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  1. Not a critique but two questions to anyone that might know.

    1. Considering the George Orwell quote “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future”, is our current knowledge of history flawed by people that have tried to control civilization?

    2. Some people have experienced the mighty change of heart. Given that our True Selves can’t interned in our lives and as best I can tell the mighty change of heart comes as a wonderful gift of peace, joy and tranquility and that it leaves one with the yearning to not lose the feeling and to share it with others, what is this and where does it come from? Also is it within our command to bring it into our lives at will?

    1. Leslie

      Critique is a “nice” word. I do not see his writing here possibly because: a. it wasn’t his, b. he didn’t leave a valid e-mail address, c. he had a change of heart. But I didn’t come here (Critic’s Corner) to bash anyone. I came to see the other side because I don’t know anything about Chris’s enemies. I am here because of Ida Smith. I saw some of her videos and they excited me. I found that Chris had said that one could meet a real messenger (him), or something to that effect, and I really wanted to meet him. I blew every attempt to arrange anything because he was having problems with his past, which I was totally unaware of. Nevertheless, Ida’s story intrigued me. I had at one time served in a stake presidency and witnessed a few things first hand. It did not surprise me that even her “authority” friends were not receptive because I was waiting for the “One Mighty and Strong” to come and set the “House of God” in order. Well, even that I was waiting, never met him personally, he sent me a message that I needed to learn something, and it wasn’t necessary to meet him personally. Since that moment, I’ve learned that all religions are bad, and why, all governments exist because of deceit, all scripture is a psy-op that has been around for thousands of years, all known history is not necessarily true, mankind has been manipulated psychologically for as long as someone has recognized how to take advantage of his fellowmen, and the sheep are led by wolves. This is not to mention that I’d somehow known this but didn’t know which way to turn or when. Nor have I given any details to make this an interesting story, because it would be a long story and I’ve already run out of the desire to draw any more attention to myself.
      I believe that the joy, tranquility and peace that you mention come forth from the center of the soul to fill all the space throughout our being, and if I could control it I would bathe myself in it all the time for “…it is the love of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men; wherefore, it is the most desirable above all things. …Yea, and the most joyous to the soul.” 1Nehpi11:22,23

  2. Leslie

    What happened to Robbie Pace’s critique? Where are the other critics? if any? Let him(them) spew his(their) venom so we can judge it for what it is; it seems to be neutralized now that it is available for all MWAW followers to see.

  3. Todd Henry

    Hello Robbie, you probably have no idea who I am though I feel like I know you somewhat. I got alot from the films you took of Christopher sharing his life story and I’ve read bad stuff about you but I like ya for some reason. I’m not an enemy to Christopher but yeah he has pissed me off a few times. The Sealed Portion got me here and has kept me here, would any of us be here without it ? I believe it and the book of Mormon and the Bible, more so than any of the other books that Christopher has put together. I still believe he is the real deal; brother of Jared, John, Moroni, Hyrum the one like unto Christ so yeah he did write the Final Testament of Jesus Christ 🙂 Anyway I might be the only one out there who believes this way, thats ok. I must say I do have exceeding admiration and respect for Christopher’s endurance. It nourishes the belief that I believe. To stand openly before the earth sometimes marred bearing the work of the Christ, if true, could you do that ? though I see you bear your portion too.. hey thats why I like ya. Sure I see big inconsistencies, but then I also see none when I consider three simple ideas;
    Christopher will be marred
    Christopher will be healed

    8 And as pertaining to this work that my father hath been commanded to perform for the benefit of all those who shall receive these things; yea, pertaining to this work, I have seen and conversed with all those who have been called by God to bring this work forth. And I have conversed with them in the flesh, or in the spirit; for whether in the flesh, or in the spirit, it is the same to a man of God.

    Cheers Robbie

  4. Todd Henry

    I have a great hope and faith that Jesus Christ will still return, even in our time.
    95 And the Lord shall set up his government when he cometh to rule and reign upon the earth. And he shall labor side by side with the prophets who have died and have been resurrected to come forth in that day and labor with him in his vineyard.
    The marring of Christopher is consecrated for good in that it turns us away from the voice of a man and leaves us nothing left to hold on to but the spirit within. So we trust it above all else.
    120 Behold, my brothers and sisters of the latter days, I say unto you, always retain within you this
    hope of a government that patterneth itself after these principles.
    121 And if ye have this hope, then ye can strive to establish this form of government among you.
    122 And if ye cannot establish this form of government among you, because of the power and the wickedness of your leaders who depend on their own wisdom and the flesh of their own arm, and cast out the holy prophets, giving no attention to their words, and who seek after gold and silver and all the vain things of the earth; yea, then ye must wait upon the Lord; and in the power and glory of the Father shall the purpose of your hope be fulfilled, and the patience and faith of the saints shall be revealed.
    The book Visions of Glory as told to John Pontius has given me a rich clarity of hope of how all these things might actually happen.
    5 Therefore, the most important thing to a man is his hope, which bringeth to him the faith that causeth his works.

    Christopher is it possible with your magic stones to get a correct translation into hebrew of Luke 10:18 ?
    And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

    Todd Henry

  5. Macrae Cain

    How will the humanity party prevent war lords from seizing the “welfare” cards and using them as leverage or ransom?

    1. Jesse Astuto

      Every human gets a card. And they can get another one. What would a war lord ransom it for? or use it as leverage when every single human gets one?

  6. Not sure if my reply was posted so I’ll say again that I don’t see why anyone could be critical. It either helps and speaks to you or not. If not I think finding something that is helpful is time better spent than penning anything damning.

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