Preparing for trial vs. Echthros, the father of lies. This case will ‘sign’ my death warrant, but “God” will not allow it to be executed.


Below is what Christopher wrote in his Daily Journal about his upcoming trial.

From Christopher’s Daily Journal, October 9, 2018:

At this time, nothing is more important to the Bros than motivating me to prepare for trial against Echthros.  Preparing is easy: tell the Real Truth.

As the Plaintiff in the matter, I will be presenting only four main exhibits as evidence:

PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 1, VOL I, II, III : the full website,

PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 2 : depositions of Echthros, of his wife, and of his son.

PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 3 : copies of most of the communication with Echthros since 2005, when I first met him in San Diego, CA.  This exhibit will also include many communications that Echthros has had with various people involved with me and the MWAW over the years.

PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 4 : the pleadings, motions, everything that has been filed in this case.

From these four main exhibits, as well as from the live testimony of the witnesses that will be attending trial, I will defeat Echthros once and for all … at least in a court of law.

Defeat him of what?

Defeat him of lies.

My claims against him were outlined in my original Complaint.  However, this first Complaint included the company I work for (Filtagreen) and its owners, which Plaintiffs were later removed as a Plaintiff in the action so that the case would be about me vs. Echthros only.  Also, Defendant Christine Melonakas and the other Defendants listed in the original Complaint have since been removed as a Defendant … but by God, if they start up their lies again, I will be forced to travel to their home states and sue them too!   It’s time for the Real Truth to take its stand!

Here are the original causes of action taken directly from the original Complaint as filed:


First Cause of Action

Defamation (Libel)

  1. Plaintiffs incorporate by reference the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 13 of this Complaint as though set forth in full here.
  2. Beginning on or about January 22, 2011, Defendant Echthros secured a website called Defendant Echthros secured this website through Defendant GoDaddy.  Defendant Echthros, with the assistance of Defendant GoDaddy, then began making numerous statements, in the form of blogs, editorials, emails, snapchats, texts, postings, etc., generally available to the public on the website and via Twitter, Facebook, Google, among others, thus publishing and making available to an audience of thousands, if not millions of people, in the State of Utah and around the world, the false statements and misrepresentations regarding Plaintiffs.
  3. These false statements and misrepresentations are defamatory on their face as they refer to Plaintiff Nemelka as “cruel”, a “predator” and a “cult” leader. Additional statements allege that Plaintiff Nemelka has committed fraud on the public.  Some statements infer that Plaintiff Nemelka “promotes suicide” and is threatening.  Some statements also accuse Plaintiff Nemelka of having “mental problems” and being “mentally deranged.”
  4. Defendants Echthros and GoDaddy have also placed pictures of Plaintiff Nemelka on the face of woman’s body and made other such pictures known and available to the public.
  5. Through Defendants’ false and defamatory statements and pictures, and given the business association of Plaintiffs, Plaintiffs’ personal and business reputations have been and substantially and irretrievably negatively impacted.
  6. Defendant Melonakos invented a malicious defamatory story about being involved with Plaintiff Nemelka.  Defendant Melonakos presented Plaintiff Nemelka as a “prophet” and “predator” who deceived her, stole her money, forced her into prostitution and made other false and defamatory statements.  Defendant Melonakos has given various interviews over the years wherein she clearly refers to and alludes to Plaintiff Nemelka, albeit without using his real name.
  7. In 2010, Defendant Melonakos purchased the website to publish defamatory information about Plaintiff Nemelka.  She recruited others to help her dig up information, distort the information and present it on her website.  On this website, which she later sold to Defendant Echthros, Defendant Melonakos makes the connection to Plaintiff Nemelka as being the “prophet,” “cult-leader,” “con-man,” and predator mentioned by Defendant Melonakos throughout the years on social media.  Defendant Melonakos even contributed to a television documentary by RawTV and broadcast by A&E television channel’s series called, “Dangerous Persuasions.”
  8. Defendant Blanc is the oldest daughter of Defendant Melanakos.  Defendant Blanc Better known by her stage name Lola Blanc, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and model.  She has been declared a “rising star” and “boudoir beauty” by Playboy, a “funky pop songstress” by, “one badass chick” by Refinery29, and “one to watch” by Ladygunn Magazine.  Blanc co-wrote Britney Spears‘ top 40 single “Ooh La La” in 2013 and reached number 3 as an artist on Billboard‘s Next Big Sound chart in 2014.  Blanc has appeared on such television shows as American Horror Story: Hotel.  She is also a contributing writer for, having written about a number of topics including ageism in the music industry and her experience with believing in a cult leader.  To promote herself and further her career, Defendant Blanc refers to Plaintiff Nemelka as “a polygamist con man-turned-cult leader.”  On her official website,, Defendant Blanc states that, “[Nemelka] targeted [her] mother at a church dance.  And “with the help of others, [Nemelka] devised an elaborate scheme to convince her he was a true prophet.  Defendant Blanc also asserted that Plaintiff Nemelka “separated [Defendant Blanc] from her mother [Defendant Melanakos] and forced her mother into prostitution – until one of the men had a change of heart, saving her from a life of human trafficking.”
  9. Thus, as a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ false and defamatory publications, Plaintiffs have been damaged and continued to be damaged in an amount to be proven at trial. Plaintiff is entitled to recover these damages from Defendants.
  10. Defendants engaged in the above-described wrongful actions knowingly, maliciously, and oppressively, with hatred and ill-will toward the Plaintiffs, intending to, or with reckless disregard for the truth, defame and injure Plaintiffs. In any event, Plaintiff is entitled to exemplary and punitive damages as a result of Defendants’ knowing and malicious conduct.

