Really? Do you people read what we’ve written? … by the way, this is Christopher. The Family Unit is our biggest problem … Lucifer’s finest institution.


This is Christopher.  (I have to disclose this, as this is the official website of my mentors’ work … and I’m a bit more profane and emotional than they are … But anyways …)

(NOTE: I’m going to take a few days off to get back to Europe and rest a bit before I continue my autobiography.)

The website got the following comment:

“I wonder why Christopher relates to a false book in court?  The Book of Mormon never happened.  I don’t even know how the 4 messengers came about.  There is no such thing as Nephi or Lamanites or John.  I guess the 4 messengers are also dreaming like us but they have power to wake up.”


Here was my mentors’ response:

U.S. courts are required by law to protect religious belief.  The Book of Mormon is a religious belief.  Judge Naftz is obligated by law to protect religious belief.  Accordingly, Christopher’s intent would have been to force Judge Naftz to protect the Book of Mormon and the information contained therein as a religious belief.  The information contained therein proves who Christopher and his mentors are and what their work entails.  This protected religious information would have directly countered Mr. Dschaak’s fraud claim.

Further, the fraud allegation included a claim that Christopher deceived people and lied to them in the past.  The information in the Book of Mormon specifically outlines the way that a True Messenger deals with the people—allowing lies and misconceptions (see BOM, Jacob 4:14), for example, and only giving the people what they can handle according to their religious beliefs (see BOM, Alma 12:9-11 and BOM, 3 Nephi 26:6-10).

The Book of Mormon is the “lesser part of the things” that we intended to teach the people.  We could not teach people who are not listening and retain hard hearts and closed minds.  The “lesser portion” was intended to try their religious faith.  The people, including the LDS/Mormons who proclaim belief in it, have rejected the true intent and message of the Book of Mormon.  Therefore, the “greater things have been withheld from them, unto their condemnation.”

The most important part of the Book of Mormon was not the book, but its intended message.  This message was unequivocally rejected by the people who accept and believe in it as a religious scripture.

Under the direction of his mentors, Christopher has followed the proper course of action in all things.  He has never taken anyone’s money as a part of this course of action.  People have gifted things to this work for the sake of the work, but no monetary consideration has ever been required of one in order to receive the information of this work, or to support it.  In fact, it has been Christopher’s own money, earned as an employee, that has largely supported this work.

BOM, 3 Nephi 26:6-10:

6 And now there cannot be written in this book (the Book of Mormon) even a hundredth part of the things which Jesus did truly teach unto the people;

7 But behold the plates of Nephi do contain the more part of the things which he taught the people.

8 And these things have I written, which are a lesser part of the things which he taught the people; and I have written them to the intent that they may be brought again unto this people, from the Gentiles, according to the words which Jesus hath spoken.

9 And when they shall have received this (the Book of Mormon), which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe these things then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them.

10 And if it so be that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, unto their condemnation.

That was their response.  Here’s my response:

What is wrong with you people, or is this just someone trolling our website and saying shit that doesn’t mean anything?  However, my mentors wouldn’t have responded had this same question not come up before or multiple times.

My God, I must be the worst Messenger alive!  How the heck can a person not understand what is going on here?  Let me put it in my own words:

Dschaak’s an opportunistic liar who told Judge Naftz: Oh, woe is me!  Because of Christopher and his work, I have serious emotional problems.  I feel alone.  I don’t have any friends, I have PTSD … and a bunch of other emotional problems that he had way before I ever had anything to do with him.

Although Dschaak didn’t see a shrink (mental doctor) until 2018, nine years after I called him out and he left following me and the work … oh, he’s never left following me and the work … he can’t … and the only reason why he saw a shrink was because he countersued me for fraud and wanted to have some sort of proof of what my alleged fraud did to the poor guy.

And to prove to Naftz that he had paid me over $20,000, this lying, deceptive man presented business transaction receipts of this amount when he was in business with L. Kurt Smith.  Yeah … REALLY!  Unsolicited, he gave me about $900 in cash, which I took and paid for a week in a hotel for his family, and $2500 that we bought him a computer with, because he wanted to do all he could to help the work … cough … cough.

The legal statute of limitations should have ended his fraud claim, as it is only two years, and Dschaak has been trying to stop me and this work since 2009 … but Judge Naftz doesn’t like me, especially after I went pro se.

The summary is this:

We’re waiting on Naftz’ final order so that we can review it and file an appeal on the parts that we can actually appeal … including the part where Naftz admitted in open court that he was tired, as the reason that he was treating me with prejudice.

