Aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice. (Dealing with Dennis Iverson.)

Let it be known:

The MWAW and THumP® have no part of Dennis Iverson or of anyone whom is associated with him, on any level, at any degree.

Dennis has been convicted of 13 felonies and did not go to court for sentencing.  There is a felony warrant that has been issued for his arrest.

If anyone has any information, of whatever kind, about Dennis Iverson, PLEASE contact your local law enforcement.

Those of you who are or have been associated with any of the Iverson family, or anyone who is helping hide Dennis should never contact these individuals or have anything to do with them while Dennis is a fugitive of justice.

Again, if you are in contact with Dennis or with anyone else associated with him, or with anyone who might be helping him escape law enforcement, you can be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice, accessory after the fact.

This work does NOT support breaking the laws of any kind, in any way.

PERSONAL STATEMENT from Christopher:

There will be an indefinite break in my personal involvement in sharing the MWAW information [Real Truth] until the legal situation with Dennis Iverson is resolved.  Please do not associate my lack of prosecution of the civil suit I filed against one of my enemies, of which I lost by accepting a default judgment against me, as breaking any law.  There were no laws broken.  I broke a lot of Rules of Civil Procedure, but no laws.  I try hard to never break a law.  My enemies have tried countless times to contact law enforcement to file fraud charges against me, but to no avail.  They will continue to try.  I do not defraud anyone.

I do not and will not associate with any of the Iversons, nor with anyone who has contact or association with any of them or with anyone who is helping and supporting Dennis.


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