Why religion is so difficult for a person to give up. Religion balances the human brain.



It’s very hard to explain concepts to people who were never meant to understand these concepts.  It was not meant for a mortal person to know and understand the Real Truth while living life upon this earth.  But it was meant for a person to have joy and contentment while living upon Earth.

Consider how everyone starts the mortal experience.

Consider little children who don’t understand much, nor do they care about why they exist.  They experience joy and contentment as long as their basic needs are provided.  They experience joy and contentment much easier than an adult does … much easier.

The simple existence of a little child, again, which is how all mortals start out their Earth experience, proves that a person doesn’t need to know anything about who they are and why they exist to experience joy and contentment.  All a person requires is their basic needs provided for without worry, restrictions, or restraint … just like it was when we were happy, content little children.

If there is a purpose for which a new person is born into this world, besides just being the product of lust (an act of sex) by an adult, then what is this purpose?

Whatever the purpose is, if there is one, a happy and content little child must have all the physical and mental requirements necessary to fulfill this purpose.

So, let’s suppose that the only purpose for human existence is to experience happiness and contentment, where ‘happiness’ is the feeling of joy, and ‘contentment’ is the feeling of fulfillment; or rather, when a person is as happy as a person can possibly be.

Let’s suppose that science is correct and that humans have evolved from a lower species and have become the greatest life form on Earth through this evolution.  In other words, life evolves (through a natural process over time) and eventually turns into its (life’s) greatest form of existence possible.

So, evolution sets the standard and purpose for life.  Maybe as an amoeba, “life” wasn’t yet at its greatest potential and couldn’t fulfill the ultimate purpose for which life exists.  How much joy and contentment can an amoeba have?

Let’s suppose that the life process produced the amoeba and it evolved over time into a higher form of life, continuing the process until it became human.  And since there is no evidence of any kind that there is any form of life … anywhere in the universe … that is more intelligent or higher than a human, life stops the process of its own evolution as soon as it has finally evolved into a human form.

Regardless of how we got to be human, we are human now.  And what is it that all humans seek?  Joy and contentment.


It can be logically … and now scientifically … deduced that life exists to experience joy and contentment.  It doesn’t matter how life started.  It doesn’t matter how life evolved and brought itself to be human.  Since the human life form is the greatest compendium of matter possible, and this life form’s existence is in a constant pursuit of joy and contentment, THE PURPOSE OF ALL LIFE IS JOY AND CONTENTMENT.  Whether you’re an amoeba or a human, you’re going to be changing, evolving, and pursuing the ultimate end of life’s purpose: joy and contentment.  As an amoeba, it’s for sure you wanted to be as happy as you possibly could.  But as you looked around at other amoebas, you might have said to yourself, “Hey, this amoeba thing is no longer working for me.”  So, you evolved.

Oh man!  How I wish my mentors were explaining these things!

But always keep in mind, they could explain these things to me only after my brain’s transfiguration.  There is no way that I could have understood these things with the brain I had pre-1987.  I could have never properly understood any of their explanations had my brain not been changed from a normal mortal brain into an abnormal mortal brain.

As I’ve explained, immediately after my 1987 experience, I was like a little child and saw the world much differently than other adults.  That’s why the world lost its meaning and I began to live abnormally and differently than I had before.

If my mentors would write these things without my editing and “dumbing them down” to your level, there is no way that any of you would come close to grasping the slightest understanding of these things.

My mentors know science better than any scientist alive.  I don’t.  They can explain things by using all the scientific rhetoric and terms that would completely confuse the average person.  It confuses me sometimes when they use scientific terms, unless they first teach me about the meaning of the scientific term and the theories and laws behind it.

I’ve been around these people for many years learning from them.  But they cannot do what I can do.  They cannot dumb their own intelligence down to the level that it needs to be in order for other mortals to understand.  In fact, they could be in the presence of the smartest people on Earth, the greatest scientists, and speak so far above these learned ones’ intelligence and heads that these learned ones would think that my mentors were alien scientists from another planet.

Oh yeah, they are from ‘another planet’ and Earth experience … well, on this same actual planet, but so far in the past that their knowledge and understanding about things seems to be alien.  Explaining how things were during the First Dispensation of Human Time would seem like my mentors were speaking about a completely different planet than Earth.  Nope.  Same planet.  Same people.  But in reality, the earth hasn’t been evolving, it has been de-evolving (going backwards) … or as we have referred to it: The Fall of the earth and humankind.

I thought that if I used more scientific terms in presenting the information meant for The Dream of Mortal Life book, it could and would be clearer.  Boy!  Was I wrong!  Those of you who attended the dinner-symposium (Peer Review) where I took questions and comments about my first rough draft of the book proved that I was wrong.  Most of the comments given were from just a few who thought they were more learned and intelligent than others.

