Christopher: “unmotivated … distressed … knowing this work must go on to the end … frustrated that it needs me to do it.”


I am not in a good place right now in order to do what I have been asked to do: represent those who actually oversee and run this work (Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®).

I am finding it harder than ever to write for myself, or to express and share their words and ideas as their True Messenger and Spokesperson.

My motivation is stressed.

I have recently found myself pondering the futility of it all as I watch the world increasingly move towards its own demise.

This week Iran announced that it would disregard some of the restrictions this nation is under because the U.S. tightened the noose of economic sanctions around its neck.

If you understand what is going on … well, most people don’t, so I’ll try to make it simple:

The U.S. controls the world’s financial markets (it has since the end of World War II … the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are both U.S. based).  The U.S. uses this economic control to get other nations to do what it wants without forcing the U.S. to destroy the uncooperative nation with its nuclear arsenal and powerful military (the most technologically advanced on Earth).  When the nation doesn’t cooperate, the U.S. tightens the economic noose it has wrapped around the other nation’s economic neck.  This only negatively affects the poor majority of the nation, which is what the U.S. wants, hoping that the majority of people who are affected will rise up and destroy their own nation themselves … think Arab Spring … Oh, that worked well.  Not!

The Obama administration came up with an agreement with Iran (treaty) that the religious conservative (largely Republican) didn’t like.  Why?  Because of the Bible.

The Bible says that the Jews are special above all people on Earth.  The Bible says that God chose the Jews as His special people and gave them the land of Israel to gather and await the Messiah that will eventually come and save the world.  The conservative and most powerful part of U.S. politics believe that this Messiah is Jesus Christ, and that it is Jesus’ Second Coming that will save the world.

The Bible says that Jesus is the Son of the God who made the Jews special and gave them the land of Israel as a special inheritance.  Americans love God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Americans love the Bible.  Americans believe that they have a special mission to make sure that God’s commandments and desires (according to the Bible), the God who made the Jews His special people, are all fulfilled.

Iran, and many other Muslim nations, don’t like the idea that they are not God’s special people, and they especially don’t like it when the Jews tout that they are.  Regardless, the Bible says the Jews are God’s chosen people, so there isn’t much the Muslims can do about it.  (In fact, the Muslims love all the biblical prophet books in the Bible that condemn the Jews for screwing everything up … except Isaiah.  Muslims don’t accept the book of Isaiah because it still makes the Jews seem more special than they are.)

The Americans believe that the God that chose the Jews to be His special people gave the Americans some miracles from heaven* (See Revelation 13:14)—the knowledge and power of nuclear weaponry—so that they could do God’s will, save the Jews, and help the Jews gather to the land of their inheritance, where the Bible says Messiah will one day show up and save the world.

Americans believe that God gave them the land of America so that they could do His will.  And because average Americans cannot agree on what God’s will is … the Catholics say one thing, the Methodist, Evangelicals, and other Protestant religions say another … all of them agree that the Bible is God’s final word, and whatever it is that they can find in the Bible upon which they can all agree, they will support it.  The Bible says that God chose the Jews to be His chosen people, that the Gentiles (non-Jews) will save God’s chosen people and help them set up a place where God’s chosen Messiah will come and set everything in order upon Earth.  Therefore,

The Americans don’t care if they solve the problems that exist between humans upon Earth.  They only care that they are doing God’s will according to the Bible.

Americans believe that God has made them a great nation and given them extraordinary knowledge to come up with incredible technology* so that they can subdue any nation on Earth … especially any nation that makes a threat towards God, against His chosen people, against His chosen people’s promised land, which, again, is the place where God will send His Messiah to straighten out the world’s problems.

The Messiah will straighten out the world.  It’s not the Americans’ job to straighten out the world.  It’s the Americans’ job to make sure that God’s will … according to the Bible … is carried out as God wants it to be, which again, is making sure God’s chosen people are in the place (promised land) where the Messiah will come and do what the Americans cannot do: straighten out the world.

And guess what nation on Earth has threatened God’s chosen people and the promised land more than any other?


Now, my mentors knew all about these same things happening today because they had witnessed similar events happen in past dispensations of time when humans flourished upon Earth but still ended up destroying themselves … not completely, but mostly.

