Why mortal life is so important to happiness.


This is Christopher:

Sometimes when I’m depressed, to feel better about things, I review the notes that I have taken over the years as I have learned from my mentors, both written and from memory.  As I do, I am reminded how incredible this work truly is.

Truly it is a marvelous work and a wonder.

Truly it is information that  “shall shut the mouths of kings; for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.”  (Compare BOM, 3 Nephi 21:8.)

Truly it is a work that explains things that many prophets and righteous men have desired to see and to hear, and have not heard them.

May you also enjoy some of these notes.

Here are some of the incredible things that will eventually be explained by the time we have shared all the information that is supposed to come out of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder®:

This universe is a reflection of our real universe where we live as eternal, advanced humans beings—the greatest and most advanced compendium of matter (life form) that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist.

This mortal universe is a reflection of our real universe, because the experience that we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch (our physical senses) with our mortal body is actually a dream-like experience playing out in our True Self’s brain.

These dream-like experiences occur as our real (True Self’s) brain takes in things through our real physical senses and releases things through these same senses in the form of energy.

There is no other way that a human body can interact (live) in any environment unless it is reacting with our senses.

(In our mortal body, breathing in energy from Earth’s environment [a necessity of our current mortal body] is incorporated into the ability of the body’s ability to smell.  Our True Self’s body does not need to breathe.  It only smells.)

The energy from any environment, in any form, does not enter the human brain except through one of these five senses.  Therefore, if there is an excess of energy that enters the human brain from any environment, and the brain, in order to remain balanced and synchronized perfectly as it was meant to be, releases this energy back into the environment, there is only one way out: through the senses.

This release of excess energy through the senses is what creates a dream experience.

As the excess energy passes back into the environment through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin, it triggers an actual, involuntary experience of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

NOTE: Our True Self would never eat another life form that sees, hears, smells, eats, or touches like we do in response to its environment.

The mortal experience is simply our True Self’s brain releasing excess energy back into the environment of our real universe.

Our mortal dreams are produced by our mortal brain releasing energy back into the earth’s environment through our mortal senses, which senses are not our True Self’s senses, nor are these current mortal senses the same senses that our very first mortal body had when our True Self first began to dream (release energy back into our real environment) the mortal experience.

The brain cannot dream (release excess energy through the senses) what the brain has not yet experienced.  During the First Dispensation of Human Time upon this earth, we experienced the perfect mortal situation.  After almost 2 million mortal Earth years, we screwed things up, remembered these screwed up things, and since then, it has been a slippery slope of human failure and disappointment.

If, for example, a person sees a yellow bird for the first time.  The yellow bird is seen, heard, smelled, and touched through the senses.  The transfer of the energy from the environment to our brain is the experience that creates an imprint (memory) on our perfectly balanced and synchronized neurological system.  Since it is a new experience and is imprinted on our brain as a memory, this creates an imbalance in our perfectly balanced brain.  (The imprint didn’t exist there before.)

Maybe this will make it a bit easier to understand … I’m practicing for the final book here …

Let’s say that the perfect, eternal brain has 10 joules of energy.  (A joule is a scientific term for a unit that measures energy.)

It’s always had 10 and will always have 10.  That’s all that it can have or it’s not going to be happy.

Let’s say that seeing a yellow bird for the first time produces 2 joules of energy from seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching the bird.  Now our brain has 12 joules of energy and is out-of-balance.

The new experience that creates a new memory in our brain takes energy.  But the memory that is produced and stored does not take any energy once it is stored.  The new imprint becomes part of our True Self’s brain’s eternal nature.  But if our True Self wants to remember it, that takes energy.

So, we see the new yellow bird and we now have 12 joules of energy in our perfect brain because it took 2 joules to record the memory on our brain.  Once recorded, our brain has to get rid of the excess 2 joules, which it does automatically.  The energy has to leave the brain the same way that it came in—through the body’s senses.  When it leaves, it actually creates a new experience upon leaving exactly like it created a new experience upon entering.

If it is our True Self that sees the yellow bird in our real world and takes in 2 joules of energy from this perfect environment, then when the 2 joules is automatically expelled out of our True Self’s brain back into the environment from where it was taken … it creates the mortal experience involuntary and without thinking about it.

Thinking takes energy that does not come from the environment.  Thinking and remembering takes energy directly from the brain.

So, our True Self wants to remember the yellow bird and uses up 2 joules of energy to think about it and re-experience the yellow bird.  Now our True Self’s perfect brain has only 8 joules and needs 2 more in order to rebalance.

