My reward. The finality of my (Christopher’s) life. (It’s about time … Gaaaaaaaawwwwwd!)


After the last few days of discussion with my mentors, we have finally concluded what my life is going to be for the rest of this mortal experience … at least as far as we can make it possible.

I’ve always wondered about how my life was going to play out.

After my transfiguration in 1987, I got more fun out of life than at any other time … until 1991 when I was approached and first agreed to be the True Messenger for this work.

I was married to a wonderful woman (Jackie Stoll Nemelka, n.k.a. Howard—as I supposed at the time) and had some great kids (Brittany, Joshua, Brandon, and Caleb).  We lived as poor as church mice (by choice).  We traveled around and worked like migrant/seasonal workers do, kinda like on a perpetual vacation, because we lived in travel trailers, and eventually in a converted 30′ school bus.

I mentioned in my autobiography that some wonderful people, Rick and Joy Church of Kent, Washington, had basically given us the back portion of their property to live on.  We had garden space, space for farm animals, and tons of space to grow things.  This was after my father and ex-wife tried to maliciously take away my kids in Snohomish, Washington, the year before.

Yeah!  I had the law on my side at this time!  Because of what my dad and ex-wife had done, had we stayed with Church (not a Freudian slip), we wouldn’t have been bothered, and would have lived the kind of life that I wanted – one that made me happy and at peace.

I was nice to everyone.  I never spoke of religion.  I listened and smiled at everyone’s story.  I never looked at any other woman, other than Jackie … ever.

Everyone who knew me thought the best of me.  Jackie even thought the best of me.  If she hadn’t, she could have left me at any time.  Jackie’s LDS/Mormon parents would have loved to have helped her get away from me and my worldly aberrant lifestyle.

My ex-wife Paula had started her new life and had resolved that our children (Brittany and Joshua) would have to seek her out when they grew up.  Paula and her family figured that my chosen lifestyle was so weird, that one day, Brittany and Joshua would figure it out, seek her out and learn what normal was about.  Paula figured the kids would choose normal over my weirdness.

I was living what I believed and felt was the perfect mortal life.

Because of my transfiguration, I understood exactly what this mortal experience was all about.  That’s why I was so kind, so compassionate, so giving, so loving, and so patient with other people.  I was thrilled to be alive!

I knew that every person on Earth was equal to me, and that their experience, to them, was the most important and relevant experience.  I knew that my interaction with them was always on their terms, according to their perceptions, ideas, opinions, and expectations.  I interacted with people always knowing this.  That’s why I was seen by others as so kind and such a great human being.

I knew that the religions that people believed in served their personal needs, or they wouldn’t believe in the religion.  I knew that there were as many religions and belief systems as their were mortals.  I knew that religious/spiritual/guru leaders needed to be religious/spiritual/guru leaders for their personal sake and mortal experience.  Because of what I knew at the time, I didn’t hold it against anyone for starting a new religious movement.

I knew that however a person acted, whatever a person did (no matter how grievous or malicious the act might seem to others who didn’t know what I did), the act was a direct result of the fulfillment of the person’s eternal, advanced brain.  I knew that mortal death relieved a person of all of their sins.  How can a god sin?  There was nothing that anyone could do that would offend me or cause me to become bitter towards them.

As you read my autobiography, you’ll come to realize this.

I have always treated my family, especially my father, Paula and her family, and everyone else with great respect, love, and consideration.  I didn’t need to forgive anyone for what the person did to me personally, because there was nothing to forgive.  I knew that whatever it was that was happening in their mortal life was needed for their balance in their real life.

I knew that the mortal experience on Earth was simply a dream occurring in the mind of a person who is equal to me, in every way.

So when I interacted with people, they would see me as a gentle giant, and a very kind and loving man.

Money meant nothing to me.  We always had sufficient for our needs.  I loved being poor.  It’s not hard to live in a Capitalist society and have a job when you need one, if you don’t care what kind of job you do and your needs are met by very little money.  I loved living like the “least among us,” serving those who needed to be served.  I figured that if someone needed my labor and physical body to help them get rich, I deserved whatever the amount was upon which we agreed for the time I spent serving their needs.

