PERSONAL STORIES: How my life has changed since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®

We would like to invite anyone who is willing to share their personal stories about their experiences since finding this work.

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  1. tanyadevany

    I was born into the LDS (Mormon) faith. When I was seven I decided to read some of my Book of Mormon for the first time. I took it into an empty room, and as I opened the pages, I had the most extraordinary feeling. It was strong – a strong, incredible feeling that what I was doing was good and right. Far stronger than any subsequent feeling I would later come to be taught was from the Holy Ghost.
    I assumed that if the book of scripture the LDS used was good and right, then the church must be too.

    I became very faithful and dedicated to the LDS church. As an adult I tried to “magnify every calling” (go the second mile on every church assignment or commandment we had, as they taught us to to do), and developed a chronic illness from the stress this caused.

    I never doubted the church, although I had many questions because some things didn’t make any sense. It upset me a great deal that we seemed to have so many advantages over others – there were just millions of us LDS, and yet billions of our spiritual brothers and sisters. Yet we were taught that only we could get into the highest part of Heaven, and only we had the extra help to make us want to.
    I didn’t like this doctrine.
    The only thing I could think of to make this fair, was to convert everyone! And I obviously couldn’t do that, so this added to my stress. No other members I spoke to seemed concerned about this, which made me feel the responsibility even more.

    I began to have more questions. I did what I was taught to do when we have questions: I searched, pondered, prayed. A few times I asked other LDS members for their thoughts, but they’d look at me like a rebel for questioning things, so I learned not to do that. My husband hated deep thinking and would change the subject whenever I asked him anything, so I rarely asked him either. But for over a year I really hounded the Lord with my questions, and pondered deeply and with much frustration that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I prayed in the Celestial room (considered by the LDS as the most holy part of the temple, where you’re more likely to get answers from the Lord). I prayed (at home) daily with perfect faith, I kept the commandments. And yet I got nothing! I worried I’d wearied the Lord with all my pestering for so long.
    But he promised!
    Several scriptures promised me that if I asked in faith, the Lord would answer.
    So I carried on.

    I went through a period of really homing in on my humanity. I became better at empathising with others’ difficult situations. I fine-tuned myself, and then my stress for the disadvantaged became really awful. How could a loving Heavenly Father allow this world to be like this!

    Then one day, out of the blue, my husband asked if I would like a blessing. He gave it to me, and I was told two notable things. First – I was about to receive a significant improvement in my health. (What my husband didn’t know was that the previous day, I’d discovered something that I knew was going to dramatically improve the autoimmune disease I’d developed as a result of all the stress I’d been through. And yes, by the end of that week – just days after being given this blessing – I was dramatically improving.)
    And the second thing I was told was that the Lord was grateful for my questions (which my husband had no idea about), and that I was about to receive the wisdom I was looking for.

    Within a fortnight I did a Google search to see what Joseph Smith said about past lives. I’m not sure how Christopher’s testimony of seeing Joseph in the Salt Lake Temple came up from this search, but that’s what I found. Of course I’d been well trained by the LDS church not to read anything anti-Mormon, but the way it was written sounded so much like what Joseph Smith wrote in the 1800s, I got straight on my knees and prayed to know if it was ok for me to read this. For the second time in my life, I felt that extraordinary, strong, incredible feeling that something was good and right. Nothing at all like the feelings I was taught were from the Holy Ghost.

    I read Christopher’s testimony. I was bowled over, but I knew he knew something special. I read the Sealed Portion, and was further bowled over, many times.
    But it made sense.
    It was kinder and more logical than what I was taught in church. I had to re-train my brain many times, to get rid of my former beliefs. It was hard. But it was good.

    After reading the Sealed Portion twice, I realised how incredibly judgmental I’d been as a Mormon. I’d felt like a very righteous person, and yet I had judged so much!
    I also realised how very equal I was to every single other person on this earth. I had thought that I already knew that. But it wasn’t until after reading this book that I truly realised it. I had told myself I viewed everyone as equal, but had still gone around feeling middle class, and blessed above others for keeping commandments.

