The evil of religion, spirituality, and sex. Why the MWAW uses religion and spirituality to teach against these emotional deceptions. The Real Truth about sex. (Part I)


Religion, spirituality, and sex are responsible for the downfall of humanity.

There have been five different past periods of time throughout the history of the earth when humans have prospered together and lived in mass numbers in all parts of the planet.  We are in the last stages of the Sixth Dispensation of Human Time.  Each former dispensation ended with the annihilation of the majority of human beings.  Religion, spirituality, and sex were the main causes.

After the First Dispensation, only two humans were left from the original colonies of humans that first inhabited planet Earth.  Still, there were other enclaves of mortals from the First Dispensation strewn throughout the earth who remained alive.  Besides the two mentioned, all of the other mortals who remained from the First Dispensation lived in their own enclave located in a portion of Earth that remained physically intact after the annihilation of the rest of society.

The inhabitants of these enclaves, although few in number, were culturally and ethnically distinct from the human mortals of the original colonies.  The modern human race can trace its ancestry back billions of years to these remnant cultures left over from the First Dispensation.

How, why, when, and where this occurred will be explained in The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human RealityA Final Warning To The Human Race.*


It’s important for the sake of understanding how religion, spirituality, and sex caused humanity’s downfall to briefly illustrate the Real Truth of what happened.

As is the case with all Real Truth, what is presented must be probable and conceivable.

There is nothing that has occurred, is occurring, or will occur upon planet Earth that was not, is not, and will not be consistent and conform strictly to the laws of nature.


What was known yesterday does not have the same degree of probability and conceivability as what is known today.  Today we can conceive of the probability that humans will one day live on another planet.  Perhaps in colonies on Mars (for example), or in colonies on other artificial planets (ginormous space stations) that will be constructed in space.  The probability of this conception (that we might one day colonize Mars, or in other ways, space) will help you understand what happened in our past, during the First Dispensation.

Open your mind and think about the probability of this:

As reported by National Geographic,

“As a child in Palo Alto, California, he built an atom smasher in the garage*. He later became one of the founders of string theory.  Today, with his flowing mane of silver locks, Michio Kaku is one of the most recognizable faces of science, with several bestselling books and numerous television appearances, including on the Discovery Channel and the BBC.  In his new book, The Future Of Humanity, he argues passionately that our future lies not on Earth, but in the stars.”

(*It would be of importance to note here that we have warned the human race that, if the world fails to accept our warnings and learn from the Real Truth as presented through this MWAW, a young boy of twelve years will one day research and study the science of fusion [in his garage].  Upon experimenting, and accidentally, the young boy will create another sun that will completely destroy our solar system and extinguish our sun.  There will be no remnant or matter left of which our particular human race [assigned to this solar system] was created.)

The Real Truth about Mars is this:

During the First Dispensation, after many years of a united and cooperative existence, the original humans who first colonized the planet began to separate themselves from each other, and also from the bioengineered humans whom these first humans had created to serve the needs of their human nature.

For want of an easier and more clear way to explain it (the Real Truth will be detailed and explained in more definite terms in the book*), consider this:

The original mortals were an advanced race of humans from another part of the universe.  They were ‘born’ into existence [created by advanced asexual means; consider cloning and bio and genetic engineering] in another part of the Milky Way Galaxy, in another solar system, on other planets where their advanced creators [parents] lived.  And after having aged to maturity on their home planets, having learned all there was to know about the universe and how it works, they [these advanced grown children] wanted their own world—their own place in the universe they could call their own.  With their knowledge and advanced technology, they created the sun and one planet where they could all live together with each other, by personal choice.

During this Sixth Dispensation, we call their planet: Earth.

We are the descendants of this advanced race, although subpar to them.  Here is how we became subpar:

Our advanced ancestors’ experiences upon Earth started out just fine.  There was unity, equality, and everyone recognized their own specialness to everyone else’s.

The land and resources of the earth were divided up equally for all inhabitants.  During the First Dispensation, there were no large saltwater bodies of oceans.  The entire face of the Earth was habitable as it had been precisely planned by the advanced humans who wanted to colonize it.

Why would they have created a planet to which they wanted to move and colonize away from their home planet that would not serve all of their needs sufficiently and appropriately?  They were advanced humans.  They knew better.

Yet, over time, this unity began to break down as each individual began to express their self according to their individual desires of happiness.  Keep in mind that sex was not and is not part of an advanced human’s nature.  Like small children, all of the original humans who colonized Earth were asexual.

Sex was eventually created upon Earth … and look at all the problems it created, creates, and will continue to create.

In brief,

Asexual humans learned how to create a physical sensation in their bodies that is similar to the high felt by using the most advanced feel-good drugs upon modern Earth.  We can relate to this feeling as a sexual orgasm.

