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The Possible Becoming the Probable

The concepts presented in this book must be proven possible.  One doesn’t necessarily have to believe these concepts nor make them a part of one’s truths, but they must be unarguably possible, and to the greatest extent, if this book fulfills its purpose, probable.

The idea that we are the most advanced and intelligent life forms that can possibly exist was introduced in the Foreword.  This idea is not a conclusion based on a theory or opinion, but is based on a matter of fact in the reality of what we know of life upon earth.  No life form is as intelligent and as advanced as a human.  The proposition, however, that each human is an eternal and perfect compendium of matter existing in a perfect environment and participating in the experience of mortal life upon earth similarly to how mortals interact while dreaming, is not a matter of fact.  This proposal must be proven possible before it can be considered probable.  It is the intent of this book to prove its probability.

The only observation that we can make, and from which we can conclude a matter of fact about humans upon this earth, is that they do exist.  Where they came from and how they became human is an argument that has been going on for centuries.  These questions about human existence are what all of us continually ask ourselves: who are we and why do we exist?  The proposals presented in this book answer these questions and leave nothing else to ponder, except their probability.

The Power of the Human Brain

It is a matter of fact that everything that we perceive about ourselves, every thought that we think, every action that we take or every act acted upon us in our environment, is thought, felt, touched, heard, smelled, and tasted within the confines and limited parameters of our limited brains.  This is a fact.  This is the reality of each our individual experiences.

It is a matter of fact that if the brain is destroyed, then the current reality of the individual experience comes to an end.  The world, the solar system, the universe in which this reality was created also ends.  It doesn’t matter if the universe continues for others, the fact of the matter is that that individual no longer exists.  Therefore, it is a matter of fact that the individual is the most important compendium of matter that exists in the universe, at the very least, for that individual.

Eternal Matter

Everything in any environment of any kind is matter.  There is no space of any time period (past, present, or future) where some sort of matter does not exist.  It is impossible for there to be nothing.  Anywhere that some thing exists that thing consists of some form of matter.  Whether or not it is perceivable by our senses all matter, of any kind, has a mass that takes up space.

Humans are the only life form that has an interest and a cognitive capacity to define matter.  In order for matter to exist it must be sensible and perceivable to humans.  If a human cannot physically sense (see, hear, smell, taste, or touch it) or mentally perceive matter by experience and observation (thinking about it) then it cannot be considered matter that is relevant to human existence.  Humans perceive the environment in which they exist as their universe.  The Universe is a totality of all the matter that is relevant to human existence.

There are forms of matter that humans have yet to discover and understand.  These forms of matter, although not currently experienced or understood by humans, still exist.  But until they are discovered and understood and their existence applied in a way that is relevant to humans, they do not yet exist.

For example, one of the most widely mortal-utilized forms of matter is plastics.  This specialized compendium of natural matter did not exist until mortals created it.  Plastic is made up of two basic natural elements (matter that is accepted as being eternal): carbon and hydrogen.  We perceive carbon and hydrogen as natural forms of matter, in that our current understanding of “natural” implies something that humans did not create.  We learned how to combine two natural elements to create an unnatural combination that serves our needs.  Since the evidence of unnatural matter (plastics) presently exists, it is possible, and probable, that the same form of matter has always existed at some time period in the past, and will more than likely continue to exist into the future.  However, plastics’ existence was not relevant to mortals upon planet Earth (another gigantic mass of matter that exists in a defined space) until humans figured out how to create it and use it to serve human want and need.

Observing and experimenting with different forms of natural matter have produced unnatural forms of matter that did not exist before we created them.  We are the only life form that can change and manipulate natural forms of matter for its own sake and pleasure.  Therefore, it is reasonable to consider the new idea that it is highly possible and probable that an advanced human life form was responsible for the creation of the natural eternal elements that exist (such as, in our example: carbon and hydrogen).  The next chapter will give more logical evidence that there exists advanced humans of a much greater intelligence and power (ability to use their intelligence) than current mortals; and that these humans are responsible for all forms of matter in the universe.  But before we can understand more about their existence we must have a clearer understanding of exactly what matter is.