As to the civil judgment and the money that Naftz is sure to award Dschaak … I ain’t going to pay him a penny!  He can take his judgment and wait in line with my other creditors and talk to the bankruptcy trustee that will be assigned to my bankruptcy.  I’m in debt almost $150,000 to creditors.  Why?  Because I had to resign as CEO of the company I was working for because a court of law … cough, cough … found material substance that I had committed fraud … Yeah!  Really!  And when I asked the Court to be specific and define the material evidence that Naftz was relying on, here is how he responded: DENIED.  Yeah.  Really!

I’m pretty sure that Naftz is going to have Dschaak’s attorney construct his final order to protect him from obvious prejudice.  I’m going to be blamed for not adhering to the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure.  And Dschaak … the poor, little man who has no other value or purpose in life … will have his win over me … so he thinks.

Keep in mind, Folks, that this man has tried to have me arrested for years.  Along with his cohorts, Robert “Robbie” G. Pace, and the opportunist, Christine Marie Katas, Dschaak went to the Orem City Police (while this civil case was going on) and did everything in their power to have me arrested.  Here’s the actual police report:

Orem Police Report

They tried to have me arrested well into the civil case.  Read the police report.  It shows you what kinds of enemies I have … not too smart, very manipulative and deceptive, but hell-bent on doing anything and everything in their power to try to stop me.

Stop me from doing what?

From providing information to the world that will end poverty?

What did I ever do to any of these except try to help them and teach them that the religion in which they believed was crap?

Regardless of what Dschaak and Katas say, I didn’t take their money for me.  The few dollars that I did take, they convinced me to take because they thought they were doing good and supporting a good thing.  (If Pace will tell the truth, he would testify that he never gave me a penny, and I never asked for one.)

So, why do these people, and others like them hate me so much?

Do you want the Real Truth … albeit interlaced with my personal profanity and disgusting language … I wouldn’t continue to give them value.

I’ll get to Kata’s case in my autobiography … it’s unbelievable what this woman did and would stoop to in order to find value and worth in her life.

But this is exactly why these three people, as well as many others, turn on me.  I stopped giving them value.  While they were enjoying their time with me and I was providing value in their lives, they loved me and couldn’t get enough of me.  But when I stopped giving them value, they didn’t like me too much.  So for the value that they perceived that I took from them, they created equal value for themselves by becoming my enemy and lying about me.

NOTE: If anyone is ever contacted by Robert “Robbie” G. Pace, Dschaak, Bill Witt, or any other of their cohorts, you can demand that they cease and desist from contacting you.  If they don’t, contact Monica Smith and she will advise her attorney.  And, NO, I do NOT give my permission for Pace to attend any event or have anything to do with the people who follow the MWAW.   Here is the Utah Order restricting Pace’s contact.

I want nothing to do with ANYONE who has anything to do with any of these people.  These are deceptive and very manipulative people who will deceive you into thinking that they are good, when in reality, they’re just mean!  They have no other value in this mortal life than what they gain from fighting me and this work.  If you met them personally, you’d understand why.

But now, let me be a little more compassionate on them:

I feel for them.  They are equal advanced humans as all of us are.  I am their Messenger too.

The Real Truth is, anything that threatens our mortal self-worth and value, we (as mortals) have a propensity to fight and try to change.  Since our very nature is that we are valuable and the most important thing in our universe, anything that threatens this will cause us to feel uncomfortable, uneasy, hateful, and hurt.

Dschaak, Bishop, Pace, Witt, and Katas … as well as a lot of other people in my past … are well within their right as an equal to fight me and the Real Truth that I spill about their mortal selves.  These people are no more messed up than the rest of us as mortals.

Our mortal life is a constant battle waged to bring value to our Self and bring our subconscious feelings of worth and value into the perspective of our actual True Self.  Since every one of us is the most important person in our universe, our mortal avatars are going to naturally lean towards and fight for personal worth and value.

I don’t blame these for being messed up.  All ya all are messed up!  I am messed up!  All mortals are messed up.

The only reason why I have such high self-esteem and seem very arrogant to the rest of you is because of my brain’s transfiguration.  The idea and concept of each of us being the most important person in our universe is not an idea or a concept to me.  I KNOW it to be the Real Truth!

If only my enemies knew what I know.  If they did, they wouldn’t fight me.  They would know that they are actually much more important to their own existence than I will ever be to their existence.  They wouldn’t pay any attention to me and what I had to say.  Sadly, it is because they don’t know this, and the world doesn’t particularly see them as highly valued people, that their natural tendency is to fight against me.

So when they came in contact with me, I, at first, treated them as very important and valuable to me (i.e., gave them value).  This greatly enhanced their self-esteem and personal worth, not only to their self, but to others who they came to know that esteemed their association with me of great worth.  When I took this away from them, they acted properly according to their mortal nature.

