A Brief Introduction to the Four Greatest Books Ever Written: Who Wrote Them, When They Wrote Them, How They Were Written, Where They were written, and Why They Were Written.


During this sixth and final dispensation of cooperative and developed human civilization upon Earth, four books were written, that if accepted and understood for what they are, would change the course of humanity.

Humanity is firmly on the course of self-destruction.  Nothing can stop this except the Real Truth about human existence, who we are and why we exist; most importantly, how do we exist with each other without destroying ourselves?

During this last dispensation of time, there have been four books published in an attempt to save humanity from itself and establish the right form of society that can and will flourish.  These books are known today as:

  • The book of Isaiah
  • The book of Revelation
  • The Book of Mormon
  • The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon

If read and understood correctly, knowing the purpose for which each is revealed, these four books alone could save the human race.

Here’s a brief introduction to the four authors of these four important books:

We wrote above, “during this sixth and final dispensation of cooperative and developed human civilization,” because since the foundation of the world, there have always been humans.  During the five previous time periods of Earth’s existence, humans cooperated and developed as a group and established amazing civilizations, most of whose technologies and advancements were far beyond what humans have accomplished during this sixth.

Shortly before these five previous great civilizations of humans destroyed themselves, small pockets of the disenfranchised and outcasts of society could be found in various locations on Earth.  These people were able to escape destruction,  albeit completely disconnected from each other, and in most cases, unaware of each other.

During the First Dispensation of Earth’s history, the human race was in its perfect state and condition.  This perfect state allowed humans to reach the age of physical maturity and no longer age.  In the beginning, there were no other life forms that threatened the human species.  All life forms upon Earth, as well as the earth itself, existed solely for the support of human life.  There is no other purpose for Earth except to support human life.

(Some might suppose [because these do not know Real Truth] that the Earth existed long before humans became the dominant life form.  But these do not consider that humans are the only life form that has a purpose for itself of which it is conscious and aware.  Without human perception, the universe would not exist.  Why and how this is the case will be fully explored in our upcoming book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race.  Suffice it to say, only human consciousness can perceive a reality of meaning and purpose.  All other life forms exist without this consciousness and are products of human action, intervention, and cause.  Without humans, nothing would exist of any meaning or significance; therefore, nothing  would exist for it would have no real purpose.)

In the beginning, from the foundation of the world, humans were genderless and were able to choose their gender according to their personal preference and free will.  (The erroneous concept of the Theory of Evolution should substantiate this somewhat.  If humans evolved from a single cell organism, why and how did that single cell choose to evolve into a male or female, when it could have just as easily evolved into an asexual adult organism?)

Long story, short:

Two non-gendered humans, who do not age, who lived during the very first dispensation of time when humans flourished upon Earth, and who lived in a perfect state, still live upon this Earth and have throughout the generations of human time.  As they do today, they have avoided detection and live incognito and anonymously among the rest of us.  These two have witnessed every aspect of human development throughout the ages, during each of the previous five different dispensations of human (cooperative and developed) civilization.  They can provide firsthand witness to how humans developed and how they were destroyed.

These two have witnessed every form of government that humans have tried in the past, all of which have not worked properly in saving the human race … obviously.  Being part of the first human civilization and experiencing a perfect state of human existence, they also know what can work and what is necessary if humanity is to survive.

Along with these two, two others were born during this sixth and final stage of human existence with a very rare genetic defect that stopped the aging process at maturity.  (Male maturity is generally reached during the late 20’s and early 30’s.  Female maturity is generally reached during the late teens and early 20’s.  “Maturity” indicates the time when the physical body no longer grows and matures but begins to die slowly over time.)  These latter two were born circa 600 CE (a.d.) at the beginning of the great Inca civilization that was located in modern South America.  These two lived through the development of the Great Inca Empire up until it was eventually destroyed by the Spanish in the 16th century.  These two were directly involved in the construction and establishment of Machu Picchu, located in modern-day Peru.

