2019 MWAW Meet-n-Greet, scheduled for June 16, 2019, is cancelled.

The 2019 MWAW Meet-n-Greet scheduled for June 16, 2019, is CANCELLED.

Christopher will not be able to attend this year.  As the event (specifically scheduled for June 16) is in celebration of Christopher’s calling as the MWAW True Messenger, we will not be holding the event on this day until further notice.

We will post an advertisement of the next MWAW Meet-n-Greet when the date becomes available.

(Editor’s NOTE: Please see comments below.)


  1. Lynnette Cook

    The park has been reserved and I (Lynnette Cook) would love to host an UNOFFICIAL gathering of anyone wanting to meet. We can keep it for the same times at the same place…potluck. Please come if you’d like to meet and mingle with us. I’m excited to see you all! Any questions, please contact me at lovelylynnettest@gmail.com.

    1. Laura Ferguson

      Thank you Lynnette, I’ll be there

  2. Laura Ferguson

    Is the meet and greet also cancelled on June 15th? I have unrefundable tickets, anyone wanna hang out on this weekend with me?

    1. Craig Nichols

      Pretty sure both days are canceled or there’d be no need to reschedule another one. I believe it is implying that having the Meet and Greet on June 16th should mean the messenger would be present at some point, to commemorate his change in 1987, and because he can’t attend, the event has been canceled. That is, the purpose was to have him be a part of it.

    2. There will be UNOFFICIAL events on those days that will be held by individuals, but the MWAW will not be sponsoring any of these events. Anyone can arrange these events and invite whom you may.

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