Some of the coolest MWAW stuff (Real Truth) about science and technology: the power of the devil.


Considering the futility of trying to change the course of this world bent on humanity’s demise causes me a great degree of depression.  To battle this depression that often haunts me, I wanted to share some more incredible notes with the few who follow this work.

And again, thank you for the personal stories.  I read each one.  I love the transparency and disclosure the few of you are putting out there for others to see … especially for me.  These things do inspire and motivate me.

For a moment, let’s consider something that happened in Joseph Smith’s day before he published the Book of Mormon for the rest of the world to see.

As Joseph was “translating” the “gold plates,” which we now know was actually a transcription of the texts that he received from our mentors on the “cell phone” that he called the Urim and Thummim, he was instructed to allow a few friends and supporters to review the transcript as the story was developing.

This peer review was necessary so that a story could be developed that would speak properly to its targeted audience: white-skinned, Christian (Bible-believing) European-Americans.

Our mentors (the books’ authors) had an intended message that they wanted to convey in their writings.  It was both Joseph’s, and later, my job, to convey these writings and their intent, first to our chosen peer review group, then report back to the authors on how it was received and understood.

My peer group was rather small.  It consisted of three women and a man, all of whom were very entrenched in and knowledgeable of the LDS/Mormon faith.  The women’s names were Sheri, Heidi, and Judy.  Because of privacy issues regarding them, I will not give their last names, (although Sheri’s should be obvious).  The man was Anthony “Tony” Wilkerson, who at the time was staying with me to help care for Charley McLaughlin, the invalid man for whom I was caring.

The women were very entrenched in the LDS/Mormon Church, and Tony Wilkerson was well versed and read in LDS/Mormon scripture and doctrine.  (I will introduce more about this in my autobiography.)

Let me give you some cool Real Truth about how our mentors dealt with us as we did our job—Joseph to transcribe the unsealed Book of Mormon and me to transcribe the sealed portion.

(NOTE TO YOU NON-RELIGIOUS ONES: You’re going to love this!  Read on!)

First, here is a brief overview of the history of this Sixth Dispensation of Human Time and what my mentors have done in an attempt to get the world working towards a path of renewing humanity and Earth to its original state … as mentioned in yesterday’s post.

That’s all their work is about:

… trying to help mortals get on course to turn the mortal experience back into what it used to be and was meant to be.

Well, I suppose that to understand what this “renewing” means, one would first need to understand what it means to “renew” Earth to its original state.  This includes fixing all the things wrong, not only with humanity as a whole, but with each of our physical bodies that are far from the perfect human form that they were in the beginning, and putting Earth’s environment back to how it used to be.

This “renewing” can only be done through advanced science and technology.  Only humans can do it for themselves.  There is no god or alien that is going to do it for them.

Modern science is beginning to understand some of the processes that can be used immediately to start this renewing process.  I am going to share a couple with you.

(First, I am going to present how things were on Earth during the First Dispensation of Human Time, and then explain how modern technology is progressing towards changing things back to how they were during this First dispensation.)

There was no human sexuality and no sexual reproduction.  Humans were asexual mortal immortals.

With current and future technology,

The human body can be renewed to a non-sexual state—or until sex is understood for the problems it creates—to a free-willed choice of an individual.  We can manipulate and change the human body.  If a man chooses to become a woman, this is now possible.  Likewise, if a woman wants to become a man, this is now possible.  If wanted, a person can be made asexual, having no sex drive, thus eliminating from the person’s mortal existence the problems associated with sex.

Sexual reproduction will soon be replaced with asexual reproduction in an artificial womb outside of the body, and where the parent[s] can choose their child’s physical attributes.  But as technology advances and we eliminate aging, sickness, disease, and other physical maladies that can kill the body, Earthlings will stop producing new children, believing that their newly acquired mortal immortality will overpopulate the earth.

The sexual revolution is out of control.  Not that this new freedom doesn’t feel really good physically, but emotionally it destroys lives.  Once sex is understood for what it is and does to a person’s psyche and emotions, and there are other technologies that can replace sex and produce the stimulation to the brain that sex does, future mortal immortals are going to choose to eliminate their body’s sex drive.

Further, parents are not going to choose their child’s sexuality.  Technology will allow the new asexual child to choose their own gender when and if they want it.

… NOW … religious people are going to fight these technologies because they believe that humans shouldn’t be playing God.  And that’s exactly why these same religious people don’t accept a plan to eliminate poverty that we can do now, TODAY!  That’s playing God too.  They believe that if God wanted poverty to go away, God would tell God’s leaders on Earth how to do it.  They just can’t accept the fact that the Illuminati can already do it!

