What it means: “This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”


There is no religion upon Earth that is Real Truth.  There is no concept that is believed or taught in any religion that is Real Truth.  This is one of the most important things to keep in mind as one pursues an understanding of Real Truth.  You will not find any part of the Real Truth in religion … not in ANY religion.  If you try to reconcile your religious beliefs with any of the concepts of Real Truth, not only will you fail to reconcile any of your religious beliefs, but you will fail miserably at understanding Real Truth.

In order to understand the Real Truth about our existence, you must become as a little child and throw out EVERYTHING … not just some things … EVERYTHING you have learned since being a child.

Religion is the byproduct of the human need to understand the purpose of life and one’s search for the answers.  Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?

Religion has, is, and will continue to destroy our ability to live in peace and harmony with each other on Earth as long as there exists an “I’m right and you’re wrong” attitude. In an effort to be valued, people try to convince others that the answers that their religion provides them are right and that every other religion’s answers are wrong.

The Real Truth is: Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

The irony of the struggle to know and understand life’s questions is that mortals were not meant to know these answers.  It’s really that simple.

But this does not take away the inner struggle to know and find out.  This struggle is not natural and was never meant to be.  Little children do not struggle with this.  They just live and don’t worry about life’s questions.  It’s not until older children (we call them adults) try to force their answers on the innocent child that the problems and the struggle begin.

When a person admits that they don’t know, yet there appears to be someone in their life, someone that the person values, who does know, or at least claims to know, the unknowing person wonders what they’re missing out on, or what is wrong with them that they can’t find or grasp the answers.

Everyone wants to be right.  No one is.

If we all acted and lived as little children do, we wouldn’t worry about who we are, where we came from, or why we exist.  We would just exist and take full advantage of the world in which we exist.  This is how we are supposed to live.  This is how the neurons and dendrites that make up our advanced brain expect the mortal experience to play out.

Our advanced brain’s makeup is perfectly set up so that the subconscious experience (mortal life) plays out while the advanced person is going about their daily activities of living in the perfect human world.  It was never meant for the dream self to know that it is dreaming.  During your mortal dreams, does your dream self know that it is dreaming?  No.  The only reality that exists to your dream self is the dream itself.

Likewise, mortal life was meant to be the only reality your mortal self is supposed to be concerned with.  Again, mortals are not meant to know anything about anything outside of life upon Earth.  This is the Real Truth.

If it were not the Real Truth, then all humans would equally develop the ability to figure out life’s answers for themselves, without help from anyone.  Our answers would always agree because there can only be one ultimate answer to who we are and why we exist.

If we wouldn’t worry about who we are and why we exist, we might be able to start sharing the world equally and playing together in peace and harmony.

The problems and struggles began when a few aged children started feeling like they weren’t as good as others.  These few began to invent ways (invent answers to life’s questions that nobody knows) to make themselves as good as others, at least in their own minds.  “I have the unanswerable answers to life’s questions.  I am valuable to those who don’t know.”  This was the way that all religious belief started.

Although we appear to have an inner struggle to know and understand who we are and why we exist, if we could understand why there’s an inner pull to understand, then we might learn to stop struggling and just let life play out as it does.

The struggle comes from the reality that our mortal self is actually a part of our Higher Self.  The mortal experience upon Earth is occurring in the subconscious of our Higher Self’s brain, similar to how dreams occur in our mortal subconscious.

An important difference between our Higher Self’s advanced brain capacity and capability compared to our mortal brain’s is that an advanced person can access their dreams at any time and consciously observe what is happening during the subconscious neuron occurrences that an advanced person perceives as the dream of mortal life.

Observing what our dream self is doing can be a part of the daily life of our Higher Self, but only if we choose it to be.  At any moment during our Higher Self’s daily life, we can access the part of our advanced brain where the mortal experience is taking place.  Upon doing so, the subconscious experience becomes a conscious one and we actually begin to live the experiences that our mortal dream self is living upon Earth.

Because our advanced brain’s neurons and dendrites can function in this way, our mortal dream self sometimes feels like someone is watching over us.  Someone or something is paying attention to our mortal life.  Someone cares about me.  Someone is watching over me.  I have a guardian angel that leads me, guides me, walks beside me, and helps me find the way.  These are real mortal feelings.

The Real Truth, however, is that everyone has the same guardian angel: the feelings that come from their Higher Self’s brain connections.

When another tries to convince us that their guardian angel, their god, is supposed to be our angel and god and lead us, guide us, walk beside us, and help us find the way, this is when all the problems start.  What their Higher Self expects from the mortal experience might very well be completely different than what our Higher Self expects.  Thus, Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

Because no mortal has a brain with the capacity and capability to reverse the direction of consciousness and know what their Higher Self is doing at any given moment, no mortal knows anything about the existence of their Higher Self.  The only way they could know would be if something happened to their mortal brain that allowed the brain to willingly and consciously access what is happening in their Higher Self’s experience.

