My Dream. My Eternal Mother.

This is Christopher:

I couldn’t have been more depressed yesterday when I was informed by my mentors that they would like me to share some important information about the MWAW and The Humanity Party® … Sigh.

Of course, I’ll do it … I always have a hard time with it, but when the idea is presented to me in a certain way, in the loving suggestive manipulative way my mentors have always done it, I always cave and do what they need done.

Alone and depressed, I fell asleep.

For one of the few times during my mortal life as Christopher, I dreamed I was in the presence of my actual creator … not God … my actual creator.

Lovingly looking at me with a smile on her face, tears swelled up in her eyes.  I watched her tears form then gently roll down her face.

As she cried, it began to lightly rain.  The rain was warm on my own face.  The rain seemed to mix with my own tears … it seemed like I had been crying.

As she continued to look at me, an incredible rainbow appeared above her head.  The rainbow calmed me, it filled me with incredible peace and love.

Then the dream ended.

It was a mortal dream, not an actual conscious experience in our advanced world, which I have had the ability to have throughout the years.  As I thought about the dream, it wasn’t hard to understand the imagery that my brain needed to release the pressure and stress that I am under.

And then it hit me where the emotional part of the dream came from, the rainbow, the raindrops, and the tears:

The following was one of my favorite songs when I was an LDS/Mormon.  The song is sure to bring a tear to every son and mother who listens:

I was once asked what an advanced woman looks like.

The advanced woman to whom I am closest is the person who created my True Self.  For all intents and purposes, this person, who is always female, can be referred to as my Eternal Mother.  Each of us has an advanced female to whom we are physically and emotionally connected as non-gendered advanced humans (our True Selves).

Years ago, when I was asked, I searched on the Internet and found a picture of a woman, who at a younger age, was somewhat similar.  Also, I once had a friend and supporter whom when I first met her, I was in awe because she reminded me of my Eternal Mother.

Here are the pictures I shared:


If these two pictures could be morphed together, and these two women’s countenances combined while at the age of their prime (about 20 years old) …

… this would create the best representation I could ever present of how my creator appears.


  1. Macrae Cain

    I feel like my mortal mother looks like your advanced mother (see on the back right – photo from 1977.

  2. Kristen

    If my husband here on earth is who I believe “my eternal soul mate”. Someone I could never live without and someone I adore (and if he feels the same about me)…… Could his advanced self be my eternal mother and could my advanced self be his eternal mother? Is it possible this is why he and I are so connected in our mortal relationships with each other ? I’m probably way off, but I’m curious.

    1. Our creators cannot participate with any member of OUR GROUP in a mortal experience. They have their own GROUP and solar system.

      Our mortal connections can be strong from our bonds and friendships created from our experiences as genderless advanced humans.

      To be a Creator, one must understand all the propensities and potential of each gender. Advanced creators must experience both male and female incarnations in order to understand these propensities and potentials. Since all Creators are advanced female, all members of OUR GROUP who have chosen the role of an advanced female Creator have experienced various male and female incarnates during mortality.

      There are few members of OUR GROUP who have chosen to be advanced males. Advanced males are not Creators. Advanced males oversee the process and procedures involved in the experience of life given to newly created advanced humans. This is their only role.

      There are only a few of OUR GROUP who have chosen the role of an advanced male. Those who have chosen this service role do not need to incarnate as a female mortal; and therefore, these have never experienced a female incarnate. They have always chosen male incarnates. They can be recognized by their kindness and compassion coupled with mortal male propensities of strength and courage.

      Christopher is an example of this. Though his words are strong and brash against his enemies, Christopher would succor any one of them and help one in want or need. None can honestly report that Christopher has been unkind or uncongenial in an enemy’s presence. The sharpness of his words is mitigated by the kindness of his eyes.

      Do not let your emotional imagination extend beyond the Real Truth. No Real Truth can be known through mortal emotions.

      Christopher is our True Messenger. We exhort you to give heed to our message through him and he will help you understand the Real Truth of all things.

      1. Kristen

        Thank you

  3. I have a question: Is it probable that the eternal mother would let her presence be known by the subtle fragrance(s) surrounding a person at distinct times and in different scenarios that would defy the ability of the perfume to maintain its presence or persistence under normal earthly conditions, and that if another being were near, that that other being could not or would not perceive the pleasant odor?

    1. Eternal humans do not wear fragrances.

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