A True Messenger’s “friends” are more dangerous to him than his enemies.


All True Messengers of the past were killed.

No True Messenger has ever intentionally hurt another human being.  They all were killed because of their message.

The most famous of all ancient Greek philosophers was Socrates.  Although he left none of his own writings, some of his followers wrote about him and his message after he died.  Much of what these followers wrote about Socrates’ message was their own perception and did not necessarily express Socrates’ original views.  In fact, Plato disagreed with Socrates on many issues.

The actions of some of Socrates’ younger and newer followers eventually drew the government officials to conclude that Socrates’ was not good for peace and social security.  Alcibiades, one of many, acted on his own, but was inspired by what he had learned from Socrates.  Socrates did not tell Alcibiades to do what Alcibiades did.  Had Socrates held any influence over Alcibiades, Alcibiades would have never done the deeds that he was accused in history of doing.

Interestingly, and consistent with our modern chosen True Messenger, an author titled his book about Alcibiades, “Nemesis.”  Christopher’s last name appropriately incorporates “nemesis” with profound symbolism: Nemelka.


Well could one of us author a book and title it, NEMELKA—Christopher and the Apocalypse of Real Truth.

We knew that there would come a day when our True Messenger would need protection from this world, even from his friends and family.

That day has come.

Although Christopher’s enemies have accused him of many things, all of which are false allegations that could have been proven such in a court of law, the Idaho judge in Christopher’s defamation case against Echthros had no intention of fairly allowing Christopher an opportunity to confront his enemies.  The Idaho judge is one of Christopher’s enemies and proved his bias the last and only time Christopher appeared before him.

Christopher had as much chance in front of this prejudiced judge as both Socrates and Inpendius had in front of the common law judges in front of whom these ancient True Messengers were forced by their enemies.

Christopher was instructed to withdraw from prosecuting his defamation case in an Idaho court.  The court will issue its default judgments and Christopher will comply or not comply according to the civil law under which the jurisdiction responsible for Christopher’s mortal existence is relevant: the State of Utah—ironically, a state of the United States that is one of the most religious in the world.  Eventually, we will present all of the evidence that would have been presented at trial on this website, but only after the judge has made his final ruling.  Most of this evidence will be incorporated into Christopher’s own autobiography, The Man From Joe’s Bar and Grill.

For the sake of protecting Christopher and allowing him to complete his role for us and the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, we have instructed Christopher to eliminate most ties with family and friends, live alone, and trust none.

Christopher has not asked any of his friends to lie about him in the past, and we will not advise him to have any lie for him in the future.  In order to avoid any inappropriate knowledge that might put Christopher’s life or freedom in danger, we are counseling him to end his personal Daily Journal, where, often, Christopher’s Alcibiades nature might endanger him.

Until he has completed his role upon Earth, we will protect him at all costs.

According to what they knew of their own history and tradition, the Greek writers who authored the story of Jesus incorporated a sad fact of what they had learned about mortal human nature: friends can be more dangerous than enemies.

Judas was indirectly responsible for Jesus’ demise.  Judas was one of Jesus’ closest friends.  Judas’ betrayal was a result of Jesus being in hiding after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest and Judas revealing where Jesus was hiding from the law.

Although Judas betrayed Jesus, it was Peter who denied Jesus after his own freedom and worldly standing were threatened.  As did Joseph Smith Jr., Christopher has had close friends and supporters who have directly and indirectly “denied” him.

We will not allow any to betray him until Christopher has finished his role.

Joseph Smith Jr.’s history was full of close supporters and friends who denied and betrayed him.  Yet, of Joseph Smith or of Christopher, no honest historian can report that either man directly caused harm to another person.  In both of their cases, Joseph and Christopher helped many people, sometimes in ways that were unorthodox and not understood, yet always for the sake of the other person.

Until he has fulfilled his role, we have counseled Christopher to not help another person for that person’s sake, but to remain alone and isolated.

And as was presented by the Greeks in the Jesus story, which we also reflected in our Book of Mormon storyline, we’ve counseled Christopher to move about the world “in disguise”:

“And it came to pass that after the space of two years that Abinadi came among them in disguise, that they knew him not, and began to prophesy among them…”  (BOM, Mosiah 12:1)

We would advise all of those who have been close to Christopher, and any who might make his personal acquaintance in the future, at any time, in any place, to not share these experiences with anyone.  Trust no one.

There are many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who want to do Christopher harm.  Trust no one.

Please consider what we repeated above twice: trust no one … including yourself.

Inadvertently, although your intentions might be supportive and good, you might say something incorrectly and inappropriate.  Christopher’s enemies are deceptive and sly and might use any information you share to fulfill their designs.  For this reason, Christopher no longer blogs his own words in a Daily Journal format.  For this reason, Christopher no longer meets in public with anyone.  For this reason, Christopher has no orthodox relationships with family, friends, or a partner.

For the few who have been in his presence recently, we pray that you will protect our Messenger as we do.

Christopher has one role: disclose the Real Truth to the world (i.e, NEMELKA—Christopher and the Apocalypse of Real Truth).

The world sees the “Apocalypse” as a biblical representation of the end of the world when there is no such word in the Bible; nor does the word “Apocalypse” mean anything other than disclosure.

Whether the world can accept it or not, one of us wrote Revelation.

Revelation is an allegoric disclosure of Real Truth.

Revelation was written for one purpose only: to provided empirical evidence of our existence and work.

Revelation was written in such a way that only the author knew the substance and meaning behind the allegorical representations used in Revelation’s presentation.

Using esoteric religious terms associated with the fears of the religious mindset, Revelation was authored to intrigue but remain “folded,” “sealed” from the understanding of those responsible for allowing writings to become a part of canonized scripture.  If the religious leaders had known the meaning, they would not have allowed Revelation to become part of Christian scripture.

We counseled the same thing of Joseph Smith when he presented the endowment presentation.  Both Revelation and the endowment present the Real Truth about human nature symbolically.  Both have been changed from their original—the endowment much more than Revelation.

There is only one mortal man who has “unfolded,” “unsealed” the correct interpretation of both Revelation and the endowment: Christopher.

This fact alone should provide evidence of Christopher’s involvement with us in disclosing the Real Truth about all things.  Again, for the purpose of providing empirical evidence of our existence and work, both Revelation and the endowment were constructed.  Regardless of the time and effort taken by many throughout history to understand these religious constructs, no person had the ability or the authority to explain these things until Christopher.

We need Christopher to complete his role for the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

Until he does, we have put him in the hand of “God,” albeit that of the true God.

We will not allow Lucifer to thwart the true “work of the Father.”

Consider what we presented yesterday as you ponder why no one can be trusted, not even your mortal Self:

Because the experience of mortality is not working out as it was intended, none of us are responsible for how we are acted upon by our imperfect brain, which includes as we have explained, how our mortal brain causes us to act that feels good to us as an advanced human, when actually it is bad as a mortal human.

Your personal responses are a product of your environment.

YOU are a product of your environment.

YOU are Lucifer.


We will not allow Lucifer to thwart the true “work of the Father.”

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