Meghan, Duchess of Sussex sex slave solution. ***CAUTION*** Christopher’s words while upset.

This is Christopher:

No, I am not nice and considerate to this world.  I say things as I feel them.

This work has presented an unchallengeable solution to the sex trade; where a person (usually female and young) is forced to provide prostitution services in order to support oneself and one’s dependents with life’s basic needs.

Here is the plan that the United States Congress could implement in week through an emergency session:

Now, here is the news headline of what one of the members of the wealthiest family in the United Kingdom is doing to help “uplift” sex workers:

Meghan Markle uses bananas to relay uplifting messages to sex workers


First of all, allow me to let the world in on a little secret about bananas and the sex trade.

In poor countries where the families need their young virgin daughters to start supporting the family through sex, guess what the mother uses to prepare the daughter’s vagina for the rigorous daily labor it’s about to endure?

It’s with tears that the mother inserts the banana in the child’s vagina to break her hymen SO THAT THE CHILD’S VAGINA CAN START SAYING, “HI MEN, COME AND HAVE SEX WITH ME SO MY FAMILY CAN EAT!”

Instead of mother being able to whisper to her daughter:

“You are special!”

“You are strong!”

“You are brave!”

Megan Markel and the rest of the wealthy of this world can take a banana and use it on themselves like poor mothers are forced to use it on their young daughters!



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