An example of what the MWAW can do to empower a woman.

woman power

Lynnette Cook, empowered by Real Truth, SHINES!


Lynnette Cook was once a timid, scared, guilt-ridden Molly Mormon.

Because of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, look what she has become!

This video is the FIRST meeting she held once she took back her power as a member of the HOA at the Garden Park condos.  At first, you can see her timid nature come through … BUT JUST WAIT until she gets going.

She would have never had this much power without this work.  That’s what this work is ALL about: empowering the individual to take control of his or her life.

Lynnette Cook is an incredible example of what this work can do for a person, especially for a woman:

What a difference in men!

Look at the dirty-haired, but fully-haired, unkept True Messenger in the video and compare him to the attorney who is threatening to “aggressively take action” against him:

La Marr


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