The 2 joules it needs must come from the environment in which our True Self exists.  And what creates 2 joules of energy in the environment that will replenish the perfectly balanced brain by providing exactly 2 joules of energy?  Seeing the yellow bird again.  If we continually see the yellow bird, we won’t be using any extra energy to store or remember the memory (we don’t use any energy remembering an experience that always happens the same) and our brain stays perfectly balanced as long as the yellow bird is around.

Since our True Self is not recording a new experience, because we already saw the yellow bird, we don’t need to record the memory, because it is already recorded.  So the 2 joules (that continually seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching the yellow bird produces) enters our brain and perfectly balances it without using 2 more joules of energy to record it.

But … and this is a big BUT!  If the yellow bird does something different the next time we see it, it becomes a new experience that needs to be recorded, which takes 2 joules of energy, leaving our brain with 2 extra joules (because of the new recording) that need to be expelled.  And the process starts again.

The above is basically what human experience is all about and how conscious life takes place—where we are having new experiences in an environment.

Again, a conscious experience is made when we see, hear, smell, taste, or touch something in our environment … when we take in more energy than our brain needs.  This conscious experience happens in the environment in which our body actually exists.  And when our brain releases the excess energy back into the environment from whence it came, through the same senses—to keep itself regulated and perfectly balanced—it does exactly what it is supposed to do: create a subconscious experience of which we are not conscious.

For now, let’s consider only the two levels of consciousness that one experiences on this earth.

When we die, we will be perfectly conscious of our true consciousness and realize that all of our mortal experiences on Earth were produced when our True Self’s brain released excess energy back into our true environment after our True Self had an actual experience in our real world, or took in energy that was needed.

Death won’t mean anything more to your True Self than waking up from a mortal dream means to your mortal Self … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Mortal life is the subconscious experience that is created when our True Self’s brain releases excess sensory energy back into our perfect world, or when our True Self’s brain needs more of this energy to replenish it.  (You’ll understand it all perfectly when you die a mortal death.)

A mortal dream is the subconscious experience that is created when our mortal brain releases excess sensory energy back into our mortal world, or when our mortal brain needs more of this energy to replenish it.  (You understand this perfectly every time you wake up from a dream.)


This “state of balance” is what we feel as lasting happiness and joy.

I’m not going to overwhelm you here by explaining how we need other humans in order to be able to release and gain sensory energy out of and into our brain to keep it perfectly balanced … BUT WE DO!  Without other humans, we will never have new experiences.

We will eventually explain how, instead of a yellow bird, as I used above in the example, only with and from other free-willed, independent humans can we gain new experience and keep our brains perfectly balanced.  Without other humans sharing in the experience—when their brain produces energy that our brain uses to keep itself balanced, or we produce energy that their brain needs to keep balanced—we could not have new experiences.

Now let me use a little cool mythology that my mentors came up with to explain this further:

Adam could not have remained alone without Eve in the Garden of Eden and experience joy.  Adam fell that men might be.  Men are that they might have joy.  In other words, Adam took the fruit and became a man because he knew that without Eve, he would be alone and not have any joy.

But …

Eve didn’t have to “partake of the fruit” and have an experience that “God” knew … and had warned her and Adam … would kill them.  She and Adam could have lived forever in the Garden of Eden partaking of all the delicious fruit produced by all the trees therein.

Adam and Eve could have lived forever in the Garden of Eden …

… are you ready for this …

… here comes some more of the delicious fruit of this incredible work …


But once Eve partook, because she listened to her brother Lucifer—who had been cast out of Father’s presence for rebellion—Adam would have remained alone without anyone from whom he could provide and receive joules of sensory energy needed to have new experiences.  So Michael’s mortal Self (comprising of Adam, Eve, and Lucifer) became messed up.

Adam knew that he could only find joy in the experience of life by following Eve and Lucifer, because he would have remained alone without the ability to experience joy.

Excuse my language here ….


In their fallen state in the ‘lone and dreary world’, the God Michael was no longer benefiting from his dream of being Adam, Eve, and Lucifer.  The mortal ‘fallen’ world no longer was fulfilling the measure of its creation … i.e., why the God Michael and the God Jehovah created it in the first place under the direction of the God Elohim.

So, when the God Michael’s mortal existence screwed everything up, what did the God Elohim and the God Jehovah do?

They called on True Messengers to cast out Lucifer and counter all of Lucifer’s bullshit and teach Adam and Eve what they needed to do in order to return the earth to the state in which it was first created … when it actually DID benefit the God Michael by providing Michael’s True Self with the proper environment where his eternal brain could remain in a “state of balance” … i.e., experience eternal happiness and joy forever.

But no one listens to the True Messengers.

