Having children was not intended to be part of the mortal experience; neither was sex. Becoming an Eagle when the world treats you like a Chicken.


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How do we tell the world that having children is wrong and is one of the main reasons why the mortal experience has failed five times in the past and will fail this time if the people of the world do not start doing the right things to support the true purpose for mortality?

Let’s consider Christian belief, which is the religion upon which we based the religious tone of our message in order to effectuate a change to the closed and corrupt religious mind.

Here’s a question for Christians:

Supposing that Jesus was the ultimate mortal example, how many children did he have?

WWJD (What would Jesus do?) is a phrase often used by Christians in determining their choices in life.

“Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me?  The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works’ sake.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”  (John 14:10-12)

How was Jesus conceived in the story?  Certainly not through sex, as God would have had intercourse with the Virgin Mary.  Would a father incestuously impregnate his young daughter?


According to the corrupt LDS/Mormon prophet, Brigham Young, God had sex with a young virgin, which gave Young the green light to engage in the same mortal act.  Regardless of what his enemies and critics report, Joseph Smith did not teach that God had sex with the Virgin Mary in order to conceive the mortal Jesus, nor did Joseph have sex with any woman other than his wife, Emma.

Again, in understanding the differences between Young and Smith, refer to the underlying counsel that Joseph Smith received and followed in setting up the religion that we suffered to come forth in his name:

“But behold, the [early American Christians] were a stiffnecked people; and they despised the words of plainness, and killed the prophets, and sought for things that they could not understand.  Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark, they must needs fall; for God hath taken away his plainness from them, and delivered unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it.  And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble.”  (BOM, Jacob 4:14)

The character Jesus, the Christ, was developed by Greek writers under the auspices and direction of a Greco-Roman man named, Caneaus.  Caneaus was very educated, but a wise and good man whom we indirectly influenced throughout his life.  One of Caneaus’ Hebrew servants was best friends with one of us.

Since the idea behind the story of Jesus was to give the poor masses hope, Caneaus often received his ideas from speaking and interacting with his poor servants.

Without servants, Caneaus’ easy lifestyle could not be served and maintained.  Caneaus only had one child.  His servants were encouraged by Greco-Roman society to have many children.  Caneaus’ child was born into wealth and placed in a societal class different than a child born to a servant or slave.

In Greco-Roman culture there was a difference between a servant and a slave.  The servant was of the same culture and employed by the wealthy.  Slaves were from conquered or occupied cultures and were not paid.  There were also some Greco-Romans who were indentured because of a crime that they might have committed or a debt they owed.

Children were and are born into classes of economic opportunity.  In ancient times (and in many places in the current world), a child was (is) brought up to believe that the economic class in which the child was (is) born was (is) the appropriate one for the child’s mortal existence.

Although a wealthy person of many generations of Greek wealth, Caneaus had a good heart and treated his servants well.  Since his Jesus character was to be the Messiah of the poor, Jesus needed to be born into poverty and eventually recognize his own glory as the Son of God.  Caneaus’ intention was to create the idea, that although born into poor circumstance and class, the masses have the potential of being equal with everyone else … at least when they die and go to heaven, then the poor receive their “mansion” Jesus promised them.

Caneaus had Jesus born into a poor economic class, but grow up to recognize himself as the greatest of all mortals, yet equal to everyone else.  The Jesus character epitomized everything that Caneaus desired for his story to instill hope and equality in the minds of the masses who were rebelling against their plight of being born into poverty.  Accepting Jesus as their example of the best mortal possible, the poor masses could see themselves differently and stop their rebellion against the injustices and inequality that they were experiencing at the time.

If Jesus was poor, then being poor was good.

If Jesus were to have a child, would Jesus have raised the child in wealth or in poverty?

Jesus didn’t have a child.  Jesus wasn’t married according to the storyline.  Jesus was poor, single, childless, and taught that everyone was equal with everyone else.

Caneaus’ idea for the Jesus character came from his involvement with his own slaves and a slight adjustment to his mortal brain that allowed Caneaus to envision how mortals are supposed to be … how mortals were when they first appeared on Earth during the First Dispensation of Human Time.

Consider that a child born and raised a certain way is going to believe and act a certain way.  Here is a popular fable that illustrates this mortal phenomenon:

Fable of the Eagle and the Chicken

When the eagle was very small, he fell from the safety of his nest.  A chicken farmer found the eagle, brought him to the farm, and raised him in a chicken coop among his many chickens.  The eagle grew up doing what chickens do, living like a chicken, and believing he was a chicken.

A naturalist came to the chicken farm to see if what he had heard about an eagle acting like a chicken was really true.  He knew that an eagle is king of the sky.  He was surprised to see the eagle strutting around the chicken coop, pecking at the ground, and acting very much like a chicken.

The farmer explained to the naturalist that this bird was no longer an eagle.  He was now a chicken because he had been trained to be a chicken and he believed that he was a chicken.

The naturalist knew there was more to this great bird than his actions showed as he “pretended” to be a chicken.  He was born an eagle and had the heart of an eagle, and nothing could change that.  The man lifted the eagle onto the fence surrounding the chicken coop and said, “Eagle, thou art an eagle. Stretch forth thy wings and fly.”