(More on the Illuminati below.)

Pollution and natural disasters were nonexistence.  The weather and all of Earth’s environments, including all plants and animals, were controlled by humans.

Modern and future technology will learn how to eliminate pollution and control the weather, not only by manipulating Earth’s natural laws, but by understanding and utilizing the moon properly to bring a balance to Earth’s environments and the way they work.  This is why it was created as an artificial satellite in the first place.

Further, science will develop energy sources that are based on nuclear science,  eliminating the need for fossil fuels or anything else that disrupts the natural environment.

Science will learn to introduce new species of plants and animals (including viruses and bacteria) that do what is needed, to not only get rid of the pollution that humans have already created, but to put Earth’s environment back into a pristine state.

But the most important thing, above everything else, that which my mentors have been concentrating on since science first began to evolve in human society (during this Sixth Dispensation of Human Time), is eliminating poverty and inequality.

Current and future technology can do this.

But will humans agree to do it?

Sure, there will be all kinds of great technological advancements now and in the future, but unless poverty and inequality is solved first, only the very few will be able to afford these new technologies and benefit from them.

Humanity needs to be saved first.  Then we can all unite together to eliminate the environmental problems and begin to control the earth’s environs.

For example,

We must first value the life of the man who poached and killed a rhino in order to sell the rhino’s horn to feed himself and his family, more than we do the life of the rhino.  To do this, we must first understand why a rhino exists in the first place.  If we find that the rhino’s existence is important to the earth’s environs, but more importantly, to human existence, then we will allow the rhino to exist among us.  Otherwise, we will eliminate, not only the rhino, but any other animal or plant that molests or can kill human beings.


If we do not learn this very important principle first, this earth will be destroyed, as it does not and will not fulfill the measure of its creation—the purpose for its creation and existence to only serve humankind.

Now let’s discuss some of the cool things that my mentors have done to try to get people together so that they can produce the technologies necessary to renew the earth and eliminate poverty and inequality.

They know that the first thing that must be confronted, challenged, and completely changed is human inequality—where one person’s life is seen as more important and significant than another.

Religion is the main culprit in introducing inequality.

My god[s] is better than your god[s].  If you don’t believe in and obey my god[s], you’re not as good or important as I am.

Inequality breeds poverty because religious people are convinced that their god controls the distribution of wealth and prosperity, depending on how well the people on Earth are obeying this god.


Reflecting on this Sixth Dispensation of Human Time, here’s what my mentors have done to attempt to put humanity on a path towards renewing the earth.

First, they waited until there was a nation of humans collectively powerful enough and united enough to effectuate change.

The ancient Greek civilization not only introduced science and philosophy that made Greek life better, but they began to introduce more advanced forms of technology.  Unfortunately, the Greeks saw themselves as better than everyone else and also incorporated human slavery into their progressive attempts to improve Greek society and life.

Then the Romans took over.

The Romans were powerful.  They organized a government that could have started to implement the right forms of a transitional change that benefited the entire world, based on people’s rights and foundationalized in the formation of a Republic.

But soon, like the Greeks before them, the Romans thought of themselves as better than anyone else.  About the time that the Romans began a transformation of their powerful government and society (a people’s Republic) into an Empire controlled by a single Dictator (i.e., Emperor/King), our advanced True Selves intervened to help their servants (my mentors) introduce and effectuate a change, or rather help the renewing process take hold.

A child savant by the name of Inpendius was born into a very religious society that was part of and protected by the Great Roman Empire.

Inpendius was born without the mortal veil.  He understood the reality of human existence and the true purpose of the earth and why humans exist.

For a moment, let’s not call my mentors mortal immortals, or refer to them as “my mentors.”

Let’s suppose that they are simply a small group of intellectuals (a think tank) that exists in any given society to better the human condition.

Why not call them the ancient name that they were given long ago as people became aware of this group and their purpose?  Because they could illuminate the best ways to make human society better, they were referred to as the Illuminati.

So, for the sake of argument and the controversy that the idea of mortal immortals presents to a rational thinking person, my mentors are simply a group similar to what people suppose the Illuminati represented.  Or we can call them what they were referred to in America at one time: Freemasons.

So, the ancient Roman Illuminati found out about this Inpendius kid and watched him develop.  They approached the kid, in his teenage years, and introduced themselves.  They influenced how this kid presented what he knew to the people of that time.  The people rejected the kid, and when he was older, they killed him.  But because of what the kid knew and the impression that his knowledge and wisdom, and miracles, made on the people, Inpendius’ life blossomed into myth and the creation of a hero that represented the good that people hoped humanity would become.  Jesus gave people hope, just like he does today.

