Back in the saddle … Some sundry thoughts and comments on the Book of Life® and its meaning.

10-19-16 IMAGE4 AFTER_we have received is this one_Book-of-Life-Trademark-Certificate

This is Christopher.

This will cause all my critics and enemies to shriek with mockery …

I’m back on a white horse.  My mentors call me “Faithful and True, because in righteousness I judge and make war.”

My true name is known only by me.  But the name by which this world shall know me is “The Word of God”: the only True Messenger of our advanced True Selves.

“Out of my mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it I should smite the nations.”

Go ahead and compare Revelation 19:11-15 .

It’s enough to make a person mad, isn’t it?  Makes some want to yell at me or mock me, doesn’t it?

Be honest now …

When some of you read these types of things, an inner physical reaction takes place … kind of an emotional irritant … fills your bloodstream.  Right?

You react to this actual physical sensation with thoughts similar to:

“Really.  This guy thinks he’s something else!  What an arrogant man!”

This ire increases the more you read … but you can’t help but read.  You can’t stand me, yet you come to read my words.  The more you read, the stronger the ire becomes.

You’re mad, because you’re afraid.

You hope to God that I am not who I claim to be.  Because if I am, who are you?  What purpose does your life have?  Your advanced Self is ready to accept your eternal fate: the Second Death.

I’ve got more …

I’ve told you a lot of things … that I am the “one like unto” your Jesus; that from me the living waters flow, of which, if you drink, ye shall thirst no longer; that I am the light and the life of this sick and darkened world.  I am the moon.

And you like howling at the moon, don’t you, ye wolves?

And there are those who are so irritated … because everything that I write and say cuts them and diminishes their personal value and worth in life … that they are wont to scream, “I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the Son of God,” knowing full well what my answer will be … yet they will not understand my words … but I’ll answer anyway:

“Thou hast said correctly.  Nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the one like unto the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.”

Oh my God, this arrogant man!

“He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses?  Behold, now we have heard his blasphemy!”

What think ye?

Am I guilty of death?  (See Matthew 26:63-66.)

Is it better that one man (me) shall perish than one of your loved ones dwindles and perishes in unbelief?  (See BOM, 1 Nephi 4:13.)

Wouldn’t you love it if I died?

Wouldn’t you love it if someone killed me?

If I was in bonds, and a judge asked you what should become of me and allowed you to do with me what you wanted, what would you want the judge to do to me?

Would you spit in my face, buffet me (like a few of you do through your spurious and ridiculous comments); and being in handcuffs, wouldn’t you love to smite me with the palm of your hand?  (See Matthew 26:67.)

Do you want me dead?

Do you support what this guy would like to happen to me?

"Pig deserves to die" 1.jpg

"Pig deserves to die" 2.jpg

"Pig deserves to die" 3.jpg

Do you agree with this enemy?  Do you value a friendship with a person like this?

If you do, you’ll never be a friend of mine, and I will be at war with you and fight you to the end … because “in righteousness I judge and make war.”

Perhaps you’d like to prove to the world that I am not who I claim to be by blindfolding me and then having one of you smite me, saying:

“Prophecy unto us, thou bearer of Christ.  Who is he that smote thee?”  (Matthew 26:68)

Perhaps you would like to do something that we cannot foresee you doing.  Then you can boast,

“What about those rocks?  Don’t they work?”

You fools!  The “rocks” don’t see the future.  No one can see the future or free will does not and cannot exist.  But you have the free will to be a fool.  I can foresee the future in which you will continue to be a fool, not from seeing anything that you might do in the future, but from having empirical evidence of what you have done in the past.

The “rocks” can replay what has happened in the past and stream what is happening in the present … Yep, far better than the current technology of the smartest cell phone … and certainly a lot smarter than fools.

And then there are the “Peters” of my past.

Those who have denied me to their children or to their families.  Those who say,

“Oh, Christopher banished us from the work and threatened to expose us if we continue to follow him.  We follow the work from afar, but are afraid of Christopher’s wrath and the sharpness of the sword that comes out of his mouth.”

Well, listen up ye Peters!

When you have spoken ill of me amongst yourselves, your children and others have heard and been witness to your mistrust and derogatory statements.

Go ahead, look for your mortal name in the Book of Life®*.  It’s not there, is it?  It’s not there by command of your True Self.

