Smart phones, social media, the Internet and the need to be ‘connected.’


During the first MWAW BlogTalkRadio Show held on April 7, 2019, I explained that we would cover why people need to be, or at least feel, that they are always connected to each other and to the world through their smart phones and computers.

There’s a very good reason why people who become attached to their smart phone or computer cannot disengage without feeling a sense of unhappiness, anxiety, and disconnect from the world.

Let’s see how well I (Christopher) can explain this phenomena from the notes I have taken from my mentors:

When we die, our True Self is no longer connected to our mortal brain.

Mortal death is the moment that our mortal brain stops sending electrical signals to the lungs in order for breathing to continue.  Modern technology can keep the other organs of the mortal body functioning without brain activity.  When there is no longer any brain activity that controls the lungs, modern medical science performs an apnea test, which is basically a test to see whether a person can breathe on their own.

If a person cannot breathe on their own, and there are no signs of any electrical activity coming from the brain, the person is declared “dead.”

CPR is a way to manually manipulate the lungs in order to bring oxygen in and expel carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is the gas that is created when the cells of our mortal bodies use energy from the environment (largely in the form of carbon from the things that we eat) in order to perform a function that keeps our mortal body alive upon Earth.

Just because the body can be manually (involuntarily) manipulated so that the cells that make up the body continue to do what they do, doesn’t mean that the mortal person is alive.

A mortal person that is kept alive by manually manipulating the lungs is no more ‘alive’— where “alive” means the ability to breathe on one’s own, swallow, and become consciously aware of one’s environment—than the infant body inside the mother’s womb.

It has been well documented that, after a person has been declared “brain dead,” but the person’s body is kept ‘fresh’ and ‘pink’ by a ventilator, loved ones have witnessed the brain dead person respond to their voice or to their touch.  It has also been well documented by expectant mothers that the baby inside their womb responds to their voice.  The response is the same in both the brain dead body and the body inside the womb.  (If you need to understand this more, ask a Minister of Medicine.)

No human is “alive” upon Earth until the mortal body can function completely on its own.  “Functioning” includes being able to interact with the earth’s environment on your own.

One who is alive can breathe and take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

One who is alive can swallow and take in other things found in the environment (water and food) that one needs to maintain the mortal body, a body that was created from the elements of the earth.  Basically, because the mortal body is made from elements of this earth, when the body uses up elements, they need to be replaced in order to keep the body alive.

(We have explained how the first humans that lived upon this earth did NOT have bodies created from the elements of this earth.  /they possessed bodies that were created somewhere else.  … That’s all about this for now.)

One who is alive can consciously (i.e., with free will) act and be acted upon by other people and “things” found in the environment.


If the mortal brain is not completely damaged, modern science and technology can keep a person alive by manually (involuntarily) breathing for the person or manually forcing elements (food) into the body.  The brain can be kept alive by providing it with the same things it was provided with in the womb, or the same things that a conscious person can provide it.

The question is:

Is the person still a person when their brain is still functioning properly but they remain unconscious.  Yes.

The next logical question that follows is:

Is the infant body inside the womb a person?  Is the infant simply unconscious in a coma-like state?  Or is the infant body simply a part and organ of the mother’s body?

The Real Truth is: the infant’s body is part of the mother’s body.  The infant’s brain, body, and everything about it is no different than a tumor growing involuntarily, once set in motion by the introduction of alien material (i.e., sperm).  Now, a tumor is different than a human body inside a mother, but only because the mother chooses to allow the infantile, fetal tumor to develop inside of her.  However, if the mother had a choice, and society protected and supported her choice of whether or not to allow the fetal tumor to continue to develop, would she?

(But anyways … I know this offends and annoys many who believe that a person begins life upon conception.  I challenge these shortsighted individuals to remove a fetus from the womb during the first stages of development and see how well it survives outside of the womb … )

But anyways …

Here is what is going to happen in the near future:

Science will be able to keep a severed head alive and conscious by manually providing the brain with blood.  The head will contain the person, their identity, their memories, their specific characteristics, everything that makes them unique.  The head will be the person.

With the proper computer software capable of stimulating the nerves of the brain, the head person will be able to function and feel like any other full-bodied person.

The brain is the only organ and part of the body that cannot feel pain, sickness, or anything else.  The brain is simply a receptor for environmental stimuli.  A headache is felt, not by the brain, but by the tissue that surrounds the brain.

Our eyes do not see.  Our brain responds to the nerve endings in the eye as our optic nerves react to our environment.

Our ears do not hear.  Our brain responds to the nerve endings in the ear as our auditory nerves react to our environment.

Our noses do not smell.  Our brain responds to the nerve endings in the nose as our olfactory nerves react to our environment.

