Chapter 26: A Marvelous Work and a Wonder®


Carl and Paula Ladenburg came to Kent, Washington, to visit just a few days after I had made amends with them.  They came to our bus located in Rick and Joy Church’s backyard.  Brittany was still scared of Paula from the events that happened in Snohomish just a year before.

While with my dad and her dad trying to get me arrested, Paula asked the Sheriff if she could see Brittany and Joshua while she was there.  The Sheriff asked me and I didn’t have any problem with her seeing the kids, as there were all kinds of law enforcement (on my side) on hand to prevent them from illegally taking the kids.

Brittany wanted nothing to do with Paula at that time.  She hid in a corner of the Bartelhiemer home and cried, shaking with abject fear of the situation that was unfolding.  The Sheriff did not press the issue, and certainly didn’t force a six-year-old to see a mother whom Brittany thought was trying to take her from her father by force of gun!  Yeah, really!  By force of gun!

You can imagine the mental trauma inflicted on little Brittany and Joshua when their grandfathers showed up with their estranged mother with men in uniforms … with guns!  It was the stupidest thing that Paula could have done to our young children, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last stupid thing that she and her new husband, Carl Ladenburg, would do to these innocent kids who wanted nothing more out of life than happiness.

Paula had given up custody of the kids without any doubt that she was doing the right thing … for her.  She knew I was a loving and caring father who could raise the kids better than she ever could.  I wanted to believe that she had given up the kids because she thought about the kids over her own selfish interests, knowing the type of father that I was.  I probably would have kept that thought … that she always put the kids’ needs above her own … had the Snohomish incident not happened.

How could she put our children through that kind of drama?

For the same reason that my own father did.  Neither my father, Paula, nor any other member of my family ever … not once … asked me what I was doing, and more importantly, why I was doing it.  I’m sure the only way that they could deal with me abandoning the religion that they were convinced was God’s only true church was to believe that I had gone bonkers.  And if they believed that I had gone bonkers, then they felt justified in trying to take the kids from me.

I suppose, in a way, I kind of did go bonkers, not by choice, but because of the transfiguration that happened to my brain on June 16, 1987.  But anyway, in spite of my bonkerness, I was a great father.  I believe that this is why Jackie married me when she came to know me as a single dad, and was the reason why she stayed with me throughout the years (1987 to 2000) in spite of what my bonkerness did to her own life.

But anyways …

When they came to Kent, Washington at my invite, I had no problem letting Paula and Carl Ladenburg take Brittany and Joshua wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted.  I had no thought that they would run with the kids at this time.  I believed that Paula had learned a strong legal lesson from the Snohomish County Sheriff.  But more importantly, was the impact that my recruiters had on my decision to make amends with Paula.  I didn’t think they would have me do something that would not be right for me.

Had I stayed in Washington, a much more liberal State than Montana, I believe that the law would have always been on my side.  But the law is only as good and strong as the judge that oversees it, and the attorneys that abuse the fuck out of it, say that the law is.  And wait until you read later about what a Montana judge and a bunch of well-paid Montana attorneys did to the law and justice.  Wait until you read about what Paula allowed to happen to our children, again … about the extraordinary emotional trauma that she put them through.

Grandkids, you’re going to read about what happened to Brittany and Joshua as kids and it is going to make you wonder about Grandma Paula and why she allowed these things to happen to them if she truly loved them and wanted what was in their best interests.

Paula would maliciously use the law in Montana to take the kids from me and raise them completely opposite of how I was raising them.  She took away all my rights through adoption (Brittany and Joshua are legally Ladenburgs).  Then, here it goes, divorced Carl Ladenburg, who wanted nothing to do with Brittany and Joshua after the divorce and pled and cried that I enter back into their lives to save them from the emotional hell and downward spiral they were experiencing in their lives that would have destroyed our children.  Yep, it was good Ol’ bonkers Grandpa that entered back into their lives and saved Brittany and Joshua from inevitable self-destruction.

You see, Grandkids, that’s what good, unselfish fathers do.

Oh, but wait a minute here, Grandpa.  In the last chapter, you said that you were not a father any longer, that you were only a True Messenger.  So, what gives?

Read the past chapters very carefully.

Grandpa explained that it wasn’t until after Brittany’s wedding to a wonderful man in 2018, and Joshua’s, to a wonderful, strong woman in the same year, that I knew that I was finally ready to leave my life as a father and fully dedicate myself to being a True Messenger.  There was nothing more that I could do for any of my children, your parents.

It was time, then, to become whom I entered this mortal experience to become.

Of course, neither Brittany, Joshua, or Rachael (the only three children who had anything to do with me as adults), had any interest in what I was doing as a True Messenger.  They only needed me as a father.

But they, too, are advanced humans having a mortal experience.  I am their True Messenger just as much as I am a True Messenger to the rest of the 15.07 billion advanced humans assigned to this solar system.

And again, that kind of talk … that Grandpa’s a True Messenger, the ONLY one, to the entire world and everyone in it … is fucking bonkers.  Right?

Bonkers or not, it is the Real Truth.

