A Brief Explanation of Human Reality on Relationships.


Christopher asked once,

“Why can’t we just explain the Real Truth about our existence without giving any background or evidentiary details to support it?  If people can’t handle it, too @#%*!&^ bad!”

After Christopher refused to do it “our way” in 1991, he had over 12 years of doing everything that “he” thought could be done to teach people the things that he knew about Real Truth.  Over those 12 years, until we re-recruited him in November of 2003, Christopher was not able to convince one person … not even one … to accept and understand what he knew.

To acquiesce to Christopher’s desire, and teach him that we know what needs to be done and understand the proper protocol and timeframe in which to do it, we helped him write a book called, Human Reality, Who We Are and Why We Exist.  This book gave information about Real Truth that we were not ready to reveal to the world at that time (the end of 2009).  We allowed it to prove to Christopher that regardless of how much people were allowed to know about Real Truth, few would open their minds to it unless mortals are led into this information properly.  The release of the book generated little effect on changing the world.

People do not want to know the Real Truth.  The Real Truth is hard for most to accept because it is usually diametrically opposed to everything that gives value and purpose to their mortal existence.

Our MWAW books were meant to open the minds of people who have been deceived by things that have been written, mostly by the philosophies of men mingled with scriptures that created all forms of religion.  Our books have undeceived countless people and taken them away from religion and made them better human beings in relation to the group of us who are going through this mortal experience upon Earth, in this solar system, together.  But not enough to make any substantial changes.

In many instances, those who were released from the chains of ignorance and control that bound them while they were associated with religion use their new freedom, not to benefit others, but to aggrandize themselves as “special” because they now know things that others do not.  (Our recent post condemning the actions of Kimberly Davis Wallis gives an example of what a person can do with our information to aggrandize their self and support their own ego.)

We are going to offer a brief explanation of everything that needs to be known about human relationships.

Before we do, and before our critics claim that we have taken this information from modern paradigms of thought that have developed and evolved over time through the creative imagination of people. …

NOTE: Usually, a person who has the time and means to sit around all day and be creative (because they are not forced to work and are provided for sufficiently in their basic needs) can use their imagination and come up with snippets and basic ideas about human existence that are VERY similar to the Real Truth.  (Review this publication about human Imagination.)

But in our particular work, it was Joseph Smith, Jr, who, in 1842, was the very first human who published an allegory that explained the Real Truth, where the Real Truth is things as they really are currently, things as they really were in the past, and things as they really will be in the future.

Joseph Smith wrote a play in which he symbolically presented all that he knew about Real Truth, which he referred to as “the mysteries of God.”  Not a single part of the play is literal or real.  It is entirely a symbolic presentation.  After Joseph Smith was murdered, Brigham Young took the play and made it into a required religious temple ordinance.  Young’s church, the modern Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has changed, edited, and consequently corrupted Joseph’s original masterpiece.  Why do we mention this?

Because no one before Joseph Smith, Jr. (in 1842) ever thought about human existence and published what they knew like Joseph presented the information in his symbolical play.  It is no secret that Joseph Smith told his followers that if he taught them what he knew of “the mysteries of God,” they would kill him.  Everything that Joseph Smith knew about the Real Truth was diametrically opposed to everything that gives value and purpose to a person’s mortal existence.  We wrote above,

“The Real Truth is hard for most to accept because it is usually diametrically opposed to everything that gives value and purpose to mortal life.”

The most devastating thing about Real Truth is that all the relationships, no matter the kind, no matter how close, that we form and experience during our mortal existence will completely disappear and become non-essential to our existence as eternal advanced humans.  This is the hardest thing to accept about who we really are and why we really exist as humans.

This mortal experience is a dream sequence of events occurring in the mind of an advanced human being.  Just as the people and relationships that we have during our mortal dreams disappear and are no longer essential to our daily mortal life once we wake up from the dream, when we “wake up” as our True Self, none of the relationships or people we experienced during mortal life will be important to us.

This is hard to accept.