The former two lived the majority of their existence in what is now the Eastern Hemisphere, while the latter two from Peru lived the majority of their existence in the Western Hemisphere.  These latter two can give a firsthand account of how human civilizations developed in the Western Hemisphere, and how they were destroyed, while the former two can provide a firsthand account of how civilizations developed in the Eastern Hemisphere, and how they were destroyed.  Together, they constitute a degree of knowledge and experience that is unmatched by any other person, or group of people, upon Earth, during any time period.  Therefore, what they would write would be of the utmost importance to human salvation.

It was important that the latter two come into existence because of the great separation of the Earth’s land masses by the oceans during this last dispensation of human time.  In the beginning, there were no major oceans upon Earth.  All fresh water was contained in millions of rivers, streams, creeks, and aquifers found throughout Earth as they consistently provided for human consumption, beautification, and enjoyment.  The Earth was mostly land-based and covered with an abundance of every plant that is pleasant and enjoyable to human senses.  Plants are simply elementary constructs of mostly water (90% to 95%).  When the Earth’s first environment existed, a lot of the water bound to Earth’s atmosphere was restricted to plant construct.  When humans began to develop and replace vegetation with cities and civilizations, the water from the plants needed somewhere to go, as it couldn’t evaporate out of Earth’s atmosphere.  Modern vast oceans cover large parts of the Earth’s surface because of human intervention and control over the laws of nature.  Where there are now great oceans and deserts, there were once beautiful landscapes of nature that humans enjoyed.  (Again, most of these details will be explored in our upcoming book, The Dream of Mortal Life.)

Human existence upon Earth has always revolved around the ability of a person to gain value and worth from their own life experience.  The struggles that arise from a person’s inability to gain value and self-worth have destroyed and are destroying humanity.  A person who feels less than others, disenfranchised or marginalized (treated as a person, group, or concept that is insignificant or peripheral) joins others of the same feeling in an attempt to gain significance and self-worth or self-importance.  If no one ever felt insignificant or unimportant, humanity would not experience the problems that it does.  If the world understood the Real Truth about humans, no one would feel this way … ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!

The Bible is a product of an ancient group of people who were disenfranchised and marginalized by others.  This situation occurred between the people who lived near the Euphrates River in the ancient cities of Babylon and Ur.  While both cities were populated by the same race of people, Babylon became great and materialistically developed and envied by all, while Ur remained poor and non-important at that time.  Eventually, a group of people from Ur rebelled, left their homeland, and crossed the Euphrates looking for their own “promised land.”  In reality, they were tired of being marginalized by the prospering people of Babylon and set off to find their own fortune and worth.  These are the ancestors of the ancient Hebrews of Bible lore.

The ancient Urians (people from Ur, i.e., Hebrews) were wanderers who could not fit in with any of the surrounding nations that they encountered as they lived as nomads.  Near starvation, they wandered into the realm of the Ancient Egyptian Empire where they offered themselves as slaves in exchange for food and sustenance.  (Isn’t that what most of us do: enslave ourselves to a job in exchange for food and sustenance?  Things haven’t changed in all these years.  Try not being a slave and see how long you last.  However, depending on others to supply you with food and sustenance from their own forced slavery is pure evil as we pointed out in our last publication.)

The Egyptians gave the Hebrews the Land of Canaan as their own unique place.  Of course, to diminish their marginalization, the Hebrews were forced to believe that “God” gave them the land.

Over a period of hundreds of years, the Hebrews passed down their lore, traditions, and history through oral reciting.  Around the 6th century BCE (b.c.), after the Hebrews had made contact with the trading nations of the known world at the time (primarily the Greeks, who had become the major political power of that area) Hebrew leaders hired Greek writers to write their oral histories.  The Pentateuch (Greek: five books; Hebrew: Torah) was the result.