Second Cause of Action

Defamation Per Se

  1. Plaintiffs incorporate by reference the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 23 of this Complaint as though set forth in full here.
  2. Defendants intentionally and with actual malice published the foregoing false statements of fact that falsely imputes the commission of a criminal acts, constitutes defamation per se, under the applicable state and federal laws, and as such, the law presumes that Plaintiffs suffered general damages. Even without the benefit of that presumption, Plaintiffs did suffer pecuniary injury through the loss of sales and economic benefit, as well as, loss of income and damages for injury to reputation.

Third Cause of Action

Intentional or Reckless Interference with Economic Relations

  1. Plaintiffs incorporate by reference the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 25 of this Complaint as though set forth in full here.
  2. Because of Plaintiff Nemelka’s and Plaintiff Thiede’s relationship with Plaintiff Filtagreen, any common and normal search of Filtagreen as a possible economic partner would result in Plaintiff Nemelka or Plaintiff Thiede’s names being identified as a principal of Plaintiff Filtagreen. Accordingly, Defendants’ false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff Nemelka or Plaintiff Thiede necessarily have a direct and immediate impact on Plaintiff Filtagreen, causing potential customers to be wary of or completely avoid doing business with Plaintiff Filtagreen.  Thus, as a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ defamatory statements, Plaintiff Filtagreen has suffered substantial economic harm in the form of lost contracts and sales.
  3. Defendants intentionally or recklessly caused substantial and severe damage to Plaintiffs’ business reputations causing them thousands if not millions of dollars in lost profits and other damages, in specific amounts to be proven at trial.

Fourth Cause of Action

Intentional or Reckless Infliction of Emotional Distress

  1. Plaintiffs incorporate by reference the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 28 of this Complaint as though set forth in full here.
  2. Defendants had a motive to inflict emotional injury on Plaintiff Nemelka and Plaintiff Thiede.
  3. Defendants acted wrongfully with the intent to cause Plaintiffs severe emotional distress, or so acted when Defendants knew, or should have known, that the conduct would cause or be likely to cause severe emotional distress to Plaintiffs.
  4. The conduct of Defendants as set forth above was intentional, malicious, extreme, and outrageous and done with intent to embarrass and harm the persons of the Plaintiff Nemelka and Plaintiff Thiede. This conduct was done with reckless disregard to the consequences to the Plaintiffs.  The conduct was illegal, outrageous, and beyond all possible points of decency.
  5. As direct and proximate result of Defendants’ actions, Plaintiff Nemelka and Plaintiff Thiede have suffered severe and substantial emotional distress leading to sleeplessness, anxiety, worry, and fear over their personal lives and relationships and for the continued viability of Plaintiff Filtagreen which has been their sole or primary source of income. They have also suffered extreme humiliation and mental anguish.
  6. The above-mentioned acts of Defendants were willful, wanton, despicable, malicious, and oppressive, and justify the awarding of exemplary and punitive damages.