(Pockets and enclaves of humans have been on this earth since its beginning in order to carry on the human race.)

Having witnessed these things firsthand in past dispensations, my mentors were able to pen the book of Revelation to reflect and prophesy exactly what was going to happen and how it was going to happen during this Sixth and final Dispensation of Human Time, but with a manipulative twist: they presented a positive outcome … one that they would like to see instead of the one that they are used to seeing.

Revelation was first written in Greek.  Translated correctly, it’s one of the coolest books ever written.  It’s from this original language where the word Apocalypse comes from: Greek, meaning disclosure.

Although many have been fooled into believing that the Great Apocalypse (as they are fooled into believing is mentioned in Revelation, which it is not) is the end of the world, there is no mention of the “end of the world,” but the beginning of a “new world” … Oh, yes … a New World Order ushered in by the Second Coming of Jesus … Yep, Jesus, the American Messiah, whom the Jews will embarrassingly see is their anticipated Messiah too … but who really cares as long as the Messiah comes.  Right?

But wait a minute here!

What did Jesus actually say in the Bible about what he was going to do when he comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, and sits upon the throne of his glory? (See Matthew, chapter 25.)  Is he going to destroy the world?  Is that what Jesus said he was going to do?


In Revelation—should have been translated with the title, “Apocalypse,” originally meaning a full disclosure of all things pertaining to this earth—what is written about what this great Messiah dude is going to do when he comes to Earth again?  Destroy the world?


Okay, God’s word (the Bible) tells us that the Jews are special people and should be protected in God’s land of promise, which is to where God will send His Son (or Messiah for the Jews) to … do what?  What does the Bible say that this Messiah is going to do when he comes?  Destroy the world?


For the next paragraph … although I have greatly subdued my profane language in order to present a better True Messenger and Spokesperson who better reflects those whom he represents … I am going to say it like I used to say it …

What does the Bible say that this Messiah is going to do when he comes?

Without question … all you Bible believers … ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE … what is the Messiah going to do when he comes?


My mentors have seen every past dispensation of human civilization destroy itself because of poverty and inequality.  Poverty comes from inequality.  And inequality comes from believing that you’re one of God’s chosen people and everyone else isn’t.

So it will be, that if Iran doesn’t agree to the Americans’ demands, Iran will be destroyed.  Once destroyed, Americans will cheer because they did God’s will and destroyed those who were threatening His chosen people living in God’s promised land.

Sigh … But anyways …

Well, I forgot to mention one thing that we know (me and my five mentors):

Yeah, the god of this world to whom all the religious people pray, who answers all of their prayers, and gives them religion (the philosophies of men mingled with scripture) to teach them everything that they need so that they feel good about themselves, the god who was completely responsible for the Old Testament books of Moses (Pentateuch … because it was originally written in Greek, by the Greeks, not by the Jews … also known as the Torah) that made the Jews such special people … Yeah, this god is very happy that the Americans do what they do in protecting this god’s people.

But the TRUE God, the one we know actually can intervene, if this TRUE God wants, and control things upon Earth for the benefit of all humanity equally, this TRUE God …

… is done with this world!

And since this TRUE God is all about real equality, no longer will this TRUE God intervene and keep nuclear technology out of the hands of those people who hate the god of this world’s chosen people (the Jews), who hate those who protect the god of this world’s chosen people (the Americans) and the god of this world’s promised land (Israel), and who tighten the economic noose around their necks causing them to become poorer and more needy than ever.

Very soon, instead of a random IED (Improvised Explosive Device) exploding to destroy a few hundred people at a time, quite a few random NIEDs (Nuclear Improvised Explosive Devices) will destroy hundreds of thousands of people at a time.

Hey, all you of my past “friends” who have moved on.

You know that trip you’re planning to distract you from the fact that you no longer have anything to do with me and this work because you were offended and made to feel uncomfortable, not because of what I did to you, but because of what you actually did to me and this work?

When you travel, by all means enjoy yourselves.  Why not?  The TRUE God has given up on this world anyway.  Right?  It’s quite apparent that your TRUE SELF has given up on you or you wouldn’t feel at peace being away from this work … Yeah, I finally said it.