The first five books of the Old Testament (the Bible) are the invented history of a once marginalized and disenfranchised people, written in an attempt to bring value and worth to their culture.  One of their Hebrew mythological heroes, Abraham, was told by God that he was God’s only chosen messenger by whom “the nations of the earth shall be blessed … and whose posterity shall be as numerous as the sands upon the seashore.”

The Bible was very important and instrumental in giving marginalized people a voice, a value, and a purpose, when the rest of the world wasn’t paying any attention to them and saw them as a peripheral, non-important part of human existence.  The Bible is the handbook of instruction on how a person (and group of people) can set up a belief system in which they find value, purpose, and self-importance.

Needless to say, because the rest of the non-biblical world does not accept the Bible, as there are many “scriptures” of myth and history that give various different groups of people purpose and value, wars and human destruction is the result.  Until the Bible is proven to be, and most importantly, accepted to be, exactly what it is according to Real Truth, humanity is doomed.

In an effort to save humanity, a True Messenger was contacted and set up among the Hebrew people shortly after the Greek Pentateuch was created.  The two immortals (not really because they can be killed, just not by aging or disease) who lived since the First Dispensation of human time, were the mentors and counselors of this True Messenger who lived circa 600 BCE.  They wanted to counter the books of Moses and attempt to persuade the people to develop a culture and society in a different direction.  The result of their work was the book known today as Isaiah.

When studied and understood properly, Isaiah dismantles the idea that people are “chosen” solely based on heritage and belonging to the right house.  (In the Bible’s case, this is the House of Israel.)  Without discounting the myth, Isaiah uses the myth to introduce concepts of equality and the things that could help humanity to prosper and be saved.  It was rejected.

The book of Isaiah failed to do what it was intended to do.  The eventual result was the New Testament of the Bible.  To counter the abuses and deceptions that would result from this new part of the Bible, the book of Revelation was written.

The book of Revelation failed to do what it was intended to do.  The result of this failure was the Book of Mormon.

In another attempt to counter the abuses and deceptions of the Bible, without destroying the myth, or rather pointing out that it is all just a myth, once the freest nation that has ever existed upon Earth came into existence (the United States of America), the Book of Mormon was written and published.

Owing to the failure of the book of Isaiah and the book of Revelation to convince people and change the course of human nature, the authors of the Book of Mormon incorporated a failsafe within the storyline of the Book of Mormon.  If one sincerely and honestly reads the Book of Mormon, the reader will discover, not only that the book of Revelation and Isaiah are profoundly and importantly incorporated into the BOM storyline, but that the sealed portion is the greatest and most significant part of the publication.

Without any reservation and doubt, it can be said that anyone who sincerely, with real intent, reads The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon from chapter 1 to chapter 100 (patiently without skipping around), will be immensely affected and will change his or her perception about reality, as well as their direction in life.

The Sealed Portion is the last attempt at trying to use religious myth to counter itself and produce a better humanity than what was created by the Bible.  The Bible has had the most powerful and lasting effect on humanity.  It is responsible for more human misery than any other thing ever produced by the human race during this last dispensation of human time.  ONLY The Sealed Portion has the power, if read sincerely and with real intent by a Bible believer, to completely change their mind about religion and the human race.  It’s that powerful!

But few take the time to read it and ponder its meaning.

So, who actually wrote these four books?

Isaiah and Revelation are a collaboration of the two above mentioned persons who lived most of their lives in the Eastern Hemisphere.  The Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion were written in collaboration, not only with the two who wrote Isaiah and Revelation (and this is why both of these biblical books are profoundly included in the Book of Mormon storyline), but with two other “men” who lived most of their life in the Western Hemisphere.

The rest of the story, along with many other details, can only be found by a sincere and honest researcher of truth (one who admits that he or she doesn’t know the truth) in our Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

It truly is the most marvelous work and wonder found upon Earth!

This work can save the human race, or it will deliver the human race to the hardness of the people’s hearts and the blindness of their minds.