Confounding my critics and enemies. MWAW BlogTalkRadio Show tonight.

This is Christopher.

Today at 3 p.m. (U.S.: MDT, GMT-7; Europe: GMT+2; Asia: GMT+9) I will be dedicating 2+ hours exclusively to allowing my critics and enemies to call in and say whatever it is that they have to say about me on the MWAW BlogTalkRadio podcast.  (Here’s a link.)

After the MWAW’s final book* is finished and published, our enemies will exponentially (more and more rapidly) increase according to the exposure the book’s information gets, not necessarily publicly, but individually.

I highly doubt that the book will get any major or minor publicity, at first, nor be known in many circles,  until the information gets in the hands of a person who is searching for life’s answers.  Persecution against me and this work will rise as a person compares the Real Truth to the information that a person receives from those whom the person has been used to finding his or her answers (or the lack thereof)—from another to whom the person gives value or money (especially money), i.e., scholars, professors, PhDs, scientists, religious leaders, gurus, spiritual leaders, basically anyone to whom another looks for wisdom, guidance, and answers.

*The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race.  (To be finished and released within 5 years … hopefully.)

Although the book will be written by “Anonymous,” the more impact the book has on the reader, whom upon reading the information stops giving value or money to another, the more the offended (he or she who loses the confidence of the reader) will try to find out who “Anonymous” is.

The offended will do anything and everything in his or her power to begin a campaign of defamation and ridicule of “Anonymous” in an attempt to prove to the person whom no longer gives any value to the offended that “Anonymous” shouldn’t be trusted or given any attention.

It is I to whom the offended will be led as the one who is principally and publicly behind the book—as it is I who has registered a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, The Humanity Party®, and the Book of Life® as legal U.S. trademarks under my own name.

Once the offended find out my real name, in an attempt to sway the reader’s mind that the information cannot possibly be true, the offended will surely research anything and everything that is and will be written about me on the Internet, which I’m pretty sure is going to include most of the things that the website published in the past.

NOTE: In this regards (the website), it’s okay and expected that a lot of misinformation and attacks are made against me, personally,  But it is NOT okay if any of you are personally attacked by the contributors to this site.  If you are personally attacked, please contact Monica or Kurt Smith, who will help you determine if you have a legal right to sue the owners and contributors for defamation.  If it is serious enough, they will aid you in hiring an attorney to file action against the website’s owners and/or contributors.

I will not personally be suing anyone again.  I couldn’t care less what another person says about me.  I would have never sued the owners and contributors of the website had what they were doing and publishing had only to do with me personally.  But because they published many defamatory things against innocent people associated with me, especially the company that employed me at the time, and to which the perpetrators caused  financial damage, I was forced to file the lawsuit.

If you followed the events of the civil case … I refused to continue to attempt to follow through with the case and trial because of the obvious prejudice of the judge in the case.  Because I could no longer afford to pay both a Utah and Idaho attorney (two separate attorneys according to the rules), and I began to proceed pro se, the entire case turned against me because of the judge’s prejudice, of which we have witness affidavits of those who were in court observing the judge’s behavior towards me.  (You can read the affidavits at these six links: 1 2 3 4 5 6.)

We have decided not to appeal the case and allow the civil judgement to be entered against me.  It won’t affect or change things for me.  Presently, I am in debt over 1 million dollars to U.S. creditors.  (The bulk of this debt is a large real estate mortgage that I owe.)  None of these debts have anything to do with the MWAW, this work, or my mentors.  The civil judgement will be added to this amount and I will eventually be forced to file bankruptcy.  I was forced to resign my position as CEO and have lost all forms of income.

I have no problem being completely transparent about my life.

Although my enemies would love to pin me down to one place, and kill me if they could get away with it, they will never find me.  To avoid them, I am itinerant and travel a lot when and where I can.

I live completely at the mercy and help of others, of the very few whom I can trust.  I will never again own anything, nor try to gain value by being a part of this world.