More so than my general kindness, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance of all people, I had a great sense of humor.  I could make people laugh.  I could make Jackie and the kids laugh, which they often did.

Now, here is some empirical evidence of my role and this work.  The following facts, are facts.  This is the Real Truth.  Anyone can research this part of my life and find these facts to be the Real Truth.

(Sure, my critics and enemies will find out that these facts are true, but then not discuss them or bring them up, or they will spin them in a way that supports what they want the facts about my life to be.  But, hey!  These are gods too!  If they need to bash me to feel good, then bash away!  I’ll continue to serve them too.)

Case in point:

One of my most vociferous enemies thought he could prove that I did some bad things on my LDS/Mormon mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina (like impregnated Alicia de Olexen).  I mentioned the wonderful familia de Olexen de Paso Del Rey, Barrio Asuncion, Moreno, in my autobiography.  The needs of this enemy’s advanced brain compelled his mortal brain (i.e., Lucifer) to contact this family and research information about me.  He found that the family spoke nothing but good and gave accolades about me.  So he left part of his research out of his website.

However the following facts are changed to fit the subjective narrative of my critics and enemies, if one truly wanted to know the Real Truth, one need only do their own investigation.  No matter who investigates the following events, these are the facts (the Real Truth):

Spring of 1990

I was living what I thought was the perfect life, having part ownership in Walt’s Milk House, Snohomish, Washington.  My father lied to law enforcement and tried to get me arrested.  The Snohomish County Sheriff threatened my father and ex-wife that if they ever came into his County again to molest me, he would arrest them.  My father and Paula never thought they would hear from me again or see the children (Brittany and Joshua) until they were older.

Spring of 1991

I was still living what I thought was the perfect life at the home of Rick and Joy Church in Kent, Washington.  Without notice or seeing it coming, I announced to Jackie that I would be gone for a few days.  Jackie was confused and perplexed, but trusted me.  (This would be the start of many days that I would disappear without Jackie knowing where I was going or what I did.)  Unexpectedly, without notice, I knocked on Paula’s parents door in Columbia Falls, Montana, spoke to her parents, told them that I wanted to make amends with Paula and have their family be a part of Brittany and Joshua’s life.  They gave me Paula’s and her new husband’s (Carl Ladenburg) address.  They phoned their daughter and warned her I was coming over.  I met with the Ladenburgs, held their newborn daughter, Alyssa, made amends, told them I wanted them to be a part of the kids’ life, and invited them out to visit the kids in Kent, Washington.  After being gone for a few days, I returned to our bus at the Church’s and told Jackie that I had met with the Ladenburgs and we were moving to Victor, Montana.  Jackie was floored!  She had no idea what I had done or why I had done it, but she never argued with me and always supported what I did.

Moved to Victor, Montana

We moved our bus to a five acre parcel.  Jackie had no idea how I found the parcel or made the deal to purchase it with the current owners.  All she knew was that we moved our bus from the Church’s property to the Victor property.

June 1991 to November 2003 (long story very short)

The Ladenburgs kidnapped Brittany and Joshua and claimed that Jackie was physically abusing them.  With the help of Montana attorneys and judges, they legally took and adopted Brittany and Joshua away from me.  Then, the Ladenburgs divorced and Carl Ladenburg wanted nothing to do with Brittany and Joshua.  Brittany and Joshua were emotional wrecks and their lives were spiraling out of control.  Paula agreed to allow me back in their lives to help them.  I saved Brittany and Joshua’s lives and set them on a path to stability and worldly success.

The above are the facts (Real Truth) about what anyone would find if honestly and objectively researched.

So, think about these facts …

I was living the perfect life and had the law on my side in Washington.

Why in the world did I make amends with Paula?

I would have never lost Brittany and Joshua if I would have just stayed away and lived my perfect life.

Where did I go during those few days after I unexpectedly announced to Jackie that I would be gone?

Who was I with?