Mortals have invented words that represent the basic parts of matter: protons, neutrons, and electrons.  However, these invented things cannot be physically sensed, therefore, they are not true matter relevant to our physical existence, but very relevant to our emotional efforts to figure out who we are and why we exist.  In our effort to understand matter and how it works, how it came to be, and how it can be controlled, we have invented certain words that define the ideas (theories) that make sense to the emotional part of our makeup (the mind).  But they cannot be empirically (physically) sensed.  Some might suppose that photons is another form of matter.  “Photon” is another word we invented to define what makes light.  Again, photons are not actual physical states of matter that take up space.  Photons can be categorized in the same group as fire and wind.  This group is not matter itself but is the observable result of matter reacting with other matter or by itself.  The result is light and heat, or in the case of wind, what we feel when other molecules of matter is forced upon us.

If we can physically experience something, then there should be little argument about its existence.  We can feel a rock—an inorganic (non-living) form of matter—therefore there is no argument or question, regardless of what we call it in whatever language that is spoken, that it exists.  How and why it exists, however, is the emotional response of the human mind.  Our ability to have an emotional response to what we physically experience unites and defines us as human beings in contrast to all other life forms.  No other life form of matter (compendium) wonders and questions how and why a rock exists.  None, not one!

It is this emotional (not physical) aspect of our human nature that separates us and causes us to argue among ourselves.  Little children do not argue about the existence of a rock.  If a little child encounters a rock, the child plays with it, even allowing other children to play with it too.  Not at any point while playing with the rock does a child question how or why it exists, UNTIL the child is deprived of the rock.  Little children get along so well because of their mutual determination to experience their environment only according to their physical senses.  They do not wonder about the rock that they are playing with, unless the one in possession of the rock no longer wants to share it or allow others to play with it.  Deprived of the opportunity to play with the rock causes a negative emotional response from the affected children.  It’s at this point that the other children begin to question the existence of the rock: how and why it exists.  If there were an abundance of rocks and each child had its unlimited choice of any rock to play with and share with others, there wouldn’t be an emotional attachment to the rock.

Deprivation of physical interaction with any type of matter found in an environment always causes a response from the life form who could otherwise physically (through its senses) benefit from the matter’s existence.  This is true of all matter, living or non-living.  But no life form is affected quite like the human.  Any other life form, if deprived of something in their environment that could benefit its sensory system, as a part of its physical makeup (the compendium of matter), will do anything within its power to obtain the matter for itself, which includes killing other life forms, even its own.

Humans are emotionally affected by sadness and sense of inequality, wondering, “Why does that person get to have something that I don’t?”  The human response to the emotional effect of the deprivation of any type of matter, that would otherwise physically benefit the human, is the primary cause of all human misery.  This is the construct and problem of human nature.  These things cause us to kill our own species, which if left unchecked, would end the human race.

It seems counterproductive to human existence to be emotionally separated in a way that would contribute to our own extermination.  This is not how matter reacts in its natural state.  All matter, or any form, seeks its own safety and continuation.  Therefore, our greatest quest should be to unite ourselves for the safety and perpetuation of our own species.  If we do not, then the natural course of things will guarantee our non-existence.

We naturally seek to be happy, which will be explained in another chapter as the stability of matter.  When matter, of any form, is stable, it is fulfilling the measure of its existence.  Stability is acting and being acted upon consistent with the life form’s original purpose for existing in the first place.  Our nature propels instinctually to pursue happiness.  But to understand human nature, we must first understand the matter that makes up the physical human life form that is responsible for this nature which includes a unique brain that allows an emotional response different than other life forms.

Our physical makeup allows us to experience our environment through our natural senses.  We can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the matter that forms our universe.  Our known universe, that which we can empirically (physically) sense, consists of matter that we have defined as stars, meteors, asteroids and other minor bodies, along with the major bodies of galaxies of solar systems and solar systems of planets.  All matter is made up of atoms, which is the name by which we define the smallest thing that we can physically sense.  We can see an atom with an electron microscope—one of the many wonderful technologies that we invented in our quest to understand how and why a rock exists.

We once believed that, in its natural state, matter could not be created or destroyed.  Accepting this theory as correct, the question remained: how, then, can an atom exist if it was not created?  This perplexed the great thinkers of science for many years until they begin to explore the idea that maybe atoms were created by some means.  This exploration led to the theories and experiments related to nuclear reactions, or rather how the basic components of atoms (protons, neutrons, and electrons) form atoms.  As we thought about it more we were able to experiment with these ideas until humankind developed the ability to create a reaction in the atom that not only destroyed it, but created new atoms.  With this understanding, we learned how to end all human life forms, which is profoundly demonstrated in our nuclear capabilities.  We now know that humans can—no other life form can, but we can—destroy matter and the atoms that make it up.   Because we can create new atoms by removing protons and neutrons, we can theorize that human life must have been created through a similar process.  This process has been conceptualized as the Big Bang Theory.