If religious belief (answers about who we are and why we exist) is causing all the problems because none of us has access to the Real Truth, there would be only one way to stop these problems: cause the mortal brain to know the Real Truth that everyone is right, which makes everyone wrong.®

If there were no religious belief, there would be no need for a True Messenger.  A True Messenger’s role is simple: prove that everyone is right, which makes everyone wrong.®  There is no other purpose for a True Messenger’s role.

To prove that everyone is right, a True Messenger has the convincing power to prove that everyone is wrong IF one believes that their right (their religion) is more right than another’s.  For this reason, it appears that True Messengers are generally attacking and confounding religion all the time. True Messengers are mandated by the very nature of their new brain connections to confound things that are not Real Truth.

When a True Messenger is needed because religion is destroying the ability of our Higher Selves to have the proper mortal experience conducive to the needs of each of our individual advanced brains, a change occurs in his mortal brain’s functioning.  Rather, a change is made to his advanced brain where the mortal experience is occurring.

This process is simple:

With permission given by the rule of law and authority that governs the world where our Higher Selves exist (referred to in religious circles as Jehovah, the Great Lawgiver), one of our Higher Selves is assigned to be the True Messenger.  When the necessity arises … and the necessity arises when things are spiraling out of control during the mortal experience … a True Messenger is chosen.  Or rather, one of our Higher Selves volunteers.  Upon volunteering and being chosen for the role, a physical change is made to the advanced person’s brain that causes the neurons and dendrites to allow the subconscious (mortal experience) to access the Higher Self’s consciousness.  In other words, the dream self can access the dreamer’s conscious mind.

Consider this:

As a mortal, you’re dreaming.  During your dream, all of a sudden, your dream self stops what it is doing and starts talking to you and interacting with you.  Your dream self becomes aware of the YOU outside of the dream experience: the conscious mind that is having the dream.  This never happens during your mortal dreams.  As you dream, YOU (the dreamer) becomes the dream self.  As you dream, you are not aware that you are dreaming until the dream ends.  Your normal mortal brain is incapable of perceiving YOU as both the dreamer and the dream self.  Your mortal brain can only be conscious in one state or the other.  You’re either dreaming or you’re awake.

A mortal True Messenger not only becomes and experiences what his dream self is and does but can also access the consciousness of his Higher Self, as if in a dream.  Although fully mortal, a True Messenger can become conscious in his advanced world and see, hear, feel, smell, and taste as if awake during mortality or during a mortal dream.  This is the only way that a True Messenger can know the Real Truth about who we really are and why we really exist without his mortal brain deceiving him like most False Messenger’s brains do.

The true test of a True Messenger is simple.  A True Messenger can answer the hard questions about life so that they make sense and leave no other questions unanswered.  A False Messenger will tell you: “We don’t always understand what God’s plan is, but it will all make sense in the end.  Just listen to God and do what His leaders tell you.”

A True Messenger can confound all religious belief and provide answers that make sense to all people.  A True Messenger has the knowledge and ability to prove that everyone is wrong, which makes everyone right.  A True Messenger can help a person understand the reality of the feeling that exists inside—the inner pull of something being there—that compels us to want to know who we are and why we exist.

The difference between a True Messenger and a False Messenger (religious leaders, spiritual gurus, claimants of some special knowledge or ability, etc.) is that if a True Messenger is asked to answer the questions about who we are and why we exist, he will respond, “You’re not supposed to know.  Just live.”  False Messengers, on the other hand, make things up and make you feel guilty or stupid for not knowing what they pretend to know.

It is because of religion that Inpendius existed and began to spread his message at the crucial time (circa 60 BCE) when the Great Roman Republic was transitioning into an Empire.  A Republic was more conducive to supporting laws and ideals that allowed individual freedom of thought and expression.  An Empire would establish a dictator who mandated what laws were ideal for that dictator’s guardian angel and god.

It was planned for Inpendius to be born into the world with a brain that could access his Higher Self’s experience—his “Father’s.”  Born with a True Messenger’s brain, Inpendius astounded his parents and others at a very young age.  He would say things like, “My Father and I are One. I can do nothing except what the Father who is in me tells me to do and what I see the Father do, I do.”

How else was Inpendius supposed to explain what he knew?  How else could he have explained his relationship with his Higher Self?  And with this understanding, Inpendius began to teach others about their Higher Self, about their own Father.  But because he was attempting to teach people who didn’t have the brain capacity and capability to understand the Real Truth about their True Self, he explained it any way he could.  Because his teachings directly attacked religion … ALL RELIGION … his greatest critics and enemies were the religious leaders.