My “cavity in a rock” is my transient and homeless status.  I have a place to stay while I am in the United States with one of my mentors.  I have three different places where I can stay in Europe.  One of these is in Ravello, Italy, along the Amalfi coast … OMG!  What a beautiful place!  But it’s hard for me to stay there, as I find myself wanting to have nothing further to do with the work and live the rest of my days in peace, hiding among the incredible people of this unique village.

I have a place to stay in France in another beautiful small town where two of my mentors live; and another near Beirut, Lebanon, where another mentor lives.  (And of course, I will never give an exact address or location to any of these.)

Currently, I like Asia better.  I can stay in a goshiwon/goshitel while in Asia.  I particularly like Asia because of its large population.  Living simply and without much fanfare allows me to stay unimpeded, unnoticed, and unmolested, which is what I need in order to have the time to complete this important work.  One of my problems in any of these places is that I have long hair again, I am tall, and my physical looks often attract foreigners to me.  They wonder who I am and if I am someone of importance.

I never tell anyone my last name.  I am known as Christopher.  The problem is, because I smile and am very cordial and nice to everyone, liberally sharing any funds I have in excess of my needs with others, I attract attention to myself and people want to get to know me better.  I have had local authorities in a couple of places I have stayed find out my last name and investigate.  Their computers and the INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) find nothing, so they leave me alone.

I tell everyone I am a writer who is living abroad and doing investigatory work for a book.  (The Real Truth … except I already know about everything I need to know for the book I am working on.  No need to do anymore research.)

Since losing Sheri, I have had no interest in getting another woman involved in my life and this work.  Sheri was the Queen … to me.  If she couldn’t do it properly and motivate me to do this work while “doing it properly,” no woman can.  I am not interested in a relationship with another woman, where the woman has expectations of me that I cannot fulfill.  I have gay friends (one in Asia whom I adore), but I am not gay … never have been, never will be … wish I were sometimes (not to have a relationship with a man, but to avoid any other woman trying to take Sheri’s place), but I am not.

Do women come on to me?  Yes they do.  But I am too wise now.

If I had a relationship with a woman, she would have to know my last name, then know everything about this work.  And if the woman isn’t agreeable to this work, you can imagine the problems I’d have with her.  I do not do “one night stands.”  In fact, after Sheri left, I tried to physically be with other women.  It didn’t work out too well, to say the least.

There are plenty of poor women (most young girls) in the countries where I live or visit who would have sex for just a few dollars.  It is absolutely sickening!  In some areas, I am constantly approached.  I have actually paid a few to be with me, not to have sex, but so I could interview them.  I tell them that I am involved in The Humanity Party® and that we have a proposed a solution that will end a young woman being forced to prostitute herself.

When I encounter one who speaks good English, I’ll agree to be with her, pay her 10 times what she asks for (which is sadly not much), but only if she agrees not to have sex with me and spend a couple of hours allowing me to interview her.  I have been invited to homes of poor sex workers, met their families, and have seen the deplorable situations in which these young women are forced to live.  Again, it is ABSOLUTELY SICKENING!


You can just imagine what my enemies are going to do with the above information.  I can just imagine the headline:

MWAW Cult Leader Pays Sex Workers Ten Times The Money To Be With Him.

Then they’ll quote me:

When I encounter one who speaks good English, I’ll agree to be with her and pay her 10 times what she asked for.”  (Christopher Nemelka)

This is par for the course with my enemies.  This is what they have done for years.  They take one sentence, take it out of context, and use it against me.  They can change the entire meaning by removing a few words and changing the punctuation.

It’s useless and futile for me to continually worry about what my enemies are going to write about me.  I really don’t care anymore.

(However, it is important to me that innocent people are protected from my enemies careless and malicious acts.  I am very appreciative of the Thiedes and Smiths financially helping any innocent person file a lawsuit against my enemies if these enemies twist and turn the Real Truth that causes an innocent person to suffer.)

It doesn’t matter what they say or publish about me, they will never stop this work.  They will never stop the MWAW’s final book from being published.  (Only “God” can stop this information from coming forth.  And if “God” stops it … Oh my!  Woe to this world!)

The only thing that will stop me from fulfilling my life’s mission and the role of a True Messenger is my death.

And that, Folks, is why I must remain in hiding continually.