In essence, sex was invented as a permanent autoinjector, or rather, an ambulatory infusion smart pump designed and incorporated into the DNA of an individual.  The pump delivered the proper amount of hormones to fulfill the advanced mortal’s needs and satisfaction.

Sex hormones did not exist until humans created them for selfish purposes.  A hormone is a regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids through blood to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action.  (The penis and vagina are specific cells made of tissue that are stimulated into action.)

Advanced asexual beings do not have blood and do not have the body parts to naturally produce these sex hormones [these drugs].  Wherever there is a blood, vein, vessel, or the smallest capillary, there is a nerve in an advanced human body.

Advanced mortals needed to auto-inject themselves with these hormones, similar to how drugs are injected by addicts.  An asexual person was able to feel the physical effects of an orgasm produced by the injected hormones similar to how addicts feel the effects of an auto-injected potent drug.

As new humans were created upon Earth, their creators designed sexual organs and the regulatory infusion pump that would supply the sex drug to these organs.  For all of you medical students and Ministers of Medicine in the world, the anterior pituitary gland found in the modern mortal brain is this pump.

Now, for an obvious mystery (albeit Real Truth) that is often overlooked by the “wise” of this world, consider something that you have never considered before.

Here is a picture of this sexual gland in the human brain:





To which other part of the body is the construction of this gland similar?

Now look at the female ovaries:


In the male testes and the female ovaries, another hormone is produced: Testosterone.  The amount of testosterone is what makes a man different than a female.  It makes a man stronger, more muscular and masculine.  Without testosterone, there would be no sex.  Without the pituitary gland, there would be no testosterone.  Is there any wonder why past advanced scientists made the sexual pumps to look similar?

Once a way was discovered by our advanced ancestors to induce a feeling of extreme pleasure, they began to develop and refine it, just like drug producers do today.  Their experimentations led to the creation of gendered individuals.  Now, this is the point when human society began to turn sick and ‘evil’, where ‘evil’ is associated with our fallen human nature … we refer to this as Lucifer.

Advanced humans had created androids to serve their newly acquired sexual desires [addiction to drugs].  Although they were implanting devices into their brains (i.e., the pituitary gland) to stimulate an orgasm, and upon thinking about it one could experience an intense orgasm at any time, some created androids to stimulate them and deliver the needed hormones that they needed to have an orgasm.

For a modern, crude example of this, consider that the female android below injects its creator with the sexual hormone by using its nipples.


In essence, instead of having to rely on an inserted ambulatory pump in their brain (the pituitary gland), they created sex androids that delivered the needed hormone and stimulation to create the orgasm.  Soon there was a competition between advanced mortals of who could create the stronger orgasm through their created androids or their custom designed and inserted “pituitary glands” [i.e., sexual pumps].

People began to share their androids with others so that others would be able to compare the orgasm produced by their own android with those belonging to others.  Eventually, the use of androids, that didn’t have free will, took away from the competition of trying to get another person to “have sex” with you.  People were doing everything in their power to persuade others to enjoy sex with them in the limited capacity available to advanced asexual mortals.  Getting a free-willed person to have sex with you by choice created value in your life.

There was a strict human code and law** in the beginning.

There was only allowed an exact and constant number of human beings upon Earth.  (The number of humans assigned, by choice, to this solar system is about 15.07 billion people.)

As the first inhabitants were advanced humans who didn’t age and wouldn’t die from any earthly natural cause, and couldn’t be killed, the only way to create another living, breathing, free-willed human being (who would choose to have sex with you) was to first eliminate an original one.

No advanced human would ever, or could ever, violate this law.**

It was impossible for an advanced human to kill another advanced human, as the advanced human body has a protective shield around it that is impenetrable, except when the individual removes it to receive outside stimulation.

The only way that one of the 15.07 billion advanced humans could end their existence upon Earth was suicide.  However, ‘suicide’ did not mean the end of the advanced human’s life, per se, but it did mean the end of that person’s life upon Earth.  At any time, a person could return to the planet on which they were created.  But once they left Earth, the only way to get back is to be welcomed and allowed by another who took over their allotted resources when they left.

To commit this advanced suicide, an advanced mortal would have to be convinced that their individual existence no longer had any value or was subpar to the existence of another.  After many years of existing together in peace and harmony on Earth, there began to be a competition among them as to who could convince another to end their mortal existence and go home.

If advanced mortal A, for example, could convince advanced mortal B that their (advanced mortal A’s) existence was superior to advanced mortal B’s existence, and advanced mortal A could convince advanced mortal B to end their life upon Earth through suicide, advanced mortal A would inherit (take over) the allotted part of Earth’s limited resources that had been allotted equally to advanced mortal B.

