Defamation suit against so-called, Cult Expert, Rick Ross, Harry Dschaak, and Robert “Robbie” G. Pace.


Rick Ross claims to be one of the world’s most renown cult experts.  When Christopher sued Harry Dschaak for defamation, one of Christopher’s claims was that Dschaak calls Christopher a predatory prophet, largely based on Christopher’s dealings with the late Ida Smith.

On Rick Ross’ website, Ross lists Christopher as a cult leader.  Ross’ only evidence is some spurious tabloid newspaper articles that were written about Christopher and Ida Smith.  He has no other evidence of any cult behavior.

The following video would have been part of the evidence used to impeach Dschaak’s expert witness, Rick Ross.

Christopher has written Ross and demanded that Ross remove Christopher’s name and image from Ross’ cult website.  Ross has refused.  We are considering a Federal lawsuit against Rick Ross for defamation.

Further, if you read something defamatory published on the Internet by Harry Dschaak or Robert “Robbie” G. Pace, (or anyone associated with either of these men) please inform the administrators of this website and provide a link to the offending material.

NOTE ABOUT ROBBIE PACE: Mr. Pace is very manipulative and deceptive.  He is not a supporter of Christopher, the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, or The Humanity Party®.  He uses deceptive means and utilizes prevarication in an attempt to draw people into his web of lies and deceit seeking information to destroy Christopher’s character and reputability.  Currently, there is a Utah Court Order prohibiting Mr. Pace from speaking about or contacting anyone associated with Christopher.  If you have been contacted by Mr. Pace, please let the administrators of this website know of the incident and what transpired.  You will need to provide your real name and contact information for the incident to be recorded as valid.  Thank you.

NOTE ABOUT THE IDA SMITH MARVELOUS WORK AND A WONDER PURPOSE TRUST:  Because Christopher has relocated to Europe and has no further desire to have any association with any worldly affair, the MWAW Trust Protector has filed to change the administration of the MWAW Trust.  Monica Smith is the new Trustee and oversees all the financial administration associated with this Trust.  This Trust’s sole purpose is to benefit the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®.  If you have any questions about the MWAW Trust, please contact Monica R. Smith by email at

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    What an amazing woman & testimony of Real Truth. Wish I’da met her. Maybe I will somewhen.

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