I took a great deal of value from them, but only because they do not understood the Message I have to deliver to the world.  This Message explains that they are actually the most important person in their existence.  Well, Pace and Witt believe … and if these two would just be nice and admit their bullshit and all the messed up things they have done because they’re hurt, they could once again associate with the other people who follow this MWAW … people who are the creme de la creme when it comes to mortals.

Instead, I have to continually bash them and cut them with the sword coming out of my mouth.  And if they continue to do what they are doing, they are going to feel the “wrath of God” unlike any other time in their life … NOT a “wrath” from my God (True Self), but from theirs!

But anyways … these enemies can keep trying to do what they are doing but they’ll never stop this work.  Whether the world wants it or not, the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist is going to be revealed in its fullness.  What the world does with this information is not my concern.  My only concern is that the information is presented properly.

The world can and may react to the information like my former friends, who became my enemies, have acted.  Because the Real Truth threatens their mortal self-worth and value, the mortal Self of the rest of the people living upon Earth is apt to reject it, because upon accepting it, the world’s value and worth diminishes greatly.

Can you imagine how much value people of this world would lose if the Real Truth was the Real Truth?

If life is but a dream occurring in our advanced True Self’s brain, when we die (“awaken from the sleep”), then nothing that we became or experienced while mortal means anything.  That’s fucking hard for a person to accept.  But it is the REAL TRUTH!  Sorry, but it is!

When people read The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ, they go through a bunch of emotions.  But what is written, and the way that it is written, is so spiritually powerful that it is hard to deny its logic and truthfulness.

Everything that is written in the Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion was written with a purpose in mind.  The same people who wrote the Book of Mormon, wrote The Sealed Portion.  The same people who wrote these books wrote most of Joseph Smith’s temple endowment presentation.  These things were written specifically with religious symbolism in order to get religious people to see these things and consider them.

IT’S AMAZING … that the millions of people who see Joseph’s temple endowment presentation don’t fucking consider what they are seeing … for this reason they are considered “blind.”

In the presentation, the God, Michael, is put to sleep and doesn’t remember that he is a god, but only knows himself in the dream experience he is having as Adam … as Adam.

HOW ELSE WAS JOSEPH SMITH SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT OUR EXISTENCE AS EQUAL GODS—that we are all equal gods having a mortal experience that occurs as a dream?  He couldn’t have been more clear and direct!

Since the corrupt modern LDS/Mormon leaders have gutted Joseph’s original presentation, it’s a bit harder to put it all together. … But they haven’t yet taken out the part of the God Michael being put asleep so that he could become Adam.  Adam is still searching for Messengers because he can’t figure out what the hell is happening in the lone and dreary world.  But they took out the character that represented all people who accept religion, especially the LDS/Mormon people who can actually view the presentation: the Minister.

In the original presentation, when the True Messengers are sent to mortality, the first person they encounter is the Minister.  They basically tell the Minister that religion (all religion) is a bunch of bullshit and tell him to get rid of it.  But it’s hard for the Minister to do, so he is seen as tapping Lucifer on the shoulder wanting to get paid for being a part of religion even after he hears the Real Truth from a True Messenger.

The Messenger tells the people who belong to religion that religion is a bunch of bullshit and that if they leave religion, the True Messenger will teach them the Real Truth.

But nooooooooooooooooooooooo … the religious people (symbolically represented by the Minister character) would lose too much of the worldly value (pay) they were receiving, so they turn away from the True Messenger and wander off.

Joseph Smith’s original endowment presentation was incredible!  In its original form, if all of its symbolism was explained, it crushes organized religion, especially the “power of priesthood,” which is incredibly symbolized by the apron that Lucifer wears during the presentation!  Yeah.  Really!

But there is a part of the endowment presentation that the Bros included in The Sealed Portion.  Here is how it was presented in the endowment and explained in Sacred Not Secret—The Official Guide In Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment:

(Beginning of excerpt from Sacred Not Secret.)

LUCIFER: If thou cursest me for doing the same thing which has been done in other worlds, I will take the spirits that follow me, and they shall possess the bodies thou createst for Adam and Eve!

A natural, free-willed human tendency is to assert our independence and value as an individual apart from all others.  This trait is formed and embellished when we see that others possess certain attributes or qualities that we think we do not have. In experiencing life and nurturing from Celestial Beings who possessed powers and attributes that we had not yet obtained, it naturally became our desire to have them as well.  But the way to obtain them was not within our present state of being at the time.  We began to conceive of shortcuts or other ways to obtain these powers and abilities within the realm of our free agency.  Thus, shown figuratively here, Lucifer thought that he did not need any part of the Father’s plan to bring happiness to himself and those who agreed to follow him.