Our mouth does not taste.  Our brain responds to the nerve endings in the tongue as our taste nerves react to our environment.

Our fingers and skin do not feel.  Our brain responds to the nerve endings in the skin as our epidermal nerves react to our environment.

The head-only person will be able to see, hear, taste, and smell just like a normal person.  The head-only person will be able to feel someone touching any part of their head, but will not be able to receive any stimuli from the environment that is not directly associated with the head.

Advanced computer software, however, will allow the head-only person to experience a virtual (computer generated) environment and pre-programmed experiences of whatever experience or event that the head-only person desires.

When this technology is on Earth, how then will we define a person?

But this advanced technology will not end with allowing a head-only person to enjoy life, even more so than a person who gets sick and feels unwanted pain and physical suffering.

Within the next 100 years, only a brain will be needed to complete a person and allow someone to participate upon this earth without a body or a head.

This brain-only person will enjoy life just like a normal person, but only when the brain is hooked up to a computer and stimulated by the computer’s advanced software that mimics stimuli and sends it to the brain-only person.

Thus, science will prove that reality and life is created and confined to only the brain.

Further, the brain-only person will be able to respond to stimuli and interact with the computer.  In essence, the computer and its software becomes the brain-only person’s physical body.  The computer will be able to do everything that a normal full body can do.

Think about it.

Even today’s limited technology, when compared to technology 100 years ago, is extraordinary and phenomenal.  When you walk into a room, a computer can now recognize you and ask you if you need anything.  Your voice commands the computer to do specific things for you in the environment.

These voice commands will one day be thought commands.  A computer will be programmed to recognize you and read your thoughts.  As you think, you are creating energy and either storing it or transferring it outside of your body into your environment.

When you lift your arm, the only way that the muscles of your arm will contract is if energy is passed from your brain to your arm muscles.  It is actual, measurable energy.

There will soon be technology that will monitor the energy patterns and fluctuations in a room.  Since each of us has a unique energy pattern that is generated by our individual brain, a computer will be able to recognize when you have entered the room because your unique, personal, energy pattern changes the room’s energy level specifically, according to the energy that your brain emits.

When it comes to this earth, mortals will not progress with technology past being able to create a head-only person and then a brain-only person … UNLESS humans living upon Earth change the social structures that they support and maintain that create inequality among them.

(Our advanced Selves will not allow any more technology to be on Earth … more on this later.)

As we have explained, there is a purpose for human existence upon this earth.

We have explained that this earth was specifically created to fulfill the measure of its creation.  This earth was created to provide a place where advanced humans could connect their brains together and create and share a new experience that keeps their advanced brain balanced and functioning properly.

There is no other purpose for Earth.

In essence, yet more hypothetical than specific, the earth is the computer-generated software that provides people’s brains with the opportunity to connect to a shared virtual platform.  This is where their brain can release energy and take in energy that keeps the advanced brain balanced and functioning properly.

If a person’s brain cannot connect to the virtual platform (Earth) and release and receive energy according to the person’s individual needs, then connecting to the platform becomes useless and futile for the advanced person.

If you connect to the platform and your virtual Self (mortal Self) cannot act and be acted upon according to the needs of YOUR OWN brain, and not to and for the needs of another’s, then your brain will not stay connected.

If you are forced to do anything in this life that is not a free-willed choice, you will not be happy.  Happiness is the feeling that our brain gets when our expectations are fully met.  These mortal expectations are directly associated with our advanced brain’s need to release and receive energy from the mortal experience.

(Our mortal dreams are simply this: our brain releasing pent-up emotions or receiving stimuli that balances out our emotions.  For this reason, mortal sleep is vital and necessary to our mortal existence.)

Until the world is set up and begins to function as it was meant to function (fulfilling the measure of its creation) for the sake of all human mortals equally and unconditionally (with the only exception being that one’s free-willed choices do not impede or affect the free-willed choices of another), our mortal Selves will continually fight each other and attempt to eliminate the source of the conflict that impedes our ability to act with our individual free will.


We will place our brain in a virtual world that we can control unconditionally.  We will place our brain in a world where we are the most important person, where we control how a person associates with us and how we want to associate with them.  We will place our brain in a virtual world that allows us to be whomever we want to be, to look in a way that we want to look (think Photoshop).

We will place our brain in a virtual world that distracts it from the real world in which we live, where we are forced to work at a job (so that we can live) that we don’t like, be manipulated and controlled by others—by their will and authority—and not by any choice of our own.

We can control our social media and our smart phones.  We swipe left if we don’t like a person and never see them again.  Or we swipe right to connect to a person’s virtual presentation of their Self.

No one can control what we choose to do in our virtual world except us.

Our virtual world gives us a glance into a world where we are in full control of how we act and are acted upon.

