing in our advanced conscious daily life.  Similarly, our mortal dreams are a direct reflection of the degree of Free Will we are experiencing in our conscious mortal daily life.  Although we have unconditional Free Will during mortal life, how FREE are we, REALLY?

We are not!

Mortals are subject to other mortals, to others’ Free Will.  We don’t have to be, but we are.  We are allowing educators, scholars, gurus, philosophers, priests and prophets to control our Free Will.  Priests and prophets do this by inventing a god that tells us what to do. Anyone or anything that tells us what to do, is impeding our individual Free Will.

The wars and rumors of wars that exist during our daily mortal reality are a DIRECT CAUSE of our mortal consciousness’ inability to support the purpose for which our advanced brain needs to dream.  It is as simple as understanding that our individual brain is made up of cells that are supposed to exist for and produce what our brain wants and needs, not what someone else’s brain wants and needs!

When our brain is acting upon someone else’s Free Will, our brain cells rebel and attack the unwanted energy … wars within the confines of the brain’s own construct.  How do we eliminate the invading foreign energy that is not supportive of our own Free Will?  Wars, mayhem, and killing each other inside the Dream of Mortal Life.

Mortal suicide is another option that we can use to end the conflict.  And eventually, if our mortal Selves do not figure out how to exist properly for the sake of our advanced Selves, we will completely finish mortal existence upon Earth, as we have five different times in the past when our advanced brain began a new dream of mortal life.

We know this about our mortal dreams: when we become conscious inside the dream, the environment was there before we were.  It seems that we just appeared in the dream out of nowhere.  A difference between our dream Self and our mortal Self is that our dream Self doesn’t seem to care how we came to be, or how our dream world came to be.  But the biggest difference is: our dream Self doesn’t have Free Will.  Our mortal Self does.

Now that we know why and how we exist, and before our advanced brains completely annihilate our current mortal existence because it is not fulfilling the measure of its creation in providing us with Free Will to experience happiness, we must learn HOW we should be living upon Earth.

This Marvelous Work and a Wonder® will teach us how.  It will eliminate the excuses that we had during the five previous times that we failed.  This time, we are given the Real Truth about our human existence.  We need only conform our mortal actions to support the Free Will of each individual, equally.  Only then will we, as mortals, be able to control our mortal dreams.  Only then will our advanced Selves allow us to continue the Dream of Mortal Life.

Free will is the key to our existence.  Because people are so ignorant of who we really are as human beings … that we are all equal gods with equal intelligence … we began the process of teaching the masses by presenting the “fullness of the gospel of the Savior,” or rather, the philosophy that can save us.  Consider the Sermon on the Mount.  Every instruction therein supports Free Will, not only our own, but the Free Will of others.

Thus we created the Greatest Commandments of all:

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God [which in reality is thyself] with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

If we truly understood Free Will, we would NEVER give our personal opinion to another.  We would never think that our understanding of things is greater or more important than another’s.  How could we ever call a person a fool?  Because if we do, it will lead that person to fight us, and possibly kill us.

Now consider how we presented these important concepts in The Sealed Portion as one of our efforts to change the course of human nature by influencing the Christian mindset:

TSP, Chapter 19:

AND Adam continued his teachings, saying: Our Eternal Mothers taught us that we must obey the laws of the kingdom of God in order to ensure that we would be guaranteed the happiness that each of us desired for ourselves.

2 And now, I would that ye should know that these laws were also given unto your mother Eve and me upon our expulsion from the garden of Eden. Behold, these laws are eternal and are the same in the world in which our Eternal Parents reside, as well as in all the kingdoms that exist. And these laws ensure order in the universe; and that the end of these laws, which is happiness, may be realized by all those subjected to these laws.

3 And if ye abide by these laws throughout the days of your probation upon this earth, then ye shall also have peace and order among you here. And for this purpose were they given unto us after we left the garden of Eden.

4 And these laws are based upon one great law which encompasseth all of the commandments that God hath given us. Yea, it encompasseth all of the commandments that shall ever be given unto you and your children forever.

5 And this is the law on which all other commandments are based, that was given unto us by the Lord, even that ye should do unto others what ye would have them do unto you.

6 Now, from this law the Lord hath given us specific instructions, or commandments, that we must follow to accomplish the purpose of this law.

7 For he hath commanded us that we should not be angry one with another; and that we should have a respect for the opinions of each other; and rejoice in the freedom that we each have to express our own opinion without the fear of repression or anger from another.

8 For this anger can cause us to strike out at our neighbors and harm them for that in which we feel that they have wronged us. And why is it that we feel that they have wronged us? Is it not that they do that which doth not agree with us? And why should we believe that our opinion of that which they think or do, is that which is right? Yea, it might be right for us, but might not be right for our neighbor.

