How my life has changed since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®

This section is to give an opportunity to those whose lives have been affected by the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party® to tell their personal story and experiences.

Please feel free to post your story and your contact information so that others may contact you and ask you questions or share their experiences with yours.

Use the reply section below.

This truly is a marvelous work and a wonder.  It has transformed countless lives.  Please tell others how it has changed yours.

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  1. I’ve been a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since I was nine. I was in love with the church, did everything to honour any assignments as well as volunteering in church-community programs. After my senior high school education, I made a decision to assist the full time missionaries who came to my ward for close to three years. During this period , my desire to be involved in the lord’s work became even greater. I started to feast upon the scriptures personally, and would ponder for several hours for understanding. Then I started to discover certain inconsistencies both in the doctrine of the church and its history. The one which particularly became a bother was the declaration by Wilford Woodruff to discontinue plural marriage. I was never the same after that discovery, all sorts of questions began popping in my mind; why would the lord establish plural marriage and then few years down the line give another revelation to contradict himself. Then I came to the logical conclusion that the president had made the declaration because the church was subjected to enormous pressure by the state, and that the declaration was no revelation but the decision of men avoid any trouble with the state. From that time forth, I scrutinize every doctrine and policy of the church. I realized things did not add up despite the beautiful organization of the church. I resorted to the internet and found out that certain details in church had been taken out because the church was uncomfortable about how it would make the church look if those details were presented to investigators especially. Moreover, I felt there was more to Joseph Smith then I was made to believe. As search on net continue with another member friend just like me, we came across Ida’s video talking about the sealed portion. We were so curious so we downloaded it and to read- I remember reading for several hours because explanations made so much sense that I began to feel the book of Mormon was even inferior. I felt like the missing link had been found. This is how I started following this work.

    Mawunyo Mensah-Dotsey
    West Africa

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