BIRTH: understanding light and darkness, becoming conscious inside a dream in a new world patterned after our real one.

What really happens when we are born into this world?

What do we consciously perceive when we open our eyes for the first time as a newly-created person in what appears to be a new world?  None of us can remember the first thought we had after we became conscious for the first time during our mortal life on Earth.  Upon experiencing death, we will remember the birth experience perfectly, because the two experiences are very similar.  Birth connects our True Self with our mortal Self and death disconnects the two consciousnesses through the same process.

Understanding how our infant, mortal Self was born is as easy as understanding how one of our mortal dreams begin.

What is our dream Self’s first perception at the beginning of a dream?

To begin a dream, we are quickly and unexpectedly conscious in a world that appears to be patterned after our real world.  It is a dream world where things are already established.  Every part of the dream environment is up and running.  There are other people in our dream, seemingly doing their own thing.  At least it appears to our dream Self that the people in our dream are doing their own thing.

No person in the dream created inside our mortal brain has Free Will.  Every character, everything that exists in our dream world, exists because our individual brain created it.  Although the people we encounter in our dream seem to be doing their own thing, they are actually fulfilling whatever it is that our mortal brain needs them to do in order to fulfill the purpose of our dreams.

As we have explained, our dreams are involuntary neurological responses of our brain as it releases pent up energy in order to chemically balance our brain.  The imbalance was caused by energy entering our brain from an outside environment.  We call this life experience.  Where our individual life experiences can create an imbalance in our brain, our dream experiences correct the imbalance.

Our brain is continually receiving from and giving off energy into the environment (world) in which our physical body exists.  When we see something for the first time, our brain is receiving light energy bouncing off the object into our eye.  What exactly is bouncing off the object into our eyes?

To understand how our brain works with light, which will help us understand how all life started, starts, and will forever start, even how each of our individual lives started, we need to understand exactly what light is.

Although science has theoretically broken down most matter into its most basic particles, light seems to be something that cannot be broken down, at least not by modern science … yet.

If we completely understood light energy and what it is made of, then we would understand how it is made and how to control it and we would be able to create it in its natural form.  With this knowledge, we could create anything we wanted, but also, destroy anything we wanted!  The first time that someone messes around experimenting with creating light, that person will create a sun … and that will be the end of our solar system.

Luckily for us, modern scientists theorize that light is either a wave or a particle.  And since science can’t make up its mind, and those who think they know don’t actually know so they argue with each other, we can make up our own name for the particles that make up light energy.  Let’s make up a new element that is not a gas or a solid, because it’s LIGHT.

Let’s call our new element: Yahwehium.

Why not?

Science invented names for everything else, based on the only reference available to science: other names that it makes up.  There’s Plutonium named after the planet Pluto, which comes after Uranium and Neptunium, both of which are planets closer to the sun than Pluto.  We invented new elements and called one Californium because it was created by a couple of guys living in California.

Yahweh is a name used in the Bible for the idea of God.  The basic religious meaning behind the name Yahweh is one of strength or power of effect (what makes all things happen).  Yahweh is the infinite, all-powerful God who shows by His works that He is the creator, sustainer, and supreme judge of the universe.

We can find some Real Truth in using Yahweh to describe the basic components of light energy, because this particular energy IS the whole reason why anything exists in the universe. Everything that exists is affected by the power of light. Light creates, sustains, and if we may, judges and establishes law by which all things exist in the universe.

It is quite easy to prove that light energy is the creator, sustainer, and law giver of all things.  What would happen in the universe if every sun (star) all of a sudden was extinguished and ceased to exist?  We will let the science-minded wow themselves with this scenario.  For the rest of us, the universe would end.  It would not exist.  It could not exist.

Therefore, Yahwehium (light energy) is the most important element that exists.  Without it was not anything made that was made.  It is the essence of all life, of all existence, of all control and power of every piece of matter.

Our Yahwehium IS GOD!

“In the beginning Yahweh created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of Yahweh moved upon the face of the waters.  And Yahweh said, Let there be light: and there was light.  And Yahweh saw the light, that it was good: and Yahweh divided the light from the darkness.”  (Compare Genesis 1:1-4)

If we could convince the people of the world to accept our new god (light energy) as the ONLY GOD, the world would be a much better place.  Why?  Because our god gives light equally to all forms of life upon earth, to each person equally.