Besides what I have already written about the enemy I sued in an Idaho court for defamation, let me give you another example of my life being threatened by others.

Tammy Bice died recently from complications of alcoholism.  She was very intelligent.  Her husband is an ex Navy Seal (or some other U.S. military Special Forces).  Navy Seals like to think that they are special and knowledgeable about things.

Before she became aware of the MWAW, Tammy once valued her husband’s opinions on life … until she became associated with the MWAW information and met me.  Once Tammy began to research the information provided through this work, none of her husband’s opinions about life were of much value to her.  She loved her husband dearly.  Can you imagine how Tammy’s ex Navy Seal husband felt when his wife put another man’s wisdom above his?

Needless to say, Mr. Bice wanted to take me out and make me disappear, a fact that he didn’t hide from Tammy, nor from their children.

Soon after Tammy died, her oldest son contacted me and told me he was going to take me out because of what I had done to his mother.  I am not sure what I actually did to his mother, but her son was obviously devastated at the loss of his mother.  He was witness to the value his mother placed on me and the MWAW information, even witnessing what it did to his father’s and mother’s relationship.  I am certain he loved and respected his father for his father’s worldly accomplishments.

The above scenario has happened many, many times throughout the years.

Once a person reveals that he or she has found the Real Truth that supplants and confounds everything that the person once valued and accepted as truth, those close to the person are going to be concerned, especially if these concerned have lost some sort of value.

Husbands hate me for diminishing their value to their wife who finds this work.

Wives hate me for diminishing their value to their husband who finds this work.

Parents hate me for diminishing their value to the child who finds this work.

Children hate me for diminishing their value to the parent who finds this work.

Religious leaders, scholars, professors, scientists, psychologists, gurus, spiritual leaders, self-help authors and speakers, life coaches, basically anyone to whom another person looks for answers to life’s questions, hate me for diminishing the value to those whom give them praise, glory, honor … and of course, money.

Because these husbands, wives, parents, children, and the others cannot explain things like this work does, nor can they counter or confound the Real Truth presented in this work, their only hope of redemption in an attempt to regain the value that they lost to this work, is to come after and attack me personally.

But … what did I actually do?

All I did was present information.

It wasn’t I who forced another person to read the information and accept it.  It wasn’t I who was responsible for anyone changing their entire perception of life and stopping a person from giving continued value, praise, glory, honor, and money to their teachers and “givers of truth.”

It’s just information.  That’s it!

How can I be responsible for what another person does with the information?

But guess what, Folks?  WE HAVEN’T EVEN PUT OUT THE BEST AND MOST PROFOUND INFORMATION YET!  We’ve basically limited the information to religion in an attempt to open a religious person’s mind enough so that their emotional and intellectual filters will allow tidbits of Real Truth to soak in.

The MWAW’s final book will destroy almost everything that people of this world value with praise, glory, honor … and of course, money.

The Real Truth about who we are and why we exist will destroy the value mortals place on relationships with others, whether those relationships are emotional or intellectual.  You have a relationship with your family, friends, and loved ones for emotional fulfillment.  But you also have an intellectual relationship with your teachers, professors, parents, leaders, scholars and with anyone else you listen to and value what they are telling you.

The Real Truth is going to destroy about everything that gives value and purpose to people living on earth.  And because the Real Truth is going to make so much sense, and no one will be able to confound it logically, you can just imagine how it is going to affect a person’s relationships with others, emotional or intellectual.

The persecution I have received thus far, is NOTHING … not even close … to what is coming for me.

The only way that this work will be stopped presently, is by killing me.

But even if someone were successful at ending my life … which they are not going to do unless “God” allows it … eventually my mentors will reveal themselves and provide the information to the world.

(See Alma 19:22 for a portend of what is going to happen to the person who tries to kill me if “God” isn’t ready for me to die).

“Now, one of them, whose brother had been slain with the sword of Christopher, being exceedingly angry with Christopher, drew his sword and went forth that he might let it fall upon Christopher, to slay him; and as he lifted the sword to smite him, behold, he fell dead.”

I’ve warned my enemies.