So at this point in my autobiography, it’s probably appropriate and needed for me to further explain exactly what a True Messenger is and what my role entails.  It’s important because we are at the point in the chronological order of the events of my life when I was first approached and asked to be this True Messenger by four other mortals … and three advanced humans.  Yep.  Advanced humans.  These three can take mortal form from time to time so that Grandpa’s mortal eyes can see them and my mortal ears can hear them.  These seven, four mortal immortals and three advanced humans, consist of the group from which I get my marching instructions for their work.

I’ve learned a good lesson that might benefit you too.  It’s a lesson that needs to be learned by all people on Earth.

If you don’t see something with your own mortal eyes through light refractions bouncing off an object, that other mortals can also see, then the thing isn’t real.  If you don’t hear something through vibrations that your mortal ears pick up, that others in the same room can also hear, then the thing that you are hearing is not real.


There’s absolutely no magic involved in the Real Truth … ABSOLUTELY NONE!

Everything and anything that has happened to me was never done through magic or by any supernatural means … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I don’t believe anything that my empirical physical senses do not first sense according to the only brain that I can fully and functionally control: my mortal brain.  If I can’t see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, or touch it … that shit ain’t real.  Never has been.  Never will be.

But, Grandpa … you’re talking about advanced humans and four immortals that no one else has seen.

No.  I never said that.

Others have actually seen and interacted with the mortal immortals with whom I have interacted.  One person, in particular, was one of my greatest supporters at one time.  She now wants nothing to do with me or the work that I am doing.  Yet, I know that she will always hold me and this work deep in her heart.  I know that she knows who I am and that what I am doing is the most important thing that could possibly be done in this ever-spiraling out of control world.  She has personally met one of these mortal immortals and has had enough empirical evidence that has convinced her that they are who they are.  Her problem isn’t with them.  Her problem is with me.  Go figure!

Others have seen them.  You’ll read in pages ahead in this autobiography how a very good attorney, very successful in the eyes of the world, was forced to deal with these mortal immortals on my behalf, more than any other person was and is allowed.

Long story, very short:

I gave up my role in 2010 and tried to end my mortal experience so that my mentors would be forced to choose someone other than me to be their True Messenger.  I tried to manipulate the situation so that they would choose one particular man that I had in mind (who just so happened to be the husband of the woman I mentioned above who would meet one of the immortals).  I thought I was doing the right thing but I failed in my attempt and almost died anyway.  I had to recuperate at a time when a lot of things were going on with my mentors and they were forced to deal with this attorney for many days on a variety of issues because of the choice that I made.  It wasn’t fair or right that this attorney had empirical evidence of these immortals, as it would have given an excuse to everyone who didn’t get to meet them.  “Oh, if I would have just had the opportunity to deal with the Brothers, I would not be an asshole and would always do good!”  No, an asshole is always an asshole, no matter in what mortal incarnate the asshole finds him or her self.  But to eliminate this kind of excuse, after I finally came to and was physically ready to proceed as their True Messenger, this attorney had a massive stroke that took away any memory that his mortal mind had of dealing with the mortal immortals … breathe … breathe … breath … breath … You’ll read all about this later.

And yes, I’m going to reveal who this man is … later.  Why?  Because all one has to do is research the fact that he was a successful attorney, got involved with me, and then had a massive stroke … all proven empirically with hospital records.

But anyways …

You’re going to read about gold plates and what is called the Urim and Thummim, which is actually just an advanced cell phone that has been preserved throughout time by being encased in what looks like a couple of transparent rocks.

Do you want to see an actual picture of them?

Okay, here are the two rocks that Grandpa has shown to many people.


Visually put the top rock to the left of the bottom rock.  Literally millions of years ago when this ancient advanced technology was first encased in these rocks, the two rocks fit perfectly together.

Remember those old flip phones?  When you’d open the flip phone the electrical connection was automatic and the phone lit up?

Well, when you take the top rock and touch its right side (as faced in the photo) to the bottom rock’s left side, the electrical connection is made and they light up … just like a cell phone.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention … not really … I just wanted to create a more dramatic effect in my description of the rocks …

Do you know when you touch your modern Smartphone and the light comes on, but no one but you can access the phone because their fingerprint or face is not recognized as an authorized user?

Well, pretty soon, your DNA will open a phone by a simple touch.

Each of us has a unique energy pattern that is produced by our unique brain.  The brain produces this electricity and sends it throughout our body.  This is how our senses work.  Our senses are simply the result of electronic energy being passed from our brain, or to our brain from things in our environment.  Advanced technology will one day recognize the unique energy pattern that your unique brain produces.  You won’t need your fingerprint or your face to make your personal electronic devices work.  All you will need is YOU!

I was born into this world on December 2, 1961, in the LDS Hospital located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  After being born, my mother needed some rest, so nurses would come and go and take my little body from my mother for a short time so that she could rest.  Little did my mother know that one of the nurses had a couple of rocks in his pocket when he took me from her.  This nurse … who wasn’t really a nurse, but who knows more about nursing and medical science than any doctor in this world possibly could … took the rocks out of his pocket and proceeded to pair the rocks’ advanced electronic recognition technology to my DNA.  Once paired, this “nurse” could track my whereabouts.  He knew where I was and what I was doing for my entire life … as long as he had the rocks in his possession.  When I had them in my possession, he could no longer track my whereabouts with them … at least, that’s what I thought.