Lucifer laughs.  Lucifer—the part of mortals that is actually controlling everything that is happening on this earth at this time—mocks the True Messengers:

LUCIFER: Ah! You have looked over my kingdom, and my greatness and glory.  Now you want to take possession of the whole of it.  (Lucifer turns, and stares into the camera [looking at the audience]—indicating he is speaking to the people of the world, especially to the LDS/Mormons who are the ones watching the presentation.)  I have a word to say concerning these people.  If they do not walk up to every covenant they make at these altars in this temple this day, they will be in my power!

Of course, I took the above allegoric presentation from what Joseph Smith told the people in symbols because they would have killed him had he told them the Real Truth.

And there isn’t one “covenant,” let alone “every,” that the LDS/Mormon people “walk up to” … not a single one!

In fact, these “every covenant[s]” have changed over time as the presentation has changed and been corrupted over time by Lucifer, because every one of them (the LDS/Mormons and their leaders) is in his power.

Not one of the original “every covenant” of Joseph’s original endowment had anything to do with ANYTHING … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … that the LDS/Mormon people covenant to do in their religion.

These original covenants had nothing to do with going to church, preaching the gospel to others, doing genealogy work, not drinking, not smoking, not taking drugs, sustaining church leaders, and all the other things that Lucifer is having people do because he has power over them.  With his power over them, Lucifer constructed a billion dollar City Creek Mall … and he laughs at my mentors.

And no … Fundamentalist Mormons … who don’t have this incredible metaphorical presentation of the Real Truth that Joseph Smith would have been killed for if he had explained what it actually meant … polygamy is NOT one of these covenants!  Not even close!

But a covenant that is important …

… for those with eyes that actually see a True Messenger, ears that actually hear a True Messenger, a nose that can actually smell a True Messenger, skin that can actually touch a True Messenger, and if you kissed him, actually taste a True Messenger … is:

Never freeze chili!  Eating it depletes too many joules of energy out of one’s brain comparing it to and remembering how good the fresh chili was!

I ate some and now I have only 3 joules of energy in my brain, from trying to remember how good the fresh chili was, that need to be replenished somehow.

And since I haven’t had a dream since the time that I ate the frozen, re-heated chili, I suppose this fallen mortal body has its own way of replenishing the depleted  joules … as the relief of feeling the heat pass through one of my mortal body’s orifices that isn’t part of my real body.

But anyways ….




  1. Craig Nichols

    Does this sentence ahead make sense? I’d guess you meant to say a different experience with the yellow bird took energy from the environment, not giving it to the environment, since in the first experience with the bird it also took energy from the environment giving the advanced brain excess energy. Sorry for the complicated explanation, I meant to say you imply the same event has both taken energy and given energy simultaneously:

    But … and this is a big BUT! If the yellow bird does something different the next time we see it, it becomes a new experience that needs to be recorded, which takes 2 joules of energy, leaving our brain with 2 extra joules (because of the new recording) that need to be expelled.

    1. Craig Nichols

      Now when I read it again it makes sense right after making the above reply. I think the reason for my lack of understanding is it says it takes 2 joules, but I assumed it was taking it from the brain and not the environment. Where the energy is being take from should be clarified. 🙂

  2. Flem Earl (Buddy) McMillan

    During the First Dispensation of Human Time upon this earth, were our True Selves advanced human infants that were dreaming? At least in the beginning of the First Dispensation of Human Time.

    1. Craig Nichols

      Not physically infants, this was already explained in another article.

  3. Jason Lee Natte

    Idk about any reheated chilli Chris, but I was pretty pissed at my wife.. when she tossed out the last jar of my grandpa’s home made strawberry jelly.. from his garden.. after he passed away [and no jellies ever tasted quite as good.. ever since] ..

    oww ya, that.. and I know that I’ve been DWELLING alittle to much on putting my “new wine back into those old wineskins”..

    ya.. and I know that dwelling on past things doesn’t bring me much happiness..

    I’m hoping to tryn focus alittle more on something new.. I feel it’s time.

    1. Jason Lee Natte

      I’ve kept two items hanging [around] in my work locker, [as a core part of me].. ones to do with religion, the others to do with my grandparents.. and that portion of my [past] life.. well.. I was cleaning out my locker the other day.. and I’ve been pondering the thought of how well I’d handle an empty locker?🤔

  4. Trevor Henderson

    Excellent. Simple, concise and easy to relate to. So easy a caveman can read it.

  5. Flem Earl (Buddy) McMillan

    This is great. Finally an explanation of the Dream Experience and Balance of the Brain. I’m in uncountable percentage. When the world receives the Next Book, word will get around among the people. The Kings and Rulers will read it and fall to their knees. They will get rid of the Federal Reserve/IMF/IRS like systems around the world and establish the Humanity Party. Amen.

  6. J. Adam Pittman

    Haha, poop joke!
    Thanks for the laugh 😉

    Oh, and still waiting on that 1 vs 1 basketball challenge from you…

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