The eagle moved slightly, only to look at the man; then he glanced down at his home among the chickens in the chicken coop where he was comfortable.  He jumped off the fence and continued doing what chickens do.

The farmer was satisfied.  “I told you it was a chicken,” he said.

The naturalist returned the next day and tried again to convince the farmer and the eagle that the eagle was born for something greater.  He took the eagle to the top of the farmhouse and spoke to him: “Eagle, thou art an eagle. Thou dost belong to the sky and not to the earth. Stretch forth thy wings and fly.”

The large bird looked at the man, then again down into the chicken coop.  He jumped from the man’s arm onto the roof of the farmhouse.  Knowing what eagles are really about, the naturalist asked the farmer to let him try one more time.  He would return the next day and prove that this bird was an eagle.

The farmer, convinced otherwise, said, “It is a chicken.”

The naturalist returned the next morning to the chicken farm and took the eagle and the farmer some distance away to the foot of a high mountain.  They could not see the farm nor the chicken coop from this new setting.  The man held the eagle on his arm and pointed high into the sky where the bright sun was beckoning above.  He spoke: “Eagle, thou art an eagle! Thou dost belong to the sky and not to the earth. Stretch forth thy wings and fly.”

This time the eagle stared skyward into the bright sun, straightened his large body, and stretched his massive wings.  His wings moved, slowly at first, then surely and powerfully. With the mighty screech of an eagle, he flew.

Again, the Greeks were the first society during this Sixth Dispensation of Human Time that learned how to create wealth by having others work for them.

First, the Greeks became experts at accumulating money by not working.  The Greek islands were positioned perfectly in the trade routes that ancient merchants followed to sell their wares.  While in port, the merchant sailors had the means and the time to be entertained.  The Greeks learned how to entertain and get paid well for it.  The Greeks became the greatest storytellers and actors of their time … of any time.  Thus, the stories of Jesus were influenced and created by Greek writers to give hope to the poor masses of the Great Roman Empire.

Caneaus wanted to let the poor know that they were appreciated and valued more than what they felt when born servants and slaves and raised as such.

A little child starts out equal with all other children.  There are no economic classes among little children.  A little child starts the mortal experience exactly like the mortal experience was supposed to start: complete equality and an opportunity to exercise one’s own independence and individuality.

An advanced person’s brain connects to the mortal infant’s brain in order to satisfy the needs of the advanced brain, which are independent needs unique to the individual.  In order for the mortal experience to play out as it was intended, the child must be allowed to do whatever the child wants without being impeded in any way.  But this world is not currently set up to allow this.

A mortal child would be harmed in this fallen world, if left to itself.  A child will conform to whatever the child’s parents have in mind for their child.  A child becomes whatever the parent (the world) wants the child to become, not necessarily what the child wants to become.

In an advanced, perfect human world, a child is created (asexually) and is allowed unconditional free will to explore the new environment and react in it and to it as the child wants, unimpeded and protected, not by the advanced parent, but by the physical nature of the perfect world.  The advanced child’s body will not allow it to be harmed.

If, for example, an advanced child learning how to walk crawls towards a cliff, in order to take in the beauty below, and falls off the cliff, the child will learn from the experience, not from being hurt, but from falling.  The advanced child will be forced to crawl back up the mountain to get back to the cliff in order to view the beauty below that was the child’s intention in the first place.

The child wanted to see the beauty below, from the cliff.  The advanced parent knew that if the child got too close to the cliff edge, the child would fall and then would have to spend time, not looking at the beauty below as the child wanted, but climbing back up the mountain to the cliff.  Once the advanced child fell, the child’s free will was impeded by the child’s own action.  The child’s free will was to take in the beauty of the scene from the cliff.  The child did not choose to fall from the cliff, but learned that falling was a consequence of getting too close to the edge.  While wanting to take in the beauty from above, the child will not get too close to the edge and fall again, unless the child chooses to.

An advanced child is learning from a positive experience, not from a negative experience of pain and suffering, or death.  This is how the mortal experience was supposed to play out.

What has been taught and accepted in the past about this mortal life being a place where we must experience the bad so that we can appreciate the good, is not the Real Truth.  This falsehood is taught by those who want you to accept the way things are so that you won’t try to change them.  A wealthy person wants you to accept that “that’s how the world works,” when you are forced to work for them to survive.  The world wants you to think that you too can become wealthy, if you make others poor.  It’s the only way in this fallen world.

We will explain more of the Real Truth about how the mortal experience was supposed to be a positive experience of learning and of appreciation in our next book.  In brief summary, you do not enter mortality to feel physical pain and suffering.  You enter mortality to experience laws of nature that are different than a perfect world so that you will appreciate the laws of an advanced world versus the laws of a mortal Earth.

In a religious sense, being placed in the Garden of Eden is how mortality was supposed to always play out.  When humans “fell” is when things went the wrong way for the mortal experience.  The idea is to get back to living in the Garden of Eden.

Joseph’s allegoric endowment of Real Truth teaches that an advanced person (Michael) is put to sleep and wakes up in his dream as Adam.  Adam is in the Garden of Eden, not the Lone and Dreary World.