9 And this anger can escalate and cause ye to strike out against your neighbor. Now I say unto you, that this is most abominable before God, even that ye should touch your neighbor without first receiving the permission to do so. For upon doing so, ye have taken away the free agency of your neighbor. For they have the right not to be touched by you, if it so be their desire.

10 And the eternal law that is violated by anger, is the law of free agency, which guaranteeth to each of us the right to act according to the desires of our hearts. And according to this law, ye have the right to become angry with your neighbor if that be your desire, even though your desire would be contrary to the commandments of God. But ye do not have the right to strike out in anger and harm another. For your neighbor did not use his free agency to desire that ye should strike him.

11 Therefore, ye have been commanded to respect one another and give unto each other this worthy respect that each of us deserveth. And ye should not be angry because ye do not understand that which your neighbor doeth with his free agency. For he will be held accountable for that which he doeth, and ye will not be held accountable, therefore, why should ye be angry?

12 And the Lord hath commanded us to have kind thoughts towards each other, and to not be involved in rumors or gossip in any manner concerning another. For if we, with our own eyes, do not see that which our neighbor hath done, then why think ye that ye can trust the words of another to tell you the truth regarding that which they claim they have seen? For that person who is making an account unto you of the actions of another would not do so unless he was angry with another. For what other purpose would there be a reason for rumor and gossip, except to make an account of those actions with which we do not agree?

13 And the Lord hath commanded us to refrain from listening to those who would make a bad account of the actions of another. And he would that we should know, that even if the account of these actions is true, we should respect that this person hath his free agency to act. And he hath commanded us not to become angry when another person useth his free agency to act according to his will.

14 For our Father allowed Lucifer and those that followed after him to act according to the laws of free agency. And He did not become angry with them, but He loved them and blessed them. Nevertheless, He was bound by the eternal laws of heaven in the limit of that which He could do to save them, they having acted according to the law, using their own free agency.

15 And nothing good can come from an angry heart; for he who is angry placeth his spirit in a state of rebellion with his body, and for this reason, the body reacteth to the anger of the spirit, thus causing sickness and poor health.

16 And the Lord hath given this commandment unto us that there might not arise contentions and disputations among us. For where there are contentions and disputations, war soon followeth, and many souls are sent home to the God who gave them life unprepared for the state in which they shall be received.

Yes, it is true, we made up the stories presented in the Book of Mormon and its Sealed Portion in order to counter the made-up misinformation that the masses have received from corrupt priests’ and prophets’ interpretations of the Bible.  Unlike these false messengers, we do not ask for donations nor charge a tithe for the Real Truth that we know.  We exist, this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® exists, free of any charge, free of any guilt, of any mandate against your Free Will to consider and accept the information that we are providing you.

Yes, we invented a Savior for you, because you desired it.  But mostly, because you have been deceived into believing that you need one.  You do not need one.  God is within YOU.  Only YOU can save YOU.  But our invented Savior, the one in whom you need to believe, taught you the same thing.  Base all of your actions on the Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth as was given in his Sermon on the Mount.

We created a “Son of man” in order to give you the “things of the Father” … the things that your True, Eternal Self wants you to understand.  These things can ONLY be understood through the Holy Spirit, which is one with the Father and the Son … it is the Holy part of you, it is your Higher Self.

We have also given you “one like unto the Son of man.”  Listen to him and he will lead you in the way of life and salvation.

Consider what Joseph Smith presented symbolically in his endowment play, the last words of counsel that the play’s character Adam gives to the audience.  It’s repeated and emphasized on page 140 of our book, Sacred not Secret:

True Messengers of God will only do one thing for the people: teach them how to get along with each other.  The basis of this type of teaching is the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  These messengers have been taught the real truth and can share it with all those who inquire of them.  Everything that they teach makes much more sense than any earthly religious doctrine or precept.  By listening to a true messenger, one will no longer be deceived by the flesh (Lucifer) and will receive the further light and knowledge Father promised He would send. In other words, all of the mysteries of God will be revealed.  The true test of a real prophet who is disclosing his true identity is if he can explain all the mysteries of God in their fullness and have them make sense.  As we hear the true explanations, no questions are left unanswered and everything makes sense to our subconscious mind.  It is as if we ask them, “How shall I know that you are true messengers?”  And they give to us “the token and sign you received in the Garden of Eden.”  In other words, they bring to our memory all that we already know but have forgotten because of the Veil.  Then we will understand the very last words of advice Adam gave to us:

These are true messengers. I exhort you to give strict heed to their counsel and teachings, and they will lead you in the way of life and salvation.

And the only counsel and teachings that will ever be given by a true messenger of God is this: Learn To Love Yourself, And Then Love Your Neighbor As You Do Yourself.

Nothing more, nothing less!

(End of excerpt.)