Always keep in mind, dear enemies, my life is in “God’s” hand.

Although I might “be marred because of [you],” you will learn quickly that “[“God’s”] wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil.”

We are about to reveal to the people of the world “that which [they] had not been told … and that which they had not heard.”

And when that day shall come when we finally reveal the great and marvelous things that have been hid up since the foundation of the world, it shall come to pass that those who receive praise, glory, honor, and money shall shut their mouths because they cannot confound these things; for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.

For in that day, for the sake of the world shall our True Selves work a work, which shall be a great and a marvelous work among the people of the earth; and there shall be among them those who will not believe it, although I, a man, shall declare it unto them.  But behold, my life shall be in the hands of my mentors and the advanced humans (i.e., “God”); therefore they shall not hurt me, although I shall be marred because of them.  Yet I will be healed from this marring, for “God” will show unto the people of the world that our True Selves’ wisdom is greater than the cunning of the mortal flesh.

Can you imagine the “marring” that my enemies are going to do to me in the future?

Mar means: “to impair the quality of; to spoil.”

Can you imagine the way that a husband will want to impair the quality of me so that his wife will disregard what her common sense screams is the Real Truth?

Can you imagine the way that a wife will want to impair the quality of me so that her husband will disregard what his common sense screams is the Real Truth?

Can you imagine the way that a parent will want to impair the quality of me so that their child will disregard what the child’s common sense screams is the Real Truth?

Can you imagine the way that a child will want to impair the quality of me so that the child’s parent will disregard what the parent’s common sense screams is the Real Truth?

Can you imagine the way that secular leaders, popes, priests, bishops, prophets, pastors, evangelists, spiritual gurus, therapists, motivational speakers, or anyone who presents him or herself as one from whom others may obtain knowledge and inspiration, will want to impair the quality of me so that their followers from whom they gain their personal value will disregard what their followers’ common sense screams is the Real Truth?

We wrote about these leaders in the 666 book, as the book of Revelation speaks of them metaphorically.

Consider this:

(Beginning of excerpt from 666 book.)

For as long as the book of Revelation has been studied by apocalyptic and eschatological students and teachers, there have been numerous attempts to unlock the mystery of Revelation.  Though many would like to take credit for attempting to reveal its mysteries and John’s original intent, all have failed miserably, because John was not the source of their information.  In contrast, the integrity of this work is maintained, and the claim that the author was taught personally by John himself is substantiated, as this book realizes the purpose for which it was written: to explain exactly what John intended, and to unfold all of the symbolism he used in the presentation of his message.

John’s intent was to hold up a mirror in which we could each view the image of the creature that we call a human being.

John presents the image as a compendium of natural, or fleshly desires.  These desires are continually burning with fear, hate, discord, strife, and all that fights against the essence of our true inner longings for peace and happiness.  The rising smoke from the fires of our fleshly desires stings our eyes, filling them with tears that distort our vision of reality, and blinding us to the truth that we, alone, are responsible for providing the fuel for the fire that consumes us.

The rising smoke also creates clouds and mists of darkness, which shield us from the light of truth.  These clouds and mists of darkness have spread throughout the entire earth.  No light can be found anywhere.  No religions, no spiritualists, no learned ones, no psychics, no popes, bishops, priests, leaders, no gurus or self-proclaimed experts have lit a candle with sufficient illumination to reflect the image.

We stare blankly into the mirror.  In darkness, self-appointed prophets and teachers have invented religions, theories, philosophies, and illusory imaginations of what the image should look like; soothing the eyes and ears of those who hold them up as torches by which to see.

In spite of the clouds and mists of darkness, there has always been a source of light.  The sun has never stopped fulfilling the purpose of its creation.  It warms and gives life to the earth.  But when clouds of darkness prevail, the light of the sun is hidden.  However, the earth is not left alone.  The moon majestically reflects the light of the sun, casting its light upon those who sit in darkness.  Only by the light of the moon can people in darkness begin to see their true reflection.