Our god did not place one person above another, nor did our god divide the earth into nations and kingdoms.  From Yahweh’s, (light energy’s perspective), all of us are equal.  All of us should be equally sharing Yahweh’s light and prospering from it.

We have corrupted ourselves by creating imaginary gods that do not exist, that do not have any power, control, or cause and effect over what goes on upon earth.  Imaginary gods can’t do anything.  They have never done anything.  They will never do anything.  Real light energy does EVERYTHING!

Space is mostly dark matter.  Dark matter is the “stem cells” of everything that exists.  Dark matter is an undifferentiated compendium of matter at its most basic level, capable of giving rise to indefinite differentiate forms of other matter.  From the basic components of dark matter anything can be created.  Without dark matter, light energy would not exist, it could not exist.  The sun needs dark matter from which it draws the basic components from which it creates light.  Yahwehium was created by dark matter.

So let’s give a new name to dark matter.  Let’s call dark matter Elohimium.

May we propose that dark matter is the spiritual form of light energy.

Let’s make up some scripture to present the concept of our new god to those who need religion and faith in order to feel emotionally balanced:

“In the beginning was Yahwehium, and Yahwehium was with Elohimium, and Yahwehium was Elohimium.  The same was in the beginning with Elohimium.  All things were made by Yahwehium; and without Yahwehium was not any thing made that was made.  In Yahwehium was life; and the life was the light of men.  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

“In the beginning was light energy, and light energy was with dark matter, and light energy was dark matter.  The same was in the beginning with dark matter.  All things were made by light energy; and without energy was not any thing made that was made.  In light energy was life; and the life was the light of men.  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

“And because Yahwehium dwelleth in flesh Yahwehium shall be called the Son of Elohimium, and having subjected the flesh to the will of Elohimium, being the Father and the Son—The Father, because Yahwehium was conceived by the power of Elohimium; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and Son—And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth.”

“And because light energy dwelleth in flesh light energy shall be called the Son of dark matter, and having subjected the flesh to the will of dark matter, being the Father and the Son—The Father, because light energy was conceived by the power of dark matter; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and Son—And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth.”

Think about how the sun works.

The sun produces particles of light energy that take up space and have mass or we couldn’t see or feel them.  Seeing them is the light and feeling them is the heat.

Every object has a distinct and particular shape and construct.  The way that each object is made determines how it reflects or absorbs light energy.  When the sun fires particles at an object, the object absorbs the energy that it needs and reflects the rest.  We do not see what the object absorbs.  We can only see what it reflects.  When it reflects the sun’s particles, these particles enter our eye and our brain uses them for its own purpose.  Our brain only uses the particles that it needs to store so that a memory of the object can be formed.  One of the physical components of our brain is its ability to store and access light energy.

The energy that bounces off the object that our brain does not use to create and store a memory is what others see in our eyes.  You can look into someone’s eyes and know right away if their brain is functioning or not, or if their eyes work or not.  A dead person’s or a blind person’s eyes look very different than the eyes of a living, seeing person.  This is because a dead person’s or blind person’s eyes have stopped absorbing and reflecting light energy.  When we look into someone’s eyes, we focus on the light energy being reflected back into our own.  Each person’s eyes reflect light uniquely according to the shape and color of the eyes.

We don’t really see colors.  Our brain senses light energy according to the object that is reflecting it into our eyes.  Light energy has no color.  Colors are simply the stored memory of a particular object’s reflected light energy.  If we see an orange we are receiving light energy bouncing off the orange that is then stored in our brain as a memory.  If we see something else that bounces light back to our eye in the same pattern (wave) that the orange did, the object will be orange too.  Our brain is actually storing and remembering different ways that light energy has physically affected our brain’s cells.  Everything receives the same, colorless light source.  Depending upon how the object is shaped determines what is eventually engraved in our brain memory cells.