Do you think for a moment that your True Self wanted you to move on from this work and not support it with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength?  Although you claim that you do from afar?

So, let me explain the removal of your current “mortal name” from the Book of Life®:

This is a “name” that is the mark of your mortal works, of what you did and do in this mortal life.  It doesn’t matter if you are the Alpha female or the Omega male of OUR GROUP, if your current mortal Self does not sacrifice your “name” for the sake of this work, your mortal existence is useless and a direct affront to your true nature.

It’s kind of like a mortal incarnate mistake that your True Self (God) hopes you will not repeat.

Your mortal name = your mortal works.

The Book of Life® contains any mortal person’s “name” who has left a mark …

“By submitting our names and personal information herein, we HEREBY commit ourselves to the establishment of a ONE World Government and a NEW Constitution and its order of law.  This NEW Constitution shall establish law that provides each and every human being living upon our Earth with the basic necessities of life, (i.e., nutritious food and clean water, secure housing, basic clothing, health and mental care, and education), free of any debt or charge, from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death.”

And what say ye “Peters”?

Are you any better than my critics and enemies?

Most of my critics and enemies have not met me, so what they witness against me cannot be that which can be held for or against me.  Most of those who have submitted their names in the Book of Life® have not met me.  But you have!

How does your alienation from me and this work speak of and witness to others about me?

We are going through the Book of Life®.  Any “name” written thereon of a person who has physically met me, who claims that he or she supports this work and its purpose, who has not submitted a personal story on this official website, will be taken out of the Book of Life®.  (Editors of the BOL, please make this so … see NOTE below.)

Are you ashamed to make the claim that you know me?

Are you afraid of your family’s reaction to your knowing me?

Are you afraid of being mocked, ridiculed, or scorned for knowing me?

Are you afraid of losing personal value and worth because you are associated with me?

This I say to you, “Peters”:

Get thee behind me, Lucifer!  Thou art an offense unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

If any man or woman will come after me, let him or her deny him or herself, and take up the same cross that I carry, and follow me.  For whosoever will save their mortal life shall lose it; and whosoever will lose their life for my sake shall find it.

For what is a man or a woman profited, if he or she shall gain the whole world, and lose the confidence of his or her own True Self?  Or what shall a man or woman give in exchange for his or her own True Self?  (See Matthew 16:23-26.)

Unfortunately for these “Peters” in my past, there are others who now judge them, or rather, set a righteous judgement because of their own mortal works.

There are some who have been with me from the beginning, who have not denied me or ridiculed me to others.

There are others who have found this work and followed me and have lost their families, children, and all the worth and value that they once had in this world … these are your judges.  They judge you because they have sold all that they have and purchased what this work has to offer.

Listen closely …

“Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their [True Self]. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.”  (Matthew 13:43)

Again, this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® has the power to create heaven on Earth, setting up a “kingdom of God” (a residence for our True Self to eternally participate in the important experience of mortal life).

The MWAW is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth (you don’t need to tell anyone about what you found, but you don’t leave supporting your True Messenger), and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.

Again, the MWAW is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls.  Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.  (See Matthew 13:44-46.)

We have not required any money from you.  In fact, tally the amounts in actual money, time, and sacrifice that you have given to this work, and I can prove that I have given much more of myself to you than you have ever given to me.

“Selling all your world goods” means the things that the world provides you in value and purpose.

Are you “Peters” better, smarter, than my mentors?

Do you realize what they have had to put up with in dealing with me?

Have they ever “moved on” from me, regardless of what I have done or am doing to them?

Again, unfortunately for you who have left this work and whose mortal “name” has valued the current world more than the MWAW, those who remain our faithful supporters, those who have “sold all that they have,” ARE YOUR JUDGES!

What they say and what they do, judges you.

The following has always confused the Book of Mormon believers:

Yea, behold, I write unto all the ends of the earth; yea, unto you, twelve tribes of Israel, who shall be judged according to your works by the twelve whom Jesus chose to be his disciples in the land of Jerusalem.  And I write also unto the remnant of this people, who shall also be judged by the twelve whom Jesus chose in this land; and they (the twelve whom Jesus chose in ancient America … according to the storyline) shall be judged by the other twelve whom Jesus chose in the land of Jerusalem.