How did I find a piece of property so fast in Victor?  Why would the owners make a deal with me on this property that fit our budget ($450 per month for 5 acres of river front property just off of highway 93)?

Really, critics and enemies?

Am I that stupid?

Why in the world would I move to Montana and make amends with Paula after the Snohomish Sheriff incident?

And if I am that stupid, if I am that bad of a person, if the law and judges are so smart and so right, why and how was it that I had to save Brittany and Joshua from destroying their lives?

(I’ve written many of these details in my autobiography, and will continue to present the facts [Real Truth] of my life.)

No one (critic/enemy or otherwise) would have a problem with my personal, factual life narrative if I would not have mentioned my mentors (recruiters) or what they asked me to do.

I wouldn’t be seen as crazy, as an arrogant, narcissistic sociopath, if I would not have mentioned my mentors or this work in my narrative.

Although an honest researcher will not find anyone I was personally associated with to whom I was not always kind, compassionate, and acceptant of, my critics and enemies spin this as just an act.  Yeah!  Really!

Although I am always kind, compassionate, acceptant, and pretty darn funny, it is all an act … according to them.

And one would have justifiable reason to believe that my “nice guy” demeanor is all an act.  Because as a True Messenger, I am anything but kind, compassionate, and acceptant of others!

Out of my mouth comes sharpness!

In my role, it is my job to confound people’s perceptions, ideas, opinions, and expectations.  As a True Messenger, I came across as mean, ruthless, impatient, arrogant (Mr. Know-it-all), and someone who couldn’t care less whom I offended or how a person responds to my words.

The Real Truth is, the True Messenger is actually the act that I put on as I perform the role.  And the proof that it is all an act, is that in my physical presence, I have never mistreated another (besides only two times with a couple of my enemies).  I have condemned friends and supporters through texts, through emails, through phone calls, but no one … ABSOLUTELY NO ONE … can ever honestly say that I have mistreated them in person … ever!

It should be easy to see why my critics and enemies believe that the “Mr. Nice Guy” is just an act, and that the True Messenger is my real persona and character.  But they couldn’t be more wrong!  The exact opposite is the Real Truth.

The True Messenger is the act. 

This work ruined my perfect mortal existence.

It ruined my life.

I’ve lost all my children and grandchildren (some by choice, most by their own choice).  I’ve lost my family.  I’ve lost all of my personal possessions and money after losing my job with Filtagreen last year.  (This was due to the Idaho judge who found me civilly guilty of fraud and racketeering.  Here’s a link to this judge’s latest ruling, of course written by Dschaak’s attorney.  Most judges are too lazy to write their own opinion.  It takes some time to get through the read of this final judgment, but it’s well worth the read to see how I am viewed by the legal system … at least, when I choose not to fight Nemelka Summary Judgment.  The judge signed this draft.)

I will be moving back to Utah for a short time so that I can file bankruptcy on this civil judgment as well as on tens of thousands of dollars that I owe to credit card companies and banks for previous personal loans.  (I’ve never had to file bankruptcy before.  This is my first time.)

Presently, I am completely dependent upon others for my personal care and for any spending money.  At any time, any one of these people could cut me off, kick me out of the places where I live for free, and I would be left with nothing, with no worldly goods, with no safe place to live.

Again, this work has destroyed my perfect mortal life.  It has caused me to act in such a way that I have lost many friends and loved ones.  I have hurt a lot of people, not directly by my actions, for all my actions have been nothing but words and information, but indirectly by their personal emotional response to my actions.

My mentors destroyed my personal mortal experience when I agreed to become a part of their ongoing mortal experience in order to do their work.

Yeah.  When I started telling people the Real Truth about things, I was no longer interacting with others always on their terms, according to their perceptions, ideas, opinions, and expectations.  I no longer interacted with people knowing that they were equal to me in every way.  I no longer was seen by others as kind and a great human being.  I could no longer accept anything that a person does without confronting it and confounding it, if what they were doing was contrary to the Real Truth and affected OUR GROUP’s ability to live mortality as it was meant to be lived.