But there’s still a negative emotional attachment to the Big Bang theory: IF it actually occurred, then how and why did it occur?  This is where science has ended its value in assuaging the human emotions associated with the need to know the answer.  But the simple answer can be found in scientific research and conclusion.  Throughout our known (empirically-sensed) Universe, all matter exists uniform and consistent with the way that it has been for billions and billions of years.  No one can argue the fact that all matter might have remained in its natural state had not humans invented ways to manipulate and change it by their free will, for their own use.

If matter exists eternally and unchanging in the forms that it naturally does, until humans use their intellect to manipulate and control it, isn’t it reasonable to assume that the compendium of matter that makes up the human life form has always existed eternally and unchanging?  Have rocks always existed?  Are they not a compendium of certain matter?  Isn’t the human life form much more advanced and complex than a rock?

Consider, again, the Big Bang theory.  If it happened, then some thing caused it.  There must have existed some sort of eternal matter that was responsible for the explosion.  Whatever matter it was that caused the explosion, in its natural form, this matter had existed for billions and billions of years without blowing itself up.  Something happened that acted upon the matter that caused the Big Bang.  Some other form of matter must have acted upon the matter that exploded in order for the Big Bang to occur.  More importantly, since it appears that all matter acts for its own safety and existence, then whatever form of matter that was responsible for the Big Bang, did so to continue its life and purpose.

Science has determined that the overwhelming evidence that a big bang occurred—that was responsible for the history of the universe, which is everything that is known—is that the universe is expanding.  The universe is getting bigger.  Logically, if the universe is getting bigger, then at one time it must have been much smaller.  Again, this is where the perception and theories of science fail to fulfill the emotional response of the human life form that wants its answers to make complete sense.  Logic screams that some thing was responsible for the Big Bang, IF this is what actually occurred.

What we can all agree upon is that things seldom change from their natural state of existence until humans do something to change things.  It will be explained in the next chapter that the human life form is the greatest compendium of matter that exists; that this life form, in its perfect state, has always existed and will always exist as the greatest life form possible.  Being the greatest life form, all other forms of matter exist for the sake of humans.  IF there was an explosion that created the known universe, then this explosion was initiated and created by a human, for the sake of that human’s existence.  In considering the expansion of the universe, science discounts the very premise that should be the focus of all scientific observation: human action.

Consider the construct of a solar system.  Planets revolve around a centralized energy source called a star, which we call a sun.  The force of energy from the sun provides stability and safety for its planets.  Think of our solar system as closed system where nothing can enter in or leave beyond the power of the sun’s energy responsible for keeping things in its orbit.  Imagine that the force of the sun’s energy creates an impenetrable force field around its own planets.  This force field does not allow any matter to enter into it or leave it.  Consider that this solar system was created by the free will of an advanced human, who knew how to create a sun in just the right way to accommodate that person’s desire for a certain number of planets to exist, which included the size of the planets that the person desired when laying out the plans of that person’s solar system.  When the person created a new sun—in the exact same way that we can create nuclear explosions that begin and end in the closed system of the earth’s atmosphere—the energy of its creation pushed all the other existing solar systems away from it.  Owing to the fact that any other solar system exists with a protective force field around it that doesn’t allow any other matter to effect it, the big bang—the explosion or creation of a new star—would push the fixed and existing solar systems away from it, thus expanding the universe.


It is a matter of fact that our brains can create realities that are not part of our known universe.  We experience these creations as dreams.  In these dreams, experiences are created in which we participate consciously, at least, so it seems, during the dream.  The dream experience is an involuntary occurrence that happens in our brain.  We cannot consciously control our dreams.  They occur whether we want them to or not.  What happens in our dreams appears to be controlled by something outside of our free will.  Our mortal, earthly brain does not have the capacity to stop or manipulate the events of a dream.  Interestingly, we do not smell, taste, or feel the effects of our dream environment while we are dreaming.  We only see and hear in our dreams.  Yet, what we see and hear during the dream experience can cause our physical body to respond.  Our bodies sweat, cry, become afraid, feel peace, happiness, exhilaration, and even experience sex during dreams.  It is a matter of fact, that during a dream, our brains create and perceive an entirely new and different reality than the earth upon which we live and which we perceive as our only reality.