Lucifer knew (i.e., we knew) that in all the other worlds that had been created, independent and free-willed spirits were given the right to create their own systems of laws and government that serve them.  He was (we were) only doing what he (we) knew had been done throughout the Universe (in allowing the exercise of free agency) by instituting his (our) own plan; and which he (we) had convinced many that there was a better plan than our Creators’.  It’s easy to envision this way of thinking when we consider the independent and rebellious nature of teenagers.  When rules of the house are established, it is natural to challenge those rules and rebel.  In this way, teenagers develop self- esteem and individuality apart from their parents, who have established rules that they know are for the teenagers’ own good.  The only way teenagers will ever understand the significance and relevance of the established rules is to experience the consequences of not following them.  In experiencing the consequences, only then will they be convinced that their parents were right all along.

According to the command of God just given him concerning those who follow his plan, Lucifer assumed that it would be impossible for the spirits who followed him to find a way to satisfy their fleshly “appetites” in the bodies that he caused to be created through mortal nature.  Realizing this, Lucifer threatened to take over the bodies that were created for Adam and Eve.  This again can be understood by comparison to the actions of a normal teenager. Even though (through experience) teenagers come to the conclusion that their ways do not bring them happiness, they do not want to admit defeat to their parents—this would take away the individuality established by their actions of rebellion, which actions they do not want to admit have failed to bring the expected result.  Therefore, to maintain the integrity that comes through the continuity and justification of their actions, teenagers will take what their parents have established as the right thing in the first place and change it to conform to their own plan and agenda for their life.

ELOHIM: I will place enmity between thee and the seed of the woman.  Thou mayest have power to bruise his heel, but he shall have power to crush thy head.

This “enmity” is our conscience, or better, the “Spirit of Christ” as spoken of by Moroni:

Wherefore, all things which are good cometh of God; and that which is evil cometh of the devil; for the devil is an enemy unto God, and fighteth against him continually, and inviteth and enticeth to sin, and to do that which is evil continually.  But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, everything which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God. Wherefore, take heed, my beloved brethren, that ye do not judge that which is evil to be of God, or that which is good and of God to be of the devil.  For behold, my brethren, it is given unto you to judge, that ye may know good from evil; and the way to judge is as plain, that ye may know with a perfect knowledge, as the daylight is from the dark night.  For behold, the Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.  But whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do evil, and believe not in Christ, and deny him, and serve not God, then ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of the devil; for after this manner doth the devil work, for he persuadeth no man to do good, no, not one; neither do his angels; neither do they who subject themselves unto him. (Moroni 7:12–17)

Our conscience is the capability each of us has been given so that we can tell the difference between good (following the plan of our Creators, i.e., that which creates a lasting happiness) and evil (following the plan of Lucifer—or the appetites of our flesh, i.e., that which creates unhappiness).

As we “walk” throughout our lives and do things contrary to the prompting of our consciences (the enmity), our “heels” are bruised by the suffering we experience when we succumb to enticements of the flesh.  However, in the end, we will all have power to “crush” the head (the part that controls our actions) of Lucifer by recognizing the enticements of the flesh and controlling his power over us.  In the end, before we are allowed to resurrect, we will be required to bring our actions under control to such a degree that we will never be a problem to another free-willed being.  The plan of our Creators in providing us with the opportunities for experience up until that time, prepares us to become this manner of person in conjunction with experiencing those things that bring each of us our individual eternal happiness.

LUCIFER:  Then with that enmity I will take the treasures of the earth, and with gold and silver I will buy up armies and navies, popes and false priests, and tyrants who destroy, and reign with blood and horror on the earth!

(NOTE: the strikethrough and the italic parts were taken out and added by the modern LDS/Mormon leaders.)

Here we are given an explanation of how our flesh (Lucifer) fights our conscience (enmity) to entice us with money and worldly possessions to follow our fleshly desires (i.e., Lucifer’s plan.)  The way he will deceive us is further described as setting up religions and governments to impose his plan upon us.  When a government or religion entices our fleshly desires of pride, glory, material prosperity and individual value apart from and above others (i.e., patriotic feelings, holding the priesthood or titles, or religious feelings of belonging to the “only true church”), it is our nature (Lucifer) which leads us to endorse and to support these institutions.  Yet these human institutions (armies, navies, and organized religions) are the main causes of all the “blood and horror on the earth!”  By changing the above words, the LDS leaders hoped to steer any significant questions away from themselves— surely they could not be the corruptible priests who could ever be bought by Lucifer.  They also did not want to make any enemies of the other Popes and Priests with whom they share control over the hearts of humankind.

(End of excerpt from Sacred Not Secret.)

The part that is most important is this:

ELOHIM: I will place enmity between thee and the seed of the woman.  Thou mayest have power to bruise his heel, but he shall have power to crush thy head.

No one would have a clue what this means without a True Messenger explaining it.

But now … let’s go to the Bros’ Sealed Portion where it talks about this in conjunction with … are you ready for it world?  … No, because you need value and worth … but here it is …

… in conjunction with the fact that the family unit is one of the most evil institutions on the earth!  Yep.  Really!