Think of a brain’s memory cell as a piece of paper with talcum powder evenly spread upon it.  Instead of light waves in this example, let’s use the wind.  When the wind hits a pencil and the surface of the pencil pushes the wind against the powder, there will be a distinct shape left.  If the same wind, of the same force hits a spoon, a different and distinct shape will be left in the powder.  When we want to remember what hit the paper we look at the etchings created by the way that the wind affected the powder.  We know that a pencil and a spoon were the objects.

The reason why science sometimes has a hard time figuring out whether light is a wave or a particle is easy when you know the Real Truth.  The sun gives off the exact same particles of light energy in the exact same way and form to the entire earth.  The particles that are absorbed by our brain through our eyes are actual particles.  The particles that our brain does not need, and which are reflected back, are waves of these particles.  They are waves because they hit something and bounce off it.  When the ocean water hits the shore, it bounces off as waves.  The water doesn’t change, but the way that the water is perceived changes.  Particles of water hit the shoreline and are reflected back as particle waves.  This is the only proper way to define light.  This is the Real Truth.  It is the cheap (parsimonious) truth, Occam’s razor, the sharp sickle that divides falsehoods from Real Truths.

A plant uses light energy to grow.  How?

A plant takes particles of light and creates a chemical reaction with other elements to grow new roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.  As it does, the chemical reaction creates oxygen.  Basically, the plant needs carbon in order to become a carbon-based life form.  It uses the carbon found in the carbon dioxide in the ground and atmosphere.  When organic life forms die, their flesh (plant or animal) decomposes and gives off lots of carbon dioxide into the ground and into the air.

The plant’s chemical reaction with carbon dioxide also creates water.  Dioxide implies that there are two oxygen atoms found in carbon dioxide.  Since water needs one oxygen atom to form its compendium of H2O (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom), where does the hydrogen atom come from?  Remember, carbon dioxide is not water because there is no hydrogen in its make up.  No amount of carbon dioxide can create water unless it can get hydrogen from somewhere.

Plants get the hydrogen atom that they need from the water that plants need to grow.  Most plants need water and light to grow and do what they do.  But a plant uses water.  Does a plant, therefore, create water?  In a way it does.  Then where does the water come from that we can see on a plant’s leaves in the early morning or on a piece of plastic covering a plant?  Where did all of Earth’s water come from?  From where does water get its oxygen and hydrogen particles?  Water gets its oxygen from what a plant does to carbon dioxide, and it gets it hydrogen from the sun’s light energy.

The sun’s nuclear fusion of hydrogen and helium creates particles of light that give all life to Earth.  Science does not have the capability to calculate or weigh a particle of light, so they don’t know what light is made from.  But the Real Truth does.  A cheapest (parsimonious) explanation does.

Light energy is the sun’s particles.  The sun’s particles are hydrogen and helium.  When light’s hydrogen and helium react with a plant’s photosynthesis process, the oxygen from the carbon dioxide that the plant’s chemical process breaks apart combines with the hydrogen from light to create water in the form of a gas.  Water is one of few elements that exists as a solid, liquid, and gas.  There is no part of earth’s atmosphere where H2O does not exist.  So what is Earth’s atmosphere made of?  What gives Earth an atmosphere when all the other planets in our solar system don’t have one?

The answer: unused Hydrogen and Helium from light energy.

The sun sends particles of hydrogen and helium to earth.  Plants use the carbon from carbon dioxide and deflect the two oxygen atoms.  These two oxygen atoms react with light energy and use some of light’s hydrogen to form water.  The rest of light’s unused hydrogen and helium joins all of the unused portions of carbon dioxide and other elements that life upon Earth doesn’t utilize to create Earth’s atmosphere.  The exosphere is the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere (i.e. the upper limit of the atmosphere).  No other planet in our solar system has an atmosphere like Earth’s.  Why?