The fact that the human brain can dream lends support to the proposition that a higher, advanced form of the brain could also dream.  Our proposition is that mortal life upon earth, in this solar system, in this universe, is nothing more or less than a dream experience of a much more sophisticated and powerful brain.  We propose, that when we die, we simply wakeup from this dream.  But with a much more advanced and powerful brain, we are able to recall the events of the mortal dream perfectly, as if they just occurred.  It is our suggestion that this dream experience (mortal life) can be controlled, if desired, by a more sophisticated and advanced brain.

We propose, however, that the experience of mortal life, although it can be controlled by the advanced brain, is largely left to the free will of the avatar that the brain created within the dream.  This concept agrees with the fact that the lesser, mortal brain allows a dream to occur that it does not control.  However, the actual events of the dreamer’s individual mortal life experience can and do affect aspects of the dream experience.  Whatever is willed and is going on in the person’s life has a great effect on their dream experience.  Likewise, the advanced human who is allowing the dream experience of mortality to take place in their advanced brain, allows a certain degree of freedom with the dream to act and be acted upon within itself.  This leeway is the basis of human free will.

The Eternal Nature of Humans

It is our proposal that the human life form was not created nor can it be destroyed.  The dream of mortal life upon Earth will end upon death, but the brain that is actually responsible for the dream, cannot and will not end.  Humans, in their perfect form, in the perfect environment that supports this form, have always existed and will always exist in the same form and in the same environment.  This qualifies as a good answer to the age-old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Our answer: neither.  The have both always existed.  There has always been some form of a chicken that lays eggs, and there have always been eggs that hatch into chickens.

Evolutionists would argue that chickens evolved over millions of years into their current form.  These arguments would be conclusively wrong when the true facts are considered.  The domesticated chicken did not evolve.  It is the creation of human intellect and the manipulation of the natural environment.  Humans figured out how to crossbreed and create hybrids of naturally occurring species to serve their wants and needs.  This is the case with many current varieties of flora and fauna.  No one can argue the real truth that humans have the ability to create new hybrid species of their own choosing, and that they have done it time and time again.  Most plants and animals used by humans are not natural and did not evolve.  Their natural forms were manipulated and changed by mortals to serve human wants and needs.

The Endless Continuity of Mortal Existence

Earth’s written history only accounts for a very, very small timeframe of human existence.  This is because writing has only been around for about 6000 years.  If we base human existence on the empirical evidence of writing, then it is easy to understand why Creationists can believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old.  But this creationist’s supposition does not make sense when we study the natural environment and observe its different stages of development.

We have evidence of many different species of plants and animals that we consider millions of years old.  If we can accept the idea that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, then why is not possible, even probable, that humans also existed millions of years ago?  And just because we have no written record of humans living millions of years ago does not mean that they did not exist along with the dinosaurs.  Let’s suppose that we killed each other upon this earth in the past and no human survived.  There would still be metal records, vinyl records, paper records, all kinds of evidence that we once existed on this planet.  But what would happen to all these records if we were not around to maintain them or make new ones, as the old ones conform to the laws of natural entropy, decompose and disintegrate?  How then, would there remain any proof of our existence for other humans who might come along millions of years from now?

It should not be very hard to accept that it is possible that humans existed millions, and even billions of years ago.  If from our known observations we have concluded that the modern human species has only been around a couple of hundred thousand years, and that it only took that many years to evolve to the point that we have, and even fewer years to develop the technology that we have, why is it not probable that there have been many, many societies of the human species upon earth that evolved similarly to us, destroyed themselves, and then the laws of entropy wiped out any evidence of their existence?  It is possible, and is highly probable.

Various ice ages and other natural environmental effects could have easily wiped out any evidence of prehistoric human existence.  Consider a hill in which various layers are visible to the naked eye.  Each layer is covered with a different layer.  We have not been able to conclusively explain how each layer covered the one beneath it, nor have we been able to determine what exactly is in each layer.  All we know as a matter of fact is that carbon-based entities existed and decomposed through the pressure and influence of nature into carbon-based materials.  We currently describe these carbon-based materials as “crude oil.”  The pressures and natural erosion of millions of years could have easily pressed into undiscernible matter evidence of human existence from millions of years ago.