(Beginning of except from The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ.)

Chapter 20:

60  (Adam talking to his children.) But I would that ye should understand these things, and also that ye should understand the commandments of God that ye must live by in order to have the Spirit as your constant companion all the days of your lives.  And for this purpose have I gathered you together, even that I might teach these things unto you.

61  And as it is that your feet take you through this life, and make a record, as it were, of all those things that ye do during your life; yea, even that your feet carry you forth unto works of righteousness or works of evil, according to the law of free agency which hath been given unto you; therefore, Satan hath power to bruise your heel, in that he causeth you often to do evil, and bruiseth the works that ye do during the days of your probation.

62  And these bruises can cause you to stumble and walk unsurely in the straight and narrow path that the Father hath prescribed for us and hath directed us to follow.  And Satan hath been given power to bruise our heels all the days of our lives.

63  But in the end; yea, when we finally come to an understanding of the righteousness of the Father and the commandments that he hath given unto us; then shall we have power to crush the head of Satan, or in other words, destroy his kingdom with righteousness.

64  And the Lord hath placed enmity between Satan and us.  And this enmity that he hath placed between us is the feelings that we receive when we work righteousness, in that we are happy and feel joy.  And this enmity is also the feelings that we receive when we do evil, in that we are miserable, where there is an absence of joy, in other words, this enmity is our conscience.

65  And Satan hath taken these feelings, or this enmity, and hath deceived us into thinking that evil is good and good is evil.  And he hath accomplished this with gold and silver and the fine things of the earth.  And he hath done this with the families in which he hath caused you to divide, so that ye shall hate one another, and put yourselves above others.

66  For when ye are engaged in the pursuit of the things of the world, or Mammon as it hath been called, then ye make that pursuit your God, and it is from this that ye receive your happiness.  And ye are happy when ye think on the things that ye own, even your houses, and your clothes and your possessions, and all the things to which ye have given a value that do not sustain your life—even a life that requireth only food, and simple raiment, and a simple shelter to survive.

67  And ye are happy when ye see your families prospering and enjoying the things that ye have provided for them.  And ye take no thought of others, for in the happiness of your families ye find your joy.

68  And ye find joy in your religions and your beliefs and in the leaders that teach you the things that ye want to hear, even preaching those things that support you in that which ye believe.  And ye shall find happiness and joy in the pride of your nations, and your countries, and the armies, and the means of force that protect you within the borders thereof.

69  And in this way hath Satan used the enmity, that the Lord hath placed between him and us, to deceive us and lull us away into carnal security.  And he lulleth us carefully, without our knowing, and leadeth us down into the misery of hell.

70  And I would that ye should know, my beloved children, that any institution that is set up among you that shall be a cause of your disobedience of the commandments of God, shall also cause your destruction.

71  And it is the commandment of the Lord that we should love each other according to the eternal laws of heaven.  For it was according to these laws that we were created.  And we are all the children of the same Eternal Father.  And He hath used these same laws, by which He also liveth, to afford us the opportunity to become like Him and live forever in happiness, according to our desires of happiness.

72  And all of the unions that we create among ourselves, as well as the covenants, contracts, bonds, obligations, oaths, vows, performances, connections, associations, or expectations that we enter into during the days of our probation, have an end when we are dead.

73  And after we are dead, we shall be judged according to the works that we have done, even according to our obedience and conformity to the laws of heaven.  And these same laws exist forever in the eternal worlds that have existed long before this mortal state in which we find ourselves.  And these same laws shall exist in the eternal worlds after this mortal state, even forever.

74  And all things that are not established by the Lord, according to his word, which word is given according to these eternal laws of heaven, shall be thrown down and shaken and destroyed, and shall not remain after we are dead.

75  And these family units in which ye have divided yourselves are not according to the word of the Lord; and he hath commanded us against such things.  Therefore, they are not eternal and shall not last after ye are dead.

76  And what think ye shall come to pass when ye are dead?  Do ye think that in the kingdom of the Father we shall be divided into families?  Do ye believe that ye shall take the pride which ye feel for your spouses and your children into the kingdom of God, and claim your stake there?  I say unto you that ye shall not do any such thing.

77  For those of your own household are also your brothers and your sisters before God.  And have ye not heard my words and my teachings concerning the creation and growth of a spirit?  Did I not speak clearly unto you, and teach you that there existeth no marriage or families in the kingdom of the Father?  For there are no such beings as male spirits or female spirits.

78  Yea, there are those spirits which were given a male body according to the flesh, and there were also those spirits that were given a female body according to the flesh.  But in the kingdom of the Father there were no male spirits, neither were there females spirits, but we were all children of the Father, and had not yet determined for ourselves which gender we would take upon ourselves to bring us the happiness that each of us desired.