IF the people of the Roman Empire had not killed Inpendius, and had incorporated some of things that he taught into their society, they would have been allowed by our True Selves to have the introduction to the technologies that we have seen in modern times explode in just a few years.

The “Illuminati” wanted to start the renewing process with the Great Roman Empire.

But because the people at that time rejected the elimination of inequality and poverty as the first step in establishing an equal and righteous society, our advanced True Selves did not allow any human at the time to have the basic knowledge necessary to initiate the industrial and technological revolution.  In essence, as explained more below, our True Selves controlled our mortal egos.

The “Illuminati” had to work with what they had.

After a few hundred years, at the very point that the Great Roman Empire was threatened with self-destruction, the Illuminati made another move.

They influenced the Emperor Constantine to consider the power that religion held over the people.  Working behind the scenes, they were able to convince Constantine of the power of the hero that had developed among the poor majority from the myths and legends that the people heard about Inpendius: Jesus Christ.

In brief,

The Illuminati created a new religion: Christianity.

Then, they created a new book (a new source of scripture that explained the new religion) to counter the Old Testament that religious leaders depended upon to teach the people God’s will.

The part of the Roman Empire (Western part) that accepted what the Illuminati had proposed survived and became the most powerful government and religion that the world had ever known … at least during this Sixth Dispensation.


The Illuminati, no matter how hard they tried, could not convince the newly created Roman Catholic (Catholic, Latin: meaning worldwide) religious leaders, who now controlled the government, that the most important part of changing society is the elimination of poverty, first.

But everything that the new Jesus Christ (the hero based on the life of Inpendius) taught led to this one thing: eliminating poverty.  (See Matthew, chapter 25.)  To reinforce this idea, the Illuminati created the book of Revelation, their failsafe to the New Testament.

Everything that they tried at that time failed.

Then they tried again.

The United States of America became the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth … the new Roman Empire.  Once established, this group (the modern Illuminati) tried the exact same things that they tried in the past.  They introduced a new scripture with cool stories that pointed people back to Jesus Christ as the source of everything necessary to start improving humanity.  This, of course, began with the elimination of inequality first, which would result in the elimination of poverty.

They first tried to get the white-skinned Christian European-Americans to see the dark-skinned peoples of Earth as their equals.  They knew that this was the first step.  To do this, their new scripture had to be written in a way so that the Christians would accept it.  They created a masterpiece that when read by a Christian, Bible-believing American, would captivate them and speak directly to their inner spirit, which the people believed was God talking to them.  This is exactly what the Book of Mormon does.  Any Christian that reads it with an open mind, will sense its spiritual power.

In their story, they incorporated a failsafe in case their new scripture didn’t work.  Where the book of Revelation was the failsafe for their first attempt (the Gospels of the New Testament), the sealed portion was the failsafe they presented in their second attempt (the Book of Mormon story).

Before our True Selves would allow the initial phases of technology to be understood by our mortal Selves, an effort had to be made to convince the people of Earth that these technologies should only be used to improve the earth and humanity and renew it to its original state.  For this reason, their (the Illuminati’s) Book of Mormon came before technology took off.

The Illuminati made an effort to first change the hearts and desires of humans in the right direction before mortals started to figure out and have the abilities and powers that technology would afford them.

They failed to change the hearts and mindset of the human race, especially those of the people belonging to the most powerful and greatest nation of our time: the United States of America.

Not being able to convince modern religious people of the equality of all human beings, and that the elimination of poverty was the most important first step, the Illuminati thought that if mortals started understanding science and technology and the power that humans could have over the laws of nature, then maybe this would convince mortals that they actually had the power to bring equality to the human race.

They couldn’t beat and replace the idea of God by using religion, so they used science instead.

For example,

Nuclear power, although currently in its infant (Neanderthal) stages, is clean, and more than powerful enough to give free electricity to every human being on this earth.  Instead, once the technology was introduced and allowed, it was controlled by the wealthy to increase their personal wealth.  There is no logical reason why the entire human race should not have unlimited access to free electricity.  With free electricity to every home on Earth, the potential of continued human development and a better standard of living would substantially increase.

This would be a step in the right direction in the elimination of poverty.

I gave this example to explain what the Bros, my mentors … Oh, yeah … the Illuminati … thought they would try this time to get people thinking straight.  Confronting and challenging religion didn’t work, so maybe when humans saw the power that they actually have over the laws of nature, maybe then it might reduce their dependency on the idea of God controlling everything.  Religious people still believe that God is the only way to change things; that they cannot do it themselves or they will be stepping on God’s toes.

Science and technology prove otherwise.  They prove that humans can be in control.

Thus the Illuminati thought that allowing technology to increase would diminish religion—the first step in eliminating inequality, and then poverty.

And they were right.

But sadly, even though people study science and it convinces them to get rid of the idea of God and religious belief, they still do not understand the importance of eliminating poverty to help create equality among all humans upon Earth.  Technology and science is used for and by the few to become more wealthy and wield more power and control over the majority.

The Illuminati’s attempt failed again.

There was only one more thing that they could try.  The only thing that has never been tried since the fall of humankind during the First Dispensation:


Mortal life was never meant for a person to understand that their mortal experience is simply a dream process occurring in their advanced True Self’s brain, and that at anytime, a mortal can end the experience.  The knowledge of Real Truth diminishes the value and importance of the mortal experience.

Yesterday’s post explained the importance of the mortal experience for an advanced human.  Without it, an advanced human’s brain cannot maintain its perfect balance.

And for OUR GROUP of advanced humans assigned to this solar system, this earth is the only place that we can have the mortal experience.

If this world in this solar system is destroyed because it fails to to what it was meant to do in providing the neurological platform on which OUR GROUP depends for our advanced brains’ neurological balance, then our existence as advanced humans also becomes useless.

Humans exist to experience this balance we feel as happiness and joy.

If we no longer have a place, a connected platform where we can exchange sensory energy with each other (as explained in yesterday’s post) our existence becomes meaningless to our individuality and OUR GROUP will begin to commit suicide to end our individual existence … the person who we really are … the person that all people on this earth will realize they are when they die.

So, tell me, Folks,

… if this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is not the most important work … EVER!

I’ll try to get back to my comments about Joseph and how the Illuminati worked with him back in the early 19th century, BEFORE ….

“… peace [was] taken from the earth, and the devil [began to] have power over his own dominion.”*  (See D&C 1:35.)

Or rather, when Lucifer mocked my mentors and announced that everyone on Earth was now in his power.

Joseph Smith gave the above *”Lord’s words” in November of 1831, well before technology and science started to move.  Shortly thereafter, science and technology took off at an unprecedented rate.

Technology and science is, for all intents and purposes, the power of Lucifer (i.e., the power of the human ego to do selfish things in controlling the laws of nature for the individual instead of for everyone equally.)

So let’s rephrase the clue that Joseph gave, in context:

“And again, verily I say unto you, O inhabitants of the earth: I the Lord am willing to make these things known unto all flesh;  For I am no respecter of persons, and will that all men shall know that the day speedily cometh; the hour is not yet when science and technology are going to be understood by mortals, but is nigh at hand (after November of 1831), when these things shall be allowed and peace shall be taken from the earth, and the ego shall have power over his own dominion.”  (Compare D&C 1:34-35)

Whereas the “power of the devil” was obviously being controlled by “God” (our True Selves) before Joseph Smith gave this clue (after November of 1831), and the devil (which is actually the mortal ego) wasn’t allowed to have complete control over his own dominion … because the world rejected what the Illuminati were trying to accomplish through Joseph Smith, “the devil” was given power over his own dominion.

Again, this is the coolest work … EVER!


  1. David Seely

    Cool stuff! Thank you so much… My eyes are being opened in ways I have only dreamed they could be. I LOVE this work! I LOVE learning about our REAL existence! Please keep on keeping on Christopher….

  2. Keith Stinson

    Another something changed in me tonight after reading this.
    And I feel more at peace
    I love that.
    This IS the coolest work ever!

  3. Marc Bertrand

    Hi Christopher,
    I just have to let you know how I truly appreciate you in continuing to give us ‘few’ more Real Truth despite the futility of the majority of OUR GROUP.
    I was feeling sad the other day when I read your post when you were depressed and how I wish I could be there with you to lift you up somehow! Alleviate somehow your burden.
    You wrote today that, “The knowledge of Real Truth diminishes the value and importance of the mortal experience.”
    But for me, my perspective of this mortal life/experience with the limited knowledge I have acquired/learned to date makes it much more worthwhile. I am so grateful in knowing the Real Truth. I’m like a sponge which can never get saturated!
    I just can’t get enough of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder®!
    Thank-you so much!
    Marc Bertrand

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