We are the greatest scientists that have ever lived. Solve poverty first, and we will save this world.


We are the greatest scientists that have ever lived.

We can answer any question that science cannot answer.

We can answer any question that has not been answered sufficiently enough to warrant that the proposed conclusion be a universally acceptable theory (according to the Ministers of Science), or become a natural law.

We know what dark energy is and how it has been used by ancient scientists on this earth, and by highly advanced scientists of more developed worlds, to create new planets, new solar systems, and new galaxies.

We can explain why and how gravity pulls inward while the universe appears to be expanding outward. 

We can explain why and how, as the universe expands, dark energy creates more dark matter. 

We know what dark matter is, which is the most abundant matter in the universe.  We know why it does not absorb or emit light.

We can explain how dark matter affects visible matter, radiation, and the structure of the universe.

We can explain time and how it moves forward and not backward.

We can explain how the present Law of Entropy, where the level of disorder increases so that there does not appear to be any way to reverse it, is not correct.

We can explain how disorder is used to create order; and that the order that is created from disorder was intended.  “Matter unorganized” is the disorder that can be organized in order to entropy in order to return again to the same matter from which it was organized (created) in the first place.  (For the understanding of a child: create order in making something from legos (chaos) that is intended to be disassembled so that the child can use the legos to create something else …  a child’s specific orders using disorder to create order that will eventually become disorder again.

We can explain that all things are eternal in the state in which they have always existed, and that these things would not entropy without an order setting them in motion to do so.

We understand the power, purpose, and procedure of this order.

We can explain the order in chaos.

We can explain why modern science can theorize the existence of parallel universes.

We can explain why science will never be able to conclusively prove that there is another universe than the one that mortals can see and are a part of while living upon Earth.  However, we can explain and prove the existence of other universes, that are not physically parallel to our mortal universe, but are part of our universe, as our universe is a part of another.

We can explain the relationship between matter and antimatter.  We can explain why antimatter is not naturally found in our universe, but can be created where it doesn’t exist.  We can explain the characteristics and structure of antimatter so that it is comprehended as simply another part of matter, and not a separate particle or energy.

We can explain the fate of the universe. 

We can explain what Ω is. 

We can give a precise mathematical equation that measures the density of matter and energy throughout the universe.  With this precise mathematical equation, we can prove that the universe will continue to expand forever.  With this equation, which can control dark energy, humans can create any type of matter they choose from dark matter.

We can explain the String Theory.  We can easily explain the physics and quantum mechanics behind the structure of all matter at its most basic level.

We can explain how and why the forces found in the universe originate from a single force.  We can explain how to control the source of this force to create the other forces that control all matter found in the universe.

We can explain exactly what the force of gravity is.  We can explain how to create gravity and control it.

We can explain what a black hole is and why it appears as a black hole in the universe from observations seen upon Earth.  We can explain what appears to be its strong gravity, and why it appears that anything that enters one of these holes is unretrievable.

We can answer many other questions that science cannot properly answer.

What if we took the time to answer all of the above questions?

What if we authorized Christopher to answer them for us?

Would the world believe us then?

Here is our offer:

If the powers of this world would implement an economic plan that would eliminate the need for a person to be forced to worry about the basic human needs of their existence, from the time of one’s birth to the time of one’s death (as we have presented through The Humanity Party®’s unchallengeable plan), we will answer all of the above questions, and every other question science cannot.

We will offer modern science this information for free.

Again, if we provide the precise mathematical equation that measures the density of matter and energy throughout the universe, science will be able to control dark energy and use this energy to create any type of matter (for human use) from the infinite abundance of dark matter.

The world must first solve poverty and inequality.

If we provided the answers and this important mathematical equation first, you would not use this free intelligence to solve poverty.  The ‘kings and merchants’ of this earth would use it for their own gain and profit.

Instead of using what we will freely give for the sake and benefit of all humankind, this knowledge would be used for personal gain.

For this reason, we do not allow Christopher to give these answers and expound upon them.

Solve poverty first, and then we will save this world.

With hope,

The Greatest Scientists That Have Ever Lived




  1. Anders Tageson

    I can not wait until you will be able to teach me in person about all these thruths – the real truth and I really support and understand that we have to impliment your plan to solve poverty first

  2. Mawunyo

    Incredible to know we have humans living with us who can solve all these incredible puzzles.