79  And when we return again to the kingdom of the Father, or in other words, to the spirit world from whence we came, we will return again as spirits without a gender.

80  And after the resurrection, there will be very few among us who will be blessed with the exalted bodies that the Gods possess, which bodies are male and female, and are given according to the eternal laws that govern the Celestial glory in the kingdom of our Father.  And these bodies are given for the purposes of creation, and also for the fullness of joy of those who deserve the power that these bodies possess.

81  And I say unto you, that except ye abide by the commandments and laws of God, ye cannot attain to this glory.  For strait is the gate, and narrow the way that leadeth unto the exaltation and the power of the continuation of lives, and few there be that find it.  And ye do not find it because ye know not God.  But if ye receive the commandments of God in the flesh, and abide by them, then shall ye know Him.  And if ye know Him, ye shall receive your exaltation, and ye shall be in the same kingdom of glory in which God dwelleth.

82  For behold, this is eternal lives; even that ye might know the only wise and true God, who is our Father.

83  And broad is the way, which leadeth to destruction, and many there be who go in thereat; and this according to the commandments and the words that the Lord hath given unto us.

84  And because Satan hath entered in among us, there shall be many that come in among you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly are ravening wolves.  These shall call themselves prophets of God and set themselves up as your leaders and begin to teach unto you the flattering words that ye would desire of them.

85  And the Lord hath shown unto us the way in which we can judge these who would make such a claim.  And I say unto you, that I will show you a sure way that ye might know how to judge a false prophet.  For ye shall judge him by his works.  And the flatteries of his mouth shall not uncover his unrighteousness.  For Satan shall inspire him to speak unto you according to the peace that you have been taught shall be given unto you by the Holy Spirit.  And Satan shall mimic this feeling and cause you to believe the words of the false prophet, as if they were the words of God.

86  And ye shall judge all men according to the commandments of God that I am giving to you this day, and which shall be taught unto you in the same likeness and in the same words by all the true prophets of God.  And a true prophet of God will not add to or take away from these commandments that I have given unto you, and which I shall continue to give unto you.

87  And I know that God himself, shall come down among those of our posterity in the flesh.  And when he is among them, he shall be known as the Son of God.  And he shall be the Son of God.  But because the Son shall be in the exact likeness of the Father, and shall have the power and authority of the Father, he shall be our God.

88  And he shall also give unto you the commandments that I am giving to you this day, which are the exact commandments that your mother Eve and I received from him after we left the garden of Eden.  And these shall be the same words that he shall always speak unto the children of men, regardless in what time period they are given.  Whether they be given unto them today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, they are the same.

89  For these commandments are eternal.  And if they are eternal, then they are from God, and shall last beyond the days of our probation, even forever.

90  And any of those among you who claim that they are prophets of God, shall teach these things unto you.  And again, I say unto you, that they shall not add to or take away from, nor shall they change these commandments in any way.  And if they add to, or take away, or cause any of these things to be changed, then ye shall know of a surety that these are not men of God, but are false prophets.

91  And there shall be many false prophets who shall come among you preaching what they claim to be the words and commandments of God.  And many of you shall be deceived by their words.  And ye shall be deceived because ye do not keep the commandments of God.  And many of you shall think that the commandments of God are too hard to keep, and that they do not bring you the joy that ye have been promised.

92  Ye shall say that it is vain to serve God; and what profit is it that we have kept his commandments and have walked mournfully before the Lord all the days of our lives?  And we call the proud happy; yea, they that work wickedness are set up, and they who tempt God are even delivered in their time of need.

93  And in this way Satan shall have power over you and lull you away, in that ye will begin to believe that there is no heaven, nor is there a hell, and that there is no Satan, therefore there is no God.  And many of you shall say amongst yourselves: Let us eat and drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die, but it shall be well with us.

94  For we will fear God.  And by fearing Him, He will justify us in committing a little sin; yea, we can lie a little and take advantage of our neighbor because of his words; and we can dig a pit for our neighbor, so that our own family might not fall therein.  And if we do all these things, and tomorrow we die, it shall be well with us.  And God will beat us with a few stripes, but in the end, we will be saved in His kingdom.

95  And these things shall be taught unto you by those who are false prophets among you.  Therefore, I would that ye should know these things, that ye might not be deceived by them.

96  And do not think that when ye stand before the judgment bar of God that these things will not be known.  For ye shall know those things which ye did that were contrary to the commandments of God.  But even so, there will be many of you who shall say unto the Father in that day: Oh, Father, have we not prophesied in Thy name, and in Thy name cast out the evil that is among us, and in Thy Holy Name done many wonderful works?  Did we not take unto ourselves wives as Thou hast commanded us and brought up unto Thee many children whom we have taught to honor and respect Thee?  And in the abundance of that which we took from the earth, did we not dedicate a portion thereof unto Thee?