Alas, people of the world sit comfortably in houses they have fashioned for themselves—houses built upon sandy foundations with no hope of surviving the slightest tremor of a living earth.  Inside these houses the people sit in repose, uninterested in the light of the moon.  People utilize artificial lights they have invented for themselves to illuminate their darkened state.  They have been convinced that they do not need the natural light given by the sun, the moon, and the stars.  Nevertheless, the moon is always there reflecting the light of yesterday and portending the light of tomorrow.  Though eclipsed by the earth during its different stages, there has always been a moon set in the darkened sky to illuminate a path for those who choose to follow it. 

There has never been a time in the history of this world when the minds of humans have been more prepared to have the mysteries of God revealed in plainness.  With the advancements in technology, and the access to information currently available to the human race, it is no longer necessary to keep the many mysteries of God “sealed” from the understanding of His creations.

Had these same mysteries been revealed in the days of the ancient prophets, the people would have killed them for blasphemy and gross heresy spoken against the accepted religious doctrines and precepts accepted as truth in their day.

Even though the prophets kept the truth “sealed” in the symbolism of their writings, they were still killed, because they spoke against the religious leaders and false prophets to whom the people looked for guidance and direction, and who received money and adoration for their deception.  All prophets of God were misfits of society, who the majority of people despised and cast out because they preached repentance and doctrines that opposed what their accepted leaders taught.

Modern times are not much different.  The mysteries of God are “unsealed” and revealed in these writings.  This understanding and plainness deflates and upends the authority and claims of all religious leaders and spiritual gurus, who have set themselves up above the people (for material or social gain) as a “light on a candlestick.”

It is expected that the masses thus blinded will rise up in rebellion and anger against this message of truth, as it explains the book of Revelation in a plainness and simplicity never before known. Though organized religions of the world and self-proclaimed experts might rise up, fight, and reject these truths and unfolded revelations, their disagreement does not negate the truthfulness and wondrous glory of the mysteries of God presented in the book of Revelation.  (pages 53-59)

16:4 And the third servant poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they also became as the blood of a dead man.

The “rivers and fountains of waters” are the source of quenching human thirst for knowledge and understanding.  These represent secular leaders, popes, priests, bishops, prophets, pastors, evangelists, spiritual gurus, therapists, motivational speakers, or anyone who presents him or herself as one from whom others may obtain knowledge and inspiration.  Usually for a price, these “rivers and fountain of waters” appease the thirst of their followers by virtue of their worldly degrees and honors, or by subtle manipulation, which makes one think their thirst is quenched, only to awaken the next day still parched and thirsty. 

Seldom is counsel drawn from these deep wells full of “the blood of a dead man” that leads an individual to understand that the “kingdom of God” is within, and no other can lead a person to this kingdom of peace and tranquility.  If the people were led to the simple and light burden of the gospel of Jesus Christ, these “rivers and fountain of waters” would no longer be necessary.  The only well from which one needs draw for understanding and inspiration is the one mentioned by Christ:

But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.  (John 4:14)

(page 353)

(End of excerpt from 666 book.)

The Real Truth is going to destroy most of this world’s value, especially the things from which the people of earth obtain their current value and purpose.  And although the Real Truth is not mine and I didn’t invent it—as I am only a Messenger — the world is going to come after me.

It needs someone to blame.  It needs someone to fight, someone to impair, someone to disfigure, and someone to spoil … someone to be marred.

Try as my enemies may, although they might mar my reputation, character, and person, in the end, the Real Truth will destroy them.

To disarm them and provide a fair playing field and a place where one can go, or direct another to go, to witness me confront the enemies of this work, from time to time, I am going to dedicate a couple of hours specifically to my enemies.  This time is today during the MWAW BlogTalk Radio podcast.

Come on enemies!  Don’t be afraid.  You don’t need to use your real name.  I’ll call you “anonymous” if you’d like.  Call in to the show and I’ll let you speak and present your wares.

Do everything within your power to mar me …

And I will show this world that my wisdom is much greater than your cunning nature.

Because you’ll never find me to kill me, you will have your chance to “mar” me by discrediting me in public, but on a fair platform where I can respond to your accusations and the malicious lies that you use to mar me.

