Defending the Real Truth. My voice today and Joseph Smith Jr.’s voice from the dead in defense of our character, our work, and confronting and confounding our critics and enemies.


This is the Real Truth:

Joseph Smith was murdered by a mob that was organized by a former follower, John C. Bennett.  Bennett had been following the Mormon movement for quite some time before he became personally acquainted with Joseph Smith.  Bennett was convinced that the Book of Mormon was indeed an inspired book from God.  Once he personally met Joseph, Bennett was smitten by Joseph’s personality, charisma, and demeanor.  He briefly became one of Joseph Smith’s most ardent followers, eventually becoming Joseph’s First Assistant to the Presidency of the early LDS/Mormon Church.

Joseph gave Bennett every opportunity to become known and valued among the early Mormons.  Bennett became very popular among the Mormon people.  Bennett actually won an election as the first Mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois in 1841, even beating out Joseph Smith.  Bennett would speak incessantly about himself and his life experiences, taking up much of the time at many of the meetings where people were gathered to listen to Joseph.

Everything changed once Bennett started to take advantage of his popularity and his associations with other church members.  Joseph stood up to Bennett and put a stop to what he (Joseph) saw as Bennett’s abuse of his popularity and the financial support that Bennett was receiving from Joseph’s own followers.

Joseph confronted Bennett in front of the rest of the people and confounded Bennett’s actions and attitude.  After being ridiculed in public and losing value among Joseph’s followers, Bennett left the church, moved from Nauvoo and tried to convince others that Joseph was an evil man who was not inspired by God, but a “[gross] and most infamous impostor that ever appeared upon the face of the earth.”

Bennett would later write the following preface in a book he published about his experiences while dealing with Joseph Smith:

“I have been induced to prepare and publish the following work by a desire to expose the enormous iniquities which have perpetrated by one of the grosses [sic] and most infamous impostors that ever appeared upon the face of the earth, and by many of his minions, under the name and garb of Religion, and professedly by the direct will and command of Almighty God.”

–Bennett, John C. (1842). History of the Saints; or, an Exposé of Joe Smith and Mormonism. Boston: Leland & Whiting. p. 218.

In his exposé, Bennett accused Joseph Smith of various crimes including treason, conspiracy to commit murder, polygamy, sexual deviance, and a plethora of other things that would tarnish Joseph’s reputation and follow him throughout his life and completely destroy Joseph’s true legacy.

It was Bennett who was informed of Joseph’s transfer to and incarceration at the Carthage jail.  Bennett organized the mob that brutally murdered Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum.

If you were to have been able to ask John C. Bennett about what he knew about Joseph Smith, he would have responded that he knew Joseph Smith “better than any man ever did.”  Bennett boasted that he was an expert on Joseph Smith’s life and vowed to spend the rest of his life exposing Joseph Smith for the “[grossest] imposter[s]” that Bennett thought Smith was.

In 2005, a man brought his family to California to meet me after reading The Sealed Portion and believing that it was the “real deal.”  The moment I met this man, I knew I had met my own modern-day version of “John C. Bennett.”

Not knowing at the time how it would all play out, I played the same role as Joseph Smith did and allowed this man … whose name I will never mention again in my writings, because he loves to have his name mentioned and have it associated with mine, having no other value or purpose in his life but to expose me for the impostor that this man thinks I that am … But anyways …

I allowed this man to gain value in his life for himself and his family from his personal associations with me and those who were following the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (“MWAW”).

In fact, in 2005, there were about 20 different people gathered at a meeting in San Diego in which this man was also in attendance.  I announced to the group that all of them would stay loyal to me and “the work” (MWAW), except one of them.  Over the next few years that followed, many of those in attendance questioned whether it was they who would betray me.  All of these people know who they are and will confirm that they have all stayed loyal to me and the work over the years, except this man.

(NOTE TO THOSE WHO WERE IN ATTENDANCE: You are welcome to share your testimony of this event to whomever, whenever you’d like, making publicly known that the “Judas Prophecy Meeting” [why not call it this] took place as I have explained above.)

