A child’s guide to saving the environment.


During the MWAW BlogTalkRadio Show held on April 7, 2019 (here is a link to this show), Christopher was asked a question about what can one do to save or improve the earth’s environment.

We would like to expand upon this answer.

Poverty must end first.

Christopher properly pointed out that the first thing that must happen is that poverty must end.

Poverty must end in order to eliminate the production of environmental hazards that occur when providing jobs and income for people.  Many environmental regulations and laws restrict the creation of jobs or threaten jobs that already exist.  These jobs provide people with the money needed to purchase their basic necessities of life.

If a person is not forced to work and accept a job that is environmentally unfriendly, then that person has a choice to protect and improve the environment by not working for a company that produces something that is not good for the earth.  But if given no choice, and the only jobs that exist are those that are not environmentally friendly, the person has no choice but to pollute the environment in order to live.

Humans must learn that humans created the earth, the animals, the plants, and can control the environment as ancient scientists once did.

When humans finally realize and accept that they created the problem, then they will be able to realize and accept that they are the only ones that can solve it.  In order to begin this realization, people must be able to comprehend why and how environmental problems were first created.

Here is a simple explanation and example.

In the past, angry at his neighbor, a scientist invented a bug to annoy his neighbor.  In response, the neighbor scientist invented a bird to eat the annoying bug.  The neighbor scientist had children, and to give some joy to his children, he created the bird so that it could be enjoyed by the child and eat bugs too.

The neighbor scientist did not eat bugs.  Neither did he intend to eat the birds he invented only to eat bugs.  But the bugs soon outnumbered the birds and began to destroy the plants that the neighbor depended upon for food.  Soon, the neighbor scientist was forced to eat his birds, because his birds couldn’t keep up with the bugs that had destroyed the plants that he previously ate and enjoyed.

Hypothetically and with simple allegory, the above is the Real Truth.

Now watch this short video and enjoy your Kentucky Fried Chicken while your children play with chicks at Easter time:



  1. Craig Nichols

    @Mike: It is my opinion there were no bad callers. And I talked to James. In case you don’t know, whenever he calls he feels self conscious he’s taking up the time of others. His questions were excellent and I loved Christopher’s response.

    It feels like your own selfishness is so overwhelming that even Hugh would be better off talking to his messenger than you would. I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to help out, whereas you just complain alot. I was thinking of calling in myself, that would be a first, but I really enjoyed hearing the others participate. Hugh is obviously a good guy or he’d not have offered to help at all.

    There are those who dream for years about playing a role in the MWAW and finding value in this life, and yet you so willingly criticize and condemn those who offer. Please tell me, Mike, tell me you have no desire to play a role in the MWAW and receive praise and credit for it. Did you want to call in so your friends could hear you and think you wiser than those who called in Sunday? Are you upset you didn’t get part of the limelight and it was stolen from you? Do you believe, as you’ve stated above, that you are the only one important enough to talk to the messenger?

    If I call in next month, will you be angry at me because I took up your time that is more important than my time?

  2. I waited on hold for an hour to speak with Christopher. I was frustrated at hearing his time (and those on hold) wasted by Hugh, who wanted nothing more than to brag, aggrandize and attach himself to the work, and the caller from Australia (?) who wanted to challenge Christopher with a list of arguments from his socialist friend as to why the plan to end poverty would not work. What a couple of complete time wasting assholes. I felt that Christopher handled them well, and certainly with much more compassion than I would have.

    Aside from the 2 idiots that hijacked it, the show was awesome! I loved hearing about the plan and I am looking forward to next month where maybe I can call with a question or two and hear more real truths.

    You are wonderful people doing wonderful things and I appreciate your effort. Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Mike. Sorry you didn’t get to have your questions answered. Christopher has said many times that he wants people to call in and challenge the Humanity Party, so I can’t really apologise about that. I actually learned a lot from hearing his response to my socialist friend’s challenges. Hopefully you will be able to call in earlier next time so you will be more towards the front of the queue. All the best.

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