As I listened to these comments, my thoughts were:

“I blew it.  These guys don’t have a clue what I was trying to explain in the book.”

If you were one that took up time at this symposium raising your hand and speaking, know this:

Your ignorance and lack of intelligence manifested itself when you are supposed to be some of the ‘smartest ones’.  Although you pretended to others that you were ‘smart’ with your big words and explanations, I saw you as the stupidest in the room.

One of my dear friends, who’s now kind of a “frenemy”, Anthony Mesler, is often seen by others as a smart guy who appears to be able to understand things well.  (Hope Anthony can take this … if he can’t, not my problem.)  Anthony’s not too smart.  (That’s what I thought as he made all his comments during the Peer Review Symposium.)  He doesn’t have a clue what life is about.  He can hardly function properly in life because he thinks he’s too smart, but he’s not really.  He just appears smart because he likes discussing things with people, like himself, who think they know, but they don’t have a clue.  It’s very easy to feel smart around people with no understanding of Real Truth.

I could name a few more of these millennials, who are actually my close advanced friends, but are so messed up because of what they think they know, that they have become more of a hindrance to this work than a help.


(Beginning of my rant against the Millennials.)

I’ve been overly patient with you in the past.  Although I will treat you with kindness and compassion, you probably want to avoid me now.

I will call you and your millennial bullshit bunkidity out in public.  If any of you so-called enlightened ones can explain the purpose of human life even close to how this work can, then you can keep believing your own bunk.

I’ve seen many of you grow up in this work.  But instead of ‘becoming like a little child’ and realizing you might still be in religion if not for this work, you go off, involve yourself with other millennials outside of this work, who don’t know crap about crap, and you start to believe that the crap that you learn from your friends and in your own head doesn’t stink.  It stinks!  Bad!

I’ve been patient with you … until recently.  I really don’t want anything else to do with you.  I can’t bear to see you wasting away your existence pursuing intelligence, experience, and knowledge that doesn’t mean anything to anyone but to your own ego.  Stay as far away from me as you can or I will destroy your millennial bunkidity with the Real Truth and make you look like the arrogant fools that you have become.

Keep in mind, my millennial siblings: if not for this work, you’d still be finding your answers in religion.  And unless you can find better answers outside of this work than what you can find in it, stay away from me because you upset me too much.  You had so much potential to help this work.  Now you’re just a bunch of idiots like the rest of the mortals on this planet.

(End of my rant against the Millennials … whom I actually adore … But anyways . 🙂 )

I’ve shared a bit about our brain and its neurological balance—how in its proper balanced state, we feel joy and contentment.

I’ve tried to explain that when the brain’s balance is off, the brain automatically and involuntarily (perfunctory) acts to rebalance itself.  I’ve used modern scientific ideas (which are not necessarily Real Truth, but are words and concepts invented to explain the theories that science creates as it observes the process of life) to illustrate this.  I’ve used the term,  joule, as a ‘measurement of energy’, where this energy enters the brain or is released by the brain to maintain its perfect balance, and as it enters or leaves the brain it creates an individual experience for the person.

joule is transferred into and out of the brain from the environment in which the person exists.  This transfer can only take place through the physical senses: through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin by what the person sees, hears, smells, tastes, or feels.

Each time a joule of energy passes through one of our senses into our brain it creates an experience that is recorded in the brain as a memory.  As the energy enters the brain, the brain’s balance is affected.  (I used seeing a yellow bird as an example.)

But recording a memory also takes energy.

In the yellow bird example, if the experience of the yellow bird puts 2 joules of energy into your brain, and your brain’s perfect amount is 10 joules, then your brain will automatically do something to get rid of the 2 joules of energy.

However, my mentors pointed out that I left out a very important part of this example that might have confused some of you.  (Well, of course it confused some of you!  YOU’RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND THIS STUFF!)

The important part was:

How much energy does the brain use in storing the new energy as a memory that enters the brain as the experience?

I didn’t actually forget about that part, I just didn’t want to overwhelm the mortal who is … NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND THIS STUFF!

Okay, then …

You see a yellow bird.  The experience is energy from the environment that enters your brain.  The experience creates 2 joules of energy.  Now, instead of having a perfect balance of 10 joules, your brain has 12.  If your brain stores the experience as a memory, and the process of storing the experience as a memory takes up 2 joules of energy, your brain remains perfectly balanced still without creating an entirely different experience by expelling the excess joules out through your senses.

(Remember.  Energy can only get into and out of the brain through the senses.  Each time energy passes through these senses, a new experience is created.  You might use your free will to see the yellow bird, but if the experience creates an imbalance in your brain’s energy level that needs to be reduced, and recording it doesn’t take up all the new energy, your brain is going to subconsciously, perfunctory, involuntarily release the energy back into the environment creating … in essence … a dream experience that you have no control over.)