Shortly after the Ladenburgs left Kent and went back to Montana, I moved our bus to Victor, Montana.  The Brothers had arranged for us to buy a 5-acre piece of property from a family and pay them small payments towards its purchase.  I got a job with a local farmer, Shane Morris, of Corvallis, Montana.  Shane was a single father who had custody of a young son.  I would often bring Brittany to work with me so that she could watch Shane’s son while he and I did the farm work.  He paid me $4 per hour, which after working many long days on his farm in the early Spring of 1991, was sufficient for our needs.  But I have to report here, and admit, that I was never low on cash again after I met the Brothers.  Every time I met with them they would give me a fistful of cash.

Bastards!  I suppose it was their way of paying me for accepting the role as their True Messenger and making me feel guilty if I didn’t do what they wanted me to do.

My critics and enemies have accused me of taking people’s money, without earning it, in support of my “fictitious” role.  These fucks do not believe that the Brothers exist.  They do not believe that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is a “marvelous work and a wonder.”  And they certainly have a hard time believing that the two rocks that I have used many times as a True Messenger are what I claim the rocks to be.

Later, I’ll explain more details about how I came to know one of my most bitter and malicious enemies, Harry Dschaak.

He and some of his children actually held the two rocks and passed them around to each other.  I allowed this for a special purpose.

Dschaak, whom we have appropriately renamed, Echthros, (meaning: enemy, hostile, hating … pretty much the consummate asshole), had at one time convinced his kids that I was who I claimed to be and that the work that I was involved in … in which he became involved in … no, in which he became obsessed with … was God’s work.  Echthros started taking advantage of others.  To stop Echthros, I publicly called him out, rebuked him, and took away all of the value that others had given him.  This was the only value he ever had in his life … except for the value he gets from trying to stop me and the MWAW.  He will never do it, though, no matter what prejudiced judge he gets to back his malicious intent.

Echthros would troll me and the MWAW online and take over a website,  I didn’t give a rat’s shit what he was saying about me.  But his malicious lies were creating problems for many innocent people, including the company that I worked for at the time.  To stop Echthros, I was counseled to file a defamation suit against him.  I hired my younger brother, Joe, to take the case.  Joe fucked the entire case up because he didn’t actually know how to handle a defamation case.  Instead of filing the case in Federal Court, because I was living in Utah and Echthros was living in Idaho, Joe thought that Echthros’ comments about me were so damaging and defamatory that the case would be a slam dunk.  We didn’t expect the Idaho judge to be so prejudicial.  But Judge Robert C. Naftz is a Christian and very conservative, and hates my guts!

Long story short, Echthros countersued me for fraud and racketeering, claiming that I had made up the MWAW to take his money.  What a load of fucking shit his evidence was.  (We will get to the case when it becomes relevant in the chronological order of my autobiography.)

It was too expensive to keep paying Joe and another Idaho attorney to represent what appeared to be an easy case.  I started representing myself, and during my first appearance (which would also be my last) in front of Judge Naftz, the guy treated me like a piece of shit.  Naftz gave Echthros whatever his attorney asked of the judge.  I never stood a chance.  I was forced to quit my job and will file bankruptcy on the judgement that Naftz will surely give Echthros.  I moved to Europe then, from where I wrote part of this autobiography.  The ONLY thing that will bring me back to the jurisdiction of the United States courts is if the Brothers want me to proceed with an appeal of Naftz’ prejudiced rulings.  But I will never go back to Naftz’ jurisdiction in Idaho.  Nope, Echthros won’t see me in jail in his home State.

I don’t stand a chance in hell at being treated fairly in a court of law when I am telling the judges and attorneys that they’re all corrupt as hell and that the litigious society that we have become is because of them, and that they are directly responsible for leading this society to an emotional destruction of an unprecedented degree.

The future will demonstrate how I have gone before judges only to be treated with contempt … just like all True Messengers before me.

But anyways …

Echthros has provided some incredible empirical evidence of my claims.

When I first met him, I recognized him from a past life experience in which both of our True Selves were involved.  He has always been an enemy of good, not that his True Self is not a perfect and intelligent advanced human of incredible significance and glory, but because his humanity type is Stellarian … one who needs to be served by others.

While I allowed him to be involved with me and the MWAW, I allowed him to say what he wanted to say.  He loved to talk … Oh, my, how he loved to talk!  He would take over meetings.  He would spend hours writing on the Internet.  His writings were always supportive of me and the MWAW until I knew that it was time to force him to reveal his true nature as a person who needs the value and worth from others.  He was wasting a lot of people’s time and setting himself up as someone of importance.  But I knew from the beginning that he would become one of my most bitter enemies.  How did I know?

I would meet Echthros and his family in San Diego, California, in 2005.  It was in San Diego where I showed him and his children the rocks.