To those who follow this work:

If your husband, wife, parent, child, or any of your leaders have a problem with me and have researched what my enemies have published against me, challenge them to listen to these particular podcasts so they can see for themselves and compare me to my enemies.

Do I expect many enemies and critics to call in?  No.  Probably just a couple will, if any.

They’re too afraid to be exposed.  Because I WILL destroy their credibility.

I will be kind, hold an honorable decorum and treat those who have the courage to call in with respect, as long as they are willing to remain civil.

Come on, enemies!  What do you have to lose?

Oh, I know …

Your Credibility.

But anyways …



  1. bulseco777

    Christopher, I am delighted with the information you gave concerning the location where your mentors live right now. I can only assume that they are John the Beloved and the Three Nephites, the same beings who mentored Joseph Smith.

    I am also intrigued with the scriptures you mentioned above that refer to your role right now as bring hunted or persecuted by your ememies. You are referring to Alma 19:22, referring to a servant of King Lamoni who wanted to kill Ammon.

    Alma 19:22 Now, one of them, whose brother had been slain with the sword of Ammon, being exceedingly angry with Ammon, drew his sword and went forth that he might let it fall upon Ammon, to slay him; and as he lifted the sword to smite him, behold, he fell dead.

    You are indeed the Ammon of the last days who will shut the mouths if Kings and sprinkle many nations.

    Other scriptures you mentioned that apply to you as a marred servant, which I fully believe refer to you as the messenger who will bring the MWAW are found in Isaiah 52:13 Behold, my servant shall deal prudently, he shall be exalted and extolled, and be very high.
    14 As many were astonied at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men:
    15 So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.

    In the other scriptures you mentioned that also refer to you and are related to the words of Isaiah mentioned was delivered by Jesus Christ in 3 Ne 21:8 And when that day shall come, it shall come to pass that kings shall shut their mouths; for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.
    9 For in that day, for my sake shall the Father work a work, which shall be a great and a marvelous work among them; and there shall be among them those who will not believe it, although a man shall declare it unto them.
    10 But behold, the life of my servant shall be in my hand; therefore they shall not hurt him, although he shall be marred because of them. Yet I will heal him, for I will show unto them that my wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil.

    Thank you for the new insights you share from time to time. These strengthen my testimony of my favorite scriptures referring to the coming forth of the Sealed Portion and the progress of the work of the Father as expounded by Jesus in 3 Nephi 20 and 21.

    You are indeed the marred servant mentioned by Isaiah and Jesus Christ who will bring the marvelous work and a wonder, a sign that the work of the Father has already commenced in gathering the elect prior to the coming of Christ. As I mentioned before, I know without doubt that you are the one John saw in Rev 14:14 And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.

    Half of my life, I immersed myself in studying the Bible and Book of Mormon. I am grateful that I have found the Real Truth through you, the TSP and the other four books of the MWAW. I am anxious to see the publication of your last book. I am getting older now and quite sickly. I hope I will live longer to be able to read it.

  2. Leslie

    I listened to the replay. I haven’t been around long enough so everything is new to me. Two years has me sorting through my life to mend the rips and tears (not crying, outwardly, but still torn)[had to use my dictionary to see if I knew what I’m writing]. I want to thank you for sending me to the books to learn something. I don’t live close to Utah so it’ll be a long time before I ever get to a meet & greet. I’ve never been in the ‘in-crowd’ nor near the ‘in’ leader so I will content myself to learn ‘in place’. I follow your writings and pod casts/blogs as well reading the “books”, at least once.
    I do wonder, why do you need to tell us the city or vicinity of your hiding. TPTB will track you anyway, if they can.
    My life outwardly has not change too much, yet, as I’m still being my normal maverick self and nobody has really caught on. But their classes sure get a jolt when the truth shocks them awake. (silence, what do we do now?)

  3. J. Adam Pittman

    You ask our opinion about you doing these types of shows?
    Like we know any better than you or your “mentors!”
    If doing the show brings you some kind of happiness, and doing them doesn’t directly impede on another’s ability to pursue happiness according to their free will, then do the shows!

    “Whatever makes you happy.”