However … and this “however” is very important to understand …

It wasn’t just my mortal mentors who were responsible for ruining my perfect mortal life.  “God” played a huge role in ruining my life.

“God” is any person’s advanced Self.

I was taking instructions and being influenced while I was conscious in our real world, interacting with incredible, beautiful, and very intelligent humans, many of whom were my friends and supporters (even some enemies and critics) during this mortal incarnate.

Speaking to your True Selves …  Speaking to God:

I was asked to be YOUR Messenger.  YOU influenced the act I was forced to put on by being YOUR True Messenger.

God had every opportunity to choose another mortal – anyone but me.  But God chose me.  I even tried to force God’s hand by committing suicide so that God would have to choose someone else to do God’s will on Earth.

God knows my weaknesses, my disabilities, and my shortcomings as a mortal.  Yet God continually supported me.  Along with God’s support, my mentors have supported me and guided me in their work.

I have done everything that I have been commanded to do, not only by my mentors, but by God!

I acted for THEM!

I lied for THEM!

I gave up all my worldly relationships for THEM!

I hurt people’s emotions with the sharpness of my words for THEM!

THEY destroyed my perfect life!

So, what has happened during the past few days?

THEY have given me back my life!

I no longer have to put on an act.

I no longer have to use a “sharp two-edge sword.”

Yes.  I still agreed to help them publish their final book, The Dream of Mortal Life, in which we will present the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist in detail, without symbolism, without metaphor, as simple as mortally possible … that’s why they chose me to do it.

But in return, THEY have given my perfect life back to me.  Whether I am living in my car, in a tent, or in one of the homes of my supporters, I can finally find peace and happiness.


I no longer have to lie to counter a lie.  Because using religion to counter religion didn’t work.

Except in a few individual cases, nothing that we have done has worked to change this world.  My role was to act like a religious prophet that condemns the unrighteousness of others (as religious prophets do), which act was meant to fulfill the prophecy of my mentors’ Book of Mormon and also of the Bible prophets, especially the book of Revelation.

The world is messed up … individuals are messed up … because of religion.  It was my mentors’ hope that by confronting religion, we could effectuate the needed change.  They had a lot more hope than I did.

Before revealing the Real Truth about our mortal existence, which is something that is not allowed for the mortal experience … not for anyone, as it decreases the value and motivation for living as a mortal … before revealing the Real Truth of all things, my mentors and “God” did everything in their power to soften the hearts and open the minds of those who have been deceived by the religions of this world, which are simply inventions by mortals who needed to invent something to bring value to their life.

Every religious leader, every guru, every spiritual leader, every channeler, everyone who claims to have a special power and purpose that others need, does what each does because they need to be served with accolade, value, praise, honor, glory, and yes, money.

Think about the MWAW as a cult for a moment.

What cult invites 125 people to an expensive two-day symposium/dinner and pays for it all?  No one paid to attend the 2017 Symposium that was held in the Utah Joseph Smith memorial building.  Basically, this event, which was very expensive, was paid for by my association and involvement with Denton and Sydney Thiede as the CEO of their company (which I very much earned).  Some people donated money to pay for future books of The Dream of Mortal Life, and these will receive their books one day.  But the book, as every book associated with the MWAW, is free to download and read online.  The MWAW cult makes nothing from the sale of books … not one penny.

The MWAW cult leader … me … has given more of his own money to individuals than he has ever received from another.  In fact, very few have given any money to the MWAW.

(Go ahead critics and enemies.  Find one who has given money to me personally.  And no, Mr. Dschaak did not give any money to the MWAW that was not used for his own family and personal use, regardless of what the Idaho judge ruled.  We didn’t go to trial where we would have proven this fact.)

We don’t ask for money.  We don’t need to.  And we never will.  The few Kool-aid drinking cult members will give everything that they own for the purposes of the MWAW without anyone asking them.  But only a very few have.

I have paid every person who has ever worked on MWAW projects that benefit me personally.  I have paid them with my own money, all of which I donated to the MWAW prior to losing my job with the Thiede’s company … ALL OF IT!