Brigham Young’s LDS/Mormon Church corrupted this Real Truth beyond recognition in its efforts to recruit more converts.  The LDS/Mormon sales pitch is that a person can be with their family forever IF the person accepts Mormonism, is baptized and receives the temple ordinance, which ironically, was Joseph Smith’s symbolic analogy of the Real Truth regarding human existence.

In Joseph Smith’s play, the character, Michael, a god, is put to sleep.  Not until this god is asleep does Michael experience events associated with Adam, Eve, and Lucifer.  Adam, Eve, and Lucifer were allegoric representations used by Joseph Smith to represent the Superego, Ego, and Id consistent with Sigmund Freud’s model of the human psyche.  Long before Freud, Joseph Smith presented his own, but the same model, that represented the mortal experience in what he called, “the lone and dreary world.”

Ironically, LDS/Mormons don’t see their contradictions.  They believe that we are children of God, created by Celestial parents, in their image, before we took a mortal body.  This they call the “Pre-existence.”  If we pre-existed before we were born and became mortal, then in whatever body we “pre-existed,” which is obviously (according to corrupt Mormon doctrine) in the image of our Celestial parents, then when we die, we leave the mortal body and look like we did before we were born when we were created in the image of our Celestial parents.  If we look like our Celestial parents before we were born and after we die, what significance does looking like our mortal parents have to our eternal nature and perspective?  LDS/Mormons can’t answer this.  We claim that this religion is the most “evil” upon Earth because of what it has available to it from Joseph Smith, ALL of which has been corrupted.

During the First Scene of Joseph Smith’s symbolic play, the god Michael is put to sleep by the gods, Elohim and Jehovah, so that Michael can experience life as Adam, Eve, and Lucifer.  The Final Scene of the original play had Elohim and Jehovah waking Michael up out of the sleep.  Young and his cohorts couldn’t figure out how to explain what happened to Adam, Eve, and Lucifer when the god Michael woke up out of the sleep in which Michael created and experienced a dream that included the characters Adam, Eve, and Lucifer.

Can you imagine what Joseph Smith’s Christian followers would have done to him if he had told them the Real Truth: that mortal life is nothing more than just a dream from which our True Self will one day awaken?  They surely would have killed him.

Can you imagine what Joseph Smith’s Christian followers would have done to him if he had told them the Real Truth: that “Lucifer” is the ONLY entity during mortal life that hears and answers mortal prayers, no matter how sincere, no matter how humble; that Elohim (the Mormon Heavenly Father) and Jehovah (the Mormon Jesus) don’t have anything to do with mortals while they are going through life upon Earth?  They surely would have killed him.

But these concepts of Real Truth are as clear as day in the very temple endowment play/presentation that the Mormons believe will one day allow them to exist forever as Eternal Families.

The concept of the Eternal Family is very important to Mormons because it assures them the continuation of the relationships that bring them value and happiness upon Earth.  In order to sustain the happiness that they experience as they value their family unit above all others, Mormons must believe in this false concept.

Again, the Real Truth is: no relationship that is entered into or maintained during mortal life is of any consequence or value to our True Self.  This is the Real Truth regardless of what anyone needs to believe about mortal relationships in order to be happy while going through them during the mortal experience.

Think about it.  How many of you have had dream relationships during your mortal dreams that have nothing to do with your daily life and reality?  Sometimes, there are people in your dreams that you have not met during your daily life and mortal reality.  Where did these come from?  Why were they in your dreams when they are not part of your regular daily life?

The Real Truth is, once you die, ALL the relationships that you are experiencing as a mortal will no longer mean anything to you as an advanced human … not any more than the dream relationships that you encounter while you’re dreaming mean to you when you wake up.

So, wouldn’t it make sense that as mortals living upon Earth we would do anything within our power to maintain the relationships that bring us happiness and value while we are living upon Earth?  Wouldn’t it make sense that we fight against death and eliminate everything that would make us die … that would end these relationships?  If we eliminated mortal death, then we could maintain the relationships that we have, that bring us joy, as long as we wanted.  This is exactly why we fight death and are afraid of it.