Fifth Cause of Action

Request for Injunction

  1. Plaintiffs incorporate by reference the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 34 of this Complaint as though set forth in full here.
  2. To assure that Defendants cease and desist misuse of the Internet and other social media, Plaintiff requests a preliminary injunction and a permanent injunction enjoining Defendants and their agents, servants, and employees, and all such persons acting under, in concert with, or for them from continuing to post to the Internet statements concerning the Plaintiffs.
  3. Plaintiff will suffer irreparable injury unless the relief requested above is granted.
  4. Plaintiffs’ remedy at law is inadequate. While damages will compensate Plaintiff for the harm that has already occurred, it is necessary for the court to take immediate injunctive action to terminate the potential for harm.

PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 1 is a full copy of Echthros’ website,   It is 2080 pages.  Anyone interested in this case can click on the link above and view it in its entirety.  It is 2080 pages of the most egregious lies and defamatory statements, not only about me, about many others who have been associated with me over the years.

There is not one thing that Echthros has published about me throughout the entire 2080 pages that I will not be able to prove at trial is nothing more than a malicious lie … not one thing!  This exhibit is 2080 pages of intentional, malicious, extreme, and outrageous lies.

For the first time in the history of this earth a True Messenger will have his opportunity in a court of law, where it is a controlled environment, where Echthros will be arrested if he does not play by the rules of the Court or physically threatens me; where rules of evidence apply; where the only sworn affidavits that are allowed in as evidence are those of a verified legal deposition; and where no witness can testify without being cross examined … and finally … where the Real Truth will have its day in court to silence its critics and disarm its enemies.

Those who attend the trial will see how the “sharp two-edged sword proceeding forth out of his mouth” of Real Truth cuts through the lies of Lucifer.

(NOTE: The courtroom is very small.  We are asking that only those who are called as witnesses attend.  We will be petitioning the Court to video record the trial.  We will present the entire trial videotaped or fully transcribed online once it has ended.)

If you want an allegory about this trial, written by wise Greek storytellers who had knowledge of what happens to a man who tells the Real Truth and cannot be confounded by his enemies (e.g. Socrates), consider the part of the story of Jesus when Pontius Pilate tries Jesus.

The judge is Pontius Pilate.  He doesn’t have an issue in the argument between Jesus’ accusers, and Pilate and is only there to weigh the evidence.  Pilate finds nothing wrong with the things that Jesus has done or says.  Pilate asks Jesus about Jesus’ outrageous claim, “Are you the King of the Jews?”

The trial judge might ask me, “Are you the only True Messenger on Earth?”  I’ll answer the judge the same way that Jesus did in the story, “It is as you say.”

The judge will have Plaintiff’s Exhibit 1, Volumes I, II, and III before him.  “Do you not [read] how many things they testify against you?”  In the story, Jesus doesn’t say anything in response to Pilate.  Jesus doesn’t get a fair trial.  Politics take over and Pilate concedes to public pressure to protect his popularity.

I’m not certain of how the trial judge in this case will be, but from what I have gathered as this case has proceeded through his court, the judge appears to be a fair man.

Unlike the story of Jesus, I’m going to trial and will defend myself.  During trial, I will confront all the things that have been published against me and prove them all to be lies.

Luckily for me, the law and court system have changed since the days of the Jesus character.  My life will be protected by “the Gentiles.”  Well did the Bros write in their Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon:

TSP 79:46-47 (See also Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 21:10.)