This cult leader has never told another person how to live their life.  This cult leader does not sleep with the women in his cult, even when there are many who would like to sleep with him, and some who have tried.  This cult leader has never taken advantage of another person, and has given much more in worldly time, money, and goods to the MWAW than any other person, even more than his mentors.

Yeah, the MWAW cult is the most unsuccessful cult of all time.

But I have my life back now!

I no longer need to act.

If someone needs to call me a cult leader, or the MWAW a cult, in order to fulfill some specific need that their God has, I’m all for it.

I no longer have any problem with being called whatever anyone wants to call me.

I no longer have any will or motivation to fight my critics and enemies.  It’s useless to fight them anyway.  They are always right … for them … for their God.

And yes, this means, you, Mr. Pace.  I will no longer fight in court nor enforce the order placed against you.  Critic’s Corner is for the critics and enemies of me and this work to post as they wish, when they wish.  This goes for all other critics and enemies.  Post what you want.  We will not edit nor deny you access to this venue.  You’ll find that it is quite emotionally cathartic for you to vent your frustrations and comments about me and this work.  Now you’ve got your own place to do it.

Oh, my!  How wonderful this all feels!  I can finally be ME!  I can finally be who I was back in 1991 before my world came crashing down because of getting involved with my mentors and with God.

However, my restored perfect mortal life isn’t going to be what some of you gods would like.

The following is what my mentors and I agreed to:

I will do the monthly MWAW podcast.

I will finish my autobiography, without the profanity, without the act.  I will give the Real Truth of all the facts about my life, regardless of whether another person believes me or not.  I completely understand why another person’s god would not want to accept that my mentors exist and do what they do.  Regardless of whether I say another thing about my mentors/recruiters/God, their existence and work will stand as a judgement and condemnation of how people live out their mortal lives.  Mortals will either solve poverty and inequality or this earth will be destroyed.  For my part, I need do nothing more than tell the Real Truth.

I will help them write their final book, anonymously.

I will be given the choice of whether or not I write future books or comprehensive commentaries on religious scripture, especially the ones that they wrote to counter religion.

In return,

They will provide, not only for me, but for those who will be part of my inner circle (support network), an incredible place to meet and commune with each other.  Yep, a place where we can get together and drink all the Kool-aid we want and not be bothered or molested in doing so.

But I get to pick my inner circle.

I will pick these people based on two things:

  1. Whether or not they share the same planet in our real world (i.e.,  have the same humanity type).
  2. How they act during this mortality.

Just because you might share the same planet as I do as our advanced selves, doesn’t mean I want to be around you, IF your mortal Self is crazy, lies to me, does not support me and this work in all things, and does not find the same value in this work as I do.  I don’t do “crazy” any longer.  I don’t do drama any longer.  I don’t allow controversy or your personal problems to impede my new perfect mortal experience.  I won’t allow it.

I will ask this inner circle to gather with me at our cult commune once a year so that we can drink some great Kool-Aid together as a group.  But individually, from time to time, as the need arises, I will invite others to this incredible MWAW commune.  I get to pick this “need” and who these individuals are.

Also, I get to set the rules for the quarterly MWAW Meet-n-Greets.  They are no longer a public event.  These events are now private.

(NOTE: The MWAW Meet-n-Greets will be held quarterly, more than likely in Utah.  Lynnette and Damon Cook and Tony and Laura Saiki are in charge and responsible for these events, which includes my personal safety.  They will not allow critics or enemies to attend.  They will ask anyone disrupting the event to leave.)

No critic or enemy is allowed to come to these events.  I plan on attending for a few hours at the end of the June 16th event to meet with people and be their True Messenger, but without the act … yeah, finally!  We will not allow any person who is critical of me or this work to attend.  We will not allow anyone who causes conflict or acts “crazy” to attend.

Until further notice, the following two individuals, and anyone associated with these two, or with Kimberly’s Love Is The Answer website or ideology, are not invited to the MWAW Meet-n-Greets: Kimberly Wallis and Bob Newton.  (Love Is The Answer is not the answer, and is a work and purpose that the MWAW does not support or endorse.  I get to personally point out Kimberly and Bob because their True Selves both live on my planet, but their mortal selves are out of control.  They support something their True Self would not support.)