Is it very probable that ancient civilizations of human beings existed that were far more developed and advanced than our own?  It is probable that the natural forces that exist upon Earth are responsible for covering up the evidence of these advanced civilizations?  Again, if crude oil is the result of plant and animal matter that died millions of years ago, and this oil consists of molecules of hydrogen and carbon atoms, is it not highly possible and probable that human remains are also part of these fossil fuels.  What happens to the human body as it breaks down and decomposes?  The same thing that happens to all carbon-based life forms upon Earth: it becomes a hydrocarbon.

If humans have the intellectual aptitude and technology to create various hybrids of plants and animals today, why could it not be possible that all plants and animals that were found upon Earth in the past are a human creation of prehistoric hybrid breeding accomplished by highly advanced civilizations?  It is possible and is highly probable.

The Truth vs. Real Truth

From these few observations of possibilities it should be easy to accept that our actual knowledge of human existence is profoundly limited to the truths that we have accepted about ourselves.  But what we can agree with, is that we wonder about our existence.  Have you ever wondered who you are, where you came from, and why you exist?  Is what you believe and perceive about reality actually true?  Why do other people’s perceptions and beliefs differ from your own?  Is yours right?  Is theirs?  Could it be that you’re both right?  If you’re both right and you think the other is wrong, that makes you both wrong.  And if you’re both wrong, is there such a thing as real truth upon which we can all agree?  Or is it possible that real truth about our existence doesn’t exist?  But because we exist, and we can all agree that we do, there must be a real truth that completely and unarguably answers the questions about our existence.

In order for one to take this book in hand and study it to its intended end and purpose—receiving a disclosure of real truth about human existence unlike any other book ever written before it or will ever be written after it—one must be willing to consider things that the majority of the people in the world do not know nor accept as part of their current paradigms of beliefs and knowledge.  One must be willing to consider that there have been real truths hidden up since the foundation of the world.  Real truth must exist whether we understand it or not.

Language, Reading, and Writing: Understanding Their True Purpose

When you read this book, it is because you have been taught to read.  Someone in the past invented letters, then words, then structured sentences, then convinced you of what they mean.  Why was writing developed?  What was the agenda of the one who invented it?  If a group of children who could not read or write was left to themselves, which one of them would eventually invent a system of writing as they grew into adults?  Why would that one do this?  Could it be possible that the one who invented writing did so to control your mind by introducing concepts to you that are of that person’s imagination, so that person could control how you think and what you do?  This is the real truth about the creation and use of modern writing.  To understand this real truth, we must first consider how writing developed in our past and for what purpose.  We also must consider what writing has done to us as a species.  Is it not true that writing is responsible for most of the wars and misery that we are currently experiencing?  Are not the Bible, the Quran, and other religious and scientific writings specifically responsible for most human problems?  We must consider why and how these powerful writings were created before we can control them so that they don’t control us.  This book will explain language, writing, and modern communication perfectly!

Evolutionists vs. Creationists

The best theory that the greatest scientific minds in the world have been able to produce is the postulation that billions of years ago the beginning of all life started from the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature.  Creationists counter with the idea that an all-powerful god created everything that exists.  The questions produced from these two ideas are insurmountable and confusing to common sense.  If an explosion of a small volume of matter was responsible for creation, then where did the “small volume of matter” come from, and what energy source was responsible for the matter reacting in the way that it did?  And if a god created everything, then who created this god?

The real truth lies between the two ideas and exposes the weaknesses of each speculation’s basic premise.  What we know for sure is that human beings exist.  We know that the human form is a compendium of matter that has the ability to act and be acted upon in the environment in which it finds itself.  Humans can control their bodies.  They have the ability to command energy within the contained environment of a physical body that produces both chemical and physical reactions.  The human mind calls upon an unexplained phenomenal energy called “thought” to create these physical actions.  One thinks about opening and closing the hand.  Thinking creates the chemical reaction within the brain that is responsible for sending energy through nerves to the muscles of the arm that move the hand—the physical reaction.  But what caused the thought?  If thoughts lead to actions (which include thinking) and actions lead to life experience, then life is simply a collection of thoughts acted upon.  Thinking is a conscious act that science has not yet explained.  To understand how life began, we must consider how a thought begins.  This book explains this perfectly!

There had to be matter that existed to allow an explosion resulting in the Big Bang, according to this theory.  Humans are also made of matter.  They’ve always been made of matter, they are made of matter now, and they will always be made of matter.  According to the Big Bang postulation, the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature was set in motion by something either within itself or by some outside force.  Regardless of where the command or kinetic energy came from, something caused the matter to react.  Did the “small amount of matter” think and cause its own explosion?  Or did something outside of the matter think and cause the matter to explode?