Echthros was in the room with about 20 other people when I announced to them that every one of the people present in that room would remain loyal and faithful to me, except one.  From that time, these people always wondered who that Judas would be.  I knew.  I made the prophecy.  And it came true.

If Echthros had only walked away and got on with his life and had nothing further to do with me, he would have provided evidence that my prophecy about the MWAW Judas was not true.

Echthros would attempt to prove that my prophetic statements were not true.  I have always stated that no one will publicly debate me because I would destroy them in a debate.  In March of 2012, Echthros would try his hand at proving that I wasn’t who I claimed to be.  A few days before the debate we set up, I gave another prophecy about what would happen.

I wrote that Echthros would shake and tremble in my presence.  If you want empirical evidence of this, take the time to watch Echthros’ attempt to prove to the world that the MWAW is not what it claims to be.  Here are the links to his attempt that we have published on the Internet: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

It was actually a very sad experience for me to see Echthros fulfill one of my prophecies.  I had a lot of compassion on the poor guy then, so I didn’t counter anything that he said for 3 hours.  I didn’t have to.  His obsession and maliciousness were obvious.  But oh did he ever shake and tremble in my presence … exactly how I prophesied he would.

How did I know that Echthros would betray me and obsessively and maliciously attack me and shake and tremble in my presence?

I am not a fucking prophet!  There is no magic involved here.

Again, if I don’t see something with my eyes through the refraction of light that enters into them, I don’t believe it.  If I don’t hear something with my ears through the vibrations created by another person’s voice box, I don’t believe it.

Since my transfiguration, I have NEVER trusted anything that is processed in my head as a thought.  And neither should you!

The ability of your brain to imagine things and make up events and things that don’t actually happen is powerful.  Billions of people have been killed upon this earth because they believed shit in their heads that isn’t really real.  Or they believed someone who claimed to have seen or heard something that the claimant really didn’t see or hear.  This is where all religion gets its start.

Mark my words and pay attention to them:


People make up all kinds of shit in their head in an attempt to be valued by others.  If you’re not being treated very good, if others don’t recognize your importance and significance, make up an event when God came to you, when Christ came to you, when the Virgin Mary came to you … that makes you feel important.  And check out how much value you receive from others whom you convince of your imagined experience!

Your brain can cause you to feel the power of an unseen God just as it can cause you to feel the power of an unseen devil.  Your brain is naturally wired to support the concept and belief that you are the most important and significant person in your reality … BECAUSE YOU ARE!

Your mortal life is a dream being created by your advanced brain.  Your advanced brain is the singular most important thing to your entire existence.  Your mortal dream (your mortal life) is an involuntary response of your advanced brain trying to maintain what it is: the singular most important and significant thing in your existence.

Now does it finally make sense why and how mortals make up shit in their heads that is not actually real but that brings them value, importance, and significance in a world where they would otherwise be nothing?

Echthros would be nothing in this world if he wasn’t an enemy of me and the MWAW.  No one would have ever heard the name of Harry Dschaak, or the mortal names of any of my other enemies, if I didn’t mention them in association with me and the MWAW.

Echthros is a pig farmer who raises pigs and hauls straw for a living.  He has received a lot of money from others who hate me.  But if he didn’t do what he does in trying to take me down, he would be an unknown, rather unattractive looking, poor, Idaho pig farmer.

But why does he do what he does?  How did I know that he would do what he did, what he does, and what he will continue to do for the rest of his mortal life?

Because I know his True Self.

I know the incredible human being that his advanced Self actually is.  I know that what Harry Dschaak is doing as a mortal avatar is not what his True Self does, or would do.

Harry’s mortal life gives empirical evidence of what the mortal dream does … how it plays out … when one whose entire existence revolves around others serving the advanced human … and their mortal experience does not support this humanity type.

If you could see both Harry and me as little mortal children, and you could observe how each of us acted and reacted as little children.  You would see, not only the equality, but the difference.  If there was only one toy in the room, and I was playing with the toy, because it was given to me to play with, little Harry would take the toy from me, not even considering that the toy was not meant for him.  Little Christopher would not cry.  Little mortal Christopher would look at little Harry and wonder why Harry had the toy now, then Christopher would stick his thumb in his mouth and twirl a small piece of hair on the top of his head, satisfied without a toy.

Go ahead … ask Mother Dschaak and Mother Nemelka how their sons reacted as little children.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  The older I got, the more I realized that people shouldn’t be taking things that didn’t belong to them.  I remember a time when I had bought a piece of candy and my brother Cory took it from me.  We were about 9 and 10 years old.  I cried and threw a fit … I was too old to suck my thumb then.  But Cory, like Harry, hated it when I seemed to be more popular, more significant, or when I was receiving attention and praise that he was not.  Cory has been uncomfortable with me, like Harry, my entire life … and still is.

Here’s the Real Truth:

We weren’t supposed to be children during this mortal experience.  We weren’t supposed to be males during this mortal experience.  We were supposed to be able to enter the world as mortals that properly reflect the advanced humans that we actually are!  That’s how it was during the First Dispensation of Human Time when we first started having the dream-like experience we now know as mortal life.