A long time ago during the first society of humans that lived upon Earth, technology had developed to the point that humans could create other planets like Earth.  They learned a lot about everything associated with the formation of life, except for all the details of how light energy worked.  Because their understanding of light energy was limited, they were never able to replicate Earth’s atmosphere on any of the artificial satellites they created in space.  Their first try was the moon.  They figured if they could get the moon formed right, then they could create an atmosphere on the moon where workers could live without space suits.  They created the moon just beyond Earth’s exosphere.  Although their creation seemed to work precisely as they expected it to as a solid, they couldn’t figure out how to get the gases just right to create the right atmosphere.  They could not figure out how they could make the sun’s light provide the appropriate amounts of helium and hydrogen that is important to Earth’s atmosphere.  This first try at a human-made atmosphere created a couple of things that are not good for an atmosphere: elements like sodium and potassium.

So they tried something different the next time.  Mercury was the result.  They still didn’t get it right.  So they tried again.  This third time they figured they would create a planet similar in size to Earth, bombard their new satellite with all kinds of carbon dioxide, which they had figured out was an important part of Earth’s atmosphere.  Venus’ atmosphere is so saturated with carbon dioxide that nothing can live there.  They blew it again.

Attempting their fourth try, they figured that making the planet the size of Earth didn’t work.  Their first try (Mercury) was much smaller and didn’t have copious amount of carbon dioxide, so they figured they’d create a smaller planet closer to Mercury’s size.  This time, they figured out how to put the planet further away from the sun than their first two tries, but not in the same orbit as Earth.  (These ancient scientists weren’t sure what would happen if they caused another planet to share Earth’s orbit around the sun, so they didn’t try.)

Each time they tried again, scientists would place the next planet twice the distance from the sun as the one created before it.  Mars didn’t work either.  There was still too much carbon dioxide on Mars that wasn’t being processed correctly to create the right atmosphere.

Ancient, advanced scientists decided that they would concentrate more on creating an atmosphere first, then hopefully the right kind of solid planet would follow.  Their experimentations resulted in the formation of huge, gaseous planets composed mostly of helium and hydrogen.  Where did they get the helium and hydrogen from?  The sun.  They had finally figured out what light energy was composed of, but they still didn’t know how to use it to create a solid.  But a child knows.  Plants do it all the time.

Ancient scientists found themselves with an unsolvable conundrum.  If it takes plant processes to create and sustain the right atmosphere, but you need the right atmosphere to create plants, how can another Earth be possible?  Where did the plants come from?  If humans can create other planets on which to live, but they can’t figure out how to make the right atmosphere for these planets in order for them to be inhabitable, then how did their planet Earth come to be?

Mortal humans weren’t meant to create other planets on which to live.  The surface of Earth would be more than sufficient for a certain number of them to live spread out with enough personal space to individualize and find happiness.

Let’s say that there was a group of us that numbered about 15.07 billion that shared all of Earth’s land surface.  Could each of us get by on 2.5 acres (about 1 hectare) each?  That’s if we wanted to live alone.  Maybe we wanted a partner to live with.  Would 5 acres be sufficient for the two of you?  Why would you want more space than that?  If we had the technological means to let each person develop and landscape their own 2.5 acres according to their own need and wants, would we give each of the 15.07 billion people their own land?

Doing the math, there aren’t 58 million square miles (510 square kilometers) of inhabitable land on Earth.  There are mountains and deserts that are completely uninhabitable.  It was not like that in the beginning when Earth was a few billion years younger.  There were some mountains but no deserts during the first dispensation of human time upon Earth.  There was a lot more land than the 58 million square miles there is today.  In fact, most of Earth’s surface was land, not ocean.  What is under the ocean?  Land.

Why would the earth exist to support life and not support life in the best way possible?  Since humans are the most advanced life form, supposing that life began on Earth and evolved into it greatest form, why wouldn’t Earth become a perfect environment for human life?  Humans cannot live in water.  We can only live on land.  So where did all the water come from?

We’ve explained that water is created by the processes of plants and the way they break apart carbon dioxide, using the carbon to grow and leaving the oxygen to react to light. Reacting to light, the oxygen binds to light’s hydrogen and creates water.  The more carbon dioxide that exists upon Earth the more water that will be created.  Carbon dioxide increases through human activity.  Therefore, the more humans upon Earth, the more potential there is for new water to be produced.  The more plants that humans create, proportionate to how many humans there are, the more water there will be upon Earth.