“For in that day, for my sake shall the Father work a work, which shall be a great and a marvelous work among them; and there shall be among them those who will not believe it, although a man shall declare it unto them.  But behold, the life of my servant shall be in my hand; therefore they shall not hurt him, although he shall be marred because of them.  Yet I will heal him, for I will show unto them that my wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil.”

In The Sealed Portion, the Bros explained the meaning that they intended in their Book of Mormon regarding “the work of the Father.”  The LDS/Mormons … oops … I mean the Latter-day Saints … believe that “the great and marvelous work” mentioned in their book is the LDS/Mormon Church.  This Marvelous Work and a  Wonder® is far from what the LDS Church teaches … far!  For this reason, the Bros had me legally register the name as “their” work, not associated with the LDS Church’s work.

To reiterate and explain that “the work of the Father,” to which the Bros refer in their scriptures, does not have anything to do with the LDS/Mormon Church, the Bros wrote in their Sealed Portion, concerning Joseph Smith, Jr. and me as the two “latter day prophets [who] shall come forth among you”:

TSP 79:

61 And now, I know that there are those among you of the latter days that shall believe that the work of the Father shall commence when the first of these latter day prophets shall come forth among you.

62 And it shall be a beginning in that he shall prepare the world for the coming forth of the sealed portion of this record that shall be that which is the most instrumental in fulfilling the words of the Lord which he hath spoken.

63 For behold, ye who receiveth these things knoweth that this first prophet shall come forth in the latter days shall be killed by the Gentiles, and that the church that he shall make an attempt to establish shall be destroyed from off the face of the earth.

64 And the Lord hath said that the life of his servant shall be in his hand; therefore they shall not hurt him, although he shall be marred because of them. Yet I will heal him, for I will show unto them that my wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil.

65 Now, this the Lord hath said concerning the second of these latter day prophets who shall come forth among you. For the first of these shall be murdered by you after he hath accomplished that which he came upon the earth to do.

66 Yea, he was called in the spirit of Elias, if ye can receive this, to prepare the way for the second prophet who shall be among you.

67 And this second latter day prophet shall be called in the spirit of Elias to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord in his glory.

68 And at the great day of the Lord shall he establish his church among the people and gather the elect from the four corners of the earth.

69 And the life of this second latter day prophet shall be in the hands of the Lord. And he shall be marred by the world, but not killed like unto the first, but shall be the means of bringing many people to the true Christ.

70 And he shall bring forth this sealed portion of this record which shall teach unto the whole earth the truth in all things pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

71 Therefore, those of you who belongeth to this great church that is called after the name of Jesus Christ of the latter days, do not be deceived into believing that your church is the true church of God as was attempted to be established by this first prophet among you.

72 For your church is nothing like unto the church that Joseph attempted to establish among you. And there shall be no true church of Christ in the latter days until he cometh in his glory to set it up for himself.

73 Nevertheless, this first prophet shall make an attempt to establish a church of God among you, but it shall fail because of the wickedness of the Gentiles.

74 And because of the wickedness of the Gentiles of the latter days, all of the words of the Lord shall be fulfilled concerning them.

75 And the blood of the righteous Lamanites shall be avenged upon their heads by a remnant of the house of Jacob that shall be among the Gentiles, yea, in the midst of them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he go through, both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver. Their hand shall be lifted up upon their adversaries, and all their enemies shall be cut off.

76 And now, ye of the latter days know that these things did not come to pass in the days of this first latter day prophet. But these things shall come to pass during the days of this second prophet of God, even the bearer of Christ, who shall be known among you as Christopher [Bearer of Christ].

TSP 83:

66 And I say unto all of you of the latter days, there shall not be but two latter-day prophets who shall be given the power and the authority to bring forth these things unto the world. The first shall be called Joseph after his father, and he shall only give unto you that which is required of him by the Lord.

67 And the second shall be Christopher, a bearer of Christ, who shall give unto you the translation of the sealed portion of this record, and he shall also give unto you only those things which the Lord shall command him.

68 And there shall be no other from whom shall come forth anything that pertaineth to this record, except these prophets of whom I make mention upon these plates.