What were his teachings?   Because Inpendius didn’t write anything down, and his teachings were all verbal, after he was murdered by those whom he confounded, rumor and myth about who he was and what he taught spread among the people living in the Great Roman Empire.  The same thing happened about 300 years before when Socrates, also a True Messenger, started “corrupting the youth” of the ancient Greek culture.  Because a True Messenger confounds orthodox belief, he is a threat to religion, especially to religious leaders who have made up the answers and are forcing them down their followers’ throats with threats of damnation and hell if their false narrative is not embraced and believed.

Socrates and Inpendius were killed.  Similar in many ways, their messages were ignored and rejected.  But both had followers who tried to keep their teacher’s message alive.   It was a small group of Greco-Roman writers led by Canaeus that was commissioned to put together a synopsis of the messages of both Socrates and Inpendius. Their message transcended the religious beliefs of that day (circa 400 CE [a.d.]).  This message became known as the “fullness of the everlasting gospel delivered by the Savior” to the people.  It was written as the Sermon on the Mount and reiterated throughout the stories of the hero figure Canaeus and his writers invented to represent a True Messenger—largely based on the myths that had developed from the life and times of Inpendius (88 BCE to 56 BCE).  This hero’s name was Jesus, the Christ.

The entire “fullness” of Jesus’ message centers around how we can get along with each other while living mortal life.  He is our Savior because, if we don’t listen to him, we’re going to kill each other.  We are only saved by how well we pay attention to his message.  The stories that surrounded the life of Jesus were examples of how to treat each other right so that we can all live in peace and harmony perpetually (eternal life of man) upon Earth for as long as we desire.

Modern-day researchers have found other evidence of stories about a True Messenger living among the people.  The most prolific is the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The scrolls speak of a “teacher of righteousness” that led a small group of people and taught them new things.  The teacher was eventually “hung on a tree” where he died.  These people’s origins, the Essenes, can be traced back to about the time of Inpendius (88 BCE to 56 BCE).

There were many other stories that got their start from the life and times of True Messengers, but most are fabrications used by unscrupulous and opportunistic men to deceive others into following them and putting them up as something special, and of course, take their follower’s money.

Having failed to convince the majority of the people that religion and religious belief is all false, True Messengers often resorted to using contemporary, orthodox beliefs in an attempt to open the hardened hearts and blind minds of the religious.

Mohammed tried and failed.  Mohammed dictated a new set of scriptures to scribes, for the people, in hopes that it would help.  It didn’t.

After he was murdered, Mohammed’s followers fractured into two main groups: those who thought that Mohammed’s actual descendants would carry on his mission (Shia), and those who thought that his appointed religious leaders would carry on his mission (Sunni).  The Sunni are vastly more in number than the Shia.

In 1844, the exact same scenario took place with the first modern American True Messenger, Joseph Smith, Jr.

Joseph also dictated a new set of scripture to scribes, for the people, in hopes that it would help.  It didn’t.

After he was murdered, Joseph’s followers fractured into two main groups: those who thought that Joseph’s actual descendants would carry on his mission (Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, n.k.a., Community of Christ), and those who thought that his appointed religious leaders would carry on his mission (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [LDS/Mormon]).  The LDS/Mormons vastly outnumber the Reorganized Mormons.

In both cases, although uncannily similar in the formation of their different religions, Muslims and Mormons couldn’t be more incorrect.  Once a True Messenger is killed,  there is no one left on Earth who has the capacity and capability to know the Real Truth.

The world was left without a True Messenger until June 16, 1987.  On that day, the final True Messenger’s advanced brain was physically transformed so that his mortal brain could access the information and experience of his Higher Self.  Christopher was the result.  “Christopher” means Bearer of Christ.

For all intents and purposes, Christopher is the Savior of the world.

As it did in Socrates’, Inpendius’, Mohammed’s, and Joseph’s own day, this statement riled up the critics and angered those who have been deceived into thinking that there exists an entity outside of their True Higher Self that is responsible for the salvation of the individual.  There is not.

Each of us is directly and solely responsible for our own salvation—where salvation is the ability to bring to pass immortality and eternal life.  Each person is his or her own savior.  Each has the ability to bring to pass their own immortality and eternal life.  What does this religious term actually mean?

Many religious terms have been used in an effort to open the blind eyes and deaf ears of those who have been deceived by religion. None is more profound than this:

“This is my work and my glory: to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

Nothing is more important to our Higher Self than having the opportunity to engage in the mortal experience for the sake of our advanced brain.  Our advanced brain is set up to have the perfect mortal experience where we can act and be acted upon according to our individual free will.  Only upon this unconditional free will can the mortal experience play out the way that it must in order to comply with the needs of our Higher Self’s brain.  As long as it plays out the way it is supposed to, we can live upon Earth as long as we want, even eternally.

The glory that each of us has is that we are all equal advanced beings; no one is better or worse than another.  Our “work” is trying to get our mortal dream self to get along with others properly so that life upon Earth may be eternal; so that the Earth can serve its eternal purpose, a purpose that was meant to support our immortal natures.

This is ALL our work and ALL our glory!

It’s who we are and why we exist.