And so the competition began.

Sex was used in the competition:

My ability to have an orgasm is better than yours.  My designed ‘pituitary gland’ is better than and operates better than yours does.  My sex androids are better than yours at delivering sex.  You will never be able to experience an orgasm like I can, so you might want to think about starting your existence over and becoming more like me.

Because advanced humans understood the reality of their existence (i.e., that they could return to the home planet where they were created at any time) and still come back when they were invited and allowed by another, many were convinced (deceived) into thinking that their ability to enjoy mortal life upon Earth was not as worthwhile as others’.

Once gone, the advanced humans who had convinced them to leave didn’t allow them to come back as advanced humans with equal rights to Earth’s resources.  The deceivers didn’t want to give up the influx of resources they obtained when the deceived left Earth.  Instead, the deceivers created new mortal bodies that an advanced human could inhabit if the advanced human wanted to return to Earth as a mortal.  Of course, the advanced humans who created the newly created mortal bodies also wanted to control them.  So they created bodies that they not only could control, but they could destroy (kill) when the person no longer served the needs that the body’s creator had in mind.

What would entice an advanced human from their home planet to want to come to Earth and take a subpar body and be subjected to the free will and desires of another?

The answer: SEX.

The advanced mortals who had left Earth and returned home, but then wanted to come back to Earth, were enticed by the new mortal, sexual bodies created by their once equal advanced “friends.”  They were convinced that these new bodies would allow them to experience the sexual orgasm that their former “friends” were enjoying.  To get them to take the bodies, the original advanced mortals promised the returning mortals a lot.

In order for an advanced human to be able to use a mortal body created by another advanced human, the person would have to first learn how to use the body … because they didn’t create it, they wouldn’t automatically know how to use and control it.   Patterned after the infant and childhood developmental stages by which all advanced humans are created, mortal humans started to be created, albeit to serve the needs of the advanced mortals who had not committed suicide.

It’s our hope that by presenting the above information, a person will start to understand how our world became the way that it is; that perhaps we can change it and not make the same mistakes as our advanced mortal ancestors.  Thus, our book of Real Truth is appended: A Final Warning To The Human Race.

Competition for the limited natural resources of Earth is one of the main causes of our inability to live in peace and harmony with each other.  But just as infectious to our humanity, physical and emotional competition [from religion, spirituality, and sex] exist to further impede our ability to live with each other in peace, harmony, and equality.

The main causes of the downfall of the human race started with the advanced humans who originally created, then colonized planet Earth.  When the competition became unbearable, some advanced humans started to create other planets.  Our moon was one of these planets.

First created as an outpost for monitoring human activity upon Earth (think: advanced International Space Station), the moon was eventually used by humans as a new place to live, separated from others among whom the competition had become unbearable.  Mars is another planet that was created for this purpose.

Both the moon and Mars were once covered with buildings, albeit created with materials that were no longer subjected to the Earth’s natural laws.  Both the Moon and Mars have their own natural laws.

Consider the surface of the Moon compared with the surface of Mars.  They are very similar to each other but nothing like the surfaces of the other planets.

Now compare these surfaces to a picture of what human civilization looked like immediately after humans destroyed others (Hiroshima, August 1945):



Now consider that the Moon and Mars do not have the same atmosphere as Earth.  So when the human-made buildings were destroyed and no humans stayed on either satellite to repopulate it, after many years, the surface of both the Moon and Mars look like this:




No other planet in our solar system looks like the Moon and Mars—as if a human population had once lived there billions of years ago and was destroyed.  All of the other planets were simply attempts made by advanced mortals to create a new place to live, where they could live in peace with their “friends” where the competition was not so great.  These other attempts at creating the right type of planet for human habitation failed.

Except for the subpar mortal bodies of their created “servants,” the advanced mortals who once inhabited both the Moon and Mars, did not die.  They couldn’t.  Their new colonies failed.  Their competition caused their own destruction.  They returned to Earth only to find that other advanced mortals had taken possession of their allotted natural resources.  These former Moon and Mars inhabitants, as advanced mortals, realized what they had lost.  They committed suicide by returning to their home planet.

Consider what some of Joseph Smith’s followers wrote about the “inhabitants of the moon”:

“ ‘Inhabitants of the Moon are more of a uniform size than the inhabitants of the Earth, being about 6 feet in height. They dress very much like the Quaker Style & are quite general in Style, or the one fashion of dress. They live to be very old; comeing [sic] generally, near a thousand years.’  This is the description of them as given by Joseph the Seer, and he could ‘See’ whatever he asked the Father in the name of Jesus to see.”

(—Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., in Journal of O.B. Huntington, Book 14, p. 166.)