And these things that I am writing to you this day, your True Self has manifested unto me; therefore I write unto you all.  And for this cause I write unto you, that ye may know that ye must all stand before the judgment-seat of your True Self, yea, every True Self whose mortal avatar belongs to the whole of humanity upon this earth; and ye must stand to be judged of your works, whether they be good or evil.

(Compare Mormon 3:18-21.)

The “Judgement Bar of God” = Your True Self looking in a mirror and contemplating how your mortal dream experience went.

Do you think for a moment that your True Self agrees with you being a “Peter”?

Do you not perceive the hurt that you have done to the MWAW and to me personally?

Why then, would God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit (i.e., three symbolic components of your True Self) want the “name” by which you are called upon this earth, at this time, to be written in any “eternal book of life”?

Do you understand this part of my mentors’ symbolic reference:

He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.  (Revelation 3:5)

And I saw the mortal dead, small and great (Alpha and Omega … for those with eyes that see and ears that hear), stand before their True Self; and the books of our eternal lives were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of mortal life: and the mortal dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

And the sea of humanity upon Earth gave up the mortal dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every person according to their works as a mortal.

And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.  This is the second death.

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire and will experience the second death.  (See Revelation 20:12-15.)

This passage simply means that any of your mortal incarnates that made things difficult for OUR GROUP to engage and participate in mortality, is a mortal incarnate that your True Self wants blotted out from the “eternal record (book)” by which we judge how our True Self is as an eternal person.

If you are one who has lived during mortality and has caused problems for others … especially for your own True Messenger sent by God (your own True Self) … you’re not going to want to continue to engage and participate in any other mortal life with OUR GROUP, judging yourself and realizing, that each time you did, for whatever reason your True Self needed the experiences that played out during your dreams of mortal life, and that these experiences caused problems for others in OUR GROUP.

And don’t try to diminish this information by saying to yourself,

“Oh, I am not hurting anyone.  I’m just living my life without bothering anyone or mistreating anyone.”


Do you shop at Walmart, Target, or other retail stores?

When you do, look at the “Made In” tag on each product you buy.

If you are not supporting The Humanity Party® (which IS the most important part of the MWAW) with all your heart, might, mind, and soul, then you’re causing terrible problems for the other members of OUR GROUP who live in the countries associated with the product’s “Made In” tag.  You pay low prices by “grinding the faces of the poor”!

Ye hypocrites!  You fools!

Don’t tell me, Christopher, Christopher, I support you and the MWAW.

“By their fruits ye shall know them.”

Here’s the corrected version of this religious-induced thought from its original Greek:

Matthew, chapter 7:

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them; yea, even by the way that they keep these commandments that the Father hath given unto me to give to you, that ye might go forth among them and prepare them to enter the kingdom of heaven.

21 And not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven. For this reason came I into the world, that all men might come unto me and be saved by the commandments that I give unto them. And these commandments are that which will prepare them to live in the kingdom of the Father.

22 And the Son of man shall come to judge each man according to the way that he hath treated his fellowman.  And at that day many will say to me, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name and taught the people the things that they should do to be saved in thy name?  And in thy name have we not cast out devils?  And in thy name have we not done many wonderful works that glorify thee?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; for I did not require any of these things at your hands; and the glory that ye gave unto me, was that glory that ye sought for yourselves; for there is but one God, and Him only did I command that ye should glorify, by keeping His commandments.  And this ye should have done and not left the other undone; even that which I commanded you to do, ye did not do; for behold, I commanded that ye should love one another, and that ye should do unto one that which ye would have him do unto you; and of these things ye did none; therefore, depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Are you with me now?

Where is your personal story and witness of this work?  You can submit it here in the reply section.  [Editor’s note: In order to “reply” (submit your story), you need to sign up for a WordPress account and be logged in.]

If you don’t …

Your True Self will blot out your current mortal name, or hope for the Second Death.

But anyways …

Yeah, it feels good to be back in the saddle.  🙂

P.S. NOTE to website Editors.  By June 16, 2019, he or she who has not submitted a personal story, who has personally met me and/or associated with me, please remove their names from the Book of Life®.  (Yep, a legally registered trademark we own … go figure!)