(NOTE to the Cooks and Saikis: Please ensure that these events are secure, safe, and enjoyable for all those who attend.  Do not allow anyone to disrupt these events or cause any problems.  Trust yourselves and your visceral gut feelings about people.  Please ask those to leave whom you do not trust or about whom you have a gut feeling of uncomfortableness.  I will not announce the exact time of my arrival on the 16th.  Please be aware of the surrounding area and advise the police if a critic or enemy stalks the event.  These events should always be held on the 15th and 16th of June, and at whatever other times you choose.  I will not attend the first day of these events.  I will not promise to attend any of the events, except for the 16th day of June.  If you are uncomfortable with my presence being a security issue, you will advise me and I will not attend.)

My mentors and I have agreed that I (my physical presence) no longer have to be accessible to everyone equally.  I get to be happy and have around me those who make me happy and bring me peace and comfort.

I do not do drama.  I will not allow personal strife and emotional drama to be part of my life.

For all intents and purposes, I am now able to live the rest of my days around those with whom I share peace and comfort.  Although I will remain mostly isolated in the “cavity of a rock” as I watch this world’s mortal population emotionally implode, and so I can finish the work I have been given to do, I get to finally enjoy life again with the people who are like me, who share my same passion, who love this work with all their heart, might, mind, and strength.  I want none others around me.

Well was it written:

“And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.”  (Matthew 19:29)

It’s now time for my “hundredfold.”

And in regards to “inheriting everlasting life,” I am going to now share something, the details of which we have not yet shared with this world.  We would have not revealed the following outside of The Dream of Mortal Life book, without extensive discussion.

Because we have agreed to let me return to my perfect mortal life, this Real Truth is important to understand.

I’m going to make it simple:

The purpose for human existence is to find an environment with which our brain can interact that provides the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses.

In a nut shell, that’s pretty much what human existence (life) is all about.

“Everlasting life” is simply existing forever in an environment that provides this ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses (i.e., our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin).

Everything that a human does in their life is set on trying to have their physical senses stimulated in a way that brings the person joy.

Now, please do not read into this as only having to do with sex.  How mortals experience sex, although the act can result in an orgasm, is not the same way that an advanced human experiences an orgasm.  I wish I didn’t need to use a term that is associated with lust and sex to describe this ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses, but that’s exactly what an orgasm is.  But for a little child, it is not.

The ultimate physical experience that any human can have is the orgasm.  There is no other physical act that produces an ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses (i.e., our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin) more than an orgasm can and does.

There are many drugs that artificially create a similar stimulation of the brain that an orgasm does.  These “manmade” drugs were specifically invented and engineered to give a mortal the best stimulation of the physical senses possible.  In fact, some people have had better “orgasms” by using drugs than from having sex with another, or from masturbation.  It would be better for this world if people got this stimulation from drugs rather than sex, as sex with another can lead to a lot of personal unhappiness outside of the bedroom.

Younger generations are having sex without the commitment to another.  Smartly so, pursuant to the evolution of human life as personal freedoms are protected and allowed.  Pornography is becoming a more popular form of this stimulation because it does not lead to a committed relationship.

However … and this is another huge HOWEVER …

The orgasmic stimulation is best when it is shared between two people and one is stimulated by the other, always with free will, when the two people are committed to each other.  The more committed, the better the experience can be.


What does all this orgasm and sex talk have to do with “Everlasting life” and my new perfect mortal experience?

Well, for me personally, when I was having sex with Jackie, she fulfilled every sexual need I had.  I didn’t need anyone else.  Unfortunately for the other women in my life with whom I had sex, when I couldn’t commit to them personally, it emotionally destroyed them.  I was very wrong for doing this, although I really thought that the act was the best thing for them at the time.

Personally, I do not like sex when I have an orgasm and my partner does not.  For me to feel fulfilled during the experience, my partner must be satisfied first, multiple times.