“Who can tell us of the inhabitants of this little planet that shines of an evening, called the moon?… When you inquire about the inhabitants of that sphere you find that the most learned are as ignorant in regard to them as the ignorant of their fellows.  So it is in regard to the inhabitants of the sun.  Do you think it is inhabited?  I rather think it is.  Do you think there is any life there?  No question of it; it was not made in vain.”

(—Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 13, p. 271.)

“In my Patriarchal blessing, given by the father of Joseph the Prophet, in Kirtland, 1837, I was told that I should preach the gospel before I was 21 years of age; that I should preach the gospel to the inhabitants upon the islands of the sea, and – to the inhabitants of the moon, even the planet you can now behold with your eyes.”

(—O.B. Huntington, The Young Women’s Journal, v. 3, pp. 263-264 [1892].)

Joseph Smith knew the Real Truth.  He knew what we are presenting here as the facts about the Moon and Mars.  However, his followers had created their own misconceptions of what Joseph said informally, in private, and against his better judgment at the time.  Joseph had been counseled not to speak of these things at that time.  We are allowing Christopher to reveal it all in full.

By and by, over billions of years of Earth’s existence since the First Dispensation, only subpar human bodies, first created by advanced mortals, have remained … except for two.  In writing the story of the Jaredites in our Book of Mormon, we presented an example of this reality.

The book of Ether relates how human nature takes over and destroys an entire culture of people … except for its True Messenger, who was left to report firsthand what had happened.  The two of us who have remained since the First Dispensation are responsible for teaching Christopher what we have observed over time (firsthand) so that he can relate it to you.

During the First Dispensation, some were very happy having all of their individual needs provided for and served by the limited resources available on Earth.  As we have explained above, these limited resources eventually included material based (materials from the earth) artificial intelligent servants, similar to advanced robots or androids.  But when these took a portion of Earth’s limited resources to ‘serve them,’ they began to also take resources from others with whom they shared the earth.  There were a few, (in comparison to the entire population of the original colonies), who were happy serving others and giving up some of their allotted, equal portion of Earth’s resources to those who were happy being served.  (But these were few.)  Most of the original population of advanced humans just wanted to use their allotted resources to serve themselves.  They didn’t want anyone serving them, nor did they want to give up their allotment to serve another.


Competition to prove that your life (existence) is more important and substantial than another’s is the main cause of religion, spirituality … and sex.  Mortals are in a constant daily battle to be as “sexy” as they can be.  Women wear clothes and makeup to become as sexy as possible.  Men do the same.




If you believe in and worship a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods, and you believe that these gods, or this god, is aware of you and intervenes in your life (i.e., has a plan for you), you present yourself and your position in life as superior to another who does not share this belief.

If your life appears to the unbeliever as a more happy life, a more valuable life, then your belief might discount his or her own existence, as an unbeliever might be convinced that he or she exists in a state of misery because God does not value them like He values you.

When you are involved in a group of people who have been deceived by another (usually just one person) that your group’s god is the only god or the right god, and that you are special because you belong to God’s chosen group, you have created barriers that cause unhappiness and inequality for others who do not belong to your group.  This is organized religion.

Religions use their money and power to control others through political factions, patriotism, and national alliances.  Religions create division.  The “blood and horror” caused by mortal human nature can usually be traced to religion.


If you believe that you are not religious, but spiritual, it might be because you have a genuine personal concern with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Your belief in the human spirit or soul is a religion and can cause the same effects as any religion.

If you claim to have a connection to your “spirit” or to “a spirit”, or to your soul, and it gives value to your life and makes you happy, and another cannot relate or comprehend what it actually is that is bringing you happiness, because they don’t feel the same, you have created an atmosphere of competition and inequality.

In general, people who are happy have their physical needs met, which includes access to the Earth’s natural resources needed to survive.  When a person’s physical needs are not met, the only way that the impoverished can emotionally survive and not fight against their oppressors, or against those who have more than they do, is to be convinced that God has a plan for them; that from their poverty God will teach them something valuable.

Those who have often used religion and spirituality to convince those who have not that the inequality is justified.  “If you would just pay your tithing or your alms towards God, He will bless you.”

Spiritually-minded people are often those who do not struggle in life, and although they do not have an excess, they have their needs met, which allows them to meditate, live in peace, and exercise their soul … Namaste.

Religion, spirituality, and sex are the result of mortals not knowing who they actually are and why they exist.  If they knew the Real Truth behind these, they would not allow religion, spirituality, or sex to control their lives.  In essence, they wouldn’t allow another mortal to control any aspect of their individual existence.

This Marvelous Work and a Wonder® can teach a person how to be who they were created to be:  their Marvelous Self.

Religion is not needed.  Spirituality is not needed.  Sex is not needed.

Only the Real Truth is needed.


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