Based on what we know about ourselves and how our own brain (matter) operates, the command to create the explosion could have originated from within the matter itself.  But that’s assuming that the Big Bang Theory is correct.  To suppose that the Big Bang occurred from an internal command of some kind implies that the matter could think on its own without outside manipulation.

The Power and Reality of Human Thought

This takes us to the reality of the human form.  As an infant develops inside its mother’s womb, (or soon to develop in the artificial environment that advancements in technology will provide), its brain develops as a mass of matter.  But can an infant’s brain inside the womb think?  Can a thought occur in a developing infant’s brain?  What a terrible thought to imagine that the brain is fully functional inside the womb and that the fetus has the ability to think!  What a dark and lonely place to start thinking!

Although the fetal brain produces energy that causes reflexive actions throughout the development of the body, the brain cannot think inside the womb as it does outside of the womb.  It’s not until the body leaves the womb and the brain becomes conscious that the brain begins to think for itself and consciously cause free-willed actions.  We can understand that thinking is responsible for the chemical reactions inside of our brains that cause physical reactions.  But what caused the first chemical reaction of normal thought to take place in the newborn’s brain outside of the womb?  It couldn’t have started from within the limited space of the developing brain inside the womb, or we would have evidence that a developing fetus can become fully conscious.  We don’t have any evidence of this and it would be unthinkable to think that it could occur.

Something different happened inside the brain outside the environment of the womb that transferred energy to the diaphragm that began the process of breathing.  Breathing can be consciously controlled.  Stop breathing.  You see?  Now stop your heart.  You can’t.  The heart was beating before the process of energy transfer responsible for breathing began.  Therefore, it is easy to understand that the brain functions involuntarily and voluntarily.  Involuntary means that no other source of energy (thought) is responsible for the action.  Voluntary means that something willed the thought that began the action.

The first human thought after the body leaves the womb was caused by something outside of the human body.  The energy that produced the very first thought, and every thought thereafter, was produced by a compendium of eternal matter that has always existed, exists presently, and will always exist: the real human being in its perfect form.

Summary of the Introduction to the Great Possibilities of Human Existence

Is it possible that an advanced human thought created inside the perfect human brain is the force responsible that caused the “small amount of matter” to explode and create a universe, its suns, its planets, and its moons.  This same powerful human thought signals the beginning of a new mortal life.  Humans exist in only one form and in only one environment.  If science can so easily accept that a “small amount of matter” existed to cause such a significant start to human life, why can’t it accept the probability that the human mind is also a “small amount of matter” with powers that originate within itself?  This book will prove this possibility as being the only probability that can be.

The real truth is that humans are the most significant and powerful “amount of matter” that has ever and will ever exist.  The problem in fully comprehending this important real truth is that common sense gained during this mortal experience upon this earth is limited to the experiences between the first thought of an infant after leaving the womb and the last thought before the brain turns off at death.

If we are eternal human forms of matter, then we must be aware of our existence as the greatest life forms that exist.  We must also be aware that we are different than every other human.  This is the purpose of existence—the purpose of life—individual power and control over our own personal environment.  We ARE the gods that we suppose exist outside our mortal comprehension and experience.  As these highly advanced humans, we individualize only according to the different experiences that we gain from our brains interacting within the environment in which our physical body exists.  Having existed without beginning or end, the only purpose for existing as such would be to eternally perpetuate the overall reason for our existence: individualization.  To individualize, we are exposed to different environments outside of our eternal (real) state of existence that provides us with the ability to experience different environments and situations that allow us to act and be acted upon to create individual experience.  This book will prove this probability perfectly!

In other words, to have fun and gain more individual experience, as eternal advanced human beings we play the most advanced game that has ever existed, and which has always existed.  For want of a better name for this game, we’ll call it “The Game of Life.”

Whereas we have always existed in a linear environment of an infinite number of humans and space, the game provides a platform of limitations that give us the opportunity to individualize.  This platform is the form that we recognize and of which we are aware as the Universe.  The Universe is not linear, but spherical and consists of separate and vast expansions of space that allow unimpeded individual experience away from all other humans.

The Universe is ever expanding, imploding and changing depending on when and how we choose to play the game.  Different galaxies, solar systems, and planets provide the isolation necessary for individual play.  By the power of our free will, which is the incredible power of our individual highly advanced brains, we enter the game at any time that we want and participate with whomever we want.  Owing to the fact that there exists an infinite number of humans, we never run out of fellow players or get bored of playing with the same people.

