Meet Christopher: the MWAW True Messenger and The Humanity Party® Spokesperson.

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While watching this video, consider that this interview was non-scripted, not anticipated by the producers, and off-the-cuff without preparation.  Christopher showed up early at the studio for the mock debate with Clinton and Trump.  He asked the producers to let him sit in front of the cameras and speak.  This video is the result.

Here is another clip of Christopher appearing on a Christian-based television show:

Here is a full length MWAW TV Show Christopher gave about the Real Christ:

Here are various MWAW TV Shows Christopher presented:

Christopher’s Personal Life

Much has been said about Christopher’s past, most of which is exaggerated and blatantly false.  These videos give substantial proof of the man he was before he agreed to the role of True Messenger for the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (November 2003), which evolved into him also becoming the spokesperson for the Humanity Party®.