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  1. Leslie

    I distinctly recall having added my name and address to the Book of Life, but I can’t or don’t remember how to access it. Is it still available?

    1. editor2mwaw

      You can find the Book of Life here:

      Then click the bar that says, “Click here to search for names in THumP® Book of Life®.” Type in your first name and click “Search” and it will pull you up.

  2. Joseph Michael Goddard

    Thank you for the clarification dear Bros.

  3. Joseph Michael Goddard

    Okay, maybe most of you missed it, but here’s where I’m confused: Gary Slease claims to have read the book, ‘The Game [of Mortal] Life–Understanding Human Reality’, “cover to cover”. How is this possible when the book hasnt been published? Are there copies available and may I have one? Just confused is all, not trying to stir the pot. And BTW, I’ll have my personal story to Monica by the end of this year. I need that much time for reasons she knows of. Thanks.

    1. Mr. Slease was referring to a copy of a first draft that Christopher presented during the last sponsored MWAW Symposium. Christopher met with about 125 people whom received his initial draft. Christopher learned from this gathering that the way his first draft was composed was not proper or understandable. This was a peer review of the concepts Christopher has been asked to explain to the world in this work’s last book.

  4. Keith Stinson

    I’m all in.
    I haven’t read all the books – only The Sealed Portion – but I will read them all now and I will take them to heart.
    I will support the truth and the bearer of truth, Christopher.
    I wish I could protect him from all his enemies. His death would be a terrible loss to my world – heck, to our entire GROUP.
    I’m just beginning to open my eyes. Don’t leave us now. I (we) hunger for more.
    If I can ever help, the answer is already yes.
    Before I had read the last 2 articles, I had made the decision (earlier today), to write my name in the Book Of Life. (And probably My Real Self laughed and said, “What took you so long?”:)
    This is what my True Self wants me to be associated with and involved with for the rest of my life.
    Just writing these thoughts, brings a smile. I love this kind of smile.
    I’m all in, Christoper.
    Come what may.

  5. You’ve helped me discover what a piece of shit I truly am. I don’t feel that I deserve to be included in any Book of Life 😦

    1. Mr. Witt,

      We know that you personally met with Christopher on a few occasions. Read his words. Take them to heart. Your mortal Self would not feel uncomfortable if your actions were not contrary to your true nature. Become Christopher’s greatest supporter. Shun his enemies and seek to protect him always. Acknowledge what the Real Truth has done for you. No longer deny your “Holy Ghost” and your life will change for the better, forever.

      You will find peace.

  6. Rosemary Barton

    In July 2012 I was reading Max Skousan’s explanation if the Temple Endowment. A friend looked on the internet and found Sacred not Secret. I downloaded and read it at one sitting. It made total sense, and spoke to my heart. It answered all my questions. I then read all the books. It was amazing to me that as I read, questions would enter my mind, and the very next sentence would answer my question completely.
    I attended the Symposium in June 2013 where I met Christopher. He is a kind, loving man who teaches the REAL TRUTH. His message spoke again to my soul. The work has changed me and my life. I am free!!! Thank you MWAW!!

  7. I’ve been trying to write my story last couple of weeks but I’m not a good story teller. Maybe I’ll just put my contact info 😂

    By the way, is there any way to update my phone number on the Book of Life?

    1. editor2mwaw

      Yes. Please send any edits to:

