Our notes for the Dream of Mortal Life book on the First Dispensation of Human Time. How the Earth began. How and when humans first appeared upon Earth.

first man

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First Dispensation of Human Time

≈6 Billion BCE to ≈5,998,000,000 BCE

Keywords in this chapter:

Advanced humans: the eternal, perfect beings we have always been.

Mortals/mortality: who we appear to be when our advanced brain is dreaming.

Real world: where advanced humans live.

Earth: where mortals live and the advanced dream experience takes place.


The human experience of being conscious and living upon Earth began simultaneously and collectively for the particular group of advanced humans to which we all belong. Our group consists of (≈) approximately 15.07 billion people.

Conscious life began exactly like it begins in our dreams. When we dream, there is no precondition or precreation responsible for the environment in which we find ourselves as the dream begins. We just exist.

When we are awake (conscious), we go about our daily life upon Earth as individuals with free will. We do what we want and so does everybody else. During our dreams, however, our mortal avatar seems to take on a life and will of its own. We cannot control what happens inside of our dreams. Our dreams happen as a result of the things that we experience during our daily lives. The dream experience is a naturally occurring event that our brain produces in order to maintain its emotional balance. This emotional balance is actually a physical balance. Our emotions produce differing degrees of feelings that can affect our physical body. We physically experience (feel) sensations of happiness on the one end and unhappiness on the other. The perfectly balanced brain exists somewhere closer to the middle.

This middle ground is the physical sensation of PEACE. PEACE creates the unique physical expression of a smile. Only humans smile. Extreme happiness can change our smile into excitement, just as unhappiness can change it into a frown. Our brain is consistently seeking the balance of PEACE.

Our dreams are created, not by our free will, but by our brain’s response to imbalance. The dream experience that our brain creates depends on the differing degrees of happiness or unhappiness that we experience during our daily lives that move us away from our PEACE. Although we use our free will to create happiness and unhappiness, our brain is set up to ensure that the decisions that we make do not overload our brain’s natural balance. Our dreams are our brain’s way of keeping its own balance regardless of what the free-willed person does.

Mortal life is simply the dream experience of our advanced brain maintaining its perfect balance—its PEACE. The difference between the dream consciousness that we experience during our unconscious dreams as mortals—while we’re sleeping or having random, thoughtless daydreams—and the conscious experience of mortal life upon Earth that is occurring in our advanced brain is that we do not share in each others’ mortal dreams.

Because our advanced brain is so highly advanced and much more powerful and sophisticated than our mortal brain could ever be, mortal life appears to be very real. In fact, the mortal experience is so profound that it is the only reality that we can imagine even exists. This situation allows each advanced human’s brain the opportunity for experiences during mortal life upon Earth that keep each of our advanced brains balanced. That’s all life upon Earth is: an experience that our advanced brain needs to balance what is happening in our real life as eternal, perfect advanced human beings.

Problems arise during the mortal dream experience when our mortal avatar is not allowed to act with free will. If another mortal impedes our free will in any way and keeps us from doing what we want, the purpose for the mortal dream experience loses its effectiveness in doing what it is supposed to be doing for our advanced brain: keeping it emotionally balanced.

(We will explore how our mortal experiences occur as a direct result of what is going on in our advanced human daily life in another chapter. What’s important to understand in this chapter is how the mortal world—Earth—came to be.)

Like the worlds that we experience in our dreams, the Earth first appeared in its perfect form consistent with the real world where we are actually living as conscious, eternal, advanced humans. A dream world is the result of our mind using what it knows, or what it can imagine, to create this world. Many of our mortal dreams seem convoluted and random. These dreams can include places, people, and things that come from our imagination. Imagination is what our brain is capable of creating from its own past experiences, many of which we cannot remember. And, only humans can imagine. We can only imagine things that we have experienced in our past. Because our mortal brains do not have the ability or the capacity to remember everything that we have ever done precisely as we did it, not only in this life but also in other lives upon Earth in the past, as well as other lives as advanced humans, our brain can only imagine these things. Imagination only occurs in our mortal brain. Our advanced brain does not need to imagine. An advanced brain has the ability and the capacity to remember everything that we have ever done precisely as it occurred. (Another chapter will cover this in more detail.)

When the human race first appeared upon Earth, we appeared together—all ≈15.07 billion of us at once. In the beginning, the Earth appeared the only way that we could perceive it as dreaming advanced humans: in its perfect form patterned after the world where we used to live … or rather, patterned after the real world where we really are living as advanced humans, whose brains are creating the mortal dream experience.

The Earth is governed by a consistent set of natural laws: the laws of nature. These laws are eternal and do not change over time. Humans are the only life form that learns about these laws and how to use them to their advantage and benefit. Every other non-human life form found upon Earth was created by the laws of nature and is required by its nature to live by these laws.

In the beginning, there was no life form of any kind that did not benefit and serve human need. How could there be? Earth was patterned after our real world that was perfect for human existence. There are no predators that eat weaker species in our real world. When a lion hunts down, attacks and devours a weaker animal, what does seeing this do to our peace? Some modern mortals get some excitement out of it, but those who love the weaker species that are being eaten alive do not. There were no mosquitos. There were no skunks. There were no noxious weeds. There were no harmful bacteria or viruses that could hurt humans. The Earth, in its original, natural state was the perfect place for humans to live.