  3. dancook1962

    Hello Everyone,
    The Greatest Scientists that have ever lived on this planet have made us all a very wonderful offer on April 1, 2019.
    All we need to do is first solve world poverty, and then these Greatest Scientists will help us understand the real true foundation of String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Dark Matter, and every particle of light that seems to somehow appear to us inside this mortal universe dream.
    How do our networked advanced brains collectively simulate our mortal dream game with its quantum mechanical string theory operating inside this local spacetime universe?
    These Greatest Scientists have made us a good offer because First Solving World Poverty is the kindest thing any group of intelligent people can seek to do.
    The world’s poorest people are suffering. They need our help now. There is no need to wait. Today is the day to act to relieve their suffering. We have the power to act for the good of others. We can do good things today.
    We all want to know things.
    Some of us want to know some scientific things.
    But what good is knowing anything, if we don’t seek to solve world poverty first?
    If we don’t all seek to solve world poverty first, then how are we any different than Hitler’s Cruel Nazi Scientists?
    Mahatma Gandhi said that “Poverty is the worst form of Violence.”
    Why would we let people live in Painful Poverty, in the worst form of Violence?
    How can we, the people of planet earth, muster our collective will to solve world poverty in 2019?
    Christopher and his Mentors are the Greatest Scientists on earth. The many pieces of evidence that support this fact are abundantly clear. Study. Ponder. Think. Consider. Awaken. We can all open our eyes together.
    These Greatest Scientists Know Things.
    These Greatest Scientists have already helped Christopher publish a large quantity of very Interesting Scientific Information.
    The writing is already on the wall. These Greatest Scientists are the most intelligent people on this planet. In the future, this will be clear to anyone who can think clearly.
    These Greatest Scientists have already given us a detailed Plan to Solve World Poverty. This is a Free Gift of Pure Intelligence to us from them.
    These Greatest Scientists would probably like to give us many additional Free Gifts of Pure Intelligence to Enlighten our Planetary Path Forward.
    However, these Greatest Scientists are probably looking closely at how we have already misused their many previous gifts (1830 etc.) to ignore the desperate plight of the world’s suffering poor.
    At some point, we need to humble ourselves enough to open our minds, and open our hearts, to become truly human again, by becoming truly humane again.
    The Game of Science is only a good game if we help everyone play who wants to play, with good healthy delicious food in their precious human tummies.
    I have believed that these Greatest Scientists knew all the advanced neural inner workings of mortal quantum physics. I appreciate their April 1, 2019 Post.
    I wonder if every Bright Physicist on this planet will eventually read this Interesting April 1, 2019 Post titled “We are The Greatest Scientists that have ever lived. Solve Poverty First, and we will save this world.”
    There are probably hundreds of Bright Physicists on Earth who would like to know everything that The Greatest Scientists Know.
    Which of these Bright Physicists will be humble enough to deeply investigate, and really take the necessary time to carefully study all the Interesting Information that the World’s Greatest Scientists have already published?
    How many of this world’s scientists will be bright, humble, and kind enough to clearly see that we must Solve World Poverty First, before we even attempt to do anything else.
    We must first solve world poverty, then the whole world can become peaceful, sweet, and kind enough to safely learn every other area of science from those who know all the science.
    The Greatest Scientists that have ever lived know all the science. These Intelligent Scientists have known all the science for a long time.
    These Greatest Scientists want us all to work together to solve world poverty first.
    This is because these Greatest Scientists are the Kindest Scientists.
    So, who is willing and able to help these Greatest Scientists Solve World Poverty Today in 2019?

    – Dan Cook


    1. arniskalnins

      I am willing to help. Just don’t know how to help. I am trying to support the Humanity Party. Thanks!

    2. Rodney

      This goes to show you, you can claim to be the greatest intelligent scientists in the world and with your bellies full what good does it do trying to explain this theory to the hungry..?
      Talk to the hungry and least among us and tell them about string “theory” and 99.99% don’t care about theory and are living in poverty wondering where their next meal is coming from.

  4. Rodney

    Wow, what an incredible post.
    I’m thinking, ways to get this into universal consciousness where humanity will naturally accept the elimination of poverty.

  5. Robert Hammon

    How can we do this with so many people thinking that, God is going to save them. I can’t see how we are doing to do this with out major intervention. Please show me how.

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