I decided to become a comic.

After I finish my role as a True Messenger, I’m taking the Real Truth on the road.

Something like this:



  1. Jesse Astuto

    whaddya gonna do just stand there lol cuz yer funny lookin enough you’d be succesful lol everyone’s a comedian now lol

  2. Jason Lee Natte

    Don’t mind me.. i live in “kid land”.., but being a comedian didn’t work out all that well for spongbob.. lol, kids rule my TV..🤣

    But I’ve always enjoyed a good laugh..

    perhaps, if you handed out dream of mortal life books at the door, religious people. etc could handle being the brunt of your jokes?


  3. Mark Wood

    I already think you are funny. Thanks for sharing these videos. Thanks to you and these comedians I can now laugh at these things and feel like I am really free.

  4. Kathleen Kaakimaka

    Love, love this post…love them all really!

  5. Joseph Michael Goddard

    Thanks Chris, needed a laugh for the day. Trying to remain, uh, happy?, but feel more disenfranchised with this world, and myself as the days pass. But I think you’re doing fine, as is. Your posts are always chalked full of humor, in my opinion. I would only recommend giving that Jim Jeffries guy a whole lot more exposure–something about a deep British accent that makes one listen more attentively to the orator, even a comedian. . .or is it just me? Anywho….I’ll siiggghhh with you…

  6. Wonderful Idea! I love to watch revealed stupidity (even my own) used to experience reality in a digestible form that provides humor or happiness; It may seem annoying to our EGOs but frees our mind to enjoy the moment.
    A bunch of truth veiled in humor allows me a freedom to enjoy who I really am without apologies.
    Truth is; I often think about being a comedian but I am the only one lauphing…it would help if I had an audience but all my friends (??) interrupt before the punch line…take over the joke and turn it on me. Oh well…I am glad they have some happiness at my expense.
    This post has excited my day and opened my mind…be seeing you on the comedy circuit. 🙂

  7. Glenn Lincoln

    You will be able to use your favorite language, have a much bigger audience and get paid for IT! So happy to see you’re BACK. Keep up the good work. (SMILE)

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