So what happened when the first human race prospered and developed for a couple of million years on Earth?  It didn’t take too long for humans to create an imbalance in the natural, first state of Earth’s environment.  Where there was once largely only land masses that covered the Earth, human development and existence eventually created the great oceans upon Earth.  This process took a long time.  As the bodies of water on Earth grew, proportionate to human activity, humans would invent new species of aquatic life to serve human need.  As we try to do today, these ancient, advanced mortals did what they could to maintain a natural state of symbiosis.  They created larger land and aquatic animals to eat the smaller animals, and smaller animals to eat the microscopic life forms that were used to create symbiosis between humans and nature.

None of us during this sixth dispensation of human time has ever witnessed another life form evolve in nature.  WE are responsible for many new breeds of animals and many new species of plants, all of which were created by our Free Will and for our pleasure and need.  WE are solely responsible for the extinction of many different species of plants and animals.  There is no other scientific theory that fits the Real Truth about evolution and extinction than what we have done as humans.  This current empirical evidence should give proof enough that humans created all things upon this Earth.

If we could get scientists to be humble enough and stop thinking about theoretical science and concentrate on the things that we have observed, are observing, and will observe in the future, we might start compiling some actual evidence of how things really are, how things really were in the past, and then we would have a good idea of how things are really going to be in the future.  Again, this is the basis for Real Truth.

A scientist is going to be very reluctant to admit that all scientific theories are simply theories: suppositions and ideas.  It would be hard to convince one that all those years of studying each other’s theories, reading each other’s ideas, and inventing new ones are useless.

A child can understand the Real Truth.

Ask a child, “Do you know where this long-stemmed rose came from?”

If we teach the child the Real Truth, then the child will respond, “People made it.”

Ask a child where their puppy came from.  If we teach the child the Real Truth, then the child will respond, “People made it.”

Ask a child, “What happened to West African Black Rhinoceros, the Pyrenean Ibex, the Passenger Pigeon, the Quagga, the Caribbean Monk Seal, the Sea Mink, the Tasmanian tiger, the Tecopa Pupfish, or the dodo bird?” If we teach the child the Real Truth, then the child will respond, “People made them extinct.”

If we only taught the Real Truth to children, based ONLY on what we can empirically prove to them by observing what is going on currently in our world, and we asked them, “Who created the dinosaurs and how were the dinosaurs all killed?” They would easily understand the answer, perfectly, “We did.”

Instead, a scientist came up with the ridiculous theory, for one of many examples, that a big asteroid killed all the dinosaurs.  Now, if that isn’t going to instill fear and worry in a child’s mind, we don’t know what will!  All religious belief came as a result of fear and ignorance.

Scientific theory competes with religious belief and faith to provide the correct answers.  Can a scientist blame a religious person for coming up with the answer, “God did it!”?  If the scientist argues with the religious person, but cannot provide anything but speculations, suppositions and ideas that don’t really answer the questions completely, isn’t believing that God controls everything a bit more comfortable to accept?  Why would God send a giant asteroid to destroy Earth?

In this sense, science is indirectly responsible for the creation and perpetuation of religion.  Until science can logically explain why there is so much human uninhabitable water on Earth, then a child who is taught to believe in God already has the answer.  God put all the water here.  It would appear to be in science’s best interest to come up with a conclusive Real Truth that leaves no other possible alternative.

Humans are responsible for everything that has ever happened upon this Earth, even the earthquakes, volcanos, and tornados.  Each one of these natural occurrences can be attributed to human action.  Today, the more oil and water we suck out of underground reservoirs, the more empty space there is going to be underground.  The natural pressures of the earth must compensate for the void by forcing the land mass together to repair the fracture.  That’s an earthquake.

Why are there no volcanos erupting on any of the solid planets?  It appears that there used to be a lot of volcanic action that happened on Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  Why not now?  There was a lot of volcanic action because humans were involved in their construction.  Anytime humans get involved and start changing the natural structure and symbiotic nature of things, things are going to start exploding.

