I really appreciate the personal stories. –Christopher

Thank you to those of you who share your personal story.

At this particular time these stories mean a lot to me.




  1. Andrew Burridge

    Hay Jason Lee Natte, This is “whomever,” for the sake of others. Just in case you missed it:

    “Please, for the sake of others, refrain from engaging in personal conversations on this website. Please, allow this website to be for discussion of our message and purpose.”

    A personal note from “whomever”:

    Although your ramblings will dissipate as the rains come and wash you shit into obscurity; Presently your persistence is making things unsightly for some, deterring any who would otherwise read on. No one wants to be enticed to a lovely green field only to enter therein to get shit on their toes.
    So, stop shitting on my lawn. Respectfully “whomever”.

    1. Jason Lee Natte

      Appreciated, I’ll own it, I got my issues 🙂 kind regards Andrew.

  2. Rodney Maxwell

    How I came to the MWAW in October 2004.

    Mine is (60 SS 8.5×11 12 pt font pages) too long to fit here so I’ll send it to ChristopherNemelka.com or elsewhere if you’d like.
    Rodney Maxwell
    Make it a great day !

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