All of our personal experience is occurring as chemical reactions within our individual advanced brains.  These chemical reactions make us think that we are participating in an experience outside of our true self, when in reality, our eternal, advanced body never leaves the environment in which it has always been.  But our advanced minds (brains) can create universes, galaxies, solar systems, and planets of new experience. This is the essence of mortal existence.

Although the Big Bang didn’t actually happen exactly how science postulates, if an individual human wanted to create a universe in this way, it could.  The power of that one brain could have easily provided the necessary energy to cause a chemical reaction that was responsible for a “cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature” that created the life experience of that individual.  Whatever you can think, you can do as an advanced human being.

The Game of Life is played on two different levels inside our advanced brain.  As we play, we perceive the experience as being in a completely different place than where we actually exist.  It’s the same thought process that occurs when we daydream as mortals.  We can be driving down the road and thinking about sitting on a quiet beach at the exact same time.  We can even create negative experience through our day dreams.  A lover might imagine (think about) their partner cheating on them, actually visualizing the act taking place while driving down the road.  This same process of daydreaming occurs in the advanced human mind and allows the perception of a different reality than the actual reality that the advanced brain is having (are driving down the road).

The first level of the game is a creation of a new solar system where individual experience can take place.  This solar system relates to the advanced humans who desire to play with each other.  These players control it.  That’s why there are an infinite number of solar systems in what we perceive as our known universe.  There are an infinite number of solar systems because there are an infinite number of groups of advanced humans playing the game.  This first level is a highly advanced level where we can experience life similar, but more individualized, to our real world.  What is similar is the way that we can utilize our physical bodies to act and be acted upon in this new environment.  These bodies are avatars subconsciously controlled by our true selves. These avatar bodies are patterned after the bodies that we actually possess as advanced humans.

The second level is the experience that we are now having as mortals.  This level exists to allow us the opportunity to experience an environment and events that are in direct opposition to our existence in the first level of the game.  It helps us to gain an appreciation of who we are as Advanced Humans.  These two levels exist to promote and compel individualization and the creation of personalized experience, which then adds to the eternal nature of our real existence.

Simply put, we are playing a game in competition with each other to see who can generate the most distinct and unique experiences that define our distinctive individuality.  That pretty much sums up the purpose for our existence.  It’s all about individual self-worth.

We are all very EQUAL Advanced Humans, and nothing we accomplish during The Game of Life on the mortal, second level, has any importance to our true reality, except for the negative experiences we encounter while playing the game on this level.  These negative experiences contrast with the never-changing reality of our eternal, perfect existence and create a feeling of eternal joy.

Understanding the above real truth helps us to understand, if we want to experience peace and happiness, why every rule and law that we allow to govern us in mortality should be based on two basic principles:

We are all eternal gods with equal powers and abilities and we should learn to value ourselves as the gods that we are.

The second is like unto the first, value others like you do yourself.  And upon these two principles, the message of real truth is based.

If the above revelations are indeed real truth, then more evidence must be provided to substantiate and increase the proof.  The proof is demanded by the suspicion and paranoia of the common mind that has been deceived so many times in the past, and in most people’s case, is continually being deceived currently by the truths that are not real truth.  It is required and incumbent upon those who claim to know real truth to provide the answers that will counter many of the falsehoods.

The Deception of Religion, Education, and Technological Advancements

Where did religion start?  Is the Bible true?  Are any religious writings true?  Where did all the stories and “historical” references to the world’s main religions and philosophies come from?  Where did history come from?  Who determined what was recorded in history?  Where and why did all the traditional practices throughout the world start?

If there were others in the past who figured out the real truth about human existence, then how did they interact with the people and explain what they knew?  The answers to these questions must be provided!  The claims of these messengers must be challenged and examined!  What they present must be possible in spite of the improbabilities that current belief systems offer.

When was the first time that someone decided that their opinions and perspectives were worth something to others?  How did society start valuing the knowing class at a higher standard of human worth than the laboring class?  How were we deceived into accepting that those who go to college and earn a degree are worth more than those who don’t?  What would happen if everyone decided to go to college at the same time?  What would happen if everyone decided to be a doctor?  What would that do to the working class that cleans the facilities, provides the food, and allows for the infrastructure that supports and holds up society?  How did the masses get deceived by the minority and subject themselves to this preconceived standard of self-worth and socioeconomic inequality and division?