Consider that the earth, in its original state, was balanced and perfectly pressurized so that its core always remained stable.  What happens when humans dig down, whether by digging deep wells or in their mining efforts?  Doesn’t the stable-pressurized earth have to do something in order to compensate for the artificial relief valves dug into it?  When ancient, advanced humans created the different planets, they were on these planets trying to achieve the right pressures and balances that each planet needed to become inhabitable.  These efforts were the cause of these planets’ past volcanic action.

You might have read about scientific conclusions of evidence that huge asteroids hit the earth in some of the craters found on Earth.  Without saying anything to the child, take the child to the location of the biggest “asteroid” crater on Earth.  Then take the child to the site of the biggest bomb blast on Earth.  The child will not be able to tell the two craters apart.

There has never been a time in the past when any asteroid of any significant size hit the earth.  The people living in the ancient civilizations that destroyed each other with huge bombs are solely responsible for any such crater.  Earth’s original exosphere would not allow anything to permeate it … no asteroid, no meteor, nothing of the sort.  It wasn’t until human existence began to affect the natural bonds of the exosphere that small meteorites could make it through.

Where did the massive deserts come from where hardly any life form can live and thrive?

Take a child to where a highly populated city’s landfill exists, and let them see how it is being created.  Teach the child the Real Truth that the landfill on top of the garbage is going to be so extremely toxic that nothing will ever grow there.  After that, explain to the child what crude oil is, how materials that used to be plants, animals, and other things disintegrated and eventually became crude oil.  Then ask the child what the land is going to look like, and what is going to become the oil for future generations living upon Earth in a couple million years.

These empirical Real Truths will foundationalize the child’s mind to readily and easily accept these two Real Truths:

1) the major deserts are the ancient landfills of civilizations of humans with a population of about 15.07 billion people; and

2) everything that is organic and human-made will one day become oil, but ONLY if humans aren’t around to maintain things and repair what they’ve done to the earth.

Earth in its original form and balance, was the perfect place for human life in every way.  We and our ancestors (which were actually many of us in an earlier incarnate) are responsible for everything that has occurred, is occurring, and will occur upon Earth.  If we live long enough without destroying ourselves, we can learn how to fix Earth and turn it back into what it was in the beginning.  We will repair the fissures and fractures in Earth’s surface and restore and protect its original pressurized state.  Through simple, advanced chemistry, we will be able to monitor exactly how much water is produced on Earth and eliminate much of the water that covers some incredible land masses that could be utilized for and by humans.  We will be able to do what our ancient, more advanced ancestors once did: control everything that happens on Earth for human sake and need.

This is the Real Truth.  That being what it is, how did we get here?

This takes us all the way back to how we are born into this world.

“What do we consciously perceive when we open our eyes for the first time as a newly created person in what appears to be a new world?  Understanding how our infant Self perceived itself and the new environment in which we were born is as easy as understanding how one of our mortal dreams begin.

“What is our dream Self’s first perception at the beginning of a dream?  What is our dream Self’s perception of the world in which it finds itself conscious?

“To begin a dream, we are quickly and unexpectedly conscious in a world that appears to be patterned after our real world.  It is a dream world where things are already established.  Every part of the dream environment is up and running.  There are other people in our dream, seemingly doing their own thing.”

How do we explain this to a child?

As we have in another explanation of things, we can use a hypothetical version and explanation of the modern game, Minecraft.

The game has preset rules, functions, and conditions that allow the player’s avatar to start using the resources that it finds inside the game to create a new world.  Let’s say that a player has never played the game before.  The new player doesn’t know the rules, functions, and conditions of the game.  The new players don’t have any idea how to use the mouse or control module to begin playing the game.  To solve this inexperience, the new players must choose an experienced player’s avatar to help teach them how to play.  Not all players want to teach inexperienced players.  Many want to play the game and build their own world without being bothered.  Thus, the rules, functions and conditions of the game provide a good reward to those players who want to help new players learn how to play.

When a new player wants to play the game, they must first find an experienced player who is offering his or her services.  The new players know which of the experienced players are offering their services, because the rules, functions, and conditions of the game require the experienced player to create their own infant avatar that they are willing to watch over and teach.  The new players must search the game for newly created infant, game avatars.  Upon searching, the new players can see what kind of world the experienced player has created for him or herself, which includes what kind of abilities and opportunities they are experiencing in the game.

