Scientists rapidly produce mineral that pulls CO2 from the atmosphere. Our ancient scientists did the same thing. But our Earth was set up to do it and was doing it very well in the beginning … WITH PLANTS!


Consider that mortals created plastics from oil, both of which are carbon based.  Plastics serve human need.  The idea and concept of plastic has only been around about 75 years.

During the First Dispensation of Human Time upon Earth (which lasted almost 2 million years), mortals removed many large areas of lush plant based environs and began to build houses, buildings, and cities out of manmade materials.  One of the materials that our ancient ancestors invented and used to build incredible structures of beauty was the ancient progenitor of magnesite.  Like plastics, magnesite was not a naturally occurring substance until our ancient scientists figured out how to trap the CO2 emissions that the plants were trapping before the plants were cut down in order to allow mortals to use the Earth the way they wanted .

Consider what a piece of plastic is going to look like in a billion years.  Now imagine a beautiful house made of magnesite’s ancient matriarchal mineral.  Billions of years ago, magnesite was as hard as diamonds are today.  Diamonds are simply carbon.  Over the years, what geologists have found of what is left from these ancient buildings is brittle, and of course, covered up in the Earth.  Calcite, similar to magnesite is one of the most common minerals upon Earth.  Both of these minerals are the result of what our ancient ancestors did to the Earth during the First Dispensation of human time.

The Earth was once almost entirely land.  There were no seas.  There were wonderful streams, rivers, lakes that beautified and gave variety to the Earth.  Human curiosity and innovation took over and eventually replaced all the plants with manmade materials.  The result, the CO2 was not absorbed as plants do it.  So, scientists invented minerals that would absorb the CO2 that the plants once did, but not in the same way.  The salty seas were eventually the result because most of the first human civilization was destroyed and no one who was left upon Earth had the scientific knowledge and wherewithal to maintain and control what human technology had done.  Without humans around to maintain the CO2 levels through their innovation and technology, the laws of nature took over.

Now scientists are doing it again.  Instead of planting massive amount of plants to do the job naturally, scientists are recreating minerals that extract CO2 from the atmosphere.

“Researchers have found a way to rapidly produce the mineral magnesite, which can be used as a long-term storage solution for harmful CO2 in the atmosphere. Magnesite forms slowly in nature, presenting issues around using the mineral to deal with atmospheric CO2. However, researchers have presented a way to rapidly increase magnesite formation, opening the door to a potentially more economical way to address climate change.

“In nature, magnesite requires hundreds or thousands of years to crystallize, a process reduced to 72 days using the scientists’ method. Researchers explain that polystyrene microspheres offer the solution, serving as a catalyst that results in relatively rapid formation. Researchers indicate the microspheres may be reusable, helping keep costs down.”

The scientific name is Carbon Sequestration.  Biologic carbon sequestration refers to the assimilation and storage of atmospheric carbon in vegetation, soils, woody products, and aquatic environments.


Because modern scientists can’t accept the Real Truth about ancient human civilizations that had much greater and more extensive technology than they can comprehend with their limited knowledge, they theorize that many of the minerals found upon Earth were naturally formed.  Magnesite and calcite were not.  These, and many others like them, would not be found upon Earth had their principle formation not been invented by humans.

This entire world would change if we could convince the people that our current civilization is just one of many that existed during the billions of years of Earth’s existence.  And our current civilization, with all its developments and scientific knowledge and advancements, would be considered neanderthal to our ancient ancestors … who you now know were once YOU.

As Christopher has explained, scientific discovery will continue, and as it does, it will continue to provide evidence of the Real Truth presented in this Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.