We fell from our former grace and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden that was first available to us when we first recognized our Self as a mortal, having forgotten who we really were as advanced humans.

Now, Grandpa is writing symbolically here.  There was no Garden of Eden, and the human race did not start with just two white people, Adam and Eve.

Let me use this symbolism, however, to try to make the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist a bit clearer:

Let’s give Harry a new name.  Not “Echthros” because he is really not a bad person any more than anyone else is.  Yeah, he wants to kill me and take me down, or at the very least, put me in jail … but so did my own father!  Adolf Hitler was not any more evil than Harry Truman.  Neither man actually killed any innocent people, but both of them gave orders to their subordinates.  Hitler during the Holocaust, and Truman when he authorized the first use of the atomic bomb against the innocent.

Let’s call Harry, the god Michael.  Michael goes to sleep and starts dreaming.  Michael doesn’t remember that he is the god Michael.  He thinks he’s Harry.  As Harry, he is enticed to do stupid things … in the past, he did them because he wanted to be valued by his wife, Jodi.

When you finally understand the Real Truth about this FUBAR mess we call the mortal experience, you will understand that Harry, Cory, Hitler, and Truman …

… know not what they do!

They are all Michael gods, equal with the Elohim and Jehovah gods … for those with eyes that see this symbolism.

They really don’t know what they do any more than Elohim and Jehovah know what’s going on in the lone and dreary world!  The only way these gods know anything about mortal life is that which is reported to them by the actual, physical mouth of a True Messenger.

Each man believes that what he did during his mortal life was good for the situation.  Each man did what each did.  Each mortal action, each mortal event, each mortal thought, is the result of their True Self‘s brain producing an involuntary dream sequence consistent with and supportive of their humanity type.

I am using these four men: Harry, Cory, Hitler, and Truman, in my explanation because I know that all of their True Selves reside on the same planet in our real, advanced solar system.  They live on their own planet.  Their planet was created by them, for them.  Their planet was specifically designed to serve their advanced needs.  Everything about their planet, every plant, every animal, every biological humanoid, every life form on their planet serves their individual needs.

It is the place that their True Selves, as advanced human adults, after billions of years of experiencing different ways that different humanity types live, chose as the location for their eternal existence.

As I’ve explained, Earth is the platform on which all the advanced humans, of all humanity types, must connect to in order to have the mortal experience.  The connection is made by the free will and choice of the advanced human.  But once the connection is made, the advanced human has no more control over their mortal avatar.  Their mortal self acts and is acted upon during mortality always in support of what their advanced brain needs.

Regardless of their mortal existence, Harry’s, Cory’s, Hitler’s, and Truman’s advanced brains will always create the same type of mortal experience.  And how their mortal experience plays out is perfectly in line and necessary to support the needs of their advanced brain.

So, when there is a mortal world that does not support their particular need to be served, to be valued, to be important and significant in some way … a world that reflects the real world in which their True Selves actually exist … their dream experience will do what is necessary to support their individual needs.  This is true even if it means wanting to destroy innocent people to bring value to their mortal existence … including an innocent mortal who is actually their own, chosen True Messenger.  Yeah.  Really!

I am sure you can imagine Harry’s and Cory’s reaction to being compared to Hitler.  Right?

Now, do you see why they hate me, why their mortal children will hate me?

“My dad is not like Hitler, you asshole, Christopher!  My dad is a good man!  My dad does things for other people and cares about other people!  My dad would never hurt anyone!”

Oh, really!

I would have liked to have thought the same of my own dad.  But the empirical evidence proves otherwise.  Had Joshua not been hugging my leg, my father would have surely hit me in the face, as he had done the last time he was angry with me.  Anytime you hit someone in the face, you take the chance that you might kill them.  As I have said, my father would have killed me, if he could.  Cory would have dreams in which he was told by God to protect the world from little old me.  And Harry has not kept it a secret that he would like to see me dead.

Yeah, posterity of Harry and Cory … your dads are good men … NOT!  Your dads, like my own, act naturally in search of the value, importance, and significance that the Real Truth through me has taken from them.

Unfortunately for you (speaking to Cory’s and Harry’s children, as well as my own siblings), I have never, not once, wanted to hurt your fathers.  I have done nothing to your fathers that would warrant their desire to make me disappear … except, of course, compare them to Adolf Hitler.

But anyways …

Now let me explain why there are four immortal mortals, why I am their True Messenger, and what their Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is all about.

You might think that it would take lots of pages and lots of books to explain it correctly and clearly.  Right?


This earth exists only to provide a place where advanced humans can have what their advanced brains need: the mortal experience.

Without the mortal experience, an eternal person’s daily experience would not continue to be one of joy and happiness.  Without the mental contrast that the mortal experience upon Earth provides, the advanced person’s brain would start to respond to the person’s perfect world environment similarly to how a mortal brain responds to the exact same things happening day after day upon this earth.  The feeling is what a mortal might recognize as boredom.

The mortal experience is vital to our advanced brains’ balance and ability to enjoy our eternal, never-ending experience as advanced humans.  The experience of life as an advanced human is only “never-ending” (eternal) if we choose it to continue.  Who wants to live forever bored?  No one.