97  And then will the Father say unto them: Ye did nothing in my Holy Name.  For of all the things that I have required of you, ye have done none.  For I was hungered and ye gave me no food; and I was thirsty and ye gave me no drink; and I was a stranger and ye took me not in, and was naked and ye clothed me not; I was sick and ye did not attend unto me.  And I was imprisoned and ye visited me not.

98  And then ye shall answer the Father, saying: Oh, Father, when did we see Thee hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not administer unto Thee?  And in all these things have we taken care of the needs of our families as Thou hast commanded us.

99  And when they were hungered, we fed them; and when they were thirsty, we gave them to drink; and when they were naked, we clothed them with all manner of fine clothing; and when they were sick, we administered unto their needs; and if any of them were in prison, we visited them.

100  And strangers we were counseled by our leaders to avoid, lest they come in among us and destroy our families and our beliefs.

101  But Oh, Father, when saw we Thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto Thee?  For had we known Thee, then we would have given all unto Thee, as Thou hast commanded us.

102  And then shall the Father say unto them: Yea, it is because ye did not know me that ye did not recognize me.  Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of those among you, ye did it not to me.

103  For behold, ye think that those of your own family are they which are the greatest among you.  And ye have given these things unto them.  But I did not command you to divide yourselves into these families in which ye have placed your priorities.  And those who are the least among you are those who are not of your family, but whom I have commanded you to do unto as ye would have them do unto you.

104  And would ye not want that when ye are hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, that others would attend to your needs, whether they are members of your family or not?

105  Yea, I never knew you, and you never knew me.  For if ye had known me, then ye would have known that I am the Father of all, and that ye are all my children.  And I have given you a commandment to do unto all of my children, which include the very least among you.

106  And ye have judged the beggar that is one of the least among you, and have denied him your sustenance because ye have said that he hath brought upon himself his own misery, therefore I will stay my hand and will not give unto him of my food, nor impart unto him of my substance that he may not suffer, for his punishments are just, because he hath offended God in his laziness.

107  And how can ye say that this beggar, who is my child, hath offended me, when ye do not know me?  Know ye not that the world that I have caused to be created is for all of my children?  And do ye not know, that my kingdom is for those who are the least among you?

108 Yea, blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  And blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.  And blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth when I finish my work thereon.  And blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.  And blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.  And blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.  And blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

109  And these are those who are the least among you.  And they are my children and belong to my family, which is the only family that I have ever caused to be organized among you.  And because ye did not keep my commandments, ye are not pure in heart.  And because ye are not pure in heart, ye shall not see me, neither shall ye know me.  Depart from me ye that work iniquity.

110  And Adam continued his words, saying: And now, my beloved children, see that ye learn these commandments which I have given unto you, and also those which I am about to give unto you.  And if ye keep these commandments, ye shall have a pure heart, and ye shall know God, and not be cast out of His presence.

(End of excerpt from The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ.)

Well, Folks … there ya have it!

The Real Truth condemns the fuck out of your family unit.

No wonder why people want to kill me.

But anyways …

Back to the comment that one of you made that is inconsistent to what I have tried to explain … but again, maybe I’m not doing a good job …

The Bible is the biggest piece of shit ever created to control the minds and hearts of mortals.  It is DIRECTLY related to most of the problems we are currently having in this world.  If the Bible didn’t exist, then neither would Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and neither would the feeling that we are God’s people (because we obey God’s commandments) and others are not.  So, because others are not, and they do not obey God’s commandments, then everything that is happening to them that is bad, they deserve.

The Book of Mormon was created to counter the Bible.  The Sealed Portion was created to help people receive the Real Truth, but only after they accept the original intent of the Book of Mormon.  Regardless, the Book of Mormon is just as important as the Bible … even more so.

Don’t let the Jews, Muslims, and Christians try to pretend to be good people who love all people in the world and want peace on Earth.  Don’t believe that lie for a minute!  All of these religions believe that their god is the true god and that their god is going to one day kill everyone who does not believe in their god and then set up God’s kingdom on Earth.

This is our problem.

My mentors have done everything that they could possibly do to open up the blind minds of religious people … which include scientists, who embrace science as their religion and believe in their false prophets: the scientists before them.

If I wasn’t doing my job right, they’d find someone else.  But until they do, all ya all are stuck with me!

But anyways …


  1. Craig Nichols

    This article was very helpful for me on a really bad day. Glad there are those around who can bruise my own ego. It needs bruising. 😉

  2. Christopher couldn’t have been clearer. The family unit has done a great damage to humanity. The idea that you are unique and special because of the type of family, and country you originate, is preposterous.
    It is never Christlike to treat your family better than others. It makes so much sense, and there is empirical evidences to support each point made. If one cannot accept this about the family, then it tells you how much we have fallen.