Here you are:

You might travel to Canada and enjoy the wonderful country that the god of this world made Canada:

Homeless Senior Man Sleeping On Park Bench
MONTREAL – AUGUST 20: A homeless man sleeps on a park bench in Montreal Aug 20, 2012. Homelessness has become a major concern in Canada. It prompted the government to commit $600 million over five years starting April 2014.


Or you might enjoy staying home, going to your successful job, dealing with your wonderful, special family, friends, and loved ones, and get up every morning and enjoy your cup of coffee … Here ya are:


… While billions of others in this world, of no concern of yours, because you’ve moved on from the TRUE God to follow the god of this world … because your family is so fucking special … who wake up each day like this:

It won’t matter any longer in the future, if you have moved on to better (more peaceful) things or not.  How do you think the majority of the 1% of this world feel?  Peaceful.  Right?

For now …

Look up the word “random” and read what I wrote above:

“Very soon, instead of a random IED (Improvised Explosive Device) exploding to destroy a few hundred people at a time, quite a few random NIEDs (Nuclear Improvised Explosive Devices) will destroy hundreds of thousands of people at a time.”

Whether you are home or not.  Whether your kids are in school pursuing the image and mark influenced by the god of this world, “random” does not exclude you and yours.

In fact, live it up for a time.  You’ll find peace and enjoyment … for a time … but only because you, like about 75 million other people in this world, have everything that you need to make you comfortably happy.

But remember this one word warning from your True Messenger:


For the rest of you,

You’ll have to wait a few days for more incredible Real Truth.

This Iran thing has got me totally depressed … as a mortal.  But TPTB keep me as a mortal so that I can do the TRUE God’s work, and that is to tell the Real Truth.

Right now, I am pretty uncomfortable with about everyone and everything.

At the moment, I am pissed at my mentors!

If you haven’t figured it out yet,

My mentors are the most intelligent humans that exist … but they also lie, mislead, manipulate, and use deceptive means to an end … even to me.  They are forced to in order to fulfill the measure of their purpose for staying around on Earth so long.

Consider for a moment how they explained their desires and purpose metaphorically in the story that they created back in the early 19th Century, in hopes of encouraging the newly established powerful nation of the United States (ostensibly a Christian nation) to be better humans.

Using biblical terms and Christian themes, especially about Jesus Christ, they introduced themselves as mortal immortals and explained that they wanted to stick around and not die so that they could help bring people to Jesus.

They wrote of themselves:

And [Jesus] said unto them: Behold, I know your thoughts, and ye have desired the thing which John, my beloved, who was with me in my ministry, before that I was lifted up by the Jews, desired of me.

Therefore, more blessed are ye, for ye shall never taste of death; but ye shall live to behold all the doings of the Father unto the children of men, even until all things shall be fulfilled according to the will of the Father, when I shall come in my glory with the powers of heaven.

And ye shall never endure the pains of death; but when I shall come in my glory ye shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye from mortality to immortality; and then shall ye be blessed in the kingdom of my Father.

And again, ye shall not have pain while ye shall dwell in the flesh, neither sorrow save it be for the sins of the world; and all this will I do because of the thing which ye have desired of me, for ye have desired that ye might bring the souls of men unto me, while the world shall stand.”  (BOM, 3 Nephi 28:6-9)

Excuse me again … but I’m pretty depressed right now:

What the fuck do you think it means that my mentors have the desire to bring the souls of mortals unto Jesus to fulfill what Jesus is going to do when he “comes in his glory with the powers of heaven”?


To destroy the world?


Jesus is too kind, compassionate, and forgiving to destroy this world when he comes.  All he wants to do is solve poverty and inequality.  This is what my mentors have been trying to do during their long mortal existence: “bring souls unto Jesus” in order to solve poverty and inequality.  They have lied, misled, manipulated, and deceived to meet this end … to no avail.

I’m not as kind, compassionate, and forgiving as Jesus.  I’ve seen what this world has done to people (my mentors) whose only desire is to solve poverty and inequality.

The people of this world don’t want to end poverty and inequality … they’ll leave that for Jesus.

