MWAW BlogTalkRadio Show – May 5 at 6 pm Mountain time

05-02-19 BlogTalkRadio show announcement

The next MWAW BlogTalkRadio show will be on Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 6 pm Mountain Time.

Listen online at the link here or call (917) 889-7803 and press the number 1 to ask a question when the show is LIVE.

DO NOT CALL INTO THE SHOW AND ASK A QUESTION FOR WHICH YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO RECEIVE THE ANSWER. Also, please listen to the entire show, from the beginning, before you ask a question.

More info on the MWAW BlogTalkRadio shows here.


  1. Cheryl Patton

    Does it start at 6PM or 7PM Mountain daylight time? Thank you.

    1. editor2mwaw

      It’s at 6 PM Mountain Time – post has been fixed. Thanks!

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