In the beginning, humans did not eat meat. They did not kill any life form to sustain their own life. Humans ate things that nature already provided perfectly formed for human enjoyment. Nothing tastes better than fruits that bear their own seeds IF these fruits are grown naturally for the purpose for which they were created: for human consumption and joy. The Earth was covered with plants that served human need. There were no large, salty bodies of water upon Earth in the beginning. There were grasses, flowers, shrubbery, trees, and all manner of vegetation, each bearing seed in itself after its own kind. These types of vegetation landscaped individual spaces where each human lived independently, or together by choice. Humans didn’t need to cultivate the land and care for the plants. Nature took care of the plants perfectly. To help the plants, there were perfect animals and insects, none of which would ever harm a human. The bee didn’t have a stinger in the beginning.

The birds in all their shapes and forms, from the smallest hummingbird to the largest seed-eating songbird, existed for human enjoyment and to manage the plants. Birds never pooped on a human. They only pooped where nature provided a space for them. And found in their poop were the undigested seeds and fertilizer needed to grow another useful plant for humans. There were no animals with teeth strong or sharp enough to break apart a seed and eat it. Seeds were not meant to be eaten. Seeds were meant to be planted somewhere to grow and produce either food or beauty for human enjoyment. Modern animals that eat seeds can also bite and harm a human.

Any modern plant or animal, bacteria or virus that can harm a human did not exist when the Earth first appeared simultaneously with the humans for which it existed. And none of these harmful plants or animals evolved. Earth’s nature wouldn’t allow it. Humans are completely responsible for the creation of plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses that can harm them. (We will discuss more about how this happened in the next chapter.)

In the beginning, the human body was much different than it is today. To understand what the first human bodies upon Earth were like, all one needs to do is use one’s imagination. Keep in mind that we can only imagine what we once experienced. Consider everything and anything that takes away your peace, not necessarily negatively, but also positively. Are we at peace when we lust and desire sexual fulfillment and cannot get it? Therefore, the first humans were asexual, non-gendered. They didn’t have the body parts necessary for sex. They didn’t need them. Without sexual body parts, the brain didn’t need to react to these parts in order to keep the sexual parts of the body balanced. There was no lust, no sexual desire, and no need to create new human beings. The Earth was populated by the maximum number of humans for which it was perfectly designed and created: ≈15.07 billion dreaming advanced humans.

The original humans did not poop or pee. When a person ate something, the entire apple, for example, was consumed and absorbed completely by the body, in the mouth, for the brain. The perfect mortal brain needed that kind of absorption and energy. The first human bodies didn’t have any blood. Where each capillary, vessel, vein, or artery exists in our modern bodies, a nerve of a similar size existed in the perfect mortal body, patterned after advanced bodies—the only ones with which we were first familiar.

We did not have a heart. We didn’t need a pump to pump blood throughout our body. Why would we need a pump for blood that did not exist? Everything was done through the nervous system. Our primal brains were completely assimilated with the nervous system that supplied our body with the nerves by which we tasted, smelled, saw, touched, and heard things. The fact is, we do not need blood in order for our five physical senses to do their job. But they cannot do their jobs without our nervous system.

The first human bodies did not breathe. We didn’t need to breathe. Breathing is needed for the blood. Eating is needed for the blood. Without blood, we do not need to breathe, but we still need to eat. When the perfect human body eats an apple, it looks good, it feels good, it tastes good, it smells good, and we like to hear the sound of a crisp apple crunching in our mouth. The entire apple is absorbed through the mouth, which is connected to the nose. The energy from consuming the apple is directly absorbed into our brain. There is no waste, therefore, no poop.

In the beginning, our bodies did not require water. We can’t see water, we can’t smell water, we can’t taste water, and we can’t actually hear water (except as it hits and interacts with something else). And when we touch water, what are we feeling? We don’t feel water. We feel what water does when it reacts to our body. Without blood, our body does not need to react with water to cool it down or replenish it. In the beginning, water was only for plants. Plants need water. Plants create water. Besides the great rivers and small streams that beautify and give variety to the face of the earth, the only water that existed, in the beginning, was for plants.

The entire surface of Earth was covered with plants. After many, many years of human habitation when humans figured out the laws of nature and begin to violate them and use nature to serve selfish interests, most of the plants were removed … “we paved paradise and put in a parking lot.” What happened to all the water that sustained all those plants? Great bodies of unutilized water formed. (More on this later.)

The first human bodies didn’t die. How could we die when we had never experienced death? Remember, the only things that can happen on Earth are what our brains have experienced before. Advanced humans do not die. They weren’t created. They have always been. Death was introduced to our mortal experience by humans. Humans introduced sickness to the mortal experience. Humans introduced everything that does not bring peace to humans. It is really that simple. Humans living in our past created everything that exists upon Earth, in what we consider as “modern times,” that affects our emotional balance of peace.

Humans lived upon Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, over a million years during the First Dispensation of human civilization, before they began to create plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses that harmed humans. It was just over a million years of existence before humans began to change their bodies from their perfect physical state to the ancestral conditions that were responsible for our modern bodies. In the beginning, there was only the Earth that existed in our solar system and sustained by our sun. There were neither moons nor other planets. Humans made these too.

With the current technology and abilities that we have, which only took us a couple hundred years to develop, we can easily understand how our ancient ancestors (our ancient selves) did what they did. We create new species of plants and animals all the time. We can create new bacteria and viruses. We easily cut down the rainforests and “put in a parking lot.” And we’re on the verge of creating new planets and moons.

WHY these first humans did what they did to the perfect world is very important to understand. If we understand why they would do such a seemingly ridiculous thing, it might help us to understand what we must do to save ourselves from how they ended up: mostly destroyed along with all the good things that the Earth was supposed to provide for the human experience.



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