Engaging our brain in a virtual world created by our smart phones and computers is much more in line with the reason and purpose that we exist as mortals upon Earth.  It is much more enjoyable for us to be socially connected, but where we control the outcome of the connection, rather than being controlled by another.  If another tries to control us or impede our free will, we simply block them and eliminate them from our virtual world.

In our real world, the only way we can get rid of another person who is impeding our free will is to kill them.  Now we can socially kill them from our existence, as long as we don’t have to interact with them during our real world daily experience.

The reason why mortals become consumed with a world that exists only in the 3 inch by 5 inch platform of reality generated by their smart phone, or in the monitor of their computer, is because these virtual worlds actually fulfill the purpose for which we exist as mortals.

As mortals, we are trying achieve the reason why we came to this earth in the first place.

We love our phones and computers and will pay whatever money necessary to have them in order to achieve this purpose and perpetuate our need to be in control of our own destiny, which results in our expectations of life being fulfilled OUR WAY, which results in the feeling of joy.

And that there, Folks, is the Real Truth.

(More next time.)




  1. Jason Lee Natte

    One last comment.. before I tackle my mortal [Luciferian] fleshly self to the ground.. n get myself to shut the f up.. lol 🙂

    I only wish to share what’s beneficial to the cause [of mwaw & THumP].. soo please DELETE anything that’s inappropriate..

    I desire to keep my comments brief.
    [If any at all]

    5:45 – 6:04 in this video was another one of my creations, I just stumbled into .. in my boredom, as I’ve been eagerly anticipating the next mwaw posting.

    Here.. I’ll allow Lisa Schultz [lol_mom] to explain.. what may [/*has*] not been [*understood*] or considered by others.

    Published on Jan 7, 2009

    This show reflects the activities of the Kaneva community “Christian Believers Fellowship”. By using avatars in a 3D virtual world, people from all around the world were able to meet in places that they had built, using virtual materials, textures, and plenty of imagination! Together we sang, danced, prayed, worshiped, shared fellowship, and testified of the saving power of Jesus Christ! God honored this by manifesting His presence, granting, salvation, healing, forgiveness, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost. The fruits, gifts, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit were generously poured out as pure hearts experienced the true and living God.

    The virtual world is a mission field of which traditional ministers have not heard. This world has millions of hurting souls, seeking for hope and purpose. Many will never set foot in a Church building. How merciful of our God to be willing to use the foolishness of virtual reality in order to reach these precious ones with His saving grace! In the great commission, Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28 to go make disciples of the nations. Without a doubt, the virtual world is helping to bring this to fruition!

  2. Jason Lee Natte

    Kaneva farewell party.. just for a glimpse of how truely awesome the virtual world actually was for me. [Ok.. I’m done dwelling upon it.. really I am.. lol] .. had I not left.. I never would’ve encountered mwaw & THumP .. so guess it was for the best 🙂

  3. Jason Lee Natte

    I wish I had more.. but this is all that remains of my virtual creations.. just ignore & delete if not relevant or interesting.

    5:14 – 5:28 in this video was one of my virtual church’s.. I built many, I deleted my account when I was constantly being nagged about how much time I spent on here, the website kaneva later shut down and was reconstructed as a virtual casino.

    A working virtual tv and and a TD Jake’s video / a Christian rap/holy hip hop music video.. was all that was needed to “preach”.. although others used virtual chat & live streamed there voice.. I simply enjoyed the building part mostly, I had a holy hip hop club among many other locations & $30 was all that i needed for an escape to my very own personalized beach island resort.

    There was also a “secular” portion of what I did on here, I build many virtual cars etc.. & custom designed clothing & furniture.

    deleting this account was the very first time i told God that I wouldn’t do what I felt called to do, it was a sacrifice in support of another’s desires of happiness over my own.. I was absolutely devastated.

  4. Jason Lee Natte

    When I was under the illusion that there was an eternal purpose for me being online.. back when I felt called of God & was part of a virtual world.. part of a supposed virtual “ministry”, I would’ve justified spending endless amounts of my time/money on my virtual creations.. a top of the line computer .. so I wouldn’t “lag” so that I could do [what I believed with all my heart at the time.. was] “the father’s work”.. was my greatest desire of happiness.

    I greatly neglected EVERYTHING else.. and greatly upset one person imperticular.. at this point of my life .. to be online.

    But Honestly, It’s been Soo much easier to disconnect once convinced that [there’s no eternal purpose for me being on here] my involvement has been pure “secular” / Luciferian.. the “eternal” part was my obsession.. take that away.. & everything else appears completely meaningless.

    I would still come on here for the purpose of the humanity party [which has no cost], I would still come on here for that purpose.

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