What I have written above about John C. Bennett can be used word for word, act for act, to describe what this man has done once I confronted him in public and took away the value that he had gained from the many who were following the MWAW.  Read what is written above again and replace the name, “John C. Bennett,” with “Echthros,” the name I will be using from now on in my writings whenever I mention this man.

Echthros Definition
  1. hated, odious, hateful
  2. hostile, hating, and opposing another
    1. used of men as at enmity with God by their sin
      1. opposing (God) in the mind
      2. a man that is hostile
      3. a certain enemy
      4. the hostile one
      5. the devil who is the most bitter enemy of the divine government

By the summer of 2009, Echthros had become involved in some business dealings with a large family living in Idaho that had also traveled to California and met with me around the same time that Echthros brought his family to meet me.

This large Idaho LDS/Mormon family left the LDS/Mormon religion and have been some of my and the work’s most staunch and loyal supporters since.  This family was once one of the most faithful LDS/Mormon families that one could imagine.  But after reading The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, everything changed for them.  Their lives have never been the same since.  The wife would one day write a newspaper op-ed that was published in the Salt Lake City Weekly.  Click link here to view.

Ironically, and with great significance, this family’s name is “Smith.

The Smith family was greatly influenced and taken in by Echthros.  The Smiths believed that Echthros had an important role to play in helping me with the work.  They began to support Echthros and his family financially to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Echthros’ wife and children believe that they have special, unique healing powers.  Echthros’ wife’s financial means is supported by this claim.  She helps heal people for money.  I didn’t say anything about the healing claims that the Echthros family was making until about 2007.  After finding out about many people traveling to Idaho to be “healed” by Mrs. Echthros, as she was a supporter and associate of me and the work, I needed to do something to put me and the work at a distance from the Echthros‘ healing claims.  I publicly announced that no mortal has any more special powers than any other.  It was at this time that Mrs. Echthros began doubting me and the work.

But when I became informed that the Smith family was being taken advantage of by Echthros in business dealings and that the reason that they had gone into debt tens of thousands of dollars to support Echthros and his family was because the Smiths believed that Echthros had an important role to play for me and the work, I interceded to stop the financial bleeding.

I publicly stood up to Echthros, similarly to how Joseph Smith publicly stood up to Bennett in 1842.  I told the Smiths that if they continued to have anything to do with Echthros and his family, they could have nothing to do with me and the work.  The Smiths made their choice and ended their financial support and close association with Echthros and his family.

I felt there was no other way to stop the Smith family from being taken advantage of by Echthros.

Needless to say, from that time forward (the summer of 2009), Echthros became my most bitter critic and enemy.  He has done to me, my name, and the work, what John Bennett did to Joseph Smith.  If anyone were to ask Echthros who was the most informed expert on my life and the work, he would adamantly claim that he is.

Over the years following the summer of 2009, Echthros has published thousands of pages of documents, affidavits, and other things that he calls “evidence” about me and the work, ALL of which are not true, most of which are defamatory.

If what Echthros had published on the Internet only affected me personally, I wouldn’t care, neither would those who oversee this Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.  But Echthros’ publications have damaged many lives and caused much heartache for hundreds of people who find the work, read the books, and change their lives and leave religion.  Once these people leave their religion, and their family and friends find out that they did so after reading the work’s books, their loved ones scour the Internet to find all that they can find out about me and the work.  Of course, anything positive that they find about me and the work they ignore.  They look for proof that I have done,

“… enormous iniquities which have [been] perpetrated by one of the grosses and most infamous impostors that ever appeared upon the face of the earth, and by many of his minions, under the name and garb of Religion, and professedly by the direct will and command of Almighty God.”

Echthros’ published lies and malicious subjective writings and exposés have literally caused millions of dollars of financial hardship on the company that employs me.  They have caused unrelenting and anger-filled accusations between family members and loved ones, and have damaged the reputations of many people whose lives have been transformed by the MWAW.

We had to put a stop to Echthros’ lies.  In 2016, we filed a defamation lawsuit against Echthros.  The lawsuit has been ongoing ever since.  We have given Echthros every opportunity to settle the lawsuit and move on with his life, demanding only that he stops publishing defamatory statements about me and the work.  We have never demanded any money from him.  No matter what we’ve proposed, Echthros has refused.