Good experiences in the right environment … in the perfect environment … do not need to create a dream experience because … using our yellow bird example … the 2 joules your brain gets from the experience are used up in recording the experience as a memory.  But this only happens in the right environment … in the perfect environment.

Our Earth was created, in the beginning, as the right environment for the human experience … the perfect environment.

Why and how?

Because our True Self’s brain actually exists in the right, perfect environment.  Every experience we were once having in this perfect environment produced joules of energy that were used by our True Self’s brain to record the experience.  So … in essence … when we see the perfect yellow bird in a perfect environment, this perfect experience produces the exact amount of energy (number of joules) that our brain needs to record it, thus maintaining its proper balance.

Mortal life … which is a release of excess energy through our perfect senses that creates a subconscious, involuntary, perfunctory experience—produced by our True Self’s perfect brain in order to maintain its perfect balance—WAS SUPPOSED TO PRODUCE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF ENERGY (the right experiences) TO KEEP OUR BRAIN BALANCED.  WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING ONLY THE EXPERIENCES THAT PRODUCED THE SAME AMOUNT OF JOULES OF ENERGY THAT OUR BRAIN NEEDED TO RECORD THE EXPERIENCES.

Our de-evolved, fallen Earth does not create the perfect amount of energy that will balance our True Self’s brain.  If it did … if our individual experience upon this earth created the perfect amount of energy that our True Self’s brain needed, our mortal Self would be happy and content.

So, if you’re not happy and content, your mortal life is not fulfilling the purpose for which your True Self needs you to live.  So, you should die … or you should want to die … or you will feel like you want to die.

(Okay, enough of that for now … I know, it’s cool, but I have to explain what I was asked to explain: why religion is so hard to let go for a normal mortal person.)

Our brains are naturally balanced to provide the most important and significant experience for our True Self.

Our True Self’s brain’s perfect balance makes each of us feel as if we are the most important person in our existence … because you are … without you, there wouldn’t be a YOU experience.

It is natural to feel joy and contentment when we are valued, loved, appreciated, cared for, and are the most important person in the world.  This feeling is what produces the joy and contentment that our brain needs when it is balanced.

If a person is devalued, unappreciated, unloved, or feels like he or she is not as good, valued, appreciated, or loved (or noticed) in this world as others, the person’s brain will automatically find a way to compensate for this inequality.  The person (mortal Self) will constantly be looking for something to make the person feel valued, appreciated, noticed, and loved.

Enter RELIGION to their rescue.

Religion is made up in a person’s head … or accepted by a person (when it was made up in another person’s head) … in order to create the necessary value, appreciation, love, and attention that the person lacks.

The idea and the feeling (I.E., THE EXPERIENCE … THE ENERGY) of a God who loves you, values you, appreciates you, and notices you, CANNOT BE PRODUCED UNLESS IT IS PRODUCED THROUGH YOUR SENSES … through what you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch.

You might not feel or have the experience of God ….

Until you enter one of these buildings:



You might feel like an insignificant nothing on the outside of these religious churches and temples.  But if you’re convinced that these are “God’s” houses, and that God’s Spirit is in one of these places, there is no doubt that what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch within these holy places is going to create the energy of a new experience that makes you feel special and important.

Even on a small level, placing your mortal Self in an environment that you are convinced is set up to provide you with a “spiritual experience,” can cause your physical senses to produce energy that will make you feel special and important.


There are many ways that a mortal seeks for this equalization of their ego.  They do this when they lack self-esteem or feel they are not as important as another, or maybe if they feel that their life lacks something or is not going the way that it should.

I have some beloved friends who once owned an RV.  They believed in aliens.

While parked in the Utah wilderness in their RV, with their young son (5 years old), it was very dark, no moon (yep), they were the only ones in the area, when they saw a red light high in the sky moving towards them.

To them, at that moment, it appeared like they were noticed by whom or whatever was producing the red light.

Are you ready for this …

… These are two of my most trusted friends in the entire world …

They began to freak out and feel afraid.  They went to the back of their RV where their bed was, lifted up the bed, under which there was a small storage space, put their 5 year-old son in there with them … and hid from what they thought were aliens coming to get them.

Yeah.  Really!

(Note to these two: Because you forgot to put tin foil hats on your heads, the aliens could read your minds.  Once they did, they figured … these are NOT very intelligent life forms!  Pass ’em up and find someone with tin foil on their heads.  🙂 )

These two, out of everyone on Earth, thought that they were specifically chosen by a supernatural force.  Had they known the reality of the importance of their own existence, they would have known that whatever was producing the red light was not as important or powerful to their individual experience as they were, as what they could control themselves.  They would have not been afraid.  They would have not even considered for a moment that it was possible that another life form, of any kind, existed that was more powerful and important than each of them was as an individual.