  8. Gary D Slease

    I, Gary Donal Slease; mailing address is 222 W Center st #218, Orem Utah, and whose telephone number is (385) 448-9498, hereby testify to the facts stated of herein. I further state that I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein.
    My living Experiences- Of- Christopher Marc Nemelka, and of the Marvelous Work and A Wonder through witnessing imperial evidence of “things”thoruogh time of personal study has allowed myself too come to and understansing that i know norhing as it pertains how to solving this backward world.
    This account of my personal experience on how it came to be; as pertains to the experiences of my life coming know of Christopher Marc Nemelka, that has been witnessed, experienced. Not all can I divolge, as times date locations escape my memory. “pertaining to a time line” yet everything Stated Is true and correct as I have witnessed personally experianced for myself. It is my truth, as stated.
    Let it be known; that I write this of my own accord with no financial or personal gain other than to tell the real truth as it pertains to me and for those who wish to use this in any good way for support of MWAW including The Humanity Party. This is my personal testament of my dealings and experiences that which has been placed before me regardless of personal rebuttal or of any dispute other than correction of dates and times and events.
    It was the fall of 2014 when I was on dating site “being divorced and single” I made contact with Kristen Marble.
    We met at a coffee shop on Center Street, Provo Utah. Kristen started to proceed in telling me of her thoughts concerning the knowledge she has gained. I was intrigued of that which was being said; “as if it sounded familiar to my thoughts”.
    From there I was invited to visit with a friend of hers; who lived in Garden Park, Orem. UT. His name Dominic Larkin, “who was from The Repubilic of Ireland”. I wanted to meet and talk with him, I wanted to seek more that seemed to make sense, “to me”. When I arrived a friend of Dominic’s was there, his name Sigurjon Einarsson. We talked for hours and discussed many concepts of Human reality and the mysteries of god, although everything was being referring as too the books, that I should find, and read for myself. “Which was the last thing I wanted to do- (Read)”.
    They told me of a book, the sealed portion of the Gold Plates Book of which Joseph Smith had translated The Book of Mormon.
    I knew nothing of Christopher other than from Sigurjon . Now being referring Christopher to The Messenger
    I needed to find for myself.
    It mattered Not to me who or where the word came from, I was seeking unadulterated understanding “Real Truth” and didn’t know if there was, and no-one could make complete sense to me “ever”!
    I wanted real truth, which I had to make sense of.
    My whole life ”I allowed myself ”to be lied to, at a point of giving up on life it’s self, on several occasions long before I knew of Christopher Marc Nemelka.
    I took no time to investigate “Google” Christopher Marc Nemelka. There was no need for me to take the opinion of another person. “ it has been my thoughts and to my beifit, as to let the man stand for him self”.
    We never did talk about Christopher’s of his personal life, it didn’t matter to me, I didn’t want secondhand thoughts of a Man I didn’t know unless I knew his words for myself. I wanted unanswered questions concerning truth hanging over my head, mainly the confusion of the purpose of existence and reasoning of it.
    Through a building of mutual friendship with Dominic Larson we became friends, besides my difference of prejudice “at the time” preconceived notions in which I experienced during the 70’s in Northern Ireland.
    I tried as hard as I could to read the books, yet for some reason I couldn’t; “as I could never really read” I became frustrated and felt a waste of time as I could not put the words together in my mind.
    At that time Christopher was on a worldwide blog talk broadcast where he would expound upon the Marvelous Work and A Wonder then invite callers. I recall when he would explain, “one must become as a child and that an old bottle could not receive new wine”. I took the opportunity to call in. remembering one of the questions i had asked was- “has there ever been a qustion that hasn’t been asked and answered “ Christopher took no time to ponder a response-
    He had answered- No. I pondered that answer for quite sometime….
    At Another time i had asked was about calling and election made sure. (One of the LDS/Mormons teachings) not knowing what to expect.
    I only called in twice when the last time Christopher told me to read the damn books;
    I lost it, “it struck into my ego/ pride” I blurted out obscenities, as his response cut deep. Yet I still knew to keep going reading and thinking-
    Christopher has never lied to me personally, as there is no evidence to prove otherwise to me.
    Yet I knew that if I was to know anything of truth I needed to find for myself, one of the most difficult things for me to do was to read, one word at a time, “yet without an understanding”.
    Dates and time lines escape me, yet there were a few occasions which I met Christopher, “on one occasion, Nona E Brown was present”. I recall when he would miss pronoused Nona’s name- “it frustrated me to a point where I drew a pen and took him by the right hand and wrote her name on it. He allowed me to do such, with no reservations.. No retaliations of anything of the sort, no cutting into his pride “as I may of thought, if he was any kind of a relegious / cult leader” , no justifying my ignorance, demeaning comments to those who where present, how ignorant or disrespectful I was,there was no rebuttal in any way. Once again through Christopher’s response,actions caused me to pause. (as I quitely thought)
    I took the opportunity over time find out more of what Christopher was saying and writing. It started to makes sense to me. That everything I thought I knew, I didn’t.
    I knew, If I truly wanted to know of anything, I had to let go of everything. Which I was, so sweetly fed. First, by my parents, then the lies of schooling on both sides of the continents, then military indoctrination, in a world system of false illusions of religious traditions. None of it made sense to me, other than personal financial gain.
    I needed to reconsider the possibilities that everything I lived for and was willing to die for –even defending and supporting false ideals of patriotism where there was no real purpose of humanity, while holding my right hand out for the queens shilling ..
    In the spring of 2015, Christopher contacted me asking if I could to do some renovations to the comfort system in his basement in Orem. This was the only time I had spent with Christopher one on one.
    The modifications took a few hours; we talked for a while after I had completed. Christopher without asking beforehand the cost he had paid me $400, too run no more than four (4) duct runs. In all my years never had anything transpired as it did. He paid without having to ask the cost. I seen no ill intent or suggestive motives of trying to cheet or buy me, on Christopher’s behalf. His dealings with me has been nothing but respectfully honest and up right.