69 And in the latter days Christopher shall be born into this great church of which I have spoken. And he shall be raised up and given the experiences that are necessary for him to accomplish those things which the Lord shall require of him.

70 And he shall be persecuted and reviled by those of his own household, and rejected by those of his church. And Satan shall make every effort to tempt him and steer him in a course of life that shall take him away from the great mission that he shall perform for the people of the earth in the latter days.

71 For he shall have all the attributes of the great men of the earth, even in his intelligence that shall be far greater than many upon the earth. And Satan shall give unto him many opportunities, and shall tempt him to follow his plan of happiness and become his servant, and receive the blessings that come from following his plan.

72 And he shall experience much tribulation and sorrow because of the wickedness of the people of the earth, and also by the misuse of his own free agency, which he shall use to shrink from the calling that he shall receive from the Lord.

73 Nevertheless, in the end, even at the time that the Lord hath appointed that these things shall come forth to the world, Christopher shall be taken from the refining fire from which he hath been cast and prepared, and he shall be ready and not afraid, and he shall do all things that he is commanded pertaining to this work.

74 And the Lord shall bless him with righteousness and wisdom and much knowledge of those things that are necessary for the children of men to know for their happiness and their salvation in the latter days.

75 Nevertheless, he shall be as harmless as a dove, and shall love all men, and seek for the good of his neighbor, never harming another as they would harm him, even as he shall be harmed by them.

76 And he shall hide among the Gentiles that he might not be discovered and made known to the world until the own due time of the Lord. And when he shall make himself known, there shall be many who are wicked who shall hate him and persecute him and lay a snare for him that they might show unto the world that he cannot be a prophet of God.

77 But his testimony shall stand in that which he shall translate from these plates, even the words that I am writing unto you at this time.

78 And there shall be no man who can deny the power of the things which he shall bring forth unto the world that have been sealed up by the command of the Father.

79 And he shall testify unto all those who seek him out and are desirous of his testimony. And he shall turn many to the words of Christ and to the happiness that cometh from following the plan of the Father.

80 And that great church which calleth itself the only true and living church of God upon the earth, shall be discovered by the people in the day that these things shall come forth. And the leaders of this church shall be old and uneasy men, who are kept alive by the blessings of Satan, and who have not the power of God within them.

81 And when the people of the latter days shall receive these things, then shall they discover their great wickedness and the many things that Satan hath caused to come forth among them.

The Bros have promised my physical safety through their scripture.

Of course, as we have now revealed, scriptures are allegorical in nature.  No scripture is Real Truth.  But because the world has been deceived by “the god of this world: Lucifer and his religions,” and most people believe in a god that inspires people to write “God’s will” for the rest of us as scripture, the Bros’ scripture surpasses all.

Anyone who has read their Book of Mormon cannot deny how it affects their spirit … the religious underpinnings of their emotions.  And once converted to the BOM, the Bros’ Sealed Portion prepares a person’s mind to leave religion and scripture altogether and to accept the Real Truth.

No honest person can deny that the Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon are not fantastic religious writings of incredible power and substance.

Now here’s something about the upcoming trial that is ironic:

Echthros’ attorney was able to convince the judge that I need an IME (Independent Mental Examination) to prove that I am not capable of representing myself, nor am I capable of testifying on my own behalf.

Yeah, REALLY!  🙂

The ironic thing is, the doctor who will be performing the IME on me is a LDS/Mormon … oops … damn … sorry Mormons … oops … damn again … I mean Latter-day Saints.  The doctor is a Latter-day Saint.  (I will not reveal his name as he would be inundated with calls from my enemies.)


This LDS doctor is going to interview me about my mental competency, ostensibly because of my claims.

Yep, a man who believes that the prophet and founder of his own religion, Joseph Smith, Jr., saw angels, received gold plates, translated them with two rocks, spoke constantly with God and other resurrected beings, and claimed to have associated with four immortals (the Three Nephites and John the Beloved) …

This LDS doctor is going to determine whether MY claims make me incompetent to stand trial, represent myself, and give testimony?

You just gotta laugh about this one, Right?  🙂

We are attempting to get the IME video recorded for trial.  What an examination that will be!

But anyways …

Echthros’ attorney is doing everything within his power to cloud the issues and make things hard for me now that I am representing myself.  If this attorney thinks that I am not competent … well, geez, humbly speaking … this guy’s in for a big awakening!

My brother, Joe Nemelka of the Nemelka Law Firm, represented me for over two years in this case.  When Joe determined that Echthros and his attorney would not back down, and that Echthros Jr. (the name I’ll use for his attorney from now on as I don’t want him to get any public attention) was padding his pocket with fees in the most ridiculous way, added to the fact that we had to pay for an Idaho attorney to be involved in the case and be at court (because Joe only practices in Utah) … Joe was more than agreeable and supportive to me representing myself.

The evidence in this case is overwhelmingly in the favor of Real Truth.  Echthros will not be able to produce a live witness that can give any proof, of any kind, whatsoever, that I am the things he claims that I am: a terrorist, sexual predator, cult leader, pedophile, rapist, murderer, and a few other titles he has used to defame me over the years.

Echthros’ own deposition (PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 2) is most revealing.  His communications over the years about me, the work, and others involved with me and the work (PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBIT 3) is full of evidence to show what kind of man Echthros has become.

Some might wonder what started Echthros’ hate for me.

Well, thanks to Echthros, we have a copy of the public statements I made about him and his family that started his downward spiral into emotional obsession and abject hate of me.  It is included below.  My quoted words are in blue text and I certify that they are actually what I had written.  The rest of the words are Echthros’.

Needless to say, Echthros is going to lose.  But my death warrant will be signed by the Court’s judgment against him.  Echthros will stop at nothing, and he has no other value in his life than to seek to take my life as the only way that he can prove his worth in life and attempt to prove that the MWAW is not what it claims to be.

But let me warn him …

Wait …

The Bros incorporated a warning to Echthros and any like him who desire to take my life.  It is comprised in the story of Ammon (the character representing a True Messenger) and a man who vehemently hated him:

The Book of Mormon, Alma 19:

22 Now, one of them, Echthros, whose brother had been slain with the sword of Ammon, being exceedingly angry with Ammon, drew his sword and went forth that he might let it fall upon Ammon, to slay him; and as [Echthros] lifted the sword to smite him, behold, [Echthros] fell dead.

23 Now we see that Ammon could not be slain, for the Lord had said unto Mosiah, his father: I will spare him, and it shall be unto him according to thy faith—therefore, Mosiah trusted him unto the Lord.

24 And it came to pass that when the multitude beheld that [Echthros] had fallen dead, who lifted the sword to slay Ammon, fear came upon them all, and they durst not put forth their hands to touch him or any of those who had fallen; and they began to marvel again among themselves what could be the cause of this great power, or what all these things could mean.

Yeah … the Bros have given their warning.  I have a job to do.  I work for the Bros, who are doing the only true “work of the Father” upon this earth.  Nothing is going to happen to me until I finish this work for them.

NOTE to my enemies who want to kill me, and to Echthros who wants me dead:

You’ve been warned.

But anyways …

Christopher’s Public Rebuke of the Echthros family


(All are the Defendant’s comments except what is in blue text.)

Here are some background facts:

At the close of March in 2009, (4 full years of being in Christopher’s camp) the True Messenger published a letter to his followers, (which at that time numbered about the same as he presently has [50]). This single letter needs to be saved and circulated among all future Cult Behavior Study Groups as a prime example of a Cult leader grooming his subjects. Notice the tactic of belittling (with love of course) as a neccesary [sic] evil to demonstrate what exactly the proper attitude of his closest aides should be. Notice too, that he does not reveal who the three (his own Peter, James, and John) are. This gives each person on the list an equal shot at becoming his co-equal in foreverdom. This is a threat letter too, as he wants you to know that he’s in a culling mood, and ONE missed step and your name will be dropped from the list, and you will find yourself in the company of never-do-wells.

“So that there is no more misunderstanding of who is *currently *”involved” with me and this work on an intimate level and who is not, let me list their names for you. (Yes, the list is becoming shorter and shorter as we head into the public launching of this work in 2012, and could very well be much shorter as the days go by :-). In fact, it could very well end up with only three names next to mine, who I know will never betray or deny me or this work, or bring a spouse or partner into this work who would disrupt it and cause it discord:

“Jay and Noni Benson; Kay, Denza, Glen and Dennis Iverson; Ron and Pat Ferguson; Kurt and Monica Smith; Sue and John Kammerman; Harry and Jodi Dschaak; Ida Smith; Kimberly Wallis; Julie Taggart; Dennis Richmond; Bob Newton.”


“These are those who I can trust to keep this work safe and secure from the effects of “Lucifer.” (Well, we’ll see who stays on the list in the coming years. )

“These are those who I have tested and greatly offended (or at least tried to with great effort ) in many ways, symbolically asking them, “Will you leave me too?” And who, though they didn’t understand *why* [sic] I was and am so hard on them and other people with my sharp words, have never questioned the veracity of this work, and would respond, “Who else has the words of eternal life?”

“Now, to those of you who are my critics and enemies, Why don’t you contact these people and see how well I “control their minds” and deceive them.

“Why wouldn’t you want to do this? Investigate who they are, how they live their lives and what makes them so trustworthy above all others that I would “surround” myself with them. (And for the record, I hardly see any of these people. Imagine that! ) –03/29/2009

[Defendant’s comments]: There are 19 names on this list of so-called trustworthy individuals that have supposedly been tried and “tested” and you will notice that my name is somewhere in the middle with no *asterics [sic] by my name signaling that I am really Christopher’s Judas, in fact, there is nothing in the story of Judas that bears any resemblance to any of the people on (or off) “the list”. Up to this point, Christopher had never singled me out as he had done the others or said anything to belittle me. I had apparently passed all the tests and didn’t need to be, or so it seemed. But wait and see what happens next. On the same day, Christopher pulled a stunt that revealed several things about him (not to the world) but to ME. Please read:

Sun March 29. 2009 1:31:39 pm


In marvelousworkandawonder@yahoogroups .com, Christopher Nemelka <christophernemelka@ …> wrote:

Denton and Sydney Thiede are NOT ON THE LIST, and they have done at least as much for this work in personal sacrifice than most of those on the “list.” I trust them with my life. I know if I needed them, they would be there. Why, then, are they “not on the list”?

Why would the Thiedes NOT BE ON THE LIST, when they have done so much for this work, and the Echthros Family, Jodi and Echthros, be on the list when they have done very little in comparison to what the Thiedes have done? Why aren’t John and Lily Roh, Nathan and Kristin Davis “on the list”, who have also sacrificed much to help in this work?

Those of you who know me personally, understand that I do not do anything regarding this work without a specific purpose that will benefit and protect this work, What I do is well thought out and usually directed by those who know more about his work than I do.

How many of you TRULY BELIEVE IN THIS WORK? How many of you truly believe that I am who I claim to be and that I am guided by those who I claim guide this work?

You say that you do, but do you?

How many times have I used Peter’s example in denying Jesus three times in the same night that he said he would never deny him, to illustrate what most of you would do if faced with a similar situation regarding me and this work? How many of you are like Peter?

Peter wanted to be on “the list.” James’ and John’s mother wanted them to be at the top of “the list,”

Matt 20:20 Then came to him the mother of Zebedee’s children with her sons, worshipping him, and desiring a certain thing of him.

Matt 20:21 And he said unto her, What wilt thou? She saith unto him, Grant that these my two sons may sit, the one on thy right hand, and the other on the left, in thy kingdom.

Here was the test of “the list”:

Every one of you who felt bad for not being included on the list, has something to work on in his or her own life. You do not need to be part of “the list” to work on yourself. There are those on “the list” who know they still have much to work on.

Now I will show you how the list can get shorter because of this work, which is simply the unfolding of real truth, and what can be required of those on “the list”:

How many of you enjoy the company of the Echthros Family? Do you enjoy listening to their personal stories for hours when you befriend them? Do you enjoy their incessant desire to talk about themselves?


I’ve heard the complaints behind their backs.

Sure, Echthros is as entertaining as they come. Sure, Jodi makes some great products and knows quite a bit about helping the body heal itself. But what do they actually do for this work? Are they on the right path to happiness? They have a comparative lousy personal relationship with each other. They have filled many of their children’s heads with arrogance and an inflated self- esteem that will continually burden their children and them as parents throughout the rest of their lives. Their children hardly know the concept of Do Unto Others. They have been taught to protect themselves from others and be self-sufficient in all things, which means that they often will not act with true charity.

Echthros’ thought processes have burdened him so much at times, that he often can’t figure out true reality from the imaginary nonsense that comes into his head.

Jodi erroneously believes that she has a ‘special gift’ to heal people, yet her ‘gift’ is no different than the ‘gift’ public psychics have when they deceive people into believing that they can read their past, present and future.

Echthros has been asked to translate the sealed portion into the Spanish language. He puts it on the back burner because his mind gets distracted into cognitive discrepancies that his flesh is unable to deal with. If Echthros doesn’t have the translation done by 2011, I’ll pull the assignment away from him and never give him another one for the rest of his life. (In fact, if his intentions remain as they are, I want him to send me back the computer and what he has done, or not, and I will burden myself with it.)

Echthros Jr., who emulates all that he has learned from his father, was asked to give his generation’s thoughts and opinions on the HUMAN REALITY book. Echthros Sr, (Dad) read it before his son and made his own comments when he wasn’t asked to. Echthros Jr.’s comments to me about the book were exactly like his father’s. Jr. told me that nobody was going to read the book, in his opinion, unless I interpolated his suggestions in to how the book was to be written. Jr. has been going to college pursuing an education of worldly things, and didn’t have the time to complete the edits. I wanted to give him more time. Those who oversee this work did not.

None of you has the courage or the honesty to tell the Echthros Family that you don’t appreciate staying up into the wee hours of the morning listening to their stories. None of you has the courage to tell the Echthros Family to keep their stories about themselves and their family to themselves when they are in a group of people who are there to listen to what Christopher has to say. None of you has the courage to ask Echthros, “Do you believe in this work or not?” Do you think Christopher is who he claims to be, or not?” If you do, why do you come up with the thoughts that cloud your mind so much and keep you from helping in this work above anything else that you do?

Do you not think that the things I have written above will hurt theEchthros Family? Are they not very hard words against them? Regardless, the words are the truth!


Because of what I have written, we will see if the Echthros Family can handle the truth. Will see if they stay on ‘the list.’

But let me tell you this about Echthros: HE APPRECIATES THE TRUTH of how others feel about him. HE KNOWS HE HAS ONLY ONE TRUE FRIEND ON THIS EARTH WHO WILL TELL HIM THIS TRUTH AND WHO REALLY UNDERSTANDS WHY HE IS THE WAY HE IS. HE KNOWS A TRUE FRIEND WILL TELL HIM THE TRUTH, and will not mask it behind patronizing bull—-! That’s just how Echthros is!

So, why are the Echthros Family on the list and the Thiedes, Rohs, and Davises not?

Why haven’t any of you asked the following question:


Again, the people I have named are exactly as I described them. There are only three of them who will always be on the list, and who would never betray me or this work. (AGAIN, ANY ONE EXCEPT THESE THREE HAVE THE POTENTIAL OF BETRAYING ME AND CAUSING ME AND THIS WORK GREAT HARM!) Wouldn’t you think that those on this list would wonder who these “three” are, just as the apostles in Jesus’ time wondered who it was that would betray Christ?

I know the three. I’m the only one who needs to know. “As one so boldly and honestly put it, ‘I’m glad I’m not on ‘the list’.


Some of those who are on “the list” wish they weren’t on “the list.”


Why “the list”?