Is there any proof that our mortal relationships don’t actually mean anything of significance outside of the mortal experience?  Yes, there is … by our own mortal experience.

Consider how we fall in love with a person with whom we believe, at the time we fall in love with them, we want to spend the rest of our life.  How significant is that person in our daily life if we divorce that person, or get away from them because they no longer bring us any happiness?  They have no significance in our life.  In fact, many times we feel relieved and unburdened when we finally make the decision to eliminate people out of our lives with whom we were once in love but now couldn’t care less about.  This is EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE of how easy it is for the human emotions to eliminate relationships that we once valued but no longer do.  We might value a person in our life today, but we never know how insignificant they really are to our existence until we lose this value and wish the person out of our life, often to the same emotional degree that we once thought we couldn’t live without them.

When we die, the people with whom we were in love and from whom we gained value and happiness while mortal will be of no significance to our True Self … not in any degree.

Now, let’s review the advanced reality of our existence during the four levels of human experience:


Our true, eternal existence as advanced humans, the greatest compilation of matter that is possible; what we’ve always been, what we always will be, what we actually are now, but of whom our dream Self is not aware.

It’s not really a dream we are having outside of this First Level.  It’s an actual experience where “experience” is something that causes our brain to react to or interact with others in an environment different than our true reality.


This level of our existence is an actual experience that occurs when we engage and allow others to share an experience with us.  We can only compare this to a person upon Earth who engages and allows themselves to be part of a collective computer game which allows each person to control their own game avatar during the game, within the limitations of the game that make all players equal, and for the purpose for which the game is played.  It’s not really US … our True Self … that is playing the game, but it is our True Self that controls the game piece/avatar that is collectively experiencing things with others.

We must start the experience with our individual free will.  We must first want to play, knowing that we will be playing with others.  We can get out of the game anytime it no longer serves the purpose for which we are playing it.  In a general sense, the reason why advanced humans allow themselves to connect to a game in which others are involved, and in which others have the same power and opportunity to act and be acted upon by their own free will, is because … for lack of a better way to explain it to the mortal mind … we are bored with our eternal existence.

So, as our True Self, existing in the primary and REAL WORLD in which we all actually exist, our brain needs new experience that is exciting and unexpected.  We each know what our True Self is going to do in the next moment but we do not know what we are going to do when we allow ourselves … allow our individual free will … to interact with other equally powerful and endowed (with free will) advanced humans.

As we have existed forever, the relationships that we have during the First Level have always existed the same.  They never change.  They’re the same yesterday, as they are today, and as they will be forever in the future.  The other advanced humans that exist in the First Level of Experience have always existed in the First Level of Experience.  When we engage one of these eternal beings, the engagement is the same today, as it was yesterday, as it will be in the future.  For this reason, we engage in a “virtual reality” that is not part of our eternal experience but is similar to playing a game with others outside of our current reality.

Consider what we think of “virtual reality” as mortals:

Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted within a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.

According to the technology that we currently have, we are “Neanderthals” compared to our advanced True Selves.  To our True Self, “virtual reality” is:

The collective energy simulations of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted within a seemingly real or physical way completely isolated in a person’s brain by a person using special avatars fitted with the sensors (physical senses of the body) needed in order to interact in this virtual environment with others.

The Second Level of human experience is this virtual world that only occurs if and when our True Self (existing in the real, First Level) desires to connect our brain to an energy collective to which other advanced humans are connected in order to play the game.  The moment that we connect, there are a lot of other advanced humans who connect at the exact same time.  Once we connect at the exact same time, all those who did are part of the same group.

These different groups of advanced humans playing the game at specifically determined times form what we perceive as our own solar system, where there is just one planet upon which we all play the game.  The energy source that we perceive is our sun is nothing more or less than the energy source that is required by our particular group in order to have our unique individual brain energy pulled in and isolated to this particular group.  This is the true purpose of the sun’s gravitational pull on the planets, as far as our perception of reality is concerned.

The first part of the experience, when we first enter the game, is when our brain learns how to play with the others.  There are already players living on their own planet within the game waiting for new players to begin.  These experienced players’ sole purpose is to teach new players how to play together.

Some might suppose that we would already know how to play because we’ve been playing the game forever.  Yes, we do know how to play, but not with the group to which we are assigned during the present game.  Remember, all of us have equal free will.  The group to which we are automatically and forcefully bound (by the gravitational pull of the sun) is a completely different set of individuals than any we have ever experienced before.

So, the Second Level is when we are basically raised as advanced human infants by seasoned advanced humans, who by their own free will are still connected to the game platform in order to help new players learn to play.  And what is the incentive that helps advanced humans want to stay in the game so that they can teach other new players how to deal with their new group?  Sex.  Sex is the ultimate interaction that a human’s brain can have within an environment, alone or with another human.  ONLY those who decide to help others learn to play the game will continually have the opportunity to experience sex … UNLESS the mortal experience is available to the group.

(Most of these details will be expounded upon in The Dream of Life book.)


The third level of human experience is what we are experiencing now on Earth, which is actually an involuntary dream experience happening in the brain and reality of our Dream Self living in the Second Level.


The fourth level of human experience is when we dream, as mortals.

Regardless of the level, the relationships that we encounter within each end up meaning the same at the end of the day … when the “end of the day” is a return to our True Self in the First Level.

To understand this meaning and value to our true existence, all we need to know is how valuable relationships are in our First Level, in our True Existence, really, the only existence that matters.

Our relationships mean nothing, except for what they give us at the moment we experience them.

During mortal life, consider the very few years that it takes to fall in love, believe that we can’t live without the person with whom we have fallen in love, and the time that it takes us to completely get over them.  In many instances, not even ten years of mortal time passes and many of the people who were significant in our past “present reality” have no bearing or significance to our now reality.  And those people with whom we have relationships in our mortal dreams, those relationships only last as long as the dream, which in mortal time, might only be a few minutes.

But during our Second Level of experience, where we have existed for billions of “mortal” years,  the relationships that we are involved with are of a much greater significance to us than any other.  The relationships that we have as advanced humans during our Second Level of experience compared to our mortal relationships have the exact same significance and  value as when we compare our mortal relationships with our mortal dream relationships.

Let’s try and make it easier to understand:

Let’s assign a number to the value that we have for each of our relationships with others.  A number between 1 and 10.

Our mortal relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, including those with whom we are in love, would rate between 1 and 4, depending on the relationship.  Compare that to the dream relationships we experience while we’re asleep; those dream relationships have a degree of 1.  The relationships we establish during the Second Level of human experience have a level of 10.

And now for the blow to our egos, but the Real Truth:

Our relationships in our REAL world, where our True Self exists, have a valued degree of 0.  Why would these REAL relationships have any value to our existence?  They have always been the same relationships we encounter in the moment, that we have encountered in the past, and which we will encounter in the future.

So, consider how hard it is for us to give up our mortal relationships.  It’s hard to give up being a parent, a son, a daughter, a good friend, and especially hard to give up being a lover and a significant other.  This is why we fight to live upon Earth and fight each other in order to live.  We value these relationships … but they can only have a value of 4.

Keep in mind that our mortal relationships are valued at no more than 4.  Now imagine how hard it is going to be to give up relationships that we value as 10!

To keep this information concise and short:

In order to fully enjoy and appreciate living in our Second Level of human experience, where we have relationships with others that we value as a 10, we need the mortal experience (Third Level of human experience) so that we won’t get bored.  While conscious in the Second Level as advanced humans, we are well aware that when we choose to end the Second Level and return to the First, we lose ALL RELATIONSHIPS.

For this very reason, we have tried so hard to keep our group together and set up the proper experience during this mortal life upon Earth.

We’ve tried five times during the past history of the Earth and this solar system.  We failed each time.  We’re trying very hard this sixth.  But we are about to fail.

This is the very purpose of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® … to give us all that last shot at continuing the relationships with others that mean so much.