If the new player chooses a particular infant avatar, the new player is somewhat confident that they are going to experience the game like their chosen teacher does, but sometimes there aren’t a lot of different choices, especially among those who have built quite a life for themselves inside the game because they aren’t helping anyone else learn to play the game.

If the game has been corrupted, then there are very few players who have established themselves properly that want to “have children” to afford the new players the greatest opportunities at playing the game.  In a corrupted game, the majority of the players are not allowed to build their own world with the limited resources that the original game’s rules, functions, and conditions offered to all players equally.  The masses aren’t allowed equal opportunities to enjoy the resources of the game, so they decide the best they can do is to at least get the rewards the game offers for providing bodies for new players.

This reward is sex.

Each advanced human who enters mortal life observes what is taking place within the game, life upon Earth, and chooses their mortal Self based on availability first, and then intended purpose for playing the game.  Many accept bodies that function less-than-normal physically.  The advanced humans waiting to play the game of mortal life cannot affect what kind of bodies experienced players decide to create.  With the advent of synthetic drugs and foods that are not natural and intended for human consumption, many bodies being created by better-off mortals are more frequently affected by mental aberrations associated with autism, Aspergers and other mental challenges.

Where do you think the greatest occurrence of these mental challenges occur in our modern world?  Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea are three of the nations with the highest occurrence of these mental diseases, but joining them in line, is the United States of America.  Don’t forget that Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea are nations created and based on the same economic and social factors as the United States.  Before the United States got involved with any of these countries, their people experienced very few instances of these human-made mental diseases.

These four countries can provide a much better chance for more opportunities in life if an advanced human chooses to be born in one of them versus a less developed country.  As these countries developed their particular brand of Americanization, they learned how to get the reward in the game without providing any bodies for new players.  The sexual revolution introduced contraceptives, but not so much in the underdeveloped parts of the world.

Many advanced humans feel that they can help improve the game once they get in regardless of the body that they might be forced to take to get into the game.  This is why there exists an inherent feeling inside each mortal that we want to do something to make a change in the world.  Unfortunately, unless we base the changes that need to be made on Real Truth, no one will be able to change where the world is headed, no matter how sincere and strong their desires might be.

Sadly, most of the people who could make a change in our world, those who live in the modernized and advanced nations upon Earth, don’t think that humans have the power and ability to do it.  Most believe that God is needed, that only God can change the course of human nature.

What if we could convince them that Elohimium and Yahwehium were actually responsible for all life upon earth, and that a greater understanding of these two unknown, but highly advanced elements could fix the world?

We fear that most will miss the point we’re trying to make here.  They will hold fast to their belief and faith in something that can’t be explained and understood and reject the Real Truth that does answer a lot existential questions.

The moment that each advanced human connects to the brain of a newly born infant, is the moment that the child takes its first breath.  The connection causes the otherwise comatose infant to take its first breath.  As the child opens its eyes and the first light from their new world enters their eyes, the experience is perceived as a extremely bright light that eventually darkens, almost as if one is at the entrance of a dark tunnel with the bright sun light behind them.  Instead of the perception of going into the light, the advanced human perceives the connection with a mortal infant’s brain as moving away from the light into a dimmer, darker dimension of space and time … entering a game that it doesn’t know how to play, nor does it understand the rules, functions, and conditions thereof.  They are putting their full trust in the hands of the experienced players who provided them with an infant, mortal avatar.

When the advanced human is disconnected from their chosen mortal brain, normally as a much older and more experienced player, it is not the now dead and non-functioning mortal mind that perceives the disconnect.  It is the advanced human’s perception that now they are leaving a dimmer, darker tunnel heading towards a lighter, much brighter dimension of space and time.

The dark (dark matter) and light (sun) contrast that is perceived both upon entering and leaving the mortal world, is actually a neurological chemical reaction between the elements Elohimium and Yahwehium that make up the advanced person’s brain.  In the human brain there is matter that just is that supports the matter that creates the greatest compendium of matter possible: the human mind.

One will be able to understand more about their birth when one understands more about death and more about the experiences that happen in between the two events.  This is explained in more detail in the book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality.