“Laying traps and snares to catch the holy ones of God.” Lies and deception in an attempt to destroy Christopher and the MWAW.


History has documented so many lies about Joseph Smith, Jr. that it is almost impossible for a sincere seeker of truth to know the Real Truth about him.  If Joseph would have had the chance that Christopher now has to present the evidence against his critics and enemies, history would be revised in Joseph’s favor.

Below we have provided a few pieces of evidence that will be presented during the defamation trial against Harry Dschaak, IF the trial takes place.  We have counseled Christopher to do everything within his power to seek justice and take this matter to trial.  Christopher has reluctantly agreed.  We couldn’t be prouder of our True Messenger, one who truly is one of “God’s holy ones.”

As Joseph’s critics and enemies did in his day, so do Christopher’s do today, i.e., “lay traps and snares to catch” him.  Each time they throw their nets or set their traps to snare him, Christopher uses the “sharp two-edge sword” of Real Truth to cut himself free of their nets and snares.

Below is some substantial evidence of this Real Truth in the defamation case, Nemelka vs. Dschaak, Case No. CV-2016-389, filed in the Sixth Judicial Court of the State of Idaho, assigned to Judge Robert Naftz:

On April 26, 2017, Harry Dschaak, Robert “Robbie” G. Pace, and Christine Marie Katas entered the Orem City (Utah) Police Department to meet with detectives about Christopher.  They alleged and filed a complaint that Christopher had something to do with Ida Smith’s death; that Christopher was involved in a cult and is its leader; that Christopher was defrauding people out of their money (especially the elderly), and sexually exploiting women, among other malicious false allegations.

It would not be appropriate to attempt to explain what transpired during the interviews and thereafter without substantial proof.  A sincere and honest review of the Officers’ reports is all that needs to be said about this malicious attempt to get Christopher arrested and further undermine the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, which will never happen.

Below is a link to the actual police report:*

[Note: we have initialed various pronouns to help the reader follow the subject matter and apply each conversation and statement to the appropriate individual: Officer N. Thomas (NT), Detective D. McKown (Mc), Harry Dschaak (HD), Robbie Pace (RP), Christine Marie Katas (CM), Christopher Nemelka (CN).]

*MWAW Enemy/Critic Orem Police Report

Note: the emails (included in the report), which were sent to the officers, where the name has been redacted, were mainly sent by Harry Dschaak.  When Dschaak couldn’t get any Utah law enforcement agencies to prosecute Christopher, Dschaak shows his true colors on page 26.  On May 4, 2017, Dschaak sent the following email to Officer Thomas:

Dschaak response 1 of 2.jpg

Dschaak response 2 of 2.jpg

Then Robbie Pace gives the Orem police his opinion of their investigation:

Pace response 1 of 2.jpg

Pace response 2 of 2.jpg

We can proclaim the following with certainty, which will also be verified at trial if Christopher is allowed a fair trial in an Idaho court to present evidence of Real Truth against Harry Dschaak, of which this police report will be a part:

Nothing that these three MWAW enemies said to the Police Officers about Christopher was true.  Nothing.

In 2007, after Ida Smith first read The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, she hand-delivered a copy of TSP to two of her best friends at the time, United States Senators Orin Hatch and Robert Bennett.  These men had known Ida for most of their lives.  These two U.S. Senators had access to the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and any other U.S. agency at the disposal of the U.S. Senate.  Using their influence, they launched an investigation into Christopher and the MWAW.  If anything nefarious or illegal was to be found, these men, concerned for their lifetime elderly friend, would have uncovered it and had Christopher prosecuted.  Nothing was found.  Nothing will ever be found.  Christopher has told the truth about his past.  And as we have reported above,

Nothing that these three MWAW enemies said to the Police Officers about Christopher was true.  Nothing.

Christopher has been involved in various lawsuits.  At any time, any of the opposing counsel could have deposed Christopher and confronted him on his claims, finally having a legal record.  None ever did.  We doubt any ever will.  Even the attorney for Harry Dschaak in the current defamation case refused to depose Christopher.

Nothing would be better for the MWAW than to have Christopher deposed or be able to present evidence in an unbiased court of law.  It is still to be seen whether or not Judge Robert Naftz will recuse himself from the case vs. Dschaak.  The Idaho Supreme Court ruled to dismiss Christopher’s appeal because “there is no appealable district court order or judgment from which a Notice of Appeal may be taken.”

Order Dismissing Appeal.jpg


Judge Naftz had not, and has not yet, issued his official orders from the October 26, 2018 hearing.  When he does, we will instruct Christopher to refile his appeal, outlining the proper legal reasoning for the appeal of each of Judge Naftz’ specific orders.  If Judge Naftz refuses to recuse himself, we will instruct Christopher to appeal that decision too, as the evidence of Judge Naftz bias is obvious and witnessed to.  If Judge Naftz refuses to recuse himself, and Christopher’s appeal to have him recused fails, we will give Christopher permission to say those things that he is so inspired to say during the January 4, 2019 hearing, or to say nothing.  We leave this decision up to Christopher.  If Judge Naftz continues to show bias against Christopher, we will have him withdraw his Complaint and appeal any judgment that Judge Naftz renders in this case after the withdrawal.

The evidence against Harry Dschaak is overwhelming.  Ironically, the above police report came from his own submission of discovery evidence.  Well did Dschaak write to the Officers,

“Also true, (AND THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH), due to your apparent incompetence and your lack of due diligence in the matter, Christopher Nemelka can now request our recent complaint from your office through no effort at all and he can add OUR REASONABLE AND FACTUAL COMPLAINTS to his frivolous complain that he is of course, being wrongfully accused.”  (Orem Police Report, page 27.)

There was “no effort at all” on Christopher’s part to obtain this police report.  Dschaak provided it as part of his own evidence.

The “SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT” on the very last page of the police report details what Ida Smith’s family would testify to if required at any time to testify about Ida dealings with Christopher and the MWAW.

“[The Smith family has] moved on.  … they were happy that Ida was not alone during the time of her passing and that though they don’t necessarily agree with Christopher Nemelka they don’t feel the death was suspicious.  … Ida was an adult and what she did with her money was her choice.  … If [Christopher Nemelka] was wrong in doing anything, then he will be held accountable for it. … [We] are not looking to do anything, and [we] just wanted to move on.”

One of the questions Christopher will be asking Harry Dschaak at trial is: Why haven’t you moved on with your life?

Mr. Dschaak will lie and sidestep the question as he does when confronted with the reality of his malicious acts that he cannot support with logic or actual, admissible evidence.

On page 32 of the police report, Dschaak begins his lies about Christopher’s involvement in Filtagreen International and the court case in which Christopher and the company were involved for two years (2013 – 2014) … again, none of which is true.  When the Detective countered Dshaak’s version of the Filtagreen events, pointing out that everything had been through court and none of Dschaak’s version of the Filtagreen events was concluded or proven true through the court process, Dschaak does what he does well, ducks out of the point being made, and lays another snare in an attempt to catch Christopher:

“[I am] mentioning it because he used the same techniques to get Ida Smith’s property and to influence these people to do thing[s] that they wouldn’t have normally done.”

This “same technique” is allowing a court of law to look at the evidence and then make a decision.  Christopher will prevail if the evidence of how and why Ida Smith donated her property to the MWAW is properly presented.

Ida Smith never had any amount close to 1 million dollars (or $750,000 as Dschaak claimed at another point during the police interview).  Ida had a retirement account of about $140,000.00.  As many people do who are old and have no direct descendants, Ida donated all that she had, not to the LDS/Mormon Church as so many do, but to the MWAW.  Ida set up her own trust, ran her own trust, and allowed others to donate to her trust: A Marvelous Work and a Wonder Purpose Trust.  Although Christopher was named as the Trustee of the MWAW Trust, for much of the time while Ida was alive, Christopher had no idea who had donated what to the MWAW Trust.  Ida kept track of these things.  (Ida’s personal journal entries will be entered as evidence of this at trial.)

As to the $140,000 that the MWAW Trust, under Christopher’s control, would have received upon Ida’s death … here’s what happened to this money:

Ida lived in a condo (224 Garden Park).  Her good friends of many years, Milton and Dorothy Anderson, lived in the condo next door (222 Garden Park).  The Andersons couldn’t pay their mortgage and were being evicted.  Ida was concerned and asked Christopher what they could do to help her friends.  Christopher didn’t hesitate.  Christopher told Ida that she should use her retirement money to pay off the Anderson mortgage and rent the condo to them.  The mortgage was paid and the rent payment was set at $400 per month, well below what the Andersons were paying on their mortgage ($1,600).

That’s where most of Ida’s money went.

Dschaak made the same malicious and reckless statements about Norma J. Olsen, another elderly lady who wanted to leave all that she had to the MWAW.

(What Dschaak published about Christopher exploiting Norma Olsen of her money can be found with a search of Dschaak’s website, chrisnemelka.com.  Here is a link to a pdf of Dschaak’s entire 2000 plus page website.  A quick search of Norma Olsen’s name will provide the researcher with more of Dschaak’s malicious lies about Christopher exploiting people for money, when in fact, he used his own money, or that which he solely controlled, to help people.

In summary of the Norma Olsen incident:

The MWAW wanted to purchase a radio spot/channel from which it could broadcast information.  Norma Olsen gave Christopher a check for $150,000 to put towards producing the radio show.  When her LDS/Mormon children found out that their elderly mother had given Christopher this amount of money, her daughter immediately kicked Norma out of her house.  (Norma was living in her daughter’s basement.)  Norma called Christopher’s wife, Sheri, and told her what had happened.  Again, without hesitation, Christopher searched for a home for Norma.  He found one and purchased it.  The sale price was $194,000, and it needed a lot of work.  Christopher put Norma’s own money and more of his own and the MWAW Trust’s into Norma’s home.  The home was purchased by the MWAW Trust and was in the Trust name.

Although Norma Olsen insisted that most of her money go to the MWAW, some to her children,  Christopher wanted none of it.  Working with Norma’s LDS/Mormon daughter, Christopher quitclaimed the property back to Norma so that her children would inherit all of her material goods.  Christopher had put $56,000 of his and the MWAW Trust’s money into Norma’s home, so he quitclaimed the Deed for this amount, instructing Norma’s children that they would have to pay back at least that amount.  Although we are unaware if Norma’s family ever paid back the money, Christopher executed the Deed regardless, before he received any money from the family.

The actual proof of the Real Truth that is coming out at trial, is the following:

1192 E 2700 So. (2013 Property Tax).jpg


1 of 8 accept offer 1192 East 2700 South (2).jpg

2 of 8 accept offer 1192 East 2700 South (2).jpg


8 nof 8 accept offer 1192 East 2700 South (2).jpg


Christopher has never exploited anyone for money, especially not the elderly.  He has given all that he has, all of his income, to the MWAW Trust and the purposes of the MWAW.

As to Dschaak’s other malicious claim of Christopher “infiltrating” Filtagreen and taking over the company, it came out (“was looked at”) during the court proceedings what really happened.  In the defamation case, Denton E. Thiede, the Founder of Filtagreen, submits his testimony and the true facts about how Christopher got involved in Filtagreen:

1 of 7 11-19-18 DentonThiede_Aff2.jpg

2 of 7 11-19-18 DentonThiede_Aff2.jpg

3 of 7 11-19-18 DentonThiede_Aff2.jpg

4 of 7 11-19-18 DentonThiede_Aff2.jpg


5 of 7 11-19-18 DentonThiede_Aff2.jpg

6 of 7 11-19-18 DentonThiede_Aff2.jpg

7 of 7 11-19-18 DentonThiede_Aff2.jpg



Christopher is going to destroy Harry Dschaak at trial IF he can receive a fair trial of the evidence.

The Real Truth is truly as “sharp as a two-edged sword.”  Mr. Dschaak is going to meet the edge of this sword at trial.

Harry Dschaak, Robbie Pace, and Christine Marie Katas are just three of a few examples of many individuals who make up lies to bring value to their lives.  They are those who are,

“Laying traps and snares to catch the holy ones of God.”

They shall be caught in their own traps and snares as they are confronted by the only true “God’s” True Messenger.

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