  3. Joseph Michael Goddard

    And therein lies the second biggest problem, behind religion: mass, government-controlled media, Shelumna (And all others). A close third is the education, oops I mean, indoctrination systems–utilized to create programmed slave-robots. People are/have been duped their entire lives–since birth. (You know, lulled into carnal security?!) This mortal experience better start and develop with open-minded parents (or at least one), or must come with a serious personal tragedy (or shock value, if you will) wherein the mind is forced into serious reflection about the state of affairs in one’s personal domain, or the world at large, in order to even BEGIN to foster the change necessary to heal our earth and ourselves. Think on these things, my friends.

  4. Shelumna

    I greatly appreciate all that you 5 Brothers do. For Chris, he has to be the fall guy. He is on the front lines of abuse by everyone’s mortal Avatars. It must feel like a war against everyone’s self-created EGO. (Satan)
    I am understanding much more how this all comes together. I feel it is a hard thing to move people away from Religion because it has developed strong emotional holds on them. You are challenging Years of traditions and books like the Bible, BofM, D&C, Pearl of Great Price, in-fracture of churches, and age-old practices of worship, praying, ordinances, respecting the dead, etc. The list is endless.
    If I am understanding correctly, it was never the plan to expose the real truth about the dream of mortal life. Therefore the plan must have been to let death be the unveiling of Real Truth. Also, by exposing these hidden mysteries prior to one’s death, you are in hopes that it will be a last possible effort to save mankind if they know the full truth about how mortality occurs. Is this the case?

    Christopher, you are my chosen MESSENGER. I do not expect special interest in me or a personal relationship. Yes, I now understand, you are the earth’s MESSENGER! However, how is everyone on the earth supposed to hear your message, if you try to get it out by using 1820 written methods? Surely the 4 Brothers have access to huge sums of money and people that can influence change in this world. The threat of total destruction should get anyone’s attention! That alone should motivate money people to pursue your agenda. With masses of people hearing your message by videos and spoken word, you should be perking everyones interest for change.

    You have given us the insight of truths which I have looked for all for over 50 years. I have searched peoples experiences, & books, trying to understand what I felt were contradictions in religion. Now, when I pray, I know logically why I have a close kinship to myself. It is my eternal True Self that is communicating with me always. I treat my relationships differently. I appreciate people better. I have only found a very few who are open to this new perception. People in religion are the hardest to discuss this. They want to quickly condemn me for apostate ideas. These good sickly sweet self-righteous ones will turn on us in a moment and feel justified. (I agree with you on how religion has the great potential to produce EVIL!)

    You 5 Brothers are waging a war against the sick minds of 7.5 billion of all Avatars. I see your success possible, only if and when each of our Higher Selves can project into their dream, desires for change to their Avatars. Our Ture Selves are our Holy Ghost or voice of God. Is it possible for our True Selves to influence each of us (its Avatar) through the dream? How much control does a True Self have in the dream with the Avatar?

    It seems to me that Chris should be meeting with congressmen to open their minds toward stopping poverty and inequality. Why don’t we have TV AD’s blitzing the media with how to have Congress act in our behalf of the nation. A TV is the most influential media to promote change. Why hasn’t the electronic media been used? In Joseph Smith’s day, it was not possible. But today, there should be no excuse for not turning people’s perceptions around. The media is doing it all the time. Why not the MWAW? Writing to a very few of us on WordPress is not going to accomplish much, but it has for me!

    Why am I feeling that the efforts of the MWAW are mostly focused toward the Mormons, and their Bofm, TSP, Joseph Smith, etc.?? We are talking about the entire world not just Mormons. We are talking about a world-wide change of perceptions. IF this is a serious effort from “God,” then why aren’t massive efforts being accomplished for benefit of the world? We are living in a time of geat electronic power to get a message out to anyone and everyone. What is happening to accomplish this?
    If there was an epidemic or a real threat to our survival, you can bet the government would be blitziing the news media to have people study, prepare, help each other, and promote changes — massive changes immediatelly.

    1. Your comments are refreshingly close to Real Truth, except one:

      “Surely the 4 Brothers have access to huge sums of money and people that can influence change in this world.”

      Money will not change the problems it has created. Each of us works as any normal person is forced. No unfair advantage is proper. Christopher has worked most of his life for his own support, often supporting ours as we have also supported his.

      “Why don’t we have TV AD’s blitzing the media with how to have Congress act in our behalf of the nation. A TV is the most influential media to promote change. Why hasn’t the electronic media been used?”

      If our work were widely known, Christopher’s life would be in continual danger as the Real Truth threatens the world’s values and worth.

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