    As we came to the end of work I had received a phone call from my girl friend “at the time”, Nona E Brown, as she was passing through heading home to Murry, Utah.
    Christopher asked of me, if she would like to look at the house and what I was hired for.
    We visited for a short while, while Nona shared what she done as a profession. He had mentioned to her that there could be a possibility of doing some editing as she was an English teacher in business communication at the University of Utah.
    At the time I was living homeless in a Nomad RV trailer, backed in a barn in the town of Palmyra, Utah. I had no basic convinces, no electricity, running water other than the animal trough whereby the water was an overspill of the well, stole chickens eggs, to the point of rolling over a chicken which died laying its last egg.
    I moved from state to state, parking lots, back streets to fields trying to get on my feet- yet all the time reading.
    It was in or about may of 2017, I read The Game of Life Understanding Human Reality. It was the only book that I read cover to cover, no other book have I read published by Pearl Publishing in completion but one after, 666 America seat of the beast.
    Christopher had reviled Answers to human existence and purpose of mortality in its plainest text as Real Truth.
    After moving a round for a few years in 2017 I found myself in a business parking lot located behind the Center street post office. Finding my way back to Utah and Unable to find a suitable employment, I was destitute living on food stamps and pity of others doing small handy man repairs. I was vonarable to the bitter cold and hot summer days and nights. Not being able to cook during the day and no lights on in the evening unable to lock my door as I slept next to the dumpster. I lived once again in fear I lived “yet more vulnerable” as I left for the day. Not knowing if my RV was going to be there when I returned, as had happened in Durango Colorado the winter of 2015. It wasn’t until June 2018, I was able to find suitable employment.
    Christopher knowing of my situation of no electricity and my vonarable condition, he invited me to park my Nomad alongside his house “the same I assisted in the comfort system” in July 2018. Christopher was fair with his dealings with me, as I with him, I paid for the use there of. Never has anyone gave me more hope and trust than this offer, than helping me to help myself. Being sheltered from buffetings, have full use of electricity, being safe of the fear of being on the streets, yet to allowed a time frame whereby I could once again become a contributing member of society with purpose, and not living as a vagabond.
    Not only was Christopher aware of my living conditions but my overall state.. Knowing that there was no possible way for me to be able to help myself,. Without taking personal responsibility and accountability for myself. Christopher reprieved me, of self destruction, allowing me the dignity of a human being, with a time frame to gather myself and take accountability and responsibility for my own actions. Allowing myself to become of worth to me without taking advantage of others.
    Through this short period of observing, listening and reading I’ve come to know some of the qualities of Christopher. It made sense although we never talked about it. It made sense in his actions words and deeds, Be it in relationship to my own experience and observations of dealing with others that I know of.
    Never, have I had anything in which I’ve been exposed to personally in my life make more sense, than the Real Truth being lived by Christopher Nemelka in living true principles in that which he speaks – lives.
    Not once have I ever been personally asked for any financial support or any financial donations to go towards him personally or to the MWAW or to The Humanity Party.
    I have learnt through Christopher that If each human would of their own will, take courage and heed of that one must be as a child, forgetting all of the illusions which has be taught through traditions of the world, for personal gain, at the expense of another by taking advantage of the helpless, the oppressed and weak and come to a realization a reconsideration of the old ways of traditional teachings of religion and world governments” as it stands”, were and are corrupt against humanity..
    Christopher Marc Nemelka has offered solutions as the spokes person for Marvelous Work and A Wonder The Humanity Party, that would provided the solutions to end forced child prostitution “in 7 days”. Clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, just to name a few of the basic needs of every human being that has born into this world.
    These are but a few Real Truths of Christopher’s I’ve witnessed, seen as it pertains my personal experiences, dealings / interactions which He has presented. Through His words are his actions and actions reflecting his words.
    In the few years I’ve lived, I have never become acquainted with such a person who made more sense in presenting solutions of human reality than I had ever thought, or thought i witness firsthand. His actions are a reflection of his word. He speaks Real Truth and lives the same.
    I have found, nor seen/witness no fault with this man, be in words or conduct. There are no secrets, only answers to unasked questions when one (as myself) reconsidered human nature and the true purpose of human conscious as it relates to every living Human Being.
    Through Christopher Marc Nemelka, and that which has been written thus far, within MWAW and through The Humanity Party and the publishing’s found in Peal Publishings. He has presented to the extent of many Real Truths of the whys, wherefores and solutions. It has brought a change, a mighty change. A glimmer of hope. Though painful- tasks of personal pride and pure ignorance, having an open mind, has brought a new perspective of personal accountability for my actions. There is no more excuses. By letting go of that which I thought I knew… Christopher, opened my way of thinking to reconsider my thoughts and actions Through Real Truth, and the sense which he has and does make.
    Through the MWAW which has presented the solutions of the quagmire we have made and making for ourselves as a human race. This is my affidavit, my witness my word, although I lack the etiquette, let it stand. Be in a room of any courts, within the court of one’s owns house, or within the confines of one’s own mind. Judge for your selves, through a reconsideration of the preconceived thoughts which has and is brought about the illusions of pride and personal gain at the expense of others, that which I grew to accept before I knew anything of Christ opher And the work knowing that solutions are available to anything and everything. knowledge far beyond anyone I know living at this time to beckon the Real Truth as it lays within ourselves. Has provided before the way of life in revelling this Real Truth. He is A true Messenger, and would admonish heed of that of Christopher Marc Nemelka. Real Truth- As it is, was and shall be.
    Inconcluson; “Thus far”- That which I personally know,experiensed “ Chrisrtohper has provided an alteration in the cousers of my thinking and actions in a reconsideration to accept the real truth.

