Christopher’s personal thoughts about the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and where we are going from here. The Karate Kid and Star Wars.

Yeah, this is Christopher.

You’ll recognize my voice in one of my own posts versus a post that conveys information directly from those who oversee the MWAW, in the way that they would deliver it.  They send me the information they want conveyed and ask me to put it in my own words because my words are much easier to understand than their actual words.

So I’ve been doing this the best I can.

But as they have done so many times throughout the many years that I have known them, they manipulated me yet again to teach me more about how to present the information properly.

Not once since I have known them have any of them used profanity in their speech or writings.  I fucking don’t either … NOT!  They are extremely patient with people.  I am not.  They have hope that humanity might see the Real Truth and change.  I do not.

By their instruction, I tried to maintain a presence on social media, through my own Facebook account.  Fuck that!  I couldn’t do it.  What a waste of time.  Like my granddaughter recently told me, “Grandpa, Facebook is for old people.”

The upcoming generations aren’t going to want to get their information through memes and their “friends” misrepresentations of what their friends are going through in life.  People are the biggest bullshitters.  We tell others what we want others to think about us, so that they will like us and like our Facebook shit. “Oh, look at me! I’m positive! Check out this meme that is all about me!”

Fuck that bullshit!

But anyways …

Can you imagine how hard it’s been for the Bros (what I call those who oversee the MWAW) to reign me in over the years and get me to the point where I could properly present their shit, i.e., the Real Truth?

When I first received the Real Truth, not line upon line, not precept upon precept, but in one big gulp of fuckedupness to my brain, all I wanted to do was have fun with life.  I knew the Real Truth about life.  It’s all about doing what you want to do without being influenced by or doing what someone else wants you to do.

One need only review the path I took soon after my enlightenment experience of June 1987, to understand how I started to have fun.  I took my wife and kids and we moved anywhere I wanted and I did anything that I wanted.  I wasn’t tied down to any lifestyle of get up today and do the same thing that you did yesterday, that you’ll do tomorrow.  Hell no! Why would I?

After I understood Real Truth, I knew that the ONLY reason for human existence is to gain new experiences, not keep repeating the same experiences over and over again.  What kind of fucked up existence is repeating the same things you did yesterday, today, and then again tomorrow?

I was a maverick, an explorer now endowed with a complete understanding of the Real Truth about my existence.  I became an innovator of experience, completely controlled by my own Free Will.  If I didn’t like something about a job I was doing,  I’d quit and find another one.  I lived and worked all over the place, living primarily in a renovated old 36’ school bus.  I was on an extended vacation with my kids and wife.

My poor ex-wife.  She didn’t have the same enlightenment.  She lived in the same house her entire life, believed in an orthodox religion, and had a supportive family … until she decided to marry me.  When I met her, I fit into the type of box in which a normal husband and father should fit.  But after June 1987, I was anything BUT NORMAL.

But anyways …

You ever watch the movie, Karate Kid?

The character, Mr. Miyagi, was training a kid who didn’t know shit about karate.  To train the kid, Mr. Miyagi had the kid do all kinds of things that appeared (to the kid) to have nothing to do with learning karate.  Miyagi had the kid sand his deck, wax his car, and paint his fence and house.

The Bros are the Mr. Miyagi of the MWAW.

They asked me to be their messenger and present the Real Truth to the world, but before I was ready to deliver the message of Real Truth the way that they expected me to, and also so I wouldn’t get my ass kicked by the world, they had me sand their fuckin floor, wax their fuckin car, paint their fuckin fence and house!  And when I was working my ass off, doing everything that they asked me to do, THEY WERE GOING FUCKIN FISHING!


There were not a few times when I yelled at them,

“I’m being your goddamn slave, is what I’m being, Man!”

“Not everything is what it seems.”

“Oh, BULLSHIT, I’m going home!”

Instead of beleaguering the point I’m trying to make, watch this clip from the movie.  A better modern video illustration of what the Bros have done to prepare me can’t be found.

I used the Karate Kid clip because of something that happened many years ago, when I couldn’t keep my unbridled mouth shut.

The Brothers and I were in Seattle, Washington.  I was being introduced to the way that they acted in public.  Well, long story short, I opened my mouth to a couple of guys who wanted to kick my ass after I told them how stupid their ideas and beliefs were.  One took a lunge at me, and I can’t honestly tell you what happened next.  I had closed my eyes, put my hands up, and backed up quickly to avoid the lunge.  The next thing I remembered was a blur of quickness and both men wincing in pain on the ground, and two little Miyagi like men standing at my side calmly and quietly.  I could have said that an angel protected me, but I knew there were no such beings.  There were just two small-framed men whose only purpose in life was to protect me, support me, and prepare me to be their True Messenger.

After their many sacrifices, after so many years, after sanding their floor, waxing their car, painting their fence and house, after spending countless hours lately rewriting their words and conveying information to people who aren’t, by their mortal human nature, supposed to understand the information, after recently yelling at them again, “These fuckers are never going to get it no matter how it’s written!”

I am ready.

Here’s what’s going to happen from this point forward.

We are not going to publish the entire book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality.  First, we are going to publish a condensed version of the book and entitle it something like, An Introduction To The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality.

The entire book would contain the fullness of the Real Truth with many details and explanations that offer scientific, philosophical, and religious evidences of the Real Truth.  Instead, we are going to write a “lesser part of the things.”

“And when [the world] shall have received this, which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe these things then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them. And if it so be that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, unto their condemnation.”

What does it mean “to try their faith”?  Faith in what?  Not in science, nor in the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.  Faith in one’s Self.  Faith in one’s humanity.

“Have you sold the signs and tokens of your humanity for money?”

There will be no science, philosophy, or religious references in the Introduction.  I will write what I know and what I have been taught by the Brothers as plainly as I can.  Plainly written, even because of this lesser part, still “the wisdom of the wise shall perish and the understanding of the prudent man shall be hid.”

After we have released this Introduction, we will make one final push to spread the message and information of the Humanity Party®.  If the world disregards and rejects the lesser portion of the Real Truth, it will also reject the sensible socioeconomic solutions of the Humanity Party®, but I have promised to make the push.

The world has always rejected and killed every other True Messenger that has ever lived upon Earth, during any dispensation of human time – any who was commissioned to attempt to help create peace and harmony upon Earth.  If the Brothers tried to deliver the message, they, too, would be killed. It’s not their job, yet, to deliver the message.  It might not matter even if they did deliver it.  It might not matter because the people of this world have lost faith in their Self and in their mutually shared humanity, all have ‘sold’ their humanity for money.

For more than 30 years, unbeknownst to me, I’ve been preparing for the final match between Real Truth and the world’s truth, not like the Karate Kid’s final match, in which he defeated “the world’s” way of teaching karate, but as Obi Wan Kenobi allowed Darth Vader to defeat him.

Obi Wan Kenobi : Real Truth

Darth Vader : World’s Truth

Luke Skywalker : Upcoming Generations

This I know. It is a promise I received when I was first approached many years ago to become this Marvelous Work and a Wonder®’s ONLY True Messenger:

“Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

For those “with eyes that see and ears that hear,” watch this clip intently and pay attention to its subtle message: