“We have the CURE for cancer, and YOU want to keep giving cancer patients chemo!”


A producer for The Humanity Party®’s videos had a conversation with his girlfriend.  The girlfriend wanted to know if he would still want to be with her if she didn’t support THumP®.  She doesn’t explain why she doesn’t support The Humanity Party®, but that she is involved in other “activist” things that try to help people who are suffering as refugees.

In a bit of frustration, he responded with a profound analogy, in other words,

“We HAVE THE CURE for cancer, and YOU want to keep giving cancer patients chemo!”

This is true of all NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and all activist groups that complain about a social problem, spend countless hours protesting about the problem, pointing out the problem, and using money and time to treat the symptoms of the problem without curing it.

For example,

These groups see an immediate need, maybe of food, shelter, or health care.  They think they are doing something good to meet the immediate need.  They organize volunteers, gather money, and justify the easiness of their own lifestyle by the few moments of “charity” and financial donations that they give to groups that are complaining and trying to do something “charitable.”

But do any of these stay with the crying child who is hungry, the family that is homeless, the person who is sick and hopeless?  Do they continually observe these, whom they have helped for a day, throughout their lives, monitoring their success at finding good food to eat, a safe and secure place to live, health and mental care to heal them?

No, they don’t!

Ten years later, the child who was crying on the street from hunger, whose family was displaced and hopeless, who was sick and uneducated, is now 18 years old, still hungry, still displaced, still sick and uneducated, hopeless in finding any way to sustain him or herself and progress in the world.  But now they’re not children.  Now they’re adults.  The social diseases that devastate their lives linger.  Yet, little to no attention is paid to them now that they’re adults, especially if they are a male adult.

“But what about the children?” is the futile cry of these charity groups, these activists, who feel good about giving a moment of their time or a bit of their money to help the children make it to adulthood still sick with the exact same social diseases that these humans had as children and will always have until the disease is cured.

People are lulled into a false sense of involvement and a “do good feeling” by paying attention to these groups that complain, protest, and offer temporary succor to those in need.  These groups that complain, that point out the social diseases, that gain followers and sponsors and all kinds of media attention, are a HUGE part of the problem because they lull people into a false sense of believing that something is actually being done to solve these social problems.

Nothing is being done … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The Humanity Party® comes along and screams as loud as we can,

“We have a cure!  We have a cure!  We have a cure!”

“PLEASE CONSIDER THE CURE!  WE WILL PAY $100,000 TO ANY PERSON, TO ANY GROUP, TO ANY ENTITY, TO ANYONE who can show that the cure to poverty will not and cannot work!”

What does our producer’s girlfriend have to say about THumP®’s cure for poverty?

In the presence of our Spokesperson, she once said, “Oh, I fall asleep when I try to watch those videos.”

Really?  You fall asleep!  What kind of respect do you have for our producer, for your boyfriend?  You fall asleep!  Really?

And you want a man who KNOWS that our plan will cure poverty to value you, to value a relationship with you?  You want him to value your “activism,” when he knows fully well that what you are doing is actually part of the problem?  Are you too tired to stay awake to watch the videos about the cures?  Why?  Because your useless, ego-induced activism has zapped all your energy?

And the rest of you “activists” who complain, who point out the problems, who address the problems by attending to the symptoms without supporting an ACTUAL CURE, or even taking the time to consider the cure, possibly enriching yourself by $100,000 IF you can just simply explain why THumP®’s cure will not and cannot work!

What is wrong with you?  Really?

The cure will not work because fools like you won’t get behind it and support and elect government officials who have the power and the means to eliminate poverty from the face of the Earth.

“Oh, we don’t believe that government money should be used in solving poverty.”


There is no other way!  Government money is being given away to the wealthy by the truckloads!  New money, every single day, is being printed.  And where does it go?  Not to ending poverty as our unchallengeable and flawless plan explains, but so that the wealthy can remain wealthy without being forced to address the social ills that are destroying our world.

Here’s the proof!  Here are a couple of  today’s headlines:

Debt for US corporations tops $6 trillion


And it’s not just in the United States!

In India, the government is giving out loans of new, PRINTED, money, to new companies in order to,

“Tread the unconventional path, fulfil [sic] their dreams, and generate jobs for others by setting up small businesses.”

Banks have disbursed Rs 6 trillion Mudra loans, says PM Narendra Modi


But the people, the people, the people, the consumers, they don’t have any money to buy from these new companies!  And the little bit of money that they have, that they can only get because they are forced to work for someone who is trying to get rich, is usually spent on things that they “want” not on things that they need.

So instead of companies investing all this new, printed money into business and services that provide the basic necessities of life needed in order to end poverty, they invest in things that the people “want,” the things that make the people sick and ill from social diseases.

The Humanity Party®’s solution is very easy to understand:

Give the newly printed money to the people, but ONLY in credits to purchase the things that they “NEED”: healthy food, basic clothing, safe and secure housing, health and mental care, and education.  IF the corporations and entrepreneurs want the government’s money, these must base their profits on providing the goods and services that the people NEED, that WILL END POVERTY.

Give the people the money!  (Not cash, because drug dealers and the black market will take it for what the people “WANT.”)

A government should ONLY print money that solves social problems.  That’s what the right form government is all about.

Here’s a message to our producer’s girlfriend, IF she has any desire at all for him as her boyfriend, IF she has any hope at all of remaining a part of his life and retaining any value to him and his life:

HERE’S HOW YOU SOLVE THE REFUGEE CRISIS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, something that not one of your activist groups can do:

For ANY person who is fleeing their country, (and they wouldn’t be fleeing their country if things were going good for them), have the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, in cooperation with the Federal Reserve Bank and the other financial institutions upon Earth that are authorized to print new money … have these issue one of these cards to any human being who wants one:


Here’s how we explain the HumanECard® on our website:


When you read of all the suffering in the world where war, terror, unemployment, desperation, or the devastation of natural disasters exist, think about this:

What if every human being on Earth had one of these cards in their possession?  Only the individual knew their unique passcode.  If anyone lost their personal card, there would be government centers all over Earth where they could get a new one; or eventually, the account number will be affixed to the individual’s own DNA, fingerprint, iris … then there would be no need to carry a card.  Your human smile would be all that you needed.

The card would NOT ALLOW ANY CASH transactions of any kind.  It would only allow a person to purchase certain things that the United People of Earth’s (“UPE” now known as the United Nations) democratically elected Congress determined properly sustained human life with basic housing and utilities, basic clothing, basic healthy foods and drink, including pure water, basic health/mental care, and basic education.  This card would also allow certain travel credits for anyone needing immediate transportation out of any area on Earth where misery is occurring.

This same UPE Congress would have the legal right to issue funds to pay for the proper usage of the card, issuing fiat money for the purpose (EXACTLY like the current U.S. Congress does).

The possession of this card would not only unite the world economically, but emotionally.

There would be no current physical suffering by any group of people throughout the world, UNLESS, a person is forced to remain under an oppressive group of people; this is when a strong, well-regulated UPE military security force moves in to secure and protect the universal rights of the people.

Look at the news, where it is reported and transparent.  Consider the people of Rohingya who are being massacred at the hands of the Myanmar security forces and allied mobs.  … IF each person was in possession of this card, the people of Rohingya’s situation would never be like it is.  In fact, because money and greed are the underlying basis of the Myanmar security forces and allied mobs, these oppressors wouldn’t want to get rid of the Rohingyians, because they would lose the income from the UPE.

But most people of this apathetic world … don’t know anything about what is happening in Myanmar.  The Humanity Party® does.  And it has the solutions…to this and so many other worldwide problems, too. ThumP® has the solutions.  No one else does.®

 For questions about how the HumanECard® will be paid for, please see The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan. For more questions, see the FAQ page.


So, what do you have to say about this, Ms. Activist, girlfriend of one of our producers?

Why would he want anything to do with your “activism” and the “chemo” that you want to administer to “cancer patients,” when he KNOWS there is a cure!

Shame on you!

Shame on this world!

THumP® has the solutions.  No one else does.®