    Now, do I feel that I, personally, benefited from this particular show? Not really; no more than I would have had I just read your autobiography…or the upcoming “Dream of Mortal Life” book.

    But, apparently, that wasn’t the intent of this particular show, even though no critics called in to fulfill the intended purpose.

    P.S. Hey, CHRISTOPHER! I’ve got a “challenge” for ya; you’ve proven most everything (intelligence, humor, etc.) you’ve claimed through your shows, videos, & symposiums. BUT, there’s one thing you’ve claimed that I’ve yet to see any proof of: BASKETBALL! You’ve said before that you played, and were pretty good, but I’ve yet to see it for myself: you’re gonna have to 1v1 me, bro! Just let me know when/where 😉

    SIDE NOTE: Your post last week finally answered a particular question that has been asked before, but instead of answering, you would just say “wait for the book.” It was as though the answer upset you…well, now I know why 🙁 I cried so hard learning this Real Truth regarding remembering the relationships we’ve developed with this (OUR) group, and why it matters so much to those who care. For what it’s worth, from one human to another (no idea what “planet” I’m on in relation to yours), I APPRECIATE SO MUCH EVERYTHING YOU (& your “mentors”) DO AND SACRIFICE FOR THIS WORK!

  4. arniskalnins

    It seems to be quite a noble act — to give an opportunity for the critics and enemies of the MWAW to call in and say whatever it is that they have to say. I don’t think it was a waste of time. These opportunities will diminish excuses some might have as to not having chances to confront you. I always prefer hearing your voice over writings as writing is the poorest form of communication (HR 15:24). It was great to have those broadcasts from the “Cavity of the rock” — to actually hear the voice of the Messenger. Even more great it is to watch videos. To be in the presence is a dream for me … Thanks!

  5. Marc Bertrand

    Hi Christopher,
    Usually, I would not voice my opinion or comment, but as per your request from last night’s BlogTalkRadio Show, you said you wanted to hear from us ‘few’ (who love and support this work and what you and the Brothers are doing) in providing the opportunity to the echtros’s (the critics and enemies) of this work to call in and say whatever it is that they have to say about you on the MWAW BlogTalkRadio podcast.
    Personally, I think it’s a waste of your precious time and energy.
    I (and I’m sure others are also) am REALLY looking forward in reading the upcoming book, “The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race”
    I was a bit sad and disappointed when you said, “To be finished and released within 5 years … hopefully.”
    My immediate thought was, “WTF, he and the Bros should concentrate their time and energy on the book, instead of those enemies!”
    I understand that you want to defend all the defamatory things that have been said about you and I can’t blame you either. I would want to do the same. But what will that change.
    The echtros’s will always be the way they are. They will always find faults in you and the work. You were prepared to give over 2 hours of your time for them to call in, but to what avail? No one did (with the exception of a supporter)!
    I find the information you are providing in your biography is a sufficient witness and testimony of who you are and what you have done.
    And, if the critics and enemies are not satisfied with that, then as you say, “But anyways!”
    Therefore, I’m sorry for being selfish, but spend your precious time and energy on us ‘few’ who are looking forward in the book and who love this MWAW© and The Humanity Party©.
    Respectfully and lovingly,
    Marc Bertrand

    1. Marc Bertrand

      Sorry, I misspelled the word “echthros”

    2. Appreciate the comment.

    3. I agree, I was very disappointed to know that it may be five more years before the book comes out as I am anxiously awaiting to read it.

  6. Jesus Christ(opher)!

    How is it that I, Bill Witt, am numbered among your enemies and labeled as your previous incarnates’ murderer? I have never said anything negative publicly online (only on your websites, to you and your moderators directly, NOT publicly). I have never tried to sue you. I speak to you as a brother frustrated with another brother for his inconsistencies. But you group me with those who do sue you, speak ill of you, or threaten your life. I will never stoop to that level. I truly am sorry for anything I have done personally to you or anyone associated with this work (sorry Laura S., I really am, not cool on my part) that may have caused undue stress or problems. Please stop labeling me as your enemy, or anyone else’s. Please.

    1. Fair enough. Only time will tell. The best to you always.

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