If the mortal experience fails to produce the relevant and appropriate experience that our advanced brains need, then the experience becomes useless to us … Earth becomes useless.  None of us (as advanced humans) want to connect to an experience to fight eternal boredom that does not fight eternal boredom.  We need the mortal experience to do what it was meant to do.

The first time we (as advanced humans) engaged with each other as mortals upon this earth, the experience played out perfectly.  It played out well for us for about 2 million mortal years.

Then, our mortal avatars (the people we became upon Earth while engaged with each other in the mortal experience) began to do things that fucked everything up.

Humanity fell.

The ratio of our humanity types was directly responsible for this fall.  OUR GROUP has too many Stellarians (those who need to be served) compared to the number of Solarians (those who need to serve).  Although the majority of OUR GROUP are of the Lunarian humanity type (they serve themselves, don’t need anyone to serve them, and don’t need to serve others), the ratio of Stellarians to Solarians is too great for OUR GROUP to succeed.

We have been trying to make it (the mortal experience) work for literally billions of years.  We have gone through five different time periods when humanity flourished upon Earth, when we utilized the resources of the earth to benefit mortal humankind.

But because the Stellarians would always end up with the power and then control the rest of humanity, in their attempt to be served by others, the bulk of humanity was destroyed, but never completely.

Two mortals are the same today as they were when they first engaged in the mortal experience.  They kept themselves apart from the rest of humanity as it began to fall, and eventually fail.  They joined other small groups that avoided the complete destruction of humanity.  They hoped that with their knowledge and experience of living life upon Earth, they could convince others of the right way to live a mortal life.  They love serving others.  They are Solarian by nature and gain happiness in serving others … forever.

Although humanity failed so many times, they have been persistent in their efforts to do whatever they could to make things right for the mortal experience.  That’s what they have been doing ever since the fall of humankind during the First Dispensation of Human Time.

The fallout of humanity had created different skin colors that were not always beautiful and becoming.  These darker-skinned humans were much more numerous than the lighter-skinned mortals.   Having failed four times previously, these two thought that if they could recruit a couple of other mortals who had the darker skin to help them, maybe they would have more success among the populous darker groups of mortals.  This is where the darker-skinned brothers came from.

Even with the two others, they failed again.

They had only one more thing to try that had not been tried during the five other dispensations of mortal time: reveal the Real Truth about who we actually are why we actually exist.

You see, Grandkids, during the First Dispensation of Human Time, we all knew who we were and why we existed as mortals.  Life then was the perfect mortal experience.  We all wanted to be on Earth.  No one wanted to end their life through suicide.  Why end something that was perfect for us?

But after the fall, the mortal experience began to suck.

The only way to end the suckiness was to kill ourselves.  Why would we want to live in a world that sucked?  But if everyone killed themselves because the world sucked, then how would it have been possible to change things back into the Garden of Eden that Earth was in the beginning?  You got to have mortal people who want to stay on Earth in order to try to make it not suck.  The immortals’ only purpose is to do everything in their power to make things not suck again.

For this reason, the immortals have never told the Real Truth to other mortals who lived during past dispensations of time upon Earth.  If they had told the Real Truth, everyone would kill themselves to end the suckiness of their fallen mortal state.

Nothing that they did worked.

Their last chance is to tell the other mortals the Real Truth about who we actually are and why we actually exist.  By doing so (revealing who we really are), the people of Earth might consider changing the way that they view things (change their perspective) and stop killing each other and dividing themselves into isolated family groups, religions, communities, cities, and nations.

But first, mortals have to stop dying of old age and from preventable, curable sicknesses and diseases.  Mortals must first have the technology and the means to give every human on Earth the basic necessities of life so that life doesn’t suck so much every day just trying to survive.

So, they waited for humanity during this Sixth Dispensation of Time to evolve technologically so that equality was possible.

But the fucking religions, developed by Stellarians who need value from others, stand in the way of progress.

They knew that they first had to take religion out of the equation, if possible, so that the progress that was made technologically might be properly utilized to create a more equal world where a mortal wouldn’t want to commit suicide because it sucks to live on Earth.

So they waited until humanity developed a new world, a new, more free and liberal country: the United States of America.  Then they introduced some things to fight religion.  They introduced the Book of Mormon.  It failed to do anything but create another sucky religion, more division, more reason for a person to be depressed and want to kill themselves.  (Yep, the suicide rate and number of people taking anti-depressant medication among the LDS/Mormons is one of the highest rates in the world.)

To confront and confound this new, Americanized, sucky religion that depresses people and makes them want to kill themselves, they needed a Messenger …

… and the fuckers chose Grandpa.

Their work truly is a marvelous and a wonder.





  1. After reading this post, my mind for some reason is trying to understand The Real Truth and be a peace about it and life. I am not in a good state of mind and re-reading what you wrote is not helping…..not that is should…..but I thought it might. At least it is not harming myself in any way.

    As you probably already know, people like me who are going through their Armageddon of the brain will read your words.

    I am here – depression plus everything else going on. I just don’t want to feel felt out or not heard. That’s why I am writing this. Not that what I am saying has much worth to you or others reading this comment. Such is life.