    Once the Sealed Portion taught me about the three humanity types, I saw people in a completely different way. I’d always viewed my sister as someone who was bad, because she wanted to be served, and didn’t want to serve others. I now knew this was another way I’d been judging. I realised the way I’d always felt righteous for serving, was simply me doing exactly what my sister was doing – we were both doing what it took for us to be happy. I truly was no better.
    It hurt my ego to realise this, but I loved it!
    It was far kinder and more beautiful than anything I’d ever been taught.
    I stopped looking down on my sister for being who she was.

    I read every other book Christopher had on his site. I read all day long while my children were in school, barely doing anything else. I just couldn’t get enough. It was the most exciting thing I’d ever known. I suppose marvellous, and a wonder.

    Light after light lit for me.
    I stopped stressing about how we were going to afford a bigger house – we didn’t need one.
    I stopped worrying about any worldly successes. Ahh – the sweet relief!
    I finally understood the scripture that says we should take on the yoke of the Lord, for the yoke of the Lord is easy and his burden is light! (Matt 11:29-30, New Testament)
    I stopped wearing clothes that made me look more well off than others. I’d been walking around creating inequality everywhere I went! I’d always avoided extravagant clothes, but once I understood why this was bad, I realised I was still part of the problem.
    I realised that dressing in an even more humble way made less well-off people feel ‘safer’ around me. I was one of them.
    My clothing no longer causes the knee-jerk reactions that people have (such as anger, bitterness, inferiority), when they feel inferior.

    I’m teaching my family why it’s a kind idea to do the same. It’s hard to do without contradicting their religious leaders, and while respecting their free agency. But we’ve had some success!

    I became more compassionate, even though I’d thought I always had been. I realised that many of the things I’d done as a religious person to try to convert people and help them, had actually been terribly unkind and controlling.
    I no longer accept any teaching on blind faith, including Christopher’s. My “kingdom of God is within”. I “trust not the arm of flesh” (i.e. the power of man, 2 Nephi 4:34, Book of Mormon).
    Christopher has taught some things I couldn’t get for a while. I did not blindly accept them, but continued to try to understand them.
    When I finally understood them, I realised I loved them.

    I realised what brainwashing was, and stopped doing it to my children. I’d used a lot of manipulative language to get them to accept without questioning what I thought the Lord wanted them to. I now teach them to question everything, including me. Their “kingdom of God is within”, too.
    Unfortunately half of my children will no longer listen to much that I say, as in their view I left the only true church, so must have some kind of spiritual defect.
    It is my fault they won’t listen – I brainwashed them well. It causes much distress to me that I damaged my children this way. Religion damaged my children. It’s like smoking – it’s a wonderful thing to quit, but some damage is already done.

    But I finally understand Christ’s gospel, not the one my former religion had replaced it with. The Code of Humanity. I LOVE it.

  2. tanyadevany

    I had a bit of trouble logging in – can you confirm if you received my comment a few minutes ago?

    1. tanyadevany

      It obviously isn’t here, when this comment is, so it looks like I’ve lost it. It was quite long and just how I wanted it – is there any software or tech you have that can find it? Just checking before I kick myself VERY hard and
      start again.

  3. Reynalfo Gutlay

    I’m active member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter days saints,I was baptized on January 30 1986 with my family,we have 5 children all boys,3 of them served in Cagayan d Oro mission Philippines,one in Bacolod mission Philippines, the youngest in Olongapo Philippines mission,we are full tith payer,we are sealed in Philippines Manila temple 1987 April 24, served deferent calling 4x branch president,I want to serve the Lord with all my heart.but I have some questions about fast offering on how they administered to the poor and inactive members, my question is these is the true church that I’m belong? they teach about the great commandments but they don’t know how to help the poor and the Sunday my friend told me about the sealed book by Christopher nemelka,he said if you want to read this book search in the I search in the you tube I found the story of ida Smith she was excommunicated by the churchin short , I read the sealed book, secret not secret, the true identity of Joseph Smith,I found out that Brigham Young no authority from many years the LDS church teach my family false the way thanks to the LDS church for many years that we are blinded by there teaching.for now there’s another tomorrow the light that shine on our way the books by Christopher nemelka. thanks sir the last massager of the world.

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