Evidence that the moon and the other planets are “human” made.


There is a lot of talk in the media today about humans eventually living upon the moon or upon Mars.  Billions are being spent to look into and accomplish this.

Two days ago, TIME magazine wrote:



In March of 2016, Popular Science wrote:


We Could Be Living On The Moon In 10 Years Or Less


One must wonder what is the agenda and motivation for wanting to inhabit another planet when we have a beautiful planet that COULD be managed properly for the benefit of all humans.  (The Humanity Party® can help do this.)  The answer is: the Earth is being destroyed and wars and misery are marginalizing many and helping only a few, so the few with money want to invest in finding a way to help their future families survive the inevitability of the human race’s demise.

Those with lots of money and power want to discover ways that humans can live away from the Earth so that they don’t have to deal with the problems, many of which they have caused because of their desire to acquire wealth through the slavery and inequality of others.

When the human race first developed upon Earth, during the First Dispensation of Human Time, approximately 6 billion years ago, it lasted for almost two (2) million years.  When humans first appeared in our solar system, there was only one planet upon which they lived and flourished: Earth.  There was no need or purpose for any of the other planets, as the existence of life is all about humans.  In the beginning, there was no need for a moon.

During this FIRST time period, as human nature was then, and is today, and will always be, technology and innovation had progressed far beyond what we know today.  In the beginning, there was no moon for Earth.  Human scientists had learned how to create other solid masses away from Earth.  The moon’s original intent was to allow humans to control the weather better and to control the large bodies of water that began to develop on Earth as a causation of “paving over paradise and putting in a parking lot.”

As we have previously explained, the Earth was once mostly covered with plants.  Plants contain lots of water.  When human society developed and removed the plants to put in buildings and cities, the water that was once utilized by the plants to maintain Earth’s symbiosis, pooled on land masses and became oceans.  Once this had happened, scientists had to figure out a way to control the tides.  Their experimentation eventually led to the creation of the moon.

*Symbiosis is an interaction between two different natural organisms or entities living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

Once they learned how to create a large mass of land in space, they started to do what our current scientists are doing: finding ways to create communities of humans out in space.  But during the First Dispensation of Human Time, no other planets existed.  So our ancient, VERY INTELLIGENT and experienced scientists started to experiment with creating new places where humans could live.  They started to think about these things once our humanity took a turn for the worse and humans were divided and marginalized, leading to war and misery.

Their first try created Mercury.  Since they found that they failed to create a planet upon which humans could live, they didn’t need to create a moon for it.  There’s no water there.  Then they tried to create Venus.  They thought they were closer to success, but that failed too, so it didn’t need a moon either.  Then, when they thought they had it down, they created Mars.  For a short time, Mars had water.  They were really excited about the possibilities of humans inhabiting Mars, so they tried to put a moon there.  There first try at a moon for Mars failed to do what they wanted it to do.  So, they tried again.  This is why Mars has two unfinished moons.

Well, during all this time they were trying everything to get it right.  The large gaseous planets were other tries to get it right.  And Pluto?  It was actually meant to be Neptune’s moon.  But because they couldn’t quite get Neptune to form the solid characteristics that they had hoped, its moon floated away and became Pluto.

Now, during the time of all this new human-made creation in the solar system, humankind destroyed itself, except for a few pockets of people who had hidden away from all the chaos and destruction.  the Mars Project was never finished.

IF the moon was a natural occurrence that happened through the laws of nature, then why do Earth and Mars have moons, but Mercury and Venus don’t?  They should.  But they don’t.

Now you know why.