  2. Laura Saiki

    This is from one of my favorite men in all the world, Tony Saiki, posted today on his Facebook page:

    I would like to publicly share for the first time the last email and “Personal Testimony” that I have sent to my sweet Mother Evanir Johnson on June 6th 2013. Keep in Mind this is before I have even met Christopher and had him as a guest on our Radio/TV Show Best Deals Utah on KTKK KTALK radio.

    NO ONE else in my so called ETERNAL FAMILY or Closest FRIENDS outside of my Father Antonio Saiki who passed away Easter 2011, and Laura Saiki Laura Saiki Blade Yoshio Saiki has ever cared to ask or know. Even my own Brother Tino Saiki at the time had NO IDEA as he found it on his own later..

    But I KNEW…

    What was first Dedicated to my Mother is now Dedicated to the world and all the future generations of my REAL FAMILY…

    From: Tony Saiki Subject: Hi Mom
    Date: June 6, 2013 at 11:22 AM
    To: Evanir @ Al Johnson

    Hi Mom I just wanted to give you a link to some really good books to read if you have time.

    These books are all free there is no charge to read them. However you must read them with an open mind. You have the spirit and you have the free agency to read or not to read it either. In any case it is your choice and your choice alone. You know me there are a lot of questions I have that I just felt cannot be answered and probably shouldn’t be answered at this time. I want to let you know I have a strong testimony of the church but just like in the Book Of Mormon the stories get boring because in every instance the people are righteous and they go bad.

    In my life I have always been taught that if we knew all that Joseph Smith knew we would rise up and KILL him like we did Jesus. That has always bothered me because I know the nature of men, Olive Cowdrey, Martin Harris all the people in the early church left it and called Joseph Smith a false prophet because they were to ignorant to listen or understand.

    The concept of a baby accepting milk before the meat. If you choose not to read them I understand I’m not asking you to do it for me as I’m just as excited like Lehi was when he partook of a fruit and desired his family to try it also.

    You have the gift of the holy ghost in this life we are here to seek truth. Man has always destroyed truth especially the plain and simple parts.

    In my patriarchal blessing it says to gain a solid testimony of Joseph Smith well I do and now I truly understand his mission on earth.
    No one in the church has ever been able to explain the temple, ceremony and symbolism as I have learned reading Sacred not Secret Joseph Smiths true meaning of the ceremony. I cannot deny that the spirit leads me to truth its something I seek continually.

    I’ve had questions if we are the only true church on the earth how is it that there will still be many religions and churches during the time of the Millenium, No one can answer its taught that way.

    Why were the Blacks “Cursed” now I know why and why I had a problem with a section called Status of A Negro printed in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith which was compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith page 277

    Throughout my life like Ida Smith we know that there is a sealed portion of the book of mormon and before going and discrediting everything on how and why it came out and who remember we have the spirit that teaches all truth. If you have a testimony of what the spirit is teaching you unless you become like a child again you will not understand why.

    Sometimes we think that the sealed portion will come through the prophet or general authority. That was my thinking however we must remember Joseph Smith 14 year old boy. Go back and really look at his original account of the first vision which was only spoked of for the first time 18 years later that it happened and remember he was told things he was commanded not to tell….. WHY? because we being human beings would not believe,

    Just like the people when they had the Savior in front of their face not believe and killed him. Now I can finally understand what the atonement was it never made sense that he suffered for everyone so we wouldn’t have to suffer I see that is wrong that was not his message or mission.

    His work was finished before he was crucified everyone forgets to read it in John 17 verse 4 why would he say “I HAVE FINISHED THE WORK WHICH THOU GAVEST ME TO DO”? You probably forgot about that one or your shocked to realize it now.

    In any case like the book of mormon and the people of Zoram who became snotty rich all part of the church was mislead and thought they were more special than anyone had armor and everything then comes a Lamanite called Samuel that told them to repent let this be a sign to what is happening today here in our time a reminder a story we love to tell however we are living in this exact same time.

    I hope you take some time to read the sealed portion if not read the temple and tell me it does not make sense to you. Why did the temple ceremony change so much from the time of Joseph Smith. To be honest I have been very offended that things have been changed when I have been taught that Real Truth never changes….. NO ONE IN THE CHURCH understands the ceremony as clearly as I have learned what it means reading and praying about it in the Sacred not Secret book it makes sense 100% you will be shocked yourself if you allow yourself not to feel guilt and read it with an open mind.

    I don’t tell this to Tammy or Tino or anyone else as they are not ready to even attempt to read these things like Lehi i have a desire for my family to be exposed to this and make it up for themselves. I know I am even stretching out because truth is you probably will not read it.
    It’s ironic isn’t that what Aubrey is trying to do on her mission is just get people to read and pray for themself?

    Why did Joseph Smith say

    “I rejoice in hearing the testimony of my aged friends. You don’t know me; you never knew my heart. No man knows my history.” (DHC, 6:317.)