For me, although I have used masturbation as a means of an emotional, physical release to relax at times, I need a partner in order to really enjoy the experience.  Whether this happens again or not, is very personal and will not be discussed.

Let’s break it down to an eternal, real level:

No one wants to live in an existence (in a world) where THEY KNOW that they are unable to interact in the environment in order to experience the  ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of their physical senses.  NO ONE!

When we started out our new experience as newly created advanced humans living in our real world, none of us were gendered.  We didn’t have a body that could produce the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses.  Because we didn’t have the body to do so, we didn’t know what we were missing.  We had a lot of physical stimulation from the environment, just like a little child does.

We were taught that only those who chose to serve others and their needs would have sexual bodies that could produce a ‘REWARD’ for serving others.  This ‘REWARD’ was the ability of these servers to experience the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses.

Again … and this is important … no child cares about sex.  A little child’s ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of their physical senses has nothing to do with sex.  A child would not desire sex if the child’s body didn’t entice the feelings and desires.  Gender entices feelings and desires.

We were not supposed to be gendered mortals.  This is part of our “fallen” nature, not part of our eternal “life everlasting” nature.  (We will go into more detail about how sex was introduced and became part of our mortal experience in the book.)

Our humanity type (server, self-server, or to be served) cannot be changed.  We developed and chose our humanity type after literally billions of years of existence as newly created advanced humans.

If OUR GROUP had not messed things up for this earth, we would be aged “little children” enjoying the mortal experience for as long as we wanted to … “life eternal”.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a little child!

Watch a little child that has all of their needs provided for and you witness how wonderful it is to be a child!

But now, most, not all, but most of those in OUR GROUP have experienced an orgasm through sex while mortal.  The majority of OUR GROUP are not servers.  Very few are.

THE ONLY PLACE THAT OUR GROUP CAN EXPERIENCE AN ORGASM, which is the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses, is here upon Earth.  Most of OUR GROUP will not be able to when they end the dream of mortal life and awaken as their True Self.  It is impossible.

But now, since they have had a taste of sex and what it can produce, OUR GROUP does not want this mortal experience to end.  If this Earth ends, the non-servers, the majority of OUR GROUP, will no longer be able to experience sex again.  They will literally be in a continual hell because they know they can no longer have the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of their physical senses.

They will not “inherit everlasting life” because they will no longer want to remain living in an environment where they cannot enjoy what they used to enjoy while mortal.  They will want to end their existence and return to their First State of Existence to join another GROUP.  Once awakened in our First Estate, all of our memories are erased.

Our Real Self, in this first existence, has always been the way that we are in this existence.  We are the same yesterday, today, and forever in this state.  If we are the same, then our brain is the same.  If our brain is the same, then it has the same memories of experience that it has always had, which does not include anything about a mortal life or sex.

How can an eternal God be irritated and frustrated because this God cannot have the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of their physical senses?  It’s impossible.


OUR GROUP cannot get along.  We have tried.  We have failed.  This earth is the ONLY PLACE in the universe where our advanced selves can have a mortal experience.

Therefore, once Earth is destroyed, OUR GROUP no longer can participate in a mortal experience in order to have sex and experience the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses.  They won’t even be able to do it artificially with drugs created on Earth.

But this is NOT so for the servers among us.  These do not need a mortal experience to have the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses.

Because they are “servers,” they will get a gendered body that is not one of flesh, bone, and blood (as we have in mortality), but one of flesh, bone, and nerves (as we have in our real world).  They will have a body that can experience sex forever.  This is their ‘REWARD’ for being servers.

I have not been allowed to explain the above.  But I am explaining it now.


Knowing this to be the case, “servers” can have hope and start enjoying the rest of their mortal existence, even upon this earth … at least until 2145.  While everyone else is an emotional wreck, we have the ability to experience peace and everlasting life.

So, let’s do it!

While the rest of the world has been delivered to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into emotional captivity, and also into emotional destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of their fallen mortal nature, of which we have spoken, a few of us have been convinced unto peace and life eternal.