They just want to be a part of Jesus.

I’ll come back one day and give them Jesus, but this time as the Sun of God.  I’ll be their Sun …

… Randomly.

But anyways …

Don’t expect any more writing until I beat this incredible depression that OUR GROUP has caused me.

P.S. The only thing that has been a bright spot for me recently is to read your personal stories … and the very few who continue to support this work with all their hearts, might, minds, and souls.  Thank you to those who have submitted a story … it really means a lot to me personally, and to my mentors, for my sake.  To those of you who haven’t … because you might not want to be known associating with me and this work … thanks for helping motivate me … not!  I got a word or two for you too …. But anyways …



  1. James R.

    Don’t give up, Christopher!

  2. tanyadevany

    We may never change the world enough, but you’re still making an enormous difference to individuals. Think ripple effect. Personally, your information and the way you’ve delivered it removed a huge, horrible stress from me. It was ruining my life, so now I have my happiness back.

    Also, I’m the kind of person who throws their all into things. I like to write novels, and I hope to help the world in some small ways through them. I spent years studying people’s behaviours, working out why they respond to things the way they do, seeing what motivates them to change. As an LDS I planned to use this in my novels to convert as many people as I possibly could to the church, thinking I would help them improve and be happier, here and for eternity. Christopher, I’m SO GLAD you set me straight! If I was as successful as I’d planned, I really would have influenced a lot of people, but instead of helping as I’d supposed, I would have damaged them. I’d have done such awful damage. Thankfully you’ve helped me see through the brainwashing of my religion and see what I was actually going to do was control people – using manipulative stories. I have now changed my stories a great deal, and hope to use them to get people thinking instead. Using what I’ve learned from you about why societies work or don’t, I intend to use fiction to illustrate these societies. I want people to be clear on what they can do to make a positive difference, and also let them know the things they are currently doing that are damaging society.
    (I certainly had NO idea! What an eye-opener.)
    Then hopefully they will become more in tune with their true selves, and find your work.

    So I hope you can see what a difference you’ve made to me, and if I’m successful, to the people who read my books. I hope you don’t feel like what you’re doing is pointless – it’s worth a great deal to me. I’m just one of many people you’ve never met – imagine how many of us who’ve found this work are going to help people see what you’ve taught us.

  3. ramiroestrada12

    Christopher has been right in all things. When I started to read his books I read with an open mind. I had been a so called Mormon all my life. I always knew that something was not right. I never saw miracles, I never saw modern revelations. After reading his books and hearing his talk shows, I was really shocked. The Book of Mormon was not real it never happened! Then this lady named Monica Smith told me the book of Mormon was not true. I was more shocked!!!! I still continued to hear Christopher and still reading his books. I believed Albert Einstein who said that this life is an illusion. This has been scientifically been proven. I then searched tbe internet and came across this site
    So now I do believe Christopher. I want to thank the Mentors and Christopher.

  4. arniskalnins

    “And still I dream he’ll come to me
    That we will live the years together …”

    1. arniskalnins

      The Humanity Party® go! Let’s continue to dream!

  5. We don’t want you to suffer and sacrifice even more than you have.
    But If you went silent and the Brothers stopped the work on the final book, we would be engulfed again in that lone, dreary and suffocating darkness.
    We’ve tasted the light. We’ll never be the same. There’s no going back.

    I say all this while knowing I haven’t been able to put into words how this work has drastically changed my life – and write in in the Personal Stories. It may take several days to do it, but I’ll get it done.

    Can we do something more to be of help to this work and to you?

    (These three songs were playing in the background as I read what you wrote. Neil Diamond sure sings a lot about dreams…)

  6. Jason Lee Natte

    “set your eyes upon the prize” .. Chris, I spent like forever on this stupid thing.. which is stupid, unless it means something to this work, just replace every instance of “Jesus” or Christ”.. with real truth.. isn’t that how it works? 🙂

    [Most of the lyrics should fit] ..feel free to delete or criticize if not.

  7. Kevin Martin

    My thoughts are with you Christopher. I also struggle with strong depression caused by the god of this world. I’m giving you a giant air hug.