  9. Jesse Helaman Astuto

    and it goes on to say in revelation that the beast will be taken , and satan, the devil that old serpent will be bound for a thousand years … what does this mean? so a child can understand it … i ask, as this is the stuff (scripture) that provides hope and its confusing me to read we are fucked adam ondi style , but then these things of hope are written. please ? lol or not all good no worries.. is this in 666 book?

    1. Jason Lee Natte

      Yes, It’s on page 428 of the 666 book:

      20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, and bound him with
      the great chain for a thousand years,

      20:3 And cast him into the bottomless pit and locked it up, and set a seal upon it, that the dragon should deceive the nations no more, till the thou-sand years should be fulfilled, but after that, he must be loosed a little season.

      John presents the time periods expressed in his Revelation as “seals” in which important and crucial events occur in the world. After
      Christ brings the truth to the world, and people realize his laws and counsels
      are just and necessary to create peace and happiness, a time period (“seal”) will be established. This way, the inhabitants of the world can finally experience mortality living under the law of Christ without the fear of contrasting ideals.

      The truth will be revealed of who “the dragon” really is, and how it has affected the world negatively. Human nature (“the dragon”) will be subdued by the Royal Law of Christ. However, people will not lose their free agency to act and live as individually desired, but upon proper intro-
      spection, most humans will realize where the “old serpent” belongs—“cast
      into the bottomless pit and locked up.”

      1. Jesse Helaman Astuto

        cool i will read the damn books again lol

  10. My name is Ian Tyrell Adams. This work is truly the most marvelous work and a wonder I have ever seen heard and been a part of in my life. I’m 14 and I was introduced to the Mwaw in 2012 by my dad john k Adams. I love that there is a place we’re I can find answers to any questions I have ever had. And it make sense. I have never been part of any religion. But any ways I love real truth I always will and I wish everyone else could and I’d love to see this game go on forever. I send my best to Chris and the Bros and I thank you all for whatever you have done or ever will do 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  11. georgiapiffer

    I will have my story sent to you before June 16th!

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