And now, we are going to trial.

The trial will begin in January of 2019.  The Court has ordered a four-day trial.  After employing attorneys for the last couple of years in an attempt to get Echthros to settle the matter out of court and get on with his life, and after spending tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, we could not convince Echthros to concede and stop his defamation.  We tried for the last time on Friday, September 28, 2018, during a court hearing on the matter.  There will be no more offers to settle.  We are going to trial.  And according to the mandates of those who oversee this work, I am to proceed pro se from this point and represent myself and their work.

For the first time in the history of this Earth, a True Messenger will get his day in court, a day where he can cross-examine those who have accused him of being “one of the grosses and most infamous impostors that ever appeared upon the face of the earth.”

Why didn’t this take place before?  In other words, why hasn’t another True Messenger in the past had an opportunity to confront their enemies in public?  Because all the True Messengers in the past before me, when they had the opportunity to give their testimony and in person confront their enemies and critics, they were killed … each and every one.

But not this last one!

This last one will finally have his voice recorded in a public record and in a controlled court environment in which I will be able to confront and cross-examine any critic or enemy who stands against me and accuses me of things that are not true, that are malicious lies, abject defamation, and the most egregious accusations.

Echthros has to prove that the defamatory things that he has written about me are true.  Not one of them is.  He cannot bring to court or introduce any affidavit or any documentation from a third party to prove his point.  No comment from another party will be allowed and introduced as evidence unless that party is present in court to be cross-examined by me.

For this reason, those who oversee this work wanted me to proceed pro se.  They know that I know things about the past and/or about any critic and enemy that no attorney, no matter how much research or deposing is done, can possibly know.

For the first time in history, a True Messenger will be given the opportunity to stand in front of his critics and enemies, look them straight in the eyes and confront them.  This time, my life will be protected by the laws that have been established for a court of law.

If Echthros could kill me, he would.

He has made this point obvious over the years.

During his deposition, he admitted as much.

Below is the actual transcript that will be used in court as Echthros’ testimony:

During his deposition, my attorney explained to Echthros, “But you realize that if you just would stop posting some of this stuff, it could end,” referring to the lawsuit.

To which Echthros responded angrily, glaring at me and raising his voice,

“You realize that if your client would just die, this could also end.”

I will not name the location, time, and place of the trial because of space availability.  I need the people who have been affected over the years by Echthros to be able to come to court and testify and attend the trial.  Also, many of those who have been faithful and loyal to the work over the years deserve to see this all unfold.  These deserve, for the first time in the history of this world, to sit in a room and watch a True Messenger “confront and cast out Lucifer” as Joseph Smith allegorically revealed through the only thing that he left to tell the world the Real Truth about what he knew: his endowment play/presentation.

Because the white-skinned European American Christian had rejected his message and the incredible intent, message, and original purpose of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith was under strict counsel to “deliver unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it.”   (See Book of Mormon, Jacob 4:14.)

Joseph Smith never told the Real Truth.  He wasn’t allowed.  But his symbolic temple endowment presentation presents the Real Truth in a way that Mormons and those who view it “cannot understand.”

But the Real Truth is the Real Truth.  It IS the “sharp two-edged sword” that comes forth out of the mouth of a True Messenger.

I am NOW allowed to reveal the Real Truth, the “mysteries of God,” IN FULL!

And I can’t wait for this “sharp two-edged sword” to come out my mouth during trial to cut asunder the evil and malicious things that Echthros and many of my critics and enemies have said and published about me over the years.

Joseph Smith never had this chance.

I’ll do it for both of us.  But moreso for the Bros, those who have sacrificed a normal mortal existence in order to do anything that they can to bring peace upon Earth and allow the game of mortal life to play out as it was intended.

I have never been as excited as I am now to perform something that needs to be done in the defense of Real Truth and for the MWAW.

Both Joseph and I, both his work and mine, as directed by four of the wisest and most experienced mortals who have ever lived upon Earth, otherwise known as the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® …

… will FINALLY have our day in court.