  8. Stein Aanensen

    Dear Christopher,

    The daily efforts, sacrifices and contributions you make as a Messenger brings peace, understanding, comfort, energy, meaning and serenity to those with eyes that see and ears that hear.

    Having read all the books, your daily journal, all blogg posts published by MWAW, listened to podcasts and in depth tried to understand the incredible political platform presented through the Humanity party, gives me nothing else than a full circle of truth, hope, meaning, direction and purpose of life.

    Through the work of the MWAW, I have become immensely amazed and puzzled as I begin to understand how the human mind easily can fool one self with all kinds of stuff from its imagination. It is a great mystery to me why your message in its simplicity is understood and embraced by so few, but I do also understand the reasons why.

    I hope this comment can bring you some joy despite your loneliness, depression and lack of motivation. I hope you find strength to finish your autobiography and the last book which will come when time is ready.

    Thank you for all that you have done, do and will do in the future.

  9. paolohahvargas


    Hoy cuando leí esta publicación quise compartir algunas palabras. Si me lo permiten…

    Bueno aquí va.

    Recientemente, mientras conversaba con una amiga acerca de sus creencias cristianas, acerca del Juicio del Hijo del Hombre, recuerdo que mientras conversábamos, yo le dije con entusiasmo a ella: ¿¡Sabías que hay un plan para eliminar la pobreza a nivel mundial!? A lo que ella me respondió tajantemente: ¡No, no se puede! ¡Jesús lo hará cuando el venga! …¿¡Qué!?, yo pensé…

    Sí, realmente las personas cristianas esperan literalmente a Jesús para salvarlos a ellos y a este mundo.

    Bueno, conversamos un poco más y basta decir que en ese momento mi amiga me dijo que yo era un anticristo y que debíamos dejar de ser amigos. Le deseé lo mejor a ella y le recordé que ella fue quien quiso saber lo que yo creía acerca de la religión y que simplemente le hablé de lo que yo sabía de acuerdo con mi percepción y perspectiva.
    Luego de un par de días ella me contactó y quería que continuásemos siendo amigos a pesar de las diferencias de opinión, a lo que yo le contesté que, así debería de ser… 🙂

    Para resumir, continuamos conversando de tiempo en tiempo de acuerdo a su petición y algunas de las cosas que yo le decía a ella (de acuerdo con lo que yo aprendí de la MWAW) chocaban con lo que ella creía que era bueno y correcto, pero aun así tenían mucho sentido para ella.

    Ella revisó la página oficial de la MWAW, pero aún no puede aceptar completamente la verdad real de que: Ninguna religión es correcta. Ninguna escritura es verdadera. Que Dios es realmente cada uno de nosotros participando en (soñando con) la vida mortal. (¡Hey!, pero tengo otra amiga que si abrazó la Verdad Real, ¡sí!).

    Aunque leyó algunas publicaciones y está confundida, actualmente ella está leyendo el libro 666, La Marca de los Estados Unidos de América, el Trono de la Bestia, Apocalipsis Revelado del Nuevo Testamento del Apóstol Juan y puede decirse que los ojos de su entendimiento están empezando a abrirse. Pero a ver pues…

    Y eso me hace recordar la manera en que se abrieron mis ojos y se destaparon mis oídos, bueno contaré un poco…

    No tuve una buena infancia y no quiero entrar en detalles, no quiero recordar esa parte, pero basta decir que fui criado en una familia pobre de religión Católica. Ya en mi juventud cometí muchas estupideces y eso me llevó a querer enderezar mi camino y ese deseo al final me llevo a ser miembro de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días, escogí esa iglesia por sobre todas las demás debido al Libro de Mormón y sus preceptos. Me esforcé por ser un miembro digno, cumplí fielmente con todos los mandamientos de Dios (de la iglesia) para ser digno de entrar en el templo. Entré en el templo, recibí la investidura, y me acuerdo que en aquella ocasión un amigo me acompañaba y me intrigó la parte en la cual se le pregunta a Lucifer acerca de sus vestiduras, a lo que él responde que representan sus sacerdocios. Yo le pregunte intrigado a mi amigo: ¿¡Acaso Lucifer tiene sacerdocios!? A lo que él me respondió que sí, que lo tiene para comandar a los que le siguen y para que pueda realizar sus obras. Bueno en ese momento yo estaba perplejo. No comprendía muy bien algunas partes y me reprochaba que quizás yo era falto de entendimiento. Bueno a lo que voy, llegué a ser Secretario de Estaca, y con ese llamamiento pude empezar a conocer muchas cosas acerca de la iglesia y comencé a notar más claramente que había bastantes cosas que no estaban de acuerdo con lo que estaba escrito en el Libro de Mormón acerca de lo que una iglesia justa debería de ser.