The short answer is that religious and educated beliefs tie into our self-worth and create social systems that serve the religious and educated.  In fact, it was the educated who created religion.  The people who establish education and religion are supported by it.  A parishioner or student is forced to pay in order to receive benefit and instruction from the priest or professor.  Some religious leaders might claim that the required tithes and offerings are voluntary, but these donations are strictly tied to the believer’s salvation, thus created the manipulated forced necessary to guarantee payment.

Scholars, both secular and sectarian, create and teach a history of the world that benefits them, regardless of whether the history is true or not.  History was written by those who could write.  Those who could write wanted to protect the value of their writing skills, so only those who would pay them could learn to write too.

Consider the Bible and its influence on the mind.  Consider how the priests became the ruling class and were able to convince their followers to provide them with the “first fruits of their labors” so that they wouldn’t have to physically work.  Gold became a standard of mortal value that was applied to the idea of a great god sitting on a throne in heaven where the streets were paved with gold.  This idea was presented by the priests who wanted the people to give them gold, ostensibly, to please god.

Consider political leaders like Hitler and Napoleon.  How did these physically weak men control masses of others much stronger than they?  The uneducated and misinformed masses are easily deceived and mislead by those to whom they are naturally drawn as leaders.  The individual needs to be led when that person is under the impression that he/she cannot lead him/her self.  Ignorance of who we are and why we exist as human beings is the culprit.

The laboring class does all the work.  A boss gives a directive of what must be done and then depends on the experience of the laborers to get it done.  The laboring class has always been the class that is responsible for any advancement in technology.  The laborers figure out how to do something better by actually doing it.  When the laborer introduces the better idea, it is hijacked by the ruling class that pays the laborer.  A worth is applied to the new idea.  The employer protects and keeps the origination of the idea secret.  Often, the laborer who came up with the idea would be killed to keep the laborer from taking credit.

Those who became teachers are those who sat around without having to physically labor and think about things.  Once they came up with a concept, they were able to convince others that it was valuable to sit around without doing physical labor and listen to them.  Knowing (mental action) and doing are very different human activities.  Human inequality began when those who knew begin to rule over those who do.  Those who didn’t want to work hard thought about doing something and then manipulated others into doing what they thought about.  Building the Great Pyramids, for example, were the result of those who sat around all day and figured out how to do it with their brains (fully mental, no physical exertion).  Once the few figured it out, they enslaved others, who didn’t know how to do it, but who could provide the physical ability to get it done.

But how did they convince the slaves to work for them without force?  There were many more slaves proportionate to the armed guards that kept them inline.  They could have easily rushed the guards and overcome them.  What kept them from doing this?  One class became the ruling class, the other class the slaves.  First, the ruling class, being a much physically weaker class, had to convince the slave class to do the work.  The few of the ruling class knew that they needed to control the overwhelmingly stronger physicality and sheer numbers that could destroy them.  Since they wanted to protect their ability to know how to do things and retain their personal value to the community, they protected their secrets and convinced the laboring class how important these secrets were and how it was in the people’s best interest to do what they ask of them.  This was done through religion.  The Great Nile would flood and destroy the people’s crops.  The ruling class convinced the masses that the flood was the result of the gods’ anger towards the people.  To appease the gods, the people were convinced that they needed to build great structures to dedicated to these gods.

Solving the Ignorance of the Masses

There are many things about mortal life that the masses do not understand.  The ignorance of the masses allows the few to control their lives and mandate the political and social aspects of life upon Earth.  Change will never come, equality can never be, until the masses know just as much as the few.  The challenges of informing the masses are great and seemingly impossible.  There has never existed a book of complete knowledge that can inform the masses and alleviate the chains of ignorance by which they are bound and controlled.

Until now!

The Game of Mortal Life will meet these challenges.  This book will provide the answers to questions that have never been answered, and that seemed unanswerable.  Once the answer is given, few will be able to dispute its possibility.  Understanding that something is possible enhances its probability when common sense and reason is applied to the possibility.

We have arrived at a time of extraordinary knowledge and technological advancements that harness the power of nature to enhance our existence and make it easier to live.  But as life becomes physically easier, it seems to be getting emotionally harder because we have more time on our hands to think about who we are and why we exist.  When all of our physical needs are met, but our emotional needs are not, what can we do but continue to play a game that distracts us, which is the overall purpose of …

—The Game of Mortal Life.





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