Christopher’s introduction to his involvement in the Garden Park HOA lawsuits.

Ida Smith_Christopher

The following was posted by Christopher on the Garden Park Condominiums HOA Facebook® Page:

Since I am the focus of the malicious defamation and discrimination that is occurring at the Garden Park Condominium Community in Orem, Utah, let me briefly introduce myself and how this all started:

My real name is Christopher Nemelka. I have published a number of books that are religious in nature that attempt to open the closed minds and hard hearts of many religious people, who passive-aggressively incite discord among their neighbors because of their staunch religious beliefs of we’re right and everyone else is wrong. I have personally registered a trademark for the following statement which is associated with the work that I do:

Everyone is Right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

The books are analogous and symbolic. One of the books, The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, is presented as the official counterpart of the Book of Mormon. In the Book of Mormon, it explains that the “sealed part” is the “greater part.” Many believers in the Book of Mormon have looked forward to the day when the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon would come forth. It came forth in 2004, whether the Mormons want to believe it or not.

The late Ida Smith was the most popular resident living at Garden Park. Ida was the first Director of the BYU Women’s Studies, under the direction of then BYU president, Jeffery R. Holland, who was also one of Ida’s best friends. Holland is currently an Apostle for the LDS Church. Ida’s other close friends consisted of many Church leaders, and most notably, Senator Orin Hatch and the late Senator Robert Bennett.

Ida purchased the very first unit in the Garden Park community. She purchased the SHOW UNIT that the developers used to sell their units.

Long story short,

Ida read my books and started telling her friends that the books were very important and good, just as true and important, in fact, more so than the Book of Mormon.

By 2007, the LDS Church had excommunicated her for simply reading the books and sharing her opinion of them.

After the Church excommunicated her, the local Bishop, Earl Carter, (he can be seen in one of the videos posted on this Facebook Page mocking me), announced that members of the local LDS Ward should avoid Ida Smith, as she was being deceived by me. He actually said this at church during an open Ward meeting.

Needless to say, most of Ida’s LDS friends began to shun her and alienate themselves from her.

I met Ida sometime around 2007. She was quite upset that the local community had turned against her as it had, and that her good friends, including the U.S. Senators and LDS Apostles, among others, had shunned her.

(She actually recorded a telephone conversation she had with Jeffrey R. Holland about me. It’s available online for anyone to hear. Holland calls me a “Whacko.” When Ida asks Holland if he had ever met me in person, he admitted that he had not, but continued to defame me still.)

But anyways …

Ida wanted to deed her condo to me so that I could live in Orem, the most exclusive and populous LDS community, per capita, in the world. She thought that my presence might help the LDS people. Since she had purchased the Show Unit, the basement was finished. My wife and I lived in Ida’s basement from time to time.

Other opportunities to purchase units arose, and I was able to buy a few units in the same building where Ida lived. As a legal owner, I attended my first Garden Park HOA meeting …

And that’s where it all began.

Larry Goff was then the President of the HOA. The first order of HOA business was Larry offering an Opening Prayer, to which I adamantly objected, explaining that an HOA meeting was NOT the place where religion should play ANY part.

Larry responded, “We need to call on our Creator for His help.”

To which I responded, “He might be your Creator, but he is not mine nor anyone else’s who does not belong to your church.”

You can imagine the uproar and the vehement hate of the LDS homeowners present at that meeting. For almost 40 years the Garden Park HOA meetings had begun with a prayer. With one objection, according to law, they were stopped. From that moment on, I was a marked man for hatred, discrimination, prejudice, and abuse by the LDS community.

I ran for the HOA Board one year and a LDS member posted a picture of Ida and me on all of the 144 doors at Garden Park with the following penned in black sharpie:


Of course, I lost the election.

I let things go, having experienced this kind of abuse from the LDS people for many years. I ignore them and write more books. 🙂

Ida tragically died in 2014. Of course, the rumor still circulates that I murdered her to take over her condo. Sigh.

I have an elderly mother whom I moved into Ida’s vacant condo after I fixed it up so that it was safe for my mother to live there, which included removing some VERY UNSAFE stairs upon which my elderly mother could have fallen and hurt herself. When the HOA Board found out that I had removed the stairs without HOA permission (which I legally did not need), they began to spread rumor throughout the Community that I had rejected all the HOAs laws and was acting illegally. I committed no illegal act whatsoever. But the rumors still spread. The rumors were talked about in OPEN HOA meetings, of which we have video recordings.

Ironically, if you watch the video that Lynnette Cook posted of her recent meeting with other owners, a homeowner points to another man at the meeting and accuses him of being me. I haven’t met, but probably three other owners, as I travel a lot and am hardly home with my mother.

Upon watching the video, one can feel the visceral hate and discrimination against me by people who have NEVER met me nor had any interaction with me. One man says he had dealt with me in the past, but I have never met the man.

I wanted to stay uninvolved with all the HOA politics because I knew it was being completely controlled by Larry Goff and other LDS leaders of the community.

But then I was apprised of what they were doing to Lynnette Cook. That’s when I got involved. And once I got involved,

Well, the fireworks began!

I will not stop until law and order FINALLY comes to Garden Park. Not only for me, but for my mother and the rest of the innocent owners who have been affected by the passive-aggressive nature of the LDS people.

Religion has torn apart this community. Shame on the LDS Church and the actions of its members!

I will be filing a lawsuit for a number of illegal acts committed by the HOA Board next week, which include, but are not limited to: Defamation.

Here is the Federal Statute on Defamation:

28 U.S. Code § 4101 – Definitions

(1)Defamation.—The term “defamation” means any action or other proceeding for defamation, libel, slander, or similar claim alleging that forms of speech are false, have caused damage to reputation or emotional distress, have presented any person in a false light, or have resulted in criticism, dishonor, or condemnation of any person.

Now you tell me. Do I have a strong case for Defamation?

You bet I do!

And I will seek justice and equality under the law!