    Tenía repetidas impresiones de que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días se había corrompido, sus líderes no estaban actuando de acuerdo a lo que yo creía que debería de ser según el Libro de Mormón, pero acallaba esa voz en mi interior diciéndome que, ¿quién soy yo para juzgar a los líderes elegidos de Dios?

    Bueno no entraré en demasiados detalles, pero aun así sintiendo esas cosas, aún creía que esa iglesia era la correcta—y todo debido al Libro de Mormón—y por ese tiempo sucedieron algunas cosas más en mi vida que me llevaron a humillarme y a suplicar en ferviente oración a Dios, al Padre, en el nombre de Jesucristo, de que me diera a saber de si realmente La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días era realmente Su iglesia, la verdadera iglesia de Dios.
    No pasó ni una semana y en un día de esos yo me encontraba en secretaría de Estaca realizando mis deberes, cuando noté que alguien había olvidado su flash USB allí en la computadora, me di cuenta de a quién pertenecía, era de un líder de Seminarios e Institutos, un amigo a quién yo conocía, por curiosidad revisé que es lo que él tenía guardado en su flash y vi una carpeta con nombre: ?, me intrigó y revise la carpeta y en ella había algunos documentos pdfs, leí los nombres de los documentos, algunos que puedo apenas recordar decían: El Primer Milenio o algo así, algo acerca del Sacerdocio de Melquisedec, …otros blah blah blah…, La Porción Sellada. En ese momento no tuve tiempo para abrir los documentos, pero me pareció muy interesante, quise leerlo después en mi casa, así que me hice una copia, jejeje x), y vaya que desde ese momento cambió todo lo que yo creía y sabía… =D

    Estando en mi cuarto, abrí los documentos para ver el contenido de cada uno y La Porción Sellada realmente me llamó la atención, revisé su contenido y desde ese momento supe que esa era la respuesta que estaba esperando. En ese momento pensé que solamente las autoridades generales de la iglesia tenían la Porción Sellada y que mi amigo lo tenía porque él se relacionaba con algunas Autoridades Generales debido a su llamamiento y que para los demás miembros aún estaba restringido y me emocioné con la idea de que quizás pronto lo darían a conocer oficialmente en una Conferencia General.

    En todo caso, fui emocionado a preguntar a mi amigo acerca de La Porción Sellada, el Testamento Final de Jesucristo—para ese entonces apenas había comenzado a leerlo y sentía que era realmente de Dios—y le pregunté a él que quién le había dado o como es que lo había conseguido. El me respondió diciendo que no leyera el libro, que no era de la iglesia, que si lo leía podría apostatar. Y me dijo que mejor investigara el nombre que sale en la portada.
    Me intrigó lo que él me dijo. Por un poco de tiempo escuché su consejo de no leer—ya que lo consideraba a él, en ese entonces, un digno poseedor del sacerdocio y un buen amigo—y también busqué en internet sobre Christopher y la Porción Sellada. Encontré el anterior sitio oficial de la MWAW y los otros libros que se exponían aparte de La Porción Sellada, todos disponibles en inglés a excepción de La Porción Sellada que también podía descargarse en español, revisé el sitio y obviamente no era de la iglesia SUD/Mormona, pero no hallé nada malo al revisar el sitio. También encontré un sitio:, y en ese sitio sí que se hablaba de Christopher, todas cosas negativas, pero me dije en ese momento que el sitio solo parecía estar dedicado a hablar cosas malas de Christopher y las cosas que había hecho en su vida. Pero también sabía que, según las historias del Libro de Mormón, los verdaderos profetas siempre eran rechazados e inclusive asesinados. Y también me preguntaba, ¿Alguien que no es de Dios puede acaso realizar semejante obra? ¡Tengo que saber!

