Christopher, LEAVE US ALONE! … says the LDS/Mormons … oops … Latter-day Saints … I mean Latter-day Satans … But anyways.


This is Christopher:

I received an anonymous communication from an LDS/Mormon member … they like to be called Latter-day Saints now.

Here’s the only part I wanted to respond to:

“… a Christ-like love wouldn’t support your profanity and the way you attack our religion and leaders.  Why don’t you leave us alone to our own beliefs and support the truth that we are all equal children of God with different beliefs? …”


I am not the one who teaches that God wants teenagers to ride around on bicycles representing the MWAW (Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, i.e. the true Father’s work), smiling, and in a passive-aggressive way telling people that their religion is not God’s only true religion, and that unless you are baptized and receive God’s saving ordinances, you cannot be with your family in God’s kingdom forever.

I do NOT knock on people’s doors soliciting my ideas about religion.

I do NOT hand out pamphlets trying to get people to change their religious beliefs to mine.


In fact, I counsel those who support the MWAW to NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT WHAT THEY FOUND!

I counsel people to stay with their religion and family, supporting any religious belief that gives a person what the person might need.  I tell people to go to church and treat it with the same energy and respect that they do the idea of Christmas; to treat the members of the Church with the same attitude, love, and respect that they do little children who are anticipating Santa’s (Christ’s) arrival.

I teach that if someone is truly interested in finding the Real Truth, that person will be led by their True Self (the only, actual true god) to the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, not from hearing about it from another person, but from following the promptings of their own Holy Ghost.

I counsel people to research all other belief systems, all other truths, all other philosophies and sciences, and compare them to the information of the MWAW.

The Real Truth doesn’t need to be sold door to door.  The Real Truth doesn’t need anyone to pretend and smile, while telling people that you’re not going to the Celestial kingdom if you don’t listen to the Latter-day Saint god and obey the Latter-day Saint leaders.

And most importantly, what sets the MWAW apart from your fucked-up religion, is that I don’t ask for people to pay me tithing and set a condition of a person’s salvation based on whether or not they pay me money.

I am not passive-agressive.

I am simply, fucking aggressive!

And there’s only one target of my aggression:

End poverty.


  1. Shelumna

    If this had been my mother writing to you for an answer, I would be proud of the respectful manner in which you handled this. My mother would perhaps even feel intrigued to investigate it further. You deserve a dozen atta-boys!

  2. ramiro estrada

    I am learning from you Christopher. All that you have written or said has so far been correct. Some i just don’t know if its true but once i kick the bucket i will know for sure.

  3. John Buma

    Fantastic response Christopher! It appears People under the emotional influence of religion can’t seam to get past the first few lines of your writings. They feel threatened and lash out, and they have no idea what you even teach. Their emotion clouds their patience to receive the intelligence line by fucking line…

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