    “‘Brethren, if I were to tell you all I know of the kingdom of God, I do know that you would rise up and kill me.’ Brother Brigham arose and said, ‘Don’t tell me anything that I can’t bear, for I don’t want to apostatize.’” (As recalled by Parley P. Pratt inMillennial Star 55 [Sept. 4 1893]: 585.)

    “If I revealed all that has been made known to me, scarcely a man on this stand would stay with me.” “The Prophet Joseph said to me [Brigham Young], about sixteen years ago [at Kirtland], ‘If I was to show the Latter-day Saints all the revelations that the Lord has shown unto me, there is scarce a man that would stay with me, they could not bear it.’”
    (Millennial Star 17 [Sept. 1, 1851]: 258.)

    “Would to God, brethren, I could tell you WHO I am! Would to God I could tell you WHAT I know! But you would call it blasphemy and…want to take my life!” (Orson F. Whitney, Life of Heber C. Kimball [Salt Lake City: Kimball Family, 1888] 332–3.)

    Mom I love you and I have never born my testimony in public but here it is for you..

    I believe we are gods from the beginning created by our loving heavenly father at some point in time we had to leave his presence to be tested to show what we would do or become when given the opportunity to be away from him. This earth is a test a game to show ourselves that when we do things our way we fail, when we do not take care of the poor, homeless and begin to think that we are better we fail.

    The world is in a mess because righteous people think they have a good way through government or good ideals but we fail.

    We are the only one that can change ourself. Christ did not come here to suffer for our sins we have to learn and suffer our self. Christ’s main mission was to teach us that we must love one another as we do ourselfs that is it nothing more nothing less. If we did that this test would be over like the city of enoch we cannot change anyone else but ourself. We cannot influence anyone else but ourself.

    The people killed Christ and Christ let it happen because of our free agency to show us in the future that we are ignorant to what we are. Every knee shall bow because we will realize we were completely wrong in what man taught us to believe in every aspect of life. I have never been so happy to have things answered clearly for me I will go through my life learning more and more I’m greatfull that I have had great parents to teach me not to be closed minded but to be accepting of everyone.

    It was a solid blue print to follow throughout my life now I will take that basic blue print and give it to my only son Blade. He alone must make his own decisions. This testimony is something I cannot fully share in church because people will not understand I know that but I have to you because I love you.

    You are my only mom who created me and I appreciate this and love you for it and always will. It doesn’t matter if you read any of these books only if you want more truth to be revealed unto you.

    Only the spirit will lead you to more truth and light.

    Love your son forever Tony

  3. Keith Stinson

    Sorry, Leslie.
    It really is a lonely and messed up mortal life.
    My family has slowly been turning away from me, too.
    I’ve tried telling them a few things I’ve read from Christopher and being careful to only say things that could be backed up with scripture. My wife shut me down a month or so ago by telling me she never wanted to hear my controversial truths again.
    But it’s so hard keeping my mouth shut. When you find something this good, How do you not tell others?
    But I’ve stopped. “I don’t know shit”I is one of the best truths I’ve heard. I really don’t know shit.
    And now I want to have friends and relationships that also know that they, too, “don’t know shit.”
    Now what?
    There’s got to be a reason we keep coming back to this hell.
    I have so many unanswered questions.
    But, with every chapter and post on this website, things get a little more clearer. Thank you.

  4. In chapter 25 I imagined my whole family in a picture. I did not envision love as a binding element because it is not there. I had been accused of being a pedophile by one of the daughters in law, who convinced all of my family (my children & spouses, & my wife) that I was evil, kidnapped my wife, and called to tell me what they had done. I cannot confess to anything other than being very strict, fanatically believing the scriptures should be our guide by which to live. They returned my wife when they realized that they would have to take care of her, especially when I told them to keep her. I figured that if she was foolish enough to fall for their line of reasoning, I did not want her. My wife returned in a very arrogant mood, but after much discussion, she said that she would only submit to me, and since then we have worked together. My children and their spouses wrote letters to my Bishop and I submitted to his judgement. In the end, he returned all the letters of accusation to me and that ended my trial. No accusation was upheld. End of story? Not. Not one has apologized. I do not hold to the Mormon eternal family idea because upon dying, we return to being our Father in Heavens child. D&C 76 explains about the degrees of glory, so we cannot have an eternal family being so diverse in our desires and life styles and our obvious lack of understanding. Real Truth changes the meaning of life to what it is.
    I would like to experience Love all the time in mortality, but I don’t find it. I would like to help mankind, but even my family, does not recognize the truth, nor the member of the Church. I find that I am too much influenced by my upbringing in the Church and in the USA. In the Church I find no one who wants to know the Truth, about themselves, the scriptures, about life, unless it makes them feel good. I no longer wish to participate in fanatical religion. I once entertained ideas about helping others to find truth. I have given up on that because I’ve learned that I need to relearn what is truth. I once entertained the idea of living forever, but I’ve given up on that. Honestly, I don’t think I know what will make me happy now. I see the world in turmoil, ignorance, and poverty, and I can’t do anything about it. I can barely take care of myself and what family I live with. I find that I still have much to learn, and little time to experience it. Thank you, Chris, and the Bros, for your efforts to bring Real Truth to the world.

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