***WARNING***PROFANITY*** A True Messenger’s view of a Black Hole.


From Christopher:

They spent millions of dollars and thousands of research hours bringing the world its first image of a Black Hole in space.

Black Holes are seen at the center of every galaxy in the universe.

The Bros are going to explain exactly what these “holes” are and the purpose they serve the universe in their final book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning To The Human Race.  (And the information and book will be available to the world FOR FUCKING FREE!)

For now, I’ll fucking tell the world the purpose that seeing a Black Hole serves humanity:

It doesn’t.

Please, one of ye Fucks, physicists, ye Ministers of Science, who do about the same GOOD for humanity as fucking High Priests of any religion do, I’d love to debate you and deal with your theories and your fucking suppositions, observations, and measurements, which are what?  Oh, they make you feel smart.  They allow you to have others look at you as if you were smart.  You’re fucking clueless about the Real Truth!

Nothing science has done has made this world a better place for humans to live.

Ye Fucks!

Put the same time, effort and money into solving poverty and inequality on Earth, FIRST.

Oh, you can’t, can you?

How much more time, effort, and money are you going to spend on thinking about and observing black holes in the universe?

Why not consider one of the problems one of your scientific High Priests posed … it’s called the Fermi Paradox.  It’s a great mystery that you fucks haven’t a clue how to solve or answer!

(Fermi Paradox presents the scientific contradiction between the lack of evidence for and the high probability of the existence of other human civilizations in the universe.  There’s a lot of evidence of the probability that there is and must be other human civilizations in the vast universe, but there is no observable evidence of any.)

Hey dipshits!  Ye who think you’re so fucking smart and yet can’t solve poverty and inequality!

We’re going to completely solve the Fermi Paradox.  This solution and answer will explain the existence of Black Holes.

But anyways …

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    Give them Hell! Christopher.

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