Finally … after almost 30 years of struggling to find peace on this earth …

I can find peace with those who are like the real, mortal me; those like the guy who once lived with his wife and kids in a converted school bus, who didn’t care what he did for a living, loved all people, accepted all people, was kind to all people … a nice guy!

I never imagined that I would receive such a “reward” for doing what I have done, am doing, and will do for “God”.  But oh, my!  What a “reward.”

***For those with eyes that see, ears that hear, noses that smell, mouths that taste, and skins that feel … This “reward” of which I speak is that of a little child.  It has nothing to do with sex … as I personally don’t enjoy having sex with men … and there are a few men in my inner circle, a couple of them are gay and are with whom I will be enjoying this particular “reward.”  But it does have to do with the ultimate, unequivocal, and absolute stimulation of our physical senses upon this earth.***

One day, in the near future, my chosen inner circle will know exactly what I mean by this***!

Thank you, God!

Thank you, Bros!

Oh, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!


  1. James R.

    Ahhhhhh! I finally understand what the “second death” means! Damn I love this work!

  2. Krystal Monks

    When I found this work, i truly felt free to be myself. Then, in wanting to share it with others so they too can find inner peace and joy as I felt,..I ended up losing my peace.
    I use to be so passionate about this work to where I constantly blasted Facebook.. but I only ended up with friends thinking I was crazy and about 2000 missed calls from people from other countries Wasn’t very smart to friend EVERYONE!!😁 lol..
    So, mainly for selfish reasons, I just wanted to be happy! I thought if this is my chance at living and experiencing, then I need to be true to me, and find what makes me happy and at peace. So I deleted many friends and started over. Now my focus is to just enjoy the fruit of the work 💙 (We can’t all be miserable right?
    For what it’s worth, Thank you! Thank you for the work that has helped my life personally, to where I can find the joy and peace of a child again. 🌻🐝🐞🌴🌎🐛
    I do wish this for all.. and happy for you that you can live this way again. ❤

  3. Marc Bertrand

    Hi Christopher,
    Great post! I’m sure glad you now have the ‘green’ light to explain the Real Truth without the lies!
    I was wondering if you can clarify what you have explained in the following two paragraphs:
    “They will not “inherit everlasting life” because they will no longer want to remain living in an environment where they cannot enjoy what they used to enjoy while mortal. They will want to end their existence and return to their First State of Existence to join another GROUP. Once awakened in our First Estate, all of our memories are erased.”

    “Our Real Self, in this first existence, has always been the way that we are in this existence. We are the same yesterday, today, and forever in this state. If we are the same, then our brain is the same. If our brain is the same, then it has the same memories of experience that it has always had, which does include anything about a mortal life or sex.”

    At the end of the first paragraph you mention that, “Once awakened in our First Estate, all of our memories are erased.”
    But in the second paragraph, you mention that our brain, being the same, will “… include anything about a mortal life or sex.”
    I re-read it several times to make sure I didn’t miss anything but I still cannot understand how we are to remember our mortal experience or sex if they were wiped out when we go back to our First Estate?
    Much appreciated and kind regards!

  4. Flem Earl (Buddy) McMillan

    Interesting. This filled in a lot of gaps. Thank you, Christopher. I hope to write my story. It’s long and boring (Zzzzz).

  5. Alesa Forrest

    HOLY FING CRAP! You just helped me find my peace at last you explained why the F I am this way!! Thank you…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Jason Lee Natte

    “My role was to act like a religious prophet that condemns the unrighteousness of others (as religious prophets do), which act was meant to fulfill the prophecy of my mentors’ Book of Mormon and also of the Bible prophets, especially the book of Revelation”

    That shit taste DAAAAMN GOOD to me Chris!!
    [it served it’s purpose in my life]

    I’m content now, I feel fulfilled.

    Now go find the happiness you seek☺️

    [and I’ll strive to stop shitting on your lawn anymore.. as I have been.. 🤣]
    [that’s for you.. Andrew Burridge☺️]

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