    Tomé la resolución de saber por mí mismo si Christopher, La Porción Sellada, realmente era de Dios. Tenía que leer el libro y sacar mi propia conclusión y no obedecer ciegamente el consejo de otra persona. Pues lo poco que había leído hasta ese momento resonaba en mi alma y me decía que era verdadero, así como cuando había leído el Libro de Mormón. Así que leí y mientras leía ardía mi corazón, comprendí muchos misterios de Dios—aunque de acuerdo con la creencia cristiana—pude también comprender con más claridad la investidura explicada por Moroni, cuanta felicidad, sí, mi alma se llenó de felicidad, tantos misterios desplegados, tantas preguntas que yo tenía sin responder, muchas fueron respondidas. Oh, ¡cuán maravilloso fue leerlo! Realmente derramé lágrimas al leer muchas partes de la Porción Sellada, realmente ¡lágrimas de verdadera felicidad!

    Desde ese momento abandoné la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días y comencé a seguir esta obra, mis ojos y oídos comenzaron a abrirse para entender la Verdad Real.
    Fui tildado de apóstata, hijo de perdición, anticristo, siervo de lucifer y otras cosas más por mis supuestos amigos “mormones” y algunos otros que no lo son. Se dijeron cosas falsas de mí. No me importa lo que dicen o puedan decir de mí. No me importa lo que hacen o puedan hacerme a mí. Encontré lo que andaba buscando con sinceridad de corazón y nada más tiene importancia o valor.

    Aprendí el verdadero significado de las escrituras religiosas detrás de su simbolismo. Aprendí la realidad humana de quiénes somos y porqué existimos. Aprendí la verdad real de quién realmente es Dios (mi SER REAL eterno y perfecto, y entonces, mi Verdadero Ser avanzado, participando—conjuntamente con otros Verdaderos Seres avanzados—en el sueño de la vida mortal).

    También aprendí lo que realmente se puede hacer para dar solución a los principales problemas que aquejan a la humanidad.

    Puedo decir con firmeza que esta obra es verdadera, la verdadera obra del Padre.

    ¿Y cómo es que puedo afirmar con tanta seguridad?

    Esta obra, la Obra Maravillosa y Un Prodigio® (mediante Christopher, el Verdadero Mensajero) enseña la Verdad Real (los misterios de Dios) y todo tiene sentido.

    El mensaje de la Verdad Real es gratuito. No se hacen acepción de personas. No cobran por ello, ni reclaman donaciones u otro tipo de pagos.

    Ellos—los que están detrás de esta obra—no buscan las alabanzas ni los honores y glorias de los hombres.

    Mediante esta obra y a través de su plataforma política El Partido de la Humanidad®, conocí la forma correcta de gobierno y las tres leyes a las que debe de sujetarse para que sea un gobierno justo, para que gobierne con justicia y equidad para todos por igual y proteger el libre albedrío de todos en la búsqueda de la felicidad y brindar las necesidades básicas de la vida de manera gratuita desde que uno nace hasta que uno muere, para que todos tengan las mismas oportunidades de llegar a ser lo que deseen ser según los deseos de felicidad de cada uno.

    El Partido de la Humanidad® (Christopher como su portavoz), presentó las soluciones reales a los principales problemas de la humanidad, soluciones que funcionarían si se implementasen, ¡en tan solo una semana o inclusive un día! (Plan para Eliminar la Pobreza a Nivel Mundial, Plan para acabar con la Prostitución Infantil, Plan para resolver el conflicto Palestino-Israelí, por nombrar algunos entre los más principales).

    ¿Qué prueba más puede haber de que esta obra es la verdadera obra del Padre? ¿No testifican estas cosas de que es la verdadera obra del Padre (de Dios, nuestros Verdaderos Seres)?

    Pues para mí lo es y es suficiente.

    Agradezco a Christopher y a los que supervisan esta obra por la Verdad Real.

    El mensaje de esta obra abrió mis ojos y destapó mis oídos.

    ¡La Verdad Real me hizo libre! Libre de las cadenas del infierno, libre de los preceptos de los hombres mezclados con las escrituras, libre para ser realmente quien Yo Soy.

    Pero honestamente también, ya no puedo encontrar la plena felicidad en este mundo. Ya nada tiene sentido. Nada tiene valor. Ahora sé cómo realmente deberían de ser las cosas, pero no lo son.

    A diario observo y me entero de las cosas del mundo y lo que sucede en él y de verdad ya no puedo sentir felicidad con cómo están las cosas. Solamente un rayo de esperanza de que quizás el mundo cambie y acepte esta obra, pero mientras tanto solo puedo apoyar esta obra y aguardar en paciencia a que el mundo lo acepte o no… suspiro…

    El fin de los tiempos de guerra, desigualdad e infelicidad debe cesar, o El Fin de los Tiempos de la raza humana llegará.

    En palabras de un sabio que sabe: “Aun así, ¡ven!”

    1. Leslie

      Bien dicho. Algo asi me ha sucedido. Saludos.

  10. Cheryl Patton

    Thank you, Dearest True Messenger for doing what none other of OUR GROUP could do in bringing the Real Truth to us, despite the apparent unwillingness of the majority of OUR GROUP wanting to rectify poverty and inequality and despite the apparent futility of it all! Please contemplate the words of your theme song “The Impossible Dream” and remember as you told us, “In the end, in the REAL END, IT’S ALL GOOD!”
    To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, To bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go. To right the unrightable wrong, to love pure and chaste from afar, To try when your arms are too weary, to reach the unreachable star!
    This is my quest, to follow that star, No matter how hopeless, no matter how far; To fight for the right without question or pause, To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause! And I know if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest, that my heart will lie peaceful and calm When I’m laid to my rest,
    And the world will be better for this; That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage, To reach the unreachable stars.

    1. Leslie

      You said it much better than I. He has a big load on his shoulders. It’s not easy to be a REAL HERO.


    None of this makes sense, unless you first believe in a greater power…I DON’T….Therefore do not live my life in fear, but respect and love, all those things god purportedly advocates, but when applied by humans become hate, greed, and judgment. To this day, during daylight hours my body is my temple, and after dark, my body is my Disneyland…

  12. Leslie

    I can write a beautiful story in my mind, but the moment that I start the story, it dissolves, as I cannot remember the beautiful words and story line details. I make comments because they are short and I don’t get too lost. My life is a mess to write about. Chris, I share your frustration, but I barely have control my own life, at least from my perspective. I see the world from a different perspective since discovering the MWAW, and I’m learning more as I review and investigate. I confess to having been a misguided patriot and two other things that I can’t remember at this moment. I confess to learning of my ignorance through reading about your life and the experiences of others, of their lives that I could not have imagined. I have learned how God’s chosen people from the beginning did not live up to their own written law and teachings, before Christopher and without the clarity that you have presented. Modern day, latter day, anciently, same story. There are no real “chosen” people, only wannabees. I have been misguided from birth and have lived and fought to find the real truth amidst what I at one time I thought were “chosen” people. Thanks to your message, I begin to see more clearly. I learn slowly, so don’t quit yet. If you need us for our stories, there are many, many, many more who need you for the truth of your message to help us straighten out our own lives. Do not be discouraged; there are many people who need you, even if the world is falling apart. The Bros don’t want to see the world self-destruct, nor do we. We endure life because there is no other for us. There is no hope without a message of hope. Isn’t that what the Bros discovered long ago? It is a BIG responsibility to be the leader. We cannot take your place because we do not have your knowledge. None of us can be the leader you have come to be. You’re stuck. Man up and pull yourself out of the muck of depression. The world needs you, in spite of all the ‘evil’ therein. Could it be that you’re acting like a little woman in menopause about to give birth to a great big baby?

  13. Glenn Lincoln

    I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. If I am not mistaken as I read everyone’s story, the mentors and you have found more than one? I can’t speak for them but I await the FULLNESS of Real Truth. May this JOY bring you strength at this time of your momentous and appreciated life by me and I feel confident there are others!

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