Was Adam a dad in the Garden of Eden?  Even when Eve came along, did they have kids and start having joy in their posterity?

In the original presentation, the character Elohim only addressed Adam, not Eve.  LDS/Mormon women took offense, so the corrupt church that didn’t understand that Adam, Eve, and Lucifer were all parts of the god Michael’s dream, added “Eve” to Elohim’s communications.

We will take our part from the original:

ELOHIM: Adam, we have created for you this earth, and have placed upon it all kinds of vegetation and animal life. We have commanded all these to multiply in their own sphere and element.  We give you dominion over all these things, and make you Adam, lord over the whole earth and all things on the face thereof.  We now command you to multiply and replenish the earth, that you may have joy and rejoicing in your posterity.  We have also planted for you this garden, wherein we have placed all manner of fruits, flowers, and vegetation.  Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat, but of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil thou shalt not eat; nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thyself, for it is given unto thee. But remember that I forbid it; for in the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.

Adam cannot have sex in the Garden of Eden, so how can he experience “joy and rejoicing in [his] posterity” if it was intended for Adam to spend the rest of eternity in the Garden of Eden and never intended for Adam to have children?

The key is understanding that “Adam” is actually a dream character of the god Michael.  “Adam” is part of Michael’s eternal posterity.  Adam is the mortal person that gives Michael his eternal experience, his advanced brain’s balance.  Adam is the only child Michael will ever have in the Garden of Eden upon this new earth that Michael created like the other ones that he had “heretofore created.”

“Posterity” used in this symbolic way … and remember, when an allegoric presentation of Real Truth is invented, everything in it is allegoric … means the generations of one’s own mortal incarnates.

“Michael” is your True Self.  Michael’s posterity not only includes “Adam” but every other “Adam” that Michael dreamed in the “worlds that we have heretofore formed” and that Michael will form in the future … through all generations of time and throughout all eternity.

ELOHIM: Jehovah, Michael, see—yonder is matter unorganized. Go ye down and organize it into (worlds) like unto the other worlds that we have heretofore formed. Call your labors the First Day, and bring me word.

“Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael” are the allegoric representation of each of our True Selves.  We create “other worlds” like the ones that we created in our minds for our “ancestors” (the people who are our personal dream characters in the past) and will create “other worlds” like unto the ones that “we have heretofore formed” in our advanced brains for our “posterity.”

Maybe we should have had Jospeh write it:

My True Self gives my Mortal Self dominion over all these things, and makes you, My Mortal Self, lord over the whole earth and all things on the face thereof.  My True Self now commands you to continue to multiply and replenish earths, that you may have joy and rejoicing in your eternal mortal experiences

“Multiply and replenish” allegorically means to have as many mortal experiences as your advanced brain needs to replenish its needs.

Here’s the world’s definition of posterity: all future generations of people; the descendants of a person.

Now the final, secret, esoteric endowment message should make a bit more sense:

Health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and in the sinews, power in the Priesthood be upon me, and upon my posterity through all generations of time, and throughout all eternity.

Or rather,

I need the perfect physical body (health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and in the sinews) in order to exercise my free will (power in the Priesthood be upon me) in all of my mortal incarnates (and upon my posterity) … through all generations of time, and throughout all eternity.

Had the corrupt LDS/Mormon leader Brigham Young kept the original last scene of Joseph’s endowment intact, maybe the LDS/Mormon people would have figured it out.  In the original last scene, Michael is awakened from the dream and takes his place again in the eternities as a member of the only Godhead that exists … the power that exists in your own exalted head.

During the First Dispensation of Human Time upon Earth, there were no children.  There was no sex.  There were advanced humans dreaming the only mortal experience that their advanced brain could.  Eventually, the Stellarian humans were able to take over power and start creating mortals that served them.  They had to do this because most of OUR GROUP is Lunarian (those who serve themselves and do not want to be served).

How the world evolved to include sex and children, which created the classes of humanity that have corrupted our world, will be explained in detail in our book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race.

The wealthy need the poor to keep having employees to work for their companies.  Stellarian people need children to make themselves feel good … to serve their selfish needs for value and worth in a world where they are not always served worth and value.  Well did one of us write:

Children are not consciously desired to guarantee the perpetuation of the species, but to give more credibility and support to the individuals who create them. A father and mother validate themselves by their children.

Most family rules and expectations are set, not to allow the children to become individuals, but to further the selfish desires of the parents to maintain their own individuality. When a child eventually becomes aware that his or her existence is no longer dependent upon the parent, and that his or her self is more important than the whole of the family, a rebellion ensues. This ultimately brings heartache and instability to the family unit, which was instituted, not for the sake of the child, but for the parent.

(666, the Mark of America—Seat of the Beast, page 7.)

If people would stop having children, then the wealthy might start investing their money into making sure people don’t die so that they need to be replaced.  Bioengineering and gene manipulation would make it possible for a slave to live forever, if the wealthy also invested their money into making sure the slave had all their basic needs provided for.

But what would happen then …

If the eagle found out that it wasn’t a chicken?

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