Their imagination would have never created the experience.


There is no difference between the reality of how people feel when they believe they have been abducted or visited by aliens, than how people feel when they experience the spiritual feelings associated with God and religion … ABSOLUTELY NONE!

“God speaks to me.”

“I was abducted by aliens.”

Both can feel like a real experience.  Those who have these experiences, actually see, hear, smell, taste, or touch real things in their environment that create the experience.  But they are not actual and real experiences, or rather, another person who is not looking for self-worth and value, who might be present with them, would not see, hear, smell, taste, or touch what they did.

(But how many non-believing people can get into an LDS/Mormon temple?  There is a huge reason why LDS/Mormon leaders only let faithful … tithing paying … members into “God’s house.”  Once you’ve been in God’s house and felt God in there, you’re going to be more than ready to pay Him for the experience.  Just one example of many.)

When an atheist speaks to a religious person, and in any way argues or confronts the very thing that is balancing the person’s brain so that their mortal experience is more in balance with their True Self’s brain … which is that they are the most important person in their existence … the religious person’s brain is going to naturally, automatically, perfunctory, involuntarily, shut out the atheist.

Likewise, if a religious person speaks to an atheist person and in any way argues or confronts the very thing that is balancing the person’s brain so that their mortal experience is more in balance with their True Self’s brain … which is that they are the most important person in their existence  … the atheist person’s brain is going to naturally, automatically, perfunctory, involuntarily, shut out the believer.

Again, likewise, if a parent speaks to a teenager, who is at the prime time of their life when they are seeking the self-worth and value that they are beginning to lose since they were a little child … seeking for their own identity and purpose in life … because the parent says that the child has to go out into the world now on his or her own … and in any way argues or confronts the very thing that is balancing the teenager’s brain so that their mortal experience is more in balance with their True Self’s brain … which is that they are the most important person in their existence  … the teenager’s brain is going to naturally, automatically, perfunctory, involuntarily, shut out the parent.

You can use scenario how you want, in whatever relationship you have with another person, but it always will end the same.  If you do not value their beliefs and ideas … if you don’t accept that their Heavenly Father leads them, guides, walks besides them, and helps them find the way … they will shut you out because you are threatening their emotional existence and experience.

The key to understanding this concept is:


In the perfect human society, no individual would devalue or argue with what another individual needs to feel equally loved, noticed, appreciated, valued, or accepted …

… Regardless if the person claims to have been abducted or visited by an alien or personally seen God.

Those who created religion to bring value and purpose to their own mortal Self, who are successful at giving value and purpose to others, are simply, naturally, involuntarily, perfunctory, subconsciously having a mortal experience that is attempting to give their True Self’s brain the “energy experiences” needed for its balance.  And if they can profit by helping others feel this value, worth, and purpose, religious donations seem appropriate and justified.

If we can get the world back to how it used to be, then …

… Tony and Laura wouldn’t need a tin foil hat to bring their lives personal purpose and value.


But Anthony Mesler and the rest of you Millennials … excuse my language here again …


But anyways …


  1. Craig Nichols

    Thank you for this explanation. I was late reading it. Yes, it is more complicated, but it also makes more sense!

    The real truth doesn’t make excuses for one person or another, or one religion or another, it’s simply the truth regardless of inconvenience or how much it devalues.

  2. ramiroestrada12

    I believe we are being visited by aliens/intelligent life forms. There are so many witnesses and certified video and some police audio to these alien visitation. I believe the mentors are very advanced aliens.

  3. Jesse Astuto

    I felt like a piece of doo-doo asking questions at that symposium, i had just found this work and was going full on nuts in my head … but it is what it is … and now i feel even more ‘scared’ ‘intimidated’ ‘lame’ ‘exposing myself to the sharp sword’ ‘being a dick’ to ask anything, but i still want to know why the australian aborigines believe we are in ‘dreamtime’ , although their ‘dreamtime’ varies from tribe to tribe and is full of garbage like a snake making rivers and streams and an emu doing something … whatever, i guess this makes me a jackass looking for self worth and value … sorry this bugs you …. short of isolating myself from any human contact at all i dont know if i can do the things that seem to be the proper way to act with other humans in allowing them to be right always … i do apologize for asking this about aborigines, as i feel some people might think about it and question other things … not my problem, i accept this work is the real truth , i ‘believe’ it is , i know nothing … did the aborigines have a true messenger at some point way back and thats why they have this retarded version of dreamtime ? … cut me , hurt me, ignore me, answer me, dont answer me – whatever floats yer boat dudes i cant control anyone but me , and i